Thursday, August 9, 2007


By Dr. Erick San Juan, D.Litt.

According to Ethan B. Kapstein, a Paul Dubrule Professor of Sustainable Development at INSEAD in Fontainebleaue, France and a visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development in Washington D.C., most people think of slavery as a purely historical phenomenon. The truth and in fact, the practice thrives around the world today. Kapstein said that there’s a rise to a booming international traffic of human beings and with a covert connivance of some national governments. Most people that are being trafficked are deployed against their will. It’s much worst today than during the nineteenth century. He said that global slave trade is a product of the same political, technological and economic forces that have fueled globalization. The corrupt system offers too many incentives to criminals and outlaw states to market humans with or without sanctions.
Instead of the west leading the campaign to eliminate the practice, it discreetly contributes to the deepening criminalization of the overall world economy, sometimes operating in close association with corrupt officials around the world. Bilateral and multilateral agreements are violated thus defying the rule of law and circumventing it.
We will cite the U.S. as an example. The U.S. administration is so focused on its war on terror. Due to the clamor of the American people to bring home their soldiers back, so many of them are defiant in sending volunteers to fight in the Middle East especially in Iraq where the U.S. military is losing so many battles.
Covertly the “masterminds” within the Bush administration started recruiting warriors and workers from third world countries through its defense contractors.
Popular U.S. companies like Brown and Root (KBR), Bechtel, General Dynamics, Titan Corp., Critical Intervention Services and Parsons Project Iraq have been recruiting Filipino workers for various employments in Iraq through the internet (Phil. Star as reported by Mayen Jaymalin). It is an open secret that Black Water U.S.A. has been recruiting even enlisted personnels of our armed forces and the police force to work as body guards, security and enforcers in Iraq while others are legitimately recruited as “peace keeping” force through the government in coordination with the United Nations and the NATO.
The remuneration varies according to the workers expertise and capability. As incentive, some were allegedly promised citizenship in the U.S. if the recruit can complete its contract satisfactorily. As reported by Jaymalin, even our POEA and OWWA, local government units handling legitimate recruitment, said that “e-recruitment” has resulted in the flow of migrants from one country to another without passing through the usual system.
Recently, the illegal recruitment was exposed by an American medical professional, Rory Mayberry who has accused a Kuwait firm of recruiting 51 Filipinos for jobs in Dubai but was gypped and send to Iraq against their will to assist in building the U.S. Embassy complex in Iraq’s so called Green Zone. The worst part of Mayberry’s report was that the Filipinos are working at gunpoint under subhuman conditions.
Kapstein was right in his thesis that the modern global slave trade involves the use of deception and coercion to induce victims to cross borders in search of new jobs which is scarce in third world countries and if there’s any, it won’t rightly compensate a decent life for its citizenry. (Foreign Affairs, Nov. 2006)
These hapless victims are mostly recruited in poor countries where corrupt government functionaries are part of the conspiracy. The recruits were promised good jobs but most of the times the promise was meant to be broken. Upon arrival in the foreign land, they were stripped of their identity, travel documents were confiscated by their recruits and forced into the job.

We have so many laws and safety measure to stop such slave trade and illegal recruitment. As long as the nation is poor and has corrupt or weak governance, its citizenry becomes cynical and “beggars as the saying goes, are helpless and willing to risk their lives to survive”.

Monday, August 6, 2007


It seems that “GOEBBEL” is still alive. The great lie is repeated every time that a script on terrorism is fortified.
US President George Bush Jr. (July 24,2007) a week after the National Intelligence Estimate meeting where it warned that there’s a resurgent of Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network in Pakistan. Bush parroted that Al Qaeda in Iraq makes Iraq the central front in the war on terror. He reportedly quote or mentioned Al Qaeda 95 times without mentioning about Pakistan and it’s President Pervez Musharraf, (7/30/07, International Herald Tribune).
Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat from Illinois and a presidentiable said that the U.S. should shift its focus on the war in Iraq to a fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He added that if the Pakistani government failed to eradicate the terrorists, the U.S. should strike Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan especially if President Musharraf won’t act. “We will”, Osama said (8/3/07 IHT).
If I may recall, President Bush, Jr made a statement after the Tora Bora heavy bombing (many believed that Bin Laden died in his mountain air conditioned safe house) at the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan wherein he made specific claims that America is safer as a result of his military action. To quote – “The World is changing for the better because of American Leadership. America is safer today because we are leading the world. Afghanistan was once the home of Al Qaeda. Now terror camps are closed, democracy is rising and the American people are safer.”
The theater of the so called chicken hawks “Perpetual War” change when there’s no good target in such area. It projects a continuity of the stage managed scenario, plan of action shifts gear to face another “adversary”. Instead, a string of disaster followed due to the Bush Administration’s mishandling of it’s economy, questionable foreign relations and the “war without end”.
Anti- Americanism is getting stronger due to the mischiefs of a clique within their government.
Last week, at the CNN Special Report (World’s Untold Stories), an Iraqi refugee was interviewed and said that “he can’t go back to Iraq because there’s nothing there anymore. The Americans already siphoned everything except the air that you can inhale. Only if it can be sipped, it will also be gone.”
If there are ugly Americans, there are also good and patriotic Americans. Most of the time, you can’t read the other side of the truth in the U.S. newspapers, both domestic and international. The internet is the alternative source of information nowadays.
Tom Heneghan, 2004 presidential candidate, American Patriot and Federal Whistleblower said that the Al Qaeda is nothing more than an extension of the apparatus linked to the U.S. intelligence that was allowed by script, to remove itself as rogue breakaway entity of the U.S. government, allowed to de-compartmentalize from oversight and was run instead by GARY BEST, a rogue black ops specialist for scripted activity outside of the U.S. government, with it’s funding being orchestrated through the Pakistani secret police, an entity of the U.S. government itself.
Joseph John Hrevnack, a popular blogger said that the basic truth is that Al Qaeda does not exist and never has. Al Qaeda is a manufactured enemy who was created by the Bush administration in order to have an excuse to wage a war for the control of the world’s oil resources. If it really existed, there would have been an attack in our homeland. This proof of a negative is used by the Bush administration to justify themselves to the American public that they are doing their jobs. If you will try to analyze it, Al Qaeda is really nothing more than an artificially manufactured enemy. They are just capitalizing on peoples fears.
John Kaminski and Jeff Rense of believe that the so called “perfect enemy” which is the Al Qaeda network, is a fictional creation of the blood thirsty maniacs who have seized control of the United States of America and now threaten the health and well being of everyone in the world. John said that just like the 911, Al Qaeda is a hoax and part of the media manipulation. There’s now a shocking decline in the safety of the world. He added that there’s a dark future that awaits us if we do not regain control of our destinies and overcome the evil corporate forces that aim to enslave and destroy us. Both Kaminski and Rense suggest that we have to continue our fearless voyage into areas of thought and inquiry where most journalists fear to tread.
Need I say more?

