Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Marcoses Never Learned from History by Erick San Juan

Marcoses Never Learned from History by Erick San Juan

On the eve of the 42nd anniversary of Marcos Martial Law, I happened to browse the Facebook comment of former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan regarding the pros and cons of Marcos military rule and dictatorship. He said that it is best discussed and debated by those who lived through those years, either as spectator or as a protagonist.

"Those who have no idea what it was because they weren't born yet or too young to understand what it was then, are better off listening, reading, learning and weighing the information.",Alunan said.

The good secretary reiterated that he lived through the Marcos reign until the late president departed and was exiled in Hawaii. He said that former President Ferdinand Marcos 21 years of ruling the country slid from the second best economy in Asia to being the sick man of Asia. Marcos was allegedly booted out by the middle class(although in my book, Marcos was forced to leave the country by the western super elites when they felt that Marcos was shortchanging them in their gold recovery program), the country was reportedly suffering from 3 potent insurgencies, from Muslim secessionists, communist guerillas and the military rebels.

Our foreign debt ballooned and was overburdening the economy and eroding our capacity to pay it back.

He added that the exodus of unemployed began to increase steadily during his time with labor unrest in the urban and rural areas were at a boiling point. Protesters were being arrested and maltreated forcing many of them to go underground to join the rebel movements.

I myself joined the camp of Nilo Tayag's Kabataang Makabayan and during the battle of Mendiola where our group attacked the palace. I was caught and jailed at the Malacanang Park. I was released after several days by an officer with a good heart, then Col. Ramon Cannu of the Presidential security command. My father hid me in San Fernando, Pampanga and I worked and managed my uncle's business there.

As narrated by Sec. Alunan, disappearances and stories of torture became the new normal. Anyone could be arrested on mere suspicion or whim.

"When the late senator, Ninoy Aquino was murdered upon his return, the economy sank to its knees and interest rates rose to over 50%. The peso depreciated steeply several times. Political patronage in the form of logging concessions denuded our forests. Smuggling sank our revenue  collections. Crony capitalism snatched lucrative businesses away from political opponents and the old oligarchs. The wealth shared only among their circles."

"Impartial historians and academic circles in the world's capitals of learning have painstakingly chronicled the record of the Marcos dictatorship and it is as ugly as they come from the likes of Ceaucescu, Duvalier and Pinochet eras to name a few, possibly even worse. What is firmly  etched in the pages of scholarly papers on how the Philippines fared during the Marcos era must be the subject of public education and discourse. The government coffers were bled dry. Bribes and extortion were hitting the roof."

Alunan advised that our uninformed need to be taught how to research and comprehend because they are part of the country's social fabric and the Philippines can ill afford historical revisionism from those who were part of that abusive era and have not to this day, apologized to the people nor undertook any form of just restitution for their past sins to society and to the damage they wrought to the country's institutions.

Alunan also replied to the request of the Marcos family that he will be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani at the Fort. "If a president is booted out of office, ejected or overthrown by the people, supported by the crucial institutions of the government and society, that extinguishes his right to still be accorded the honors due him. Like a soldier that's discharged dishonorably, who forfeits all accrued and future benefits due him. To restore it means extinguishing the terrible wrongs committed  that merited his overthrow. That would be a mockery of justice and an unwarranted revision of history. We must be clear about what is right or wrong. And live up to our values if we are to be a society worthy of trust and respect."

With this clear explanation of Sec. Alunan, I am really sorry for what I did in helping this family return home. When I visited them in Hawaii, I pity them.'Sobra awa ko.'                                              The late president's entourage in returning home to Ilocos Norte from Hawaii via Guam was really scary. We were stoned and threatened of bodily harm and not one of the group dared to leave the chapels in Hawaii and Guam. I was the one who talked with the angry mob outside the chapel but in Guam, I had a fist fight with several youngsters who tried bullying us. The rest was history.

