Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Is the Doomsday Clock for Real? By Erick San Juan

Is the Doomsday Clock for Real? By Erick San Juan

The recent article of my friend Perry Diaz caught my attention regarding the controversial Doomsday Clock. Normally, when the clock reached the hour of midnight, it symbolizes a new day and maybe a new year when everybody eagerly anticipates a new beginning. But there is one clock that we don’t want to see the time set to midnight, and that is the Doomsday Clock.

From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - the Doomsday Clock is an internationally recognized design that conveys how close we are to destroying our civilization with dangerous technologies of our own making. First and foremost among these are nuclear weapons, but the dangers include climate-changing technologies, emerging biotechnologies, and cybertechnology that could inflict irrevocable harm, whether by intention, miscalculation, or by accident, to our way of life and to the planet.

The origin of the Clock can be traced to the international group of researchers called the Chicago Atomic Scientists who had participated in the Manhattan Project. After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they started to publish a mimeographed newsletter and then a bulletin. Since its inception, the Clock has been depicted on every cover of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Its first representation was in 1947, when bulletin co-founder Hyman Goldsmith asked artist Martyl Langsdorf (wife of Manhattan Project research associate and Szilárd petition signatory Alexander Langsdorf, Jr.) to design a cover for the magazine's June 1947 issue. As Eugene Rabinowitch, another co-founder of the Bulletin, explained later, “The Bulletin's clock is not a gauge to register the ups and downs of the international power struggle; it is intended to reflect basic changes in the level of continuous danger in which mankind lives in the nuclear age...”

In 1947, during the Cold War, the Clock was started at seven minutes to midnight and was subsequently advanced or rewound per the state of the world and nuclear war prospects. The Clock's setting is decided by the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and is an adjunct to the essays in the Bulletin on global affairs. The Clock is not set and reset in real time as events occur; rather than respond to each and every crisis as it happens, the Science and Security Board meets twice annually to discuss global events in a deliberative manner. The closest nuclear war threat, the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, reached crisis, climax, and resolution before the Clock could be set to reflect that possible doomsday.

Originally, the Clock, which hangs on a wall in the Bulletin's office in the University of Chicago, represented an analogy for the threat of global nuclear war; however, since 2007 it has also reflected climate change and new developments in the life sciences and technology that could inflict irrevocable harm to humanity.  The most recent officially announced setting—three minutes to midnight (11:57 pm)—was made on January 22, 2015 due to climate change, the modernization of nuclear weapons in the United States and Russia, and the problem of nuclear waste.

Globalists repeating history? Just like in the First and Second World Wars, what could be the trigger this time? In the Western front, it could be the building up of tensions in Ukraine and in the Eastern side – the ‘red dragon’ agenda using the territorial disputes in the South China Sea as pretext to cover its internal problems of corruption and their overheating economy.

If we are going to analyze the factors that have contributed to the changes made on the Clock’s hands, we can see clearly that the hands that ‘manipulated’ the Clock are the same people that has caused the impending global disaster that hit or might strike humanity. The proliferation of arms (nuclear and electromagnetic), weather engineering (aka climate change) and the spread of unnatural diseases by viruses made in laboratories.

We have written a series of articles on the spread of ‘strange’ diseases and how the globalists used third world countries as their laboratories for testing these lethal germs through advanced science and technology in the field of medicine. And through the years both in our radio program and blog, we have discussed (through the help of our listeners and readers) in details how weather was (and still) being manipulated, unfortunately our country is one of their testing ground.

As the globalists and evil-minded scientists continuously push for their agenda of depopulation by dragging the world towards the dark ages through fear-mongering on the benefits of nuclear energy for peaceful goals, we will all die, the world’s ‘useless eaters’ and they will be the ones to benefit from the earth’s riches.

Imagine, since the inception of the Doomsday Clock in 1947, it was changed twenty times and it never reached midnight, why is this so? Are we blind as to the real agenda of the ‘chosen few’ for a global dictatorship?  We have to be intelligent and observant enough to see where they want us to go, and not just follow them like a herd of cattle to the slaughter house.

Always be vigilant!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Karmic Cycle by Erick San Juan

Karmic Cycle by Erick San Juan

When it rain it pours. The PNoy administration seems to be in a karmic cycle. The Mamasapano carnage happened during his mother’s birthday. China seems to warn the Philippines of a near confrontation coming. Timed with the commemoration of the Battle of Manila where Japan before World War2 warned the Philippine government that they will attack the country due to the Filipinos loyalty to the Americans then. The unabated oil price increase despite the oil price in the world market is going down. Added to these, prices of basic commodities are also going up, same is true with water and power rates. Plus the near shutdown of Malampaya will surely irritate everyone timed for the hot weather condition. The social discontent might reach its peak and could push the middle class and the critical mass into joining the clamor of some people’s organization to ask for the current leadership to step down.

