Monday, August 29, 2011

False Alarm or Predicate Layed? by Erick San Juan

False Alarm or Predicate Layed? by Erick San Juan

At the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (A Graduate School of Nanyang Technological University) in Singapore recently, Associate professor Ahmed S. Hashim of International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research lectured on "Terrorism as an Instrument of Culture Warfare: the Meaning of Anders Breivik". Hashim said that the terrorist attack of July 23,2011 launched by a lone right-wing extremist in the peaceful capital city city of Oslo, Norway and at the summer camp for children in the island of Utoya, resulted to the death of 77 young people.

The whole of Europe and the world were shaken and wondered how such mass murder could have been executed with ease by a lone gunman. During the first few hours, the world was bombarded by the news spin coming from CNN, BBC,etc. that initially thought that the attacks have the 'signature' of Al Qaeda.

Hashim explained that 32-year old Anders Behring Breivik came from an upper middle class upbringing and used to be a resident of a middle class Oslo suburb of Skoyen. Many people were astonished how Breivik could commit such monstrous and evil acts especially in the world's re-known peaceful nation of Norway.

I myself had been there twice and find Norway not only a very peaceful state but with cheerful and hospitable people including Filipino migrants who entertained me even though it's my first time to meet them.

According to Hashim, Breivik looked like any 'normal' Norwegian, had never caught the attention of the government security services. Breivik was reportedly integrated into society and was careful enough to ensure that his 'abnormal' activities, preparations for the murderous rampage will not be monitored by the radarscope of the government's law-enforcement agencies.

What was not told in the lecture was how Breivik was pinpointed as the real culprit? Thanks to the vigilance of the Norwegian citizenry, Breivik was tipped-off and apprehended immediately by the authorities. Hashim expounded that during the police interrogation, he pretended to be insane and bizarrely demanded to be appointed to be the head of the Norwegian army and called for the abdication of King Harald V. It is just like a re-run of the movie, the "Knight and Day" which featured Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. In the movie, Cameron was injected with a 'truth serum' to tell everything while Breivik could have suffered brain manipulation like the MK Ultra or with the use of hallocinogenic injection.

Hashim gave a bird's eye view of the living condition in Norway. He said, for the past several decades, Norway has been a quiet, prosperous and generous welfare state, blessed with excellent schooling, high wages, and considerable social uniformity. It never suffered from problems associated with the integration and assimilation of newcomers. Both native Norwegians and the immigrants co-exist enjoying the largesse and services provided by a rich and generous state.

Hashim said that it is not clear what direct links,if any, Breivik had with established far-right populist groups. his links may only be ideological and that the decision to undertake his acts of political violence was solely his own. He concluded that law enforcement units have to take into consideration whether there might be collaboration between enemies such as Al Qaeda and the far right in Europe. He added that stranger things had happened, especially that Breivik has expressed admiration for the methods of Al Qaeda.

But some pundits are asking, if Breivik is a Christian nutcase, why did he kill white people who are mostly Christians? A political analyst even whispered that Breivik is not a 'Superman' to kill so many people at one time.

Mind boggling indeed!

Manchurian Candidates: Made in Hollywood by Erick San Juan

Manchurian Candidates: Made in Hollywood by Erick San Juan

Most nations worldwide, their intelligence services, the people and media were focused on the possible threat of Islamist violence which were shown daily on TV news and print media(Terrorism as an Instrument of Cultural Warfare by Ahmed S. Hashim). But it does not exist in Norway and their intelligence community have been updating their asssessments. Most of them believe that even right wing extremism will not pose any serious threat to their citizenry. But what went wrong?

Now, most European governments and law enforcement agencies are now haunted by a new 'specter' within the new extreme right populist movement committted to the use of violence. According to Hashim, counter-terrrorism officials have been warning of a new trend, the so callled "solo terrorist". A fighter trained by organizations like Al Qaeda, but then sent off to act on his own, with little or no further correspondence with the group. this tactic reduces the amount of 'chatter'-discussions on cell phones and over the internet where counter terrorism experts routinely pick up when a terrorist plot is in the offing.

