Friday, October 30, 2009

Flu Hoax (Again?)

Flu Hoax (Again?)
by Erick San Juan

Flu season in the US is fast approaching (usually in late November until early March) and this could be the reason for US President Barack Obama in declaring last October 23, the “swine flu” a national emergency. As what US officials said the “president's declaration was similar to ones issued before hurricanes make landfall.” But what could be the real motive for such declaration?
Here is a part of that declaration – “given that the rapid increase in illness across the nation may overburden health care resources and that the temporary waiver of certain standard Federal requirements may be warranted in order to enable U.S. health care facilities to implement emergency operations plans, the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in the United States constitutes a national emergency”. It seems that the intention of this statement by the US president was to sow fear by using the word "pandemic". Or is it another false flag flu operation? As what was written by Bill Sardi that this is more of “a reimbursement crisis and not a health crisis”. “The emergency declaration issued by The White House has more to do with Medicare and Medicaid regulations dealing with hospitals. With the national emergency declared, hospitals have more flexibility to set up separate or even outdoor treatment areas. The emergency appears to deal more with hospitals and their ability to get paid by federal health authorities.” (from the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle)
An article in the New York Times confirmed that federal rules do not allow hospitals to establish treatment areas more than 250 yards from emergency rooms. "Tents are 300 yards or more away, typically federal dollars won't go to pay for treatment."
So the emergency appears to be financial – making sure hospitals meet federal requirements so they can get paid by Medicaid or Medicare, rather than any true health crisis.
We also notice from a recent survey in the US that 62 percent of American adults will not avail of the flu vaccines for they don’t see any danger of the H1N1 virus and besides they don’t trust the government of its safety.
Why do we give attention to this H1N1 national emergency declaration in the US ? When I wrote about this flu hoax five months ago, I already warned our readers that this will be used as a propaganda of the globalists to reap profits out of chaos through vaccines that will slowly kill instead of cure and complicate your other sickness.. Like the myth of the war on terror, countries followed the "coalition of the willing". This time, it is a real danger if we fall for the trap of getting the flu shot through disinformation and fear mongering.
Let us all be aware of what it takes to be healthy and practice clean living. Be vigilant.....

Sunday, October 4, 2009


By Erick San Juan

As in the past, no stock market will make money in this wipe-out, as told by the “Wall Street Underground” in 2001. What we’re seeing now is not a cyclical economic slowdown that a stimulus from the Federal Reserve will resolve. It could lead to the greatest economic wipe out which include your real estate, jobs, savings, and your business or everything you own. Understand what’s happening to your country and the world. Countries like the Philippines have invested their mutual funds (both public & private) abroad which they thought will yield high interests for their invested funds. Out of the blue, nations wealth invested have been sucked into the Wall Street stock market black hole and in just a matter of time gone like a bubble burst. Thanks to the so called international investment advisers of our leaders, they were duped into entering hi-tech international “Ponzi” operation to get rich quick. The domino effect spared no one especially in the U.S.

The Americans invested heavily in new technologies, high-tech weaponry by its mil-industrial complex, space explorations; secretly, with the weather engineering and HAARP, trillions of dollars were spent without an assurance of (R.O.I.) return of investment. So many funds were injected to so many projects like oil and gas explorations, putting miles of fiber optic cables across the ocean and in trenches worldwide but most of the projects will never make enough money to pay the investors back. Internet companies are also losing money. Trillions of dollars has already vaporized despite the damage control of the globalists through their control of central bankers who keeps on over printing valueless money.

The “Wall Street Underground” reality check said that the stock market and the entire U.S. economy is a house of cards that is coming down. “WSU” added that America has seen this pattern over and over again, a design for the last 200 years. But the Americans and the world never learned. Stock market wipe outs happen over and over again. It happened 3 times in the late 1800’s, twice before the 1929 crash, in the 70’s and had a tremble in 1987.