What went wrong?

Is the US support to PNoy has already terminated? Looks like the Zamboanga security briefing to arrest Marwan according to some pundits was a sting operation. How come? Everybody knows that the peace deal with MILF was instigated by US and funded by Malaysia.

When the US drones simultaneously attacked the 46 camps of MILF during Erap’s time, Salamat realized that the US is a force to reckon with. He sent a letter to Washington DC in 2003 seeking help in forging an agreement. In Sept 2011, US Ambassador Kristie Kenney during that time secretly met with  Al Hajj Murad in Camp Darapanan in Maguindanao. Then the United States Institute for Peace and USAid made their presence felt in MinSuPala. Even foreign governments joined and supported the deal in disguise that a final peace plan be realized. Translation – they want to get the share of the big pie of GOD – gas, oil and deuterium plus rare earth minerals like uranium and palladium in Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (Minsupala) in exchange for their financial and other support.

The ‘puppet masters’ saw that the Bangsamoro deal will not fly because it was hastily done between the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) and the PNoy administration without the consent of our constitution and the entire nation especially the stakeholders in Mindanao. Just like the MOA-AD (Memorandum of Agreement on the Ancestral Domain), it will not surely pass the Supreme Court approval. The worst, according to a diplomat friend, could it be that the secret deal of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with China is being continued by the PNoy bright boys starting with the mining in Mindanao? These functionaries never learned from the mistakes of former leaders ousted or jailed for betraying their puppet master. “Kamalas ng mga Pinoy.”

In the midst of all these problems, it was compounded by the fear mongering of the first Filipino (a Pinay) infected by the  MERS-COV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – Corona Virus) arrived in the country together with all the more than two hundred passengers aboard that plane from the Middle East. It was allegedly designed by the not so bright "bulong" brigade of Pnoy as a wag the dog op that will surely will not fly. This could also irritate the Saudi Arabian government making them the source of contagion. The whole Filipino citizenry is being dragged down because of the wrongdoings of our corrupt leaders.

Now that ‘truth’ was heard by the Senate headed by Sen. Grace Poe in an executive session, the role of the US government in the Operation Exodus (another floater to allegedly pinpoint the blame to the American dictate and intervention instead of blaming the president) did occur but the lady senator was very careful in her statements and promised that they will disclose pertinent information as long as the country’s security will not be at risk.

We all have to be vigilant as our elected solons uncover the ‘mystery’ of what really happened on that fateful day where 44 SAF commandos were brutally killed.

The threat of coup and withdrawal of support by AFP and PNP, the National Transformation Council, the left, the 2.22.15 Coalition and the Church are one in calling for PNoy’s resignation and its getting louder as we approach the anniversary of the so-called People Power Revolution.

Will the karmic cycle of EDSA I could pave way to the original plan of a 'Rainbow Coalition' of sectors from left to right to manage the nation?

Or our country is headed towards the new Afghanistan in the offing?

It’s really sad that we only have two choices this time – a CHANGE or have a FAILED STATE.

“In historical events great men (so called) are but the labels that serve to give a mane to an event, and like labels, they have the last possible connection with the event itself. Every action of theirs, that seems to them an act of their own free will, is in an historical sense not free at all, but in bondage to the whole course of previous history, and predestined from all eternity.”   - Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Enduring Freedom or Enduring War?

Enduring Freedom or Enduring War?
By Erick San Juan

As I write this piece, the Senate is still investigating (in aid of legislation), on its second day the Mamasapano tragedy, with Senator Grace Poe’s committee. Each  senator have their own concern of what really happened through their kind of questioning. As I watch the Senate hearing, it came to my mind the big picture which we have to consider in order to understand ‘the play’. In this case our problem with the terrorists and bandits in the south.

Through the years there had been many efforts done both by the PNP and AFP to stop the terror acts and other acts of violence against peaceful communities in the southern part of the country. And this same perennial problem is also the reason why the US troops are ever present in the guise of fighting the terrorists. And again, the perennial question – if there is a concerted effort by both American and Filipino troops in the south to fight terrorism, why do we still have terrorists there? And the worst part is, it is known globally that our country is also used as training ground for terrorists from various terror groups. Translation – training ground for state-sponsored terrorists, that is why they are not being wiped out, they are still needed for future false flag and covert operations.

If this is the scenario that is prevailing for several years now, we are really doomed to be the next Afghanistan, or we are presently being mold as the new Afghanistan.

I would like to share here the article “Why the US Wants to Stay in Afghanistan” by Jack A. Smith (Global Research, January 07, 2014) he writes: "Afghanistan is especially important to Washington for two main reasons.