"Breivik represents a new paradigm.", says Janne Kristiansen, head of Norway's domestic intelligence, the Police Security Service. "He's not a solo terrorist. He's a 'lone wolf' who has been very intent on staying under the radar of of the security services by leading a lawful life."

Sounds familiar! This same line of 'lone wolf' was also parroted by U.S. President Barack Obama the other week when he stated that a 'lone wolf' could attack the U.S. anytime. Is this part of the laying the predicate? It seems that the situation has a pattern of history. Most of them were seen in the movies, television series and manufactured in Hollywood. Remember the movie, Wag the Dog? It was shown first worldwide where the life of former US President Bill Clinton was depicted. The former president was almost indicted because of his sexcapade.

Before the 911 incident, a TV series,"The Lone Gunman", an episode of X Files aired by Fox on March 4,2001, in which the actual scenario for the 911 attacks was revealed using a Boieng 727,enroute to Boston. The plane was hijacked by a shadowy group of US government plotters intent on crashing into the World Trade Center and blame it on anti-US despot to drag the US into war and increase weapon sales. The plot was called, Scenario 12D, where the plane auto-pilot was commandeered from the ground. The show series was allllegedly cancelled in June,2001.

The American people should follow the vigilance and the collective effort of the Norwegians. The 'lone wolf' scenario could be real, especially now that the anniversary of the 911 is getting nearer. This could be a pretext for something "big". Another movie with the same pattern of incident and the latest movie, the "Source Code", which was released last April, 2011 has almost identical scenario. A lone terrorist builds a nuke dirty bomb and plan to detonate it in Chicago killing two million people using a commuter train.

Even the reported computer files of Osama bin Laden in his Abbotabad safe house confirmed that the main target of attack by the Al Qaeda are the Chicago Water Tower, a US rail system and bridges as aspirational phase which could be another false flag operation to pressure the American people to fight 'unknown' enemies.

"Be wary of the invisible empire of the new world order.", author Geoffrey Wheatcroft said. It is an order out of chaos. "A strange new world the Americans find themselves in and one where they are finding it harder than ever to impose their will on anyone, anywhere." Need I say more?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Rush for Bilateral Agreements

The Rush for Bilateral Agreements by Erick San Juan

The US government has intensified it's bilateral negotiations with the countries in the region to strengthen it's influence in Southeast Asia and possibly obtain indirect control over the sea lanes in the Malacca Strait. In this regard, Washington has floated the idea of the need to redeploy troops and it's Seventh fleet in the region. Guam was supposed to be the place for the troops deployment. Many observers believe that the change of plan was due to China's sending it's first aircraft carrier to sea which US defense analyst sees as a challenge to the American military supremacy and interests.

To provide the rationale for plans in changing the policy, there were several pretext used as a way of supporting nation states in the region. Such as, damaged by calamities like the emergency situation in Japan as a result of repeated earthquakes, the effects of technological disaster of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and terrorism in some parts of the region. White house allegedly want a direct participation and implementation of security measures to ensure security in the region.It also intends to involve US combat units in "helping" the law enforcement units capability of the Asian allies.

But most Asean nations are wary that the deployment could aggravate the situation. which could lead to more terror threat on the Asian sea lanes especially at the Strait of Malacca where a 'Somali' type of pirate operation could ensue.Recently, the US government criticized the leadership of countries that are not effective enough in their fight against piracy in the strait. They are promoting the idea of the need to enhance substantive cooperation with the US forces. To provide impact on their foreign policy affecting the asia pacific region, the US initiates with the support of the US congress, new policies on the important issues of bilateral relations with the countries in the region.

As published in several newspapers last April this year, US senators, Daniel Inouye and Thad Cochran visited the Philippines. During the talk with the Philippine government officials, the American senators reportedly discussed the possibility of US troops returning to the former US bases at Clark Airbase in Pampanga and at Subic naval station in Olongapo. The US legislators raised the issue of refurbishing the installation before the withdrawal of the military personnels of the Seventh fleet from the Okinawa base in 2012. Last March,the US congress delegation headed by Rep. E. Olson negotiated with Thailand Ministry of Trade to provide American businesses access to key sectors of the Thai economy. US was reportedly interested in expanding its business interests in insurance,banking, telecommunication, mining and agricultural market. Congressman Olson reiterated that the issue should be resolved by introducing changes in the bilateral treaty of friendship and economic relations of 1966.