I didn't expect that the promises of Marcos ( which he tape recorded in his library in his Makiki residence) to the Filipino people and to those who helped them including the true Marcos loyalists duly documented by Ms. Rosette Yniguez-Lerias, will be in vain and denied by FM's family.

Recently, I was even told secretly by a close loyalist friend to be careful and Imelda wanted me 'silenced'. I was aghast, reason why I immediately informed the proper authorities about it. 'Di pa nga nakakabalik sa Malacanang, nagte-threat na. Much more kung sila na naka upo.' Anyway, lahat ng maling gawain may KARMA.'

I was tricked!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

911:The Other Side of the Truth by Erick San Juan

 911:The Other Side of the Truth by Erick San Juan

While scanning the TV channels after a days work, I had the chance to watch the National Geographic Channel featuring Inside 911 (September 11,2014 8pm). It is just like a way of conditioning our mind to make believe a scenario well directed and just like a movie, made in Hollywood. Most of the information were long time published by the main stream media.

With my compilation of data sent to me by Truth-seekers in the US since 2001, I will give you the simplified report sent by Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff of Veterans Today and John Kaminski of the

Kaminski said that the future of the United States of America depends on determining the true story of what happened on 9/11/2001. "If we continue to accept this false 'Arabs with box-cutters did it' story, the U.S. will remain a totalitarian police state with choreographed politicians, contrived wars and widespread slavery as its signature methodologies."

"On the other hand, if we begin to understand that this evil deed was done by people at the highest levels of the US government in concert with a 'foreign intelligence agency and wicked super elites' in America, then we will have a shot at regaining some kind of functional freedom for ourselves and a more honest sanity in our government."

"Well, the biggest lie that has been allowed to stand unchallenged for 13 years is the whopper that foreign terrorists, supposedly Arabs using false identities, knocked down two skyscrapers in America's biggest city."

"It is a fake story that represents the final nail in the coffin of the American republic and has caused the needless deaths of millions of people around the world."

"It is now high time to get to the bottom of the 911 cover-up.",as Kaminski appealed to the American public and netizens reading his blog.

The Veterans Today and the State of the Nation post made a summary report about the Twin Tower incident on September 11,2001. Gordon Duff of Veterans Today was even quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin confirming that 911 was an inside job which is allegedly too classified to publish.

While the State of the Nation blog posted reasons why 911 was the 'Ultimate Inside Job and False Flag Operation'. It stated the following sensible allegations like the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center did not come down as a result of passenger airplanes hitting them but rather they were controlled demolitions. Just like how building contractors demolish old buildings without destroying nearby elements and structures through an engineered collapse.

When I went there myself, I was really amazed how it happened that all the buildings encircling the injured area were not damaged nor deformed despite their proximity. Building #7 was never hit by an airplane nor the Pentagon which was in fact had a very purposefully aimed missile as demonstrated by the damaged entry and exit holes. Cell phone calls made from the passenger airliners were faked since reception was technologically impossible at that time and at that altitude. There were no black boxes because there were no commercial airliners involved. Aluminum airplanes could not have penetrated the steel structures of the World Trade Centers 1and 2 as the so called 'experts' claimed.

Expert investigators from different agencies wondered how a passport from an alleged hijacker survived the explosions and subsequent devastation intact enough to be used for identification when everything like the airliners, bodies. buildings is MIA?

The truthers believed that this is the 'Greatest Crime of the New Millennium'. The State of the Nation  blog thinks that it is high time that the truth about 911 crosses over into the mainstream. This is reportedly some of the inconvenient truth that will set America free. It must bleed into the mass consciousness of the people sooner or later.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sanctions and Deceptions: The Endgame by Erick San Juan

Sanctions and Deceptions: The Endgame by Erick San Juan

We are bombarded everyday by half truths, lies and statistics coming from the mainstream tri-media. Thanks to the internet that in seconds, you can get the real story from all parts of the globe to balance things right. Thanks also to the conscientious and patriotic American people and veterans, always giving us the other side of the truth.

Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister once said, "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth."

Peter Koenig,( an economist and a former World Bank staff) of Global Research 8/30/14 claimed that most of us who are seeking the truth are primarily attempting to undo the lies. Lies repeated many times, lies about Russian invasions proclaimed by Poroshenko of Ukraine, demonization directed against Putin, Malaysian Airlines downed by Russia, etc.

Koenig added that the western bought propaganda machines take full advantage of this hundreds of years old strategy of deception. There's hardly anyone in the mainstream media who presents a counter-weight or facts and not inventions for trickery.

Koenig commented that it is irrelevant whether Russia has troops and armory in East Ukraine. " It would be well justified for Russia to defend her countrymen from savage slaughter as many Ukrainians are originally Russians. But they don't, as Mr. Putin is too smart to spoil his diplomatic assets on a war that is already lost in Kiev."

"The truth of what the US-NATO killing machine, its vassal EU states and it's paid mercenaries are up to in Ukraine and that they won't let go regardless of what President Barack Obama mutters to tranquilize the world. The truth is in one way or another, Washington is committed to its financial and corporate elite to achieve FSD- Full Spectrum Dominance, meaning complete subjugation of the world to Washington's masters, the military-security industrial complex and the war financing monetary system- Federal Reserve-Wall Street- IMF, the latter being a mere extension of the US Treasury."

Koenig believed that the endgame is the encircling of Russia and China with more NATO bases, including Ukraine and Moldova, closing near to Moscow's doorsteps and foreseen by 2015 with 60% of the US naval fleet in the South China Sea.  He advised everyone not to be detracted by the day-to-day details and lies, by the fires that flare up here and there, killing thousands of people. "We should not be confused by 'who is doing what?' But rather focus on the Big Picture, the intentions behind the US-NATO killing machine, not so much by denying the obvious lies, but rather by describing actual facts and the long term strategy behind them."

Koenig warned not to be fooled by double talk. He cited Obama's cry wolf scenario literally shouting that Russia has invaded Ukraine but it's not in the cards for America to intervene now. Obama did the same thing in Syria when he said that it's not the right time while arming and bombing as a disguise, at the same time ISIS, created and funded in 2007 by the west under different names to further confuse the public.

He branded President Obama as Washington's warmonger-in-chief who encourages his EU puppets to intervene and send their troops to Ukraine and impose sanctions on Russia.

European observers  opined that the US and EU anti- Russian sanctions could provoke painful consequences. A policy that could result in multi- million dollar losses by the European businessmen while Washington is not particularly affected. The US have large reserves of natural resources, including oil and gas, will carry a minimal loss in case of an economic war with Russia. Through a proxy war, at the expense of others, the US is trying to reach their own geopolitical objectives by weakening the position of Russia in Europe. In Washington DC, pundits stated that politicians and their controlled media are promoting the idea that Europe must be prepared to damage its own economy to allegedly 'punish' Russia but says nothing about the sacrifices of the US.

With the continued pressure on its allies to slow down trade and economic cooperation with Moscow, Washington however does not waive the contract for the purchase of Russian rocket engines as reported in Al Jazeera news channel. Washington still depends on the goodwill of Russia in sharing the international space station. To counter sanctions by the west, Russia has reportedly the ability to stop the supply of oil and gas for the European community. It can swiftly do business to the east and other developing countries that are ready to use this window of opportunity. "Gas lever" is a weapon being used by Moscow to neutralize the NATO alliance. In case of gas crisis, any attempt of Europe to diversify gas supply will lead to the rise in price. Most nations in Europe consider the imposition of trade restriction against Russia as temporary and could be cancelled in time for winter. EU nations with a weak economy may face serious social tensions due to possible energy scarcity and high price.

Peter Koenig  concluded that the Europeans should see the 'big picture'."The people need to see it, the End Game - what is expected and the majority are not taking actions to prevent Full Spectrum Dominance from succeeding."