The obvious first reason is to have smaller but elite forces and surveillance facilities in Afghanistan to continue the fighting when necessary to protect U.S. interests, which include maintaining a powerful influence within the country. Those interests will become jeopardized if, as some suspect, armed conflict eventually breaks out among various forces contending for power in Kabul since the mid-1990s, including, of course, the Taliban, which held power 1996-2001 until the U.S. invasion.

The more understated second reason is that Afghanistan is an extremely important geopolitical asset for the U.S., particularly because it is the Pentagon’s only military base in Central Asia, touching Iran to the west, Pakistan to the east, China to the northeast and various resource-rich former Soviet republics to the northwest, as well as Russia to the north."

A Dec.30,2014 report in Foreign Policy by Louise Arbour noted:

“Most countries in [Central Asia] are governed by aging leaders and have no succession mechanisms — in itself potentially a recipe for chaos. All have young, alienated populations and decaying infrastructure… in a corner of the world too long cast as a pawn in someone else’s game.”

The first reason is identical with the presence of the Joint Special Operations Task Force - Philippines (JSOTF-P) in Mindanao. The Task Force was organized around a headquarters element, temporarily located at Camp Navarro, Zamboanga City, and 3 subordinate regional task forces. Camp Navarro is an Armed Forces of the Philippines facility. These Task Forces are: Task Force Archipelago, based at Camp Navarro, Zamboanga del Sur Province; Task Force Mindanao, based at Camp Siongco, Maguindanao Province; and Task Force Sulu, based at Camp Bautista, Jolo Island, Sulu Province.

A handful of JSOTF-P personnel also worked in Manila to coordinate activities with the US Embassy Country Team and AFP General Headquarters. JSOTF-P also includes a Joint Special Operations Aviation Detachment (JSOAD) to ensure special operations forces are able to move freely in country. The JSOAD maintains a small fleet of PC-12 and C-12 fixed-wing aircraft, complemented by Bell 214 helicopters for use in the jungle areas where U.S. and Philippine forces are collocated.

All US forces supporting Operation Enduring Freedom - Philippines operate under the Kapit Bisig Framework, a mutually agreed US and Government of the Republic of the Philippines accord by which JSOTF-P accomplishes its mission through and with its partner forces. JSOTF-P does not engage in combat operations and does not operate from independent locations. Instead they advise and assist Philippine security forces where they are: on Philippine government bases, compounds and outposts in jungle, village, and urban areas. Their efforts include intelligence sharing, support for mission preparations and rehearsal, civil-military and military-information support operations, casualty evacuations, and logistics. (Source:

That explains the presence of US troops in the Mamasapano incident.

Although the US government through their embassy here kept denying the US involvement in military operations, there are evidences on instances that showed their role in the country’s military operations, as cited here by the WikiLeaks through the report by Jojo Malig, posted at 09/14/2011:

US Special Forces troops have been directly involved in hunting down suspected terrorists in Mindanao, several diplomatic cables released by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks revealed.

Cable 06MANILA3401, classified secret and sent August 14, 2006 in the name of US embassy deputy chief of mission Paul Jones, said US Special Forces troops and ships gave "intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support to the 87-plus maritime interdictions" in Jolo, Sulu during an Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) campaign in the said year against Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) leaders on the island.

It added that this was made possible because the US Navy's Joint Venture and Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines' (JSOTF-P) Mark V special operations crafts and rigid-hull inflatable boats are already fully integrated into the Philippine Navy. The US embassy, however, wanted to hide this from the public.

In the cable's "if asked - press guidance" section, US officials are told to say that "US forces are not directly involved in this operation, but are providing support. Our forces, in a support role, advise, train, and share information with AFP forces."

Another cable, 06MANILA4439, said US troops also helped their Philippine counterparts intercept terrorists fleeing from Jolo in 2006.

"US and Philippine forces worked seamlessly to intercept two vessels (one of them high-speed) attempting to flee Jolo for Basilan," said the confidential cable.”

The list goes on and on. If the pretext will really benefit our nation, why not? So we wonder, why the denials?

Secondly, like Afghanistan, we have virtual temporary US military bases here already and increased US troops in rotational basis through the VFA and now EDCA. And the same reason – pundits believe that we are strategically located to serve their purpose of encircling China and the fact that we have so much mineral resources in the south that they wanted to secure.

And some analysts observed that our location is conducive to trafficking of drugs aside from trafficking of terrorists.