By: Dr. Erick San Juan, D. Litt.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I was given a copy of the GEAB no. 16 special summer 2007 issue. It confirmed the analysis of my study group as to the truth about the so called housing bubble in the U.S.A. and the sub prime crises. It reported that there was an attempt to substitute a financial/stock bubble instead of the housing bubble, like what Greenspan did when he turned the internet bubble into a housing bubble in order to maintain U.S. growth which did not succeed. Even if Federal Reserve or (FED) Chairman Ben Bernanke “floods” the U.S. economy with liquidities, it will result in increasing U.S. inflation and fleeing from U.S. dollar and the U.S. dollar dominated assets. The report said that the U.S. consumer is exhausted, insolvent and there’s a disturbing report that there’s a fast growing consumer delinquency rates. (Moody’s report)
The FED will experience a central bank’s absolute nightmare – stagflation or more precisely “recessflation”, a combination of recession and inflation which could lead to deflation. The crisis agitated the financial markets and proves that the U.S. debt and U.S. treasury bonds no longer find buyers. Even U.S. Treasury bill is in trouble, it is not by fear of inflation but because nobody wants to buy them anymore. The rest of the world now determines U.S. rates. Systemic uncertainty is back on financial markets. Investors realize that they no longer have any guarantee on global systems trends.
The Bank for International Settlements, the world’s most prestigious financial body has warned that loose monetary policy has fueled dangerous credit bubble, leaving the global economy more vulnerable to another 1930’s – style slump which nobody foresaw.
The systemic collapse confirmed that the world order created after 1945 has come to an end. Even China and the European Union are being sucked into the systemic crisis.
The U.S. economy was reportedly presented with a “phantom” GDP with invented U.S. statistics. The 2007 very great depression is shaping.
Leap/E2020 anticipates that there will be a fallout of economic recession in the United States and China, enhanced trade conflicts which could lead to crisis after crisis and could affect nation states. Is this the reason why Paulson is in China to talk “turkey” with China’s financial managers?
Where is the world going? When America sneezes, everybody catches cold. GEAB no. 16 said that the Spring of 2007 is the start of the tipping point of the global systemic crisis. The U.S. economy went into recession. The bond market is in a worst situation. The paralysis of Washington’s political power grows. The U.S. is fighting so many global fronts. Iraq is a failure, a déjà vu of Vietnam. The oil war is on going with the price of oil which could reach into a shocking $150/barrel. A growing number of countries are converting their U.S. dollars into Euro or other currencies and gold market. The perception that the U.S. saber rattling against Iran could lead to a global war, a possible justification that could reverse the situation for war economies like the U.S.A. It just need a spark like Sarajevo in World War I or the Pearl Harbor bombing in World War II.
According to the CNN report last July 31, 2007, the global arms trade is a very lucrative business of the military industrial complex. It was $1.2 Trillion in 2006 and the U.S.A. is the no.1 exporter.
Jeffrey Steinberg of the Executive Intelligence Review (July 27, 2007) said that U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney’s finger is already on the trigger to start the oplan called, The Guns of August.
Oh no! Here we go again!
* * *
Former National Security Adviser Joe Almonte was the guest of popular TV host Ricky Carandang of ANC last week. He explained why the operation Big Bird was aborted. He blamed the group of then PCGG Chairman Jovito Salonga in bungling the project. If the mission pushed through, the Philippine government should have opened a Pandora’s Box and got a big chunk of the Marcos Swiss hidden wealth.
I recalled that Salonga even wrote a book about his government career but he never explained how he lost his attaché case in a Korean restaurant, in New York. Is he waiting for somebody else to expose the secret deal behind the reported mysterious attaché case?
Last night TV report said that Salonga was given the 2007 Ramon Magsaysay Award due allegedly to his exemplary integrity. I almost fell from my chair while watching the late TV news. Oh Lord!
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