Saturday, May 31, 2008


By Erick San Juan

A week before the Zamboanga explosion, I was given a web address by a patriotic military general friend for me to read and analyze. It came from and dated May 14, 2008. It was written by Crisis Group, a Brussells based think tank group composed of former Foreign Minister of Australia, Min. Gareth Evans, U.S. Senator George Mitchell, and other big names from the United Nations.

The group’s advocacy is to be the global eyes and ears for impending conflicts so as not to repeat the failures of other arbitrators and correct the tragedies in the past.

In its assessment titled “The Philippines: Counter – insurgency vs. Counter – terrorism in Mindanao”, it warned that the Philippines is mixing up counter – insurgency with counter – terrorism with dangerous implications for conflict in the region.

The other day, my friend, veteran columnist, Ellen Tordesillas of Malaya, wrote in her latest article, “Mindanao Simmers Again”, the complete story on the Crisis Group report. The group is worried that Ad Hoc Joint Action Group (AHJAG), tasked to specifically interdict and isolate kidnap for ransom (KFR) groups and other similar criminal syndicates operating in or near MILF communities, to cite an example the PENTAGON GANG, has been inactive. The AHJAG was reportedly created to facilitate coordination between the GRP, meaning the Philippine government and the MILF is sharing intelligence on terrorists and to avoid accidental clashes while the government forces chase them.

The group correctly analyzed that such coordination will only work if there is progress on the political front through peace negotiations and when the insurgents could find concrete benefits from their cooperation with the government.

The group seems to know “something" will really happen in Mindanao especially now that the Malaysian government withdrew its International Monitoring Team from the truce between the GRP and the MILF.

But too many cooks spoils the broth. With the entry of the U.S., Libya, Australia, etc. as mediators, the problem became international in perspective thus giving the MILF the “Status of Belligerency”.

The Crisis Group as noted by Tordesillas said that the AHJAG has been allowed to wither while the Arroyo administration is distracted by political turmoil in Manila and Washington focuses on economic and military approaches to an essentially political problem in the Philippine South.

What worries me is the finger pointing between the Philippine authorities and the MILF as to who is really behind the Zamboanga bombing. The MILF denied the allegations linking their group to the explosion. Regional PNP Chief, General Jaime Caringal blamed the MILF not only for the Andrews air base incident but also for two bombings last month in Zamboanga City.

The bomb explosion in front of the Edwin Andrews Air Base also hit the AMWSLAI Bldg. across the air base which housed the office of a US funded, Alliance for Mindanao Off-Grid Renewable Energy (AMORE).

Two people died and 22 others were wounded in the incident.

The timing of the bombing became the talk among the conspiracy theorists especially that before the occurrence, newspapers and radio reports were bombarded by travel advisories coming from the U.S., U.K. and Australian government advising their nationals not to go to Mindanao, especially Zamboanga City for an impending terrorist attack. That’s how positive they are despite that our local intelligence agencies have been vigilant enough to deter such terrorism.

The bomb went off as President GMA was on her way to Tawi-Tawi while US Ambassador Kristie Kenney was in Pagadian City.

Is the U.S. intervention in the police investigation of the bombing justifiable? If they have information on hand, they should have informed our authorities especially the NICA, or the NSC to avert such dastardly act.

The timing of the blast is also a suspect. It was done when the flagship of the 7th Fleet, USS Blue Ridge and the USS Mercy, the hospital ship came.

What panicked the people of Cotabato was when the hospital ship docked and its crew went down in full battle gear despite the claim that most of them are doctors and hospital trained personnels who are also military.

Now, I realize why I’ve been receiving several solicitation letters from UNICEF representative for the Philippines, Dr. Nicholas K. Alipui asking help for their field mission in Mindanao.

Our government should be wary that despite its denial of conflicts and boast that there’s peace in Mindanao, the letters from UNICEF confirmed that the Mindanao problem is one of the world’s longest simmering armed conflicts. The government through the DFA should investigate this kind of fund raising which destroy our nation's reputation.

Another piece of information which jibes with the situation was an alleged “letter” of President GMA to U.S. President George Bush, Jr. which was circulated for the purpose of destroying her credibility and making her trip to the U.S. next month to meet with U.S. President George Bush Jr. a “sellout”.

We’re not sure that the document is genuine but the narration of information was cleverly supported by facts relevant to the confluence of events.

The Crisis Group thesis could be right after all. I hope that the alleged “Balkanization” of Mindanao will not prosper.

God Forbid!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


By Erick San Juan

I received a “mail” from Mike Billington of the Executive Intelligence Review. It’s about economist – activist Lyndon La Rouche’s webcast dated May 8, 2008, entitled Tragedy and Hope.