China is doing the same thing by dealing with the Asian bilaterally. But when China started deploying it's first aircraft carrier in the South China Seas, it sent jittery and anxiety to the Asean especially those nations like the Philippines and Vietnam who were once bullied by China.

This could be the complying reason why the US is in a rush to expand it's military presence in the sea lanes of South east asia particularly in the Malacca Strait. The mistrust of China's flexing it's muscle and the fear of President Hu Jin tao's 2004 "New Historic Missions" is unclear. According to Bonnie S. Glaser and Brittany Billingsley of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC," China's aircraft carriers could be a threat to US interests." (Source:Perry Diaz blog,August 12,2011)

Such expansions could lead to several negative consequences. It could engender the possible interference of big powers into the internal affairs of the Asean nations. It could also provoke local radicalism, provoke anti-american and anti-chinese sentiments in the process. The geopolitical situation could really provoke a global war if not abated. If the military establishments of these two contending powers will not be controlled by their political leaders, all hell will break loose.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who's The Real Boss? by Erick San Juan

Who's The Real Boss? by Erick San Juan

History always repeat itself as the saying goes, because many leaders repeat the mistakes of the past and never learned from them. Recently, the puppet masters who just modified their agenda, are the same ideologues using the principle of Karl Marx that "Religion is the opium of the people". They are manipulating the populace through an 'angel and demon' operation unsuspectingly controlling everyone and creating several 'frankenstein' in the process.

A good example is the recent meeting of President Noynoy with rebel leader Haj Murad Ibrahim of the MILF at the Ana Airport Hotel in Narita, Japan. Despite the knowledge of so many foreign diplomats on who's really behind the open-secret talk, officials in the loop of the president insist that it was the idea of PNoy. To refresh your memory on how the rebel groups like the MNLF, MILF and other Bangsa Moro groups metamorphosed, it started with the aborted "Oplan Merdeka" of the late President Ferdinand Marcos in collusion with his cousin, Tun Mustapha of Sabah and the Kiram's to take over Sabah. The plan was leaked by the late Don Chino Roces to the Aquino family through the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino( Conspiracies and Controversies, page 7).

The Kuala Lumpur government of then Tun Abdul Razak, the father of now Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak aborted the rebellion in Sabah and reportedly "secretly" financed a Jesuit spy master and strategist, the late Fr. Jose 'Derp" Blanco of the Ateneo. To destabilize Marcos, Blanco utilized covertly young combatants among the Jesuit hierarchy to secretly recruit radical professors at the University of the Philippines namely, Jose Ma. Sison aka Joma and Nur Misuari. Thus, the creation of the MNLF and the Communist Party of the Philippines. Nur recruited muslim activists and mujaheedin fighters while a faction of the PKP, the Soviet bloc of the communist organization was organized by Joma.

When Marcos was ousted by the Edsa 'U.S. inspired' uprising in 1986, then President Cory Aquino released the communists like Joma and was given permission to have a permanent vacation in Utrecht and created the National Democratic Front. According to the late patriot, Prof. Renato Constantino Sr., "It's amazing how these Jesuits operate. The NDF became the umbrella organization of the progressives without the approval of the Politburo of the Communist Party." We thought all the while that the local communist party, the New Peoples Army and supporters are the one supporting Joma and his group in Netherland. According to Prof. Constantino, "It's the Jesuits in Europe who's secretly funding their daily operation in Utrecht, through another Jesuit priest, Fr. Luis Jalandoni."

Another shocking experience by then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile and then PC-INP chief, Gen.Fidel Ramos was when President Cory told them to meet Nur Misuari in Zamboanga. Nur returned to the Philippines from the Middle East through the effort of then young Jesuit priest,Fr. Romeo Intengan, his partner Bert Gonzales and Butch Aquino of ATOM. Despite the "good intention" of the late president Cory Aquino to have peace in Mindanao, fighting ensued. It was former President Fidel Ramos who convinced Nur Misuari to forget the secessionist movement and have peace with his administration. Nur ascended as the governor of the newly created ARMM-Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.