Is it true that the US has a secret drone base in Balabac, Palawan? Need we say more?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Clear and Present Danger: Philippine Setting by Erick San Juan

Once again our nation is undergoing a very rough sailing towards attaining yet another attempt to bring peace in the south.  This time around, more than 44 precious lives were sacrificed in order to deliver a ‘mission’ that up to this time is filled with ‘mystery’. So many questions left unanswered and speculations going around via the social media.

One glaring ‘speculation’ is the role of foreign cloak and dagger operators in the said Operation Wolverine.

According to Jerome Succor Aba, spokesperson of Moro human rights group Suara Bangsamoro, said that they were able to interview a 40-year-old farmer in Brgy. Tukanalipao, Mamasapano. The witness said he saw at least one body of a ”blue-eyed”, Caucasian soldier minutes after the deadly encounter that led to the deaths of at least 44 members of the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Aba declined to reveal the name of the witness for security reasons.

 “They (civilian residents of Brgy. Tukanalipao) were the first ones to arrive in one of the two areas where the encounters happened,” said Aba. The civilians arrived in the area after troops of the MILF withdrew to the Islamic Center in Sitio Inubog, Brgy. Pembalkan, Mamasapano, he added.

The farmer was even able to touch the nose of the dead soldier, Aba said. The farmer described to Aba the said soldier as “blue-eyed”. (Source: Kenneth Roland A. Guda,

Another source said that the caucasian was not an American but a Norwegian. Another said he's a foreign looking Filipino. Americans were most of the times suspected by so many people because of their visibility and the leak of information coming from the US patriots and netizens.

Ka Satur Ocampo wrote in his column at Philippine Star last Saturday, Jan.31 - “Oplan Wolverine” sounds so different from the familiar-sounding names of the series of AFP counterinsurgency projects over the years: Oplans “Mamamayan,” Bantay-Laya,” “Lambat-Bitag,” and the current “Bayanihan.”

Wonder not about its provenance.  Consider this: the US has tagged “Marwan” as a top terrorist and offered a huge reward for his physical elimination. It’s logical to assume that “Oplan Wolverine” was drawn up by US counterterrorist planners.

Reports say, in September 2014 US operatives gave definitive information to “ranking police officials” on the exact location of Marwan, evidenced by photos taken by CIA drones). A plan was hatched  – with explicit instructions from the Americans not to share the info with other Philippine security agencies and to coordinate only with “government troops posted along the highway on their way to their mission.”

That was what the SAF forces claim they did last Sunday. But President Aquino, in his address to the nation, blamed the SAF commander – who had been reporting to him directly – for failing to follow his instruction for “maximum coordination.” A case of insubordination? Or did the SAF obey a more powerful superior that led them to disaster?”

This is the crucial question that has to be answered by whatever fact-finding body that the government wish to create. It would all lead to the question of practicing transparency and accountability by all parties involved in order to give justice to the Fallen 44 of the PNP Special Action Force and other casualties, even though Malacanang has already denied the involvement of the US military in the operation.

That is why Atty. Harry Roque in his article last week at the Manila Standard cited that “because PNoy was out to please his American benefactors to whom he has surrendered Philippine sovereignty through the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, it is only but logical that four American GIs were sighted in the area. Obviously, since the Americans so badly wanted to capture the suspected terrorist as in fact, they offered a bounty of no less than two hundred sixty million pesos for their capture, it is but logical that Uncle Sam be on the ground to supervise the manhunt. And like PNoy, the Americans also did not anticipate that the MILF, because it has been receiving almost all of its Official Development Assistance intended for the country, would turn against the men that it has enticed to capture their enemy.

Clearly, the Mamasapano massacre has brought out a number of crucial policy issues that we, PNoy’s bosses, would now have to resolve.  Foremost of these is the extent that we would go to serve America’s interests in the region.

Frankly, many people have not heard of the two terrorists most wanted by the Americans until the massacre. Were the lives of more than 40 of our fellow Filipinos worth the botched effort to capture these alleged terrorists? I do not think so.”

Yes, this same policy issues had put the entire country in jeopardy since we joined the ‘coalition of the willing’ in the global war on terror (GWOT) which gave way to the American troops to have access to our territory and in the process put us in the crosshair of every enemy of Uncle Sam.

When are we going to escape the clutches of the mighty eagle when in every change of leadership this nation has undergone, there are always collaborators that has put the lives of every Filipino in danger.

It looks like the pattern of chaos in the Crimea-Ukraine war is being staged in Mindanao. You have to watch the movie or You Tube and review- Clear and Present Danger. A déjà vu of funeral and betrayal. While appearing to honor those who serve, a deadly betrayal by a political leader was served to the massacred US troops. The soldiers in the movie even attempted to call for reinforcement but to no avail.     

A strategic analyst told me today that the plan has a signature of treachery.  "Use carrot, confuse them all, let them fight each other and rule the leftover."