I find it mindboggling and fearsome but the way La Rouche connected the dots, you will realize that a “clique” within first worlders, meaning 1st world countries wanting to control the world through a new world order. A world where chaos was created and the globalists believe that they are the only ones who can undo it and create order out of an invented chaos.

La Rouche said the world is having a dictatorship, under the name of globalization. The “new tower of Babel” in which cultures are being destroyed, the U.S., Germany, Italy, France are being gradually destroyed and the attempt to make war with China, India and Russia.

He added that the “globalists” intent is the destruction and the break up mainly of China, Russia and India. The alleged policy is to take every nation on earth and create nation states with no sovereignty. There will be no government who has the authority to contradict the Lisbon Treaty Organization. Even NATO is reportedly intended to be absorbed by the Lisbon Treaty. La Rouche expounded that the forces of Europe which are non-NATO will be combined with NATO forces for warfare against China, Russia, Korea, India as well as Southwest Asia. He stated that another globalist intention is to eradicate the U.S.A. after using it as a fall guy.

La Rouche explained that since 1971-72, the globalists have taken over the control of the U.S. dollar and preparing for the full control of the U.S.A. The domino effect is the control of the world through dictatorship and mass starvation through the food war.

In La Rouche assessment, the world will get the same treatment that the victims of dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, etc. suffered.

A new general breakdown crisis of the financial system is now in progress. He said that the financial collapse was not really due to “subprime” default but of the entire international financial monetary system which now entered a hyper inflationary phase and could lead to a new world depression. It’s something like what happened to Europe during the middle of the 14th century which plunged Europe into a new dark age.

La Rouche’s last part of his webcast said, “That for a number of months now, there has been worldwide food crisis” which I myself believe was caused by fear mongering, by wrong financial policies (or is it deliberately done?), governments mismanagement and futures market manipulation. It seems that all kinds of “tricks” are being introduced to sow chaos and panic worldwide.

La Rouche predicts that food crisis is going to accelerate and the world will face threat of death by food shortages. This fakery could result to revolt by hungry, desperate people. I believe that it could also happen here in the Philippines if the government will not correct it’s wrong policies.

Even the biofuel promotion is a gigantic swindle according to La Rouche. There’s even an attempt to control the water system of nation states, La Rouche confirmed.

The globalists through their conduits among bankers and the Middle East petroleum producers reportedly created artificial shortage of oil, provoked and “stage managed” civil wars in oil producing countries like Nigeria, freeze oil delivery; create hysteria to make the futures stock market price erratic and unpredictable.

The situation now is a modified version of the oil crisis during the 70’s. Even the OPEC is bewildered in the machination and how the oil prices are rigged without their blessing.

The world thought that the OPEC or the oil producing and exporting countries is the oil cartel. The truth of the matter, OPEC is made up of oil producing countries but the banks and the financiers dictate the price of the petroleum products through the international spot market and the futures market.

Nation states should be wary of the globalists’ propaganda of fear mongering. World bank President Robert Zoellick said that the World food prices seen to continue rising due to increasing demand and high energy costs (Manila Bulletin, May 11, 2008 page B-5). Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the U.S. recession slipped into an “awfully pale situation and may continue to languish for the rest of the year, (Businessmirror, 5/6/08). Their statements could be true but not to other nations whose economies are robust with stable supply of food. Even China is saying that overseas assessments are not realistic according to Niu Shuping of Beijing, China (Reuters, May 10, ’08).

Even expert financial analysts are confused as to the real reason of the economic down plunged, how and why it’s happening that fast.

We have to remind our government that the globalists hire experts in fear mongering and psy-ops on how to create situations by hyping scenarios with the help of their conduits in media.

If all hell break lose, it will be MAD, a mutually assured destruction because crisis will not quit.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


By Dr. Erick San Juan

Who said that it’s only in the Philippines that compounding domestic problems and too much graft and corruption are covered by propaganda, for example, hyping bigger crisis like global recession and food crisis.

It seems that the GMA administration is following the footsteps of the U.S. chicken hawks.

The U.S. dollar is going down and Bush’s economic and financial advisers are predicting a recession. So Pres. George Bush Jr. is trying to get everyone’s attention on the Middle East, Tibet issue and other global calamity, to forget the economic down plunge in the U.S.A.

The Bush administration has so many economic and political problems. That’s the reason why the “chicken hawks” want to divert the attention of the American people elsewhere so as to forget their domestic problems. The U.S. economy is worsening and could worsen than its depression in the 1920’s.

I hope that the impending global recession due to fear mongering, scary speculative markets, weather engineering, man made virus mutation, nuclear arms proliferation, etc. which could lead to another global war could be averted.

The globalists want to have full control of the world this time.