We should be vigilant, know what’s coming (good or bad) and know what to do about it. As the saying goes, “greatest opportunities always come along at the time of the greatest social and economic upheavals.”

So many people are being gypped to believe a product which is actually a “lemon” but due to good PR work and a little help from friendly media make us buy, invest and feel secured. The brain-washing these days has been very effective.

Most “top guns” who prosper nowadays were not just the conservative big businessmen but scalawags and carpet baggers like Celso de Los Angeles and Bernard Madoff.

What is worrisome is that the financial media downplays or even ignores the crisis, even painting a rosy picture of the economy despite the reports and assessments coming from the Foreign Chamber experts and from IMF-WB-BIS. No one will tell you how bad it is and how fast it is spreading. Most of us are casualty because of greed.

Let’s prepare for the coming depression! Emailed information coming from the U.S. and Europe predicts a horrible October, more wars, bank holidays, the plunging dollar will be destroyed! And a possible global financial collapse. Time for vigilance!!


By Erick San Juan

While cleaning my library this weekend due to typhoon Ondoy’s fury that rainwater entered some of my book shelves, I happened to get the files of the Wall Street Underground, a group of stock market analysts in the U.S. who exposed the sting operations of power brokers and carpetbaggers, due to greed has siphoned the money of unsuspecting investors. It said that America, the world’s last standing super power will inevitably fall. Just like what happened to England who used to conquer 4/5 of the world under the Union Jack. But now the British government can barely keep in control Northern Ireland. The Roman Empire extended from Britain all the way to Egypt and North Africa, and the entire Mediterranean. Now it’s gone. The Italians are still arguing over Sicily, the Greeks, the Ottoman Empire, the Mongols and the great Genghis Khan who controlled half of the world through terror, Spain was feared by the entire world and known to be the ruler of the seas. They all declined.

All these great former empires had reportedly one thing in common – TECHNOLOGY changed wiped out the advantages they had enjoyed and stole most of their wealth. This time it’s the end of the American prosperity. But the problem of America is now the problem of the world. The world’s financial system is pegged with the US dollars. The overprinting of the US money and other nation states through the “banksters” and their central banks will lead to a financial holocaust. We never learned from history. Every time there’s Wall Street collapse, war follows. All the tricks in the book will be unleashed soon. God forbid!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Disastrous Decision

Disastrous Decision
By Erick San Juan

In the middle of a very miserable situation after a huge disaster, how can anyone refuse any help at all especially when the survivors are still struggling for their second life?

Politicians, current and those seeking for office, foreign “friends” and global organizations are helping for whatever intentions they have to ease the hardships of the typhoon victims. For our government, in this helpless situation could hardly notice how countries like the US and China are quick in sending their help. As for the US government, after the death of the two US soldiers in Mindanao, massive help are pouring in - medical teams, heavy equipments, choppers, more soldiers and “financial aid”. Who invited them?

“We’ll take the lead. What we’re trying to do is to put ourselves at the disposal of the Red Cross so we tell the Red Cross what we have to bring here,” US Ambassador Kristie Kenney said.

This dire situation we are in is not helping our solons but more of creating division to the already divided legislature on the VFA issue. The “sudden death” caused by a landmine by two US soldiers made the hot VFA issue hotter and now more favorable to the US government in the wake of the massive relief operations for the typhoon victims. Favorable or not, the VFA controversy should be decided upon on the merits of how the US forces are handling the situation in Mindanao. Like the recent event on the landmine explosion, our solons valid question of why the US soldiers are in the middle of the “conflict areas”? For the nth time do we have to ask, what is the real score of the US presence in Mindanao after its ten years stay there through the VFA and no sign of development for wiping out the secessionists groups and bandits?

Again, after this natural disaster, an already hard decision on the VFA issue to abrogate or not is yet to be decided upon and we hope it will not result in a manmade disaster. Especially now that there's too much speculations going on that the death of the two US Special Forces could be part of the so called "collateral damage" to justify the so called BALKANIZATION of Mindanao.