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False Alarm or Predicate Layed? by Erick San Juan

False Alarm or Predicate Layed? by Erick San Juan

At the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (A Graduate School of Nanyang Technological University) in Singapore recently, Associate professor Ahmed S. Hashim of International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research lectured on "Terrorism as an Instrument of Culture Warfare: the Meaning of Anders Breivik". Hashim said that the terrorist attack of July 23,2011 launched by a lone right-wing extremist in the peaceful capital city city of Oslo, Norway and at the summer camp for children in the island of Utoya, resulted to the death of 77 young people.

The whole of Europe and the world were shaken and wondered how such mass murder could have been executed with ease by a lone gunman. During the first few hours, the world was bombarded by the news spin coming from CNN, BBC,etc. that initially thought that the attacks have the 'signature' of Al Qaeda.

Hashim explained that 32-year old Anders Behring Breivik came from an upper middle class upbringing and used to be a resident of a middle class Oslo suburb of Skoyen. Many people were astonished how Breivik could commit such monstrous and evil acts especially in the world's re-known peaceful nation of Norway.

I myself had been there twice and find Norway not only a very peaceful state but with cheerful and hospitable people including Filipino migrants who entertained me even though it's my first time to meet them.

According to Hashim, Breivik looked like any 'normal' Norwegian, had never caught the attention of the government security services. Breivik was reportedly integrated into society and was careful enough to ensure that his 'abnormal' activities, preparations for the murderous rampage will not be monitored by the radarscope of the government's law-enforcement agencies.

What was not told in the lecture was how Breivik was pinpointed as the real culprit? Thanks to the vigilance of the Norwegian citizenry, Breivik was tipped-off and apprehended immediately by the authorities. Hashim expounded that during the police interrogation, he pretended to be insane and bizarrely demanded to be appointed to be the head of the Norwegian army and called for the abdication of King Harald V. It is just like a re-run of the movie, the "Knight and Day" which featured Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. In the movie, Cameron was injected with a 'truth serum' to tell everything while Breivik could have suffered brain manipulation like the MK Ultra or with the use of hallocinogenic injection.

Hashim gave a bird's eye view of the living condition in Norway. He said, for the past several decades, Norway has been a quiet, prosperous and generous welfare state, blessed with excellent schooling, high wages, and considerable social uniformity. It never suffered from problems associated with the integration and assimilation of newcomers. Both native Norwegians and the immigrants co-exist enjoying the largesse and services provided by a rich and generous state.

Hashim said that it is not clear what direct links,if any, Breivik had with established far-right populist groups. his links may only be ideological and that the decision to undertake his acts of political violence was solely his own. He concluded that law enforcement units have to take into consideration whether there might be collaboration between enemies such as Al Qaeda and the far right in Europe. He added that stranger things had happened, especially that Breivik has expressed admiration for the methods of Al Qaeda.

But some pundits are asking, if Breivik is a Christian nutcase, why did he kill white people who are mostly Christians? A political analyst even whispered that Breivik is not a 'Superman' to kill so many people at one time.

Mind boggling indeed!

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