With this threat and counter-threat, the Europeans will be forced to conduct its own foreign policy to survive and to the best interest of each nation-states which could destroy the NATO alliance in the process.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Is The Money Collapse Inevitable? By Erick San Juan

 Is The Money Collapse Inevitable? By Erick San Juan

I received a white paper from a banker friend of mine narrating why almost 50 well known international bankers died suspiciously.  The paper suspected that the global financial system is heading towards a major crash in the near future. These bank executives and  financial directors could be buckling under the pressure of what they see coming. They are possibly silenced because of what they know.

My banker friend believed that it could be a combination of the two. Despite the recruitment process going on, many experts politely decline.  The list of top level banking and financial executives dying under suspicious circumstances has been growing rapidly in recent months. The paper added that whether these are genuine deaths or something more sinister, one thing is certain-the banking industry is becoming one of the most dangerous business to be involved in right now with an extremely high death per employee ratio.

The causes of death by the bankers seem quite odd, including a banker shooting himself 8 times with a nail gun and another crushed to death by his own luxury SUV. In the Philippine setting, we had the collapse of Urban Bank that led to the suicide of one of it's executive. But it was really an act of killing oneself.

Top bankers from JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, etc either died of suicide, sudden death, freak accident, drowning, killed by murder for hire and drinking anti-freeze in an effort to allegedly get high.

What went wrong?  Who's behind the death of these bank executives? Are the banksters looking for scapegoats to their greed or there's really a currency and financial collapse coming?  Many are predicting that the global economic crisis is inevitable. It is estimated to come within 2015.  In US alone, more than 25 cities are now bankrupt. Germany, Switzerland and other nation states are in the process or have pulled out their gold out of the United States. Even Fort Knox has lesser stockpile of gold reserves this time that even its security component is now smaller and was recalled to duty by the US government. It was even rumored to have tungsten instead of other precious metals.

The worst, business elites like Warren Buffett, George Soros and numerous billionaires are dumping US stocks as fast as they can sell them. The BRICS(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are moving quickly towards creating a new central bank to replace the US dollar as an international currency.

According to Patriot Survival Plan.Org with the ongoing financial and currency collapse, expect that its not only money that will be scarce but food and water. This was the reason why the 'reptilian' cabal  are desperate in accelerating their efforts in line with their agenda to create several massive scenarios to grab natural resources and other oil rich nation-states, fund and train mercenaries, take over banks like FBME Bank in Cyprus accused of laundering money where wealthy Russians hold their vast fortunes. Simon Black of Sovereign Man.Com confirmed that FBME Bank  was taken over at gunpoint while a Hong Kong bank caught red-handed laundering funds for a Mexican drug cartel last year was only given a slap on the wrist by the US government.

Pundits believe that these 'banksters' are committing high treason. When they don't like you, they will do everything to make your life difficult and if you're a state leader and don't want to cooperate with them, it will lead to your downfall like what happened to the late President Ferdinand Marcos and other leaders like Morsi of Egypt and his globalists created Muslim Brotherhood. Just like in the James Bond movie, "The Quantum of Solace".

But the well planned economic and political terrorism seem to backfire. Nation states like the BRICS are dumping US treasuries, interest rates soar, inflation kicked in. Simon Black reiterated that the US government will be even more closer to default.

The economic warfare resulted the opposite to what was intended. It overstretched and accumulated more than $17.6 trillion in debt. "It is just like waging an economic war without any ammunition." Black concluded.

The Domino effect has evolved into a nightmare when Jim Willie of Hat Trick. Com stated that Germany is working toward leaving the European Union, cutting out of NATO and will join the BRICS nations. The German flip will surely alter the geopolitical balance and reportedly isolate the United States. The alleged German integration with Russia and China will be meshed in with crisis response in a natural progression weave. Willie's grapevine scoop came from London Paul and said that the Germans will do what they must to continue, survive and thrive. Meaning, get out of the US-UK-EU quicksand.

As the saying goes, "These are interesting times indeed!"