Monday, August 29, 2011

Manchurian Candidates: Made in Hollywood by Erick San Juan

Manchurian Candidates: Made in Hollywood by Erick San Juan

Most nations worldwide, their intelligence services, the people and media were focused on the possible threat of Islamist violence which were shown daily on TV news and print media(Terrorism as an Instrument of Cultural Warfare by Ahmed S. Hashim). But it does not exist in Norway and their intelligence community have been updating their asssessments. Most of them believe that even right wing extremism will not pose any serious threat to their citizenry. But what went wrong?

Now, most European governments and law enforcement agencies are now haunted by a new 'specter' within the new extreme right populist movement committted to the use of violence. According to Hashim, counter-terrrorism officials have been warning of a new trend, the so callled "solo terrorist". A fighter trained by organizations like Al Qaeda, but then sent off to act on his own, with little or no further correspondence with the group. this tactic reduces the amount of 'chatter'-discussions on cell phones and over the internet where counter terrorism experts routinely pick up when a terrorist plot is in the offing.

"Breivik represents a new paradigm.", says Janne Kristiansen, head of Norway's domestic intelligence, the Police Security Service. "He's not a solo terrorist. He's a 'lone wolf' who has been very intent on staying under the radar of of the security services by leading a lawful life."

Sounds familiar! This same line of 'lone wolf' was also parroted by U.S. President Barack Obama the other week when he stated that a 'lone wolf' could attack the U.S. anytime. Is this part of the laying the predicate? It seems that the situation has a pattern of history. Most of them were seen in the movies, television series and manufactured in Hollywood. Remember the movie, Wag the Dog? It was shown first worldwide where the life of former US President Bill Clinton was depicted. The former president was almost indicted because of his sexcapade.

Before the 911 incident, a TV series,"The Lone Gunman", an episode of X Files aired by Fox on March 4,2001, in which the actual scenario for the 911 attacks was revealed using a Boieng 727,enroute to Boston. The plane was hijacked by a shadowy group of US government plotters intent on crashing into the World Trade Center and blame it on anti-US despot to drag the US into war and increase weapon sales. The plot was called, Scenario 12D, where the plane auto-pilot was commandeered from the ground. The show series was allllegedly cancelled in June,2001.

The American people should follow the vigilance and the collective effort of the Norwegians. The 'lone wolf' scenario could be real, especially now that the anniversary of the 911 is getting nearer. This could be a pretext for something "big". Another movie with the same pattern of incident and the latest movie, the "Source Code", which was released last April, 2011 has almost identical scenario. A lone terrorist builds a nuke dirty bomb and plan to detonate it in Chicago killing two million people using a commuter train.

Even the reported computer files of Osama bin Laden in his Abbotabad safe house confirmed that the main target of attack by the Al Qaeda are the Chicago Water Tower, a US rail system and bridges as aspirational phase which could be another false flag operation to pressure the American people to fight 'unknown' enemies.

"Be wary of the invisible empire of the new world order.", author Geoffrey Wheatcroft said. It is an order out of chaos. "A strange new world the Americans find themselves in and one where they are finding it harder than ever to impose their will on anyone, anywhere." Need I say more?

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