Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When the Tail is Smarter Than the Dog

When the Tail is Smarter Than the Dog
By Erick San Juan

"A rapid series of criminal events in a short period of time looks very much like a conspiracy”.

This is a part of that press statement released last December 11 of what appears to be a “sharp” observation of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago last Friday after a series of “crimes” occurred in Mindanao before the impending lifting of Martial Law or Presidential Proclamation 1959 in Maguindanao. Senator Santiago enumerated the following - abduction of 75 people in Agusan del Sur, beheading of a kidnap victim in Basilan, kidnapping of a Basilan college vice-president, and abduction of a military and police convoy in Ampatuan town, are reasons enough that one may lead to the idea that there’s a hidden hand orchestrating these events.

My last week’s article clearly stated that these scenarios were being orchestrated by a few people who are close to Mrs. Arroyo and could be playing as 'angels and demons' that might lead to Mrs. Arroyo’s downfall if she will allow these to continue. There's also a possible clash among these same 'people'. when they themselves could no longer handle the situation and may lead to their own destruction.

Sen. Santiago also named CIA, in collaboration with the military here with the possible support of the Secretaries of Defense and of the DILG as head of the Philippine National Police as conspirators that could allegedly benefit from martial rule.

As of this writing, martial law was lifted but the state of emergency is still in place in the provinces of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat and the City of Cotabato .

The ‘plan’ may be delayed but as I read the recent event of the 31 prisoners who escaped from the provincial jail that were said to be members of the Abu Sayyaf Group and some MILF, the AGENDA is still ON. As my title put it, “Why does a dog wag it's tail? Because a dog is smarter than it's tail. What if the tail is smarter than the dog, that could be wagging the dog. "The tail wagging the dog" is an expression referring to a situation in which something of greater significance is being driven by something lesser. And the fact that “tail” is part of the “dog” – sadly, that future bleak scenario will occur within the government unless the President will do something to put an end to this. This is also the prognosis of some of our colleagues like Gemma Cruz Araneta and Erik Espina of the Manila Bulletin.

Lastly, the ball now is with the Supreme Court to hear the petitions regarding the constitutionality of the Martial Law imposition. I would like to share here what the former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban wrote: “They are playing with fire, and unless prudently restrained, they may one day wittingly or unwittingly burn down the country. History will never forget, much less forgive, this Court if it allows such misadventure and refuses to strike down abuse at its inception. Worse, our people will surely condemn the misuse of legal 'hocus pocus' (like the moot and academic theory) to justify this trifling with constitutional sanctities.”
Again, my fervent appeal for vigilance and a lot of prayers for our country this holiday season and through the coming year!
Merry Christmas and God bless the Philippines!

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