During the time of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Intengan and Bert Gonzales were in the inner loop of GMA. Since day one of GMA, they already have a shadow government parallel to GMA's administration despite their closeness to her. Here's the catch. Out of the blue, President Noynoy pushed through with the secret meeting with Murad in Japan. Pundits believe that this is another Jesuit inspired plan, to create their own republic in the oil rich Minsupala like what this religious order 'tandem' did to another oil rich state, East Timor. East Timor used to be part of Indonesia. It is now headed by Jesuit priest, President Jose Ramos Horta and his buddy, now Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

Although, I don't believe that all the Jesuits are behind in this diabolical scheme, there are still good Jesuits like Fr. Bienvenido Nebres of the Ateneo University. The pattern is getting clearer now. The so called peace agreement despite the rhetorics is doomed to fail. Some socdems within the loop of the president is stabbing PNoy behind his front. Now, who's the real boss?

Monday, August 8, 2011

"Salami"zation of the Philippines, Now a Reality? by Erick San Juan

"Salami"zation of the Philippines, Now a Reality? by Erick San Juan

President Noynoy Aquino made an unannounced trip to Japan last Thursday to hold a secret talk with the MILF rebels headed by Al Haj Murad Ibrahim. They met at the Ana Crowne Hotel at the Narita Airport, possibly the reason that most of them did not get Japanese visa to enter Japan so there will be no leak of the meeting. It's just like a "Mission Impossible" possibly arranged by 'hidden hands' disguised as ICG-International Contact Group. The meeting was supposed to be "cloaked in secrecy" but when somebody from the foreign affairs reportedly reacted, PNoy's loop was forced to admit that the meeting really happened. Malacanang was bombarded by adverse reactions from the citizenry and the media.

PNoy and Murad allegedly discussed on how to achieve lasting peace in Mindanao and end the war. But why deal with the rebel group in that level? Why not just let DND Secretary Voltaire Gazmin or NSC adviser Garic Garcia talk with a combatant like Murad? The president which I believe is really sincere in putting closure to that enmity, but why not meet Murad in the Malacanang palace? Why spend time,money and effort to travel to Japan? Peace panel chief Marvic Leonen even refused to give details of the meeting and said that there was no secret deal made in Japan. He added that "the MILF is no longer a secessionist group because their proposal does not include independence. They are not asking to be a separate state." But what sub-state are they talking about? Have you heard the MILF "parrot" the same chorus line? How nice to hear these personalities play with words. The MILF allegedly want to be considered Filipino citizens but with Bangsa Moro national identity.

What's the other side of the truth? Remember that before the said talk, the MILF warned that "if the Philippine government will push through with the oil exploration in their claimed area which they believe as their ancestral domain, there will be a continuity of hostilities. Let's wait for the statements that will come out from the MILF's website, LUWARAN.COM so we will know which is which..

It's sad that everyone who understand international law and arbitration believe (naisahan si presidente) the president was not given the big picture that he legitimized the 'status of belligerency' of the MILF by that airport hotel meeting. Blogger Ferdie Pasion reacted that the conferring of PNoy of equal footing to the head of the MILF in a foreign land will make the MILF rebellion in a war status. Our military and law enforcers can now be declared 'war criminals' at the slightest hint of human rights or war rights under the Geneva Convention. MILF detainees in our jails will now be considered 'prisoners of war', while the human rights violator will be penalized and can be declared a 'war criminal'.

Our national interest is at stake here. Our government should act immediately to rectify the so called "out-of the-box" solution where the president took the risk because of his "good" intention. Many believe that the president is ill-advised by some vested interests in his circle. Pundits believe that the MILF recognize the president in rhetorics but not in deed.

Minsupala meaning Mindanao-Sulu-Palawan will be balkanized soon. A possible Somali-zation is also in the offing. Methinks 'salami-zation' is more appropriate because all the ingredients of the above concerns not only Minsupala but the whole nation where the other rebel groups like the NPA's are based. A failed state at work? Heads should roll before it's too late.