Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Look at what the fear mongerers have done to the nation. Right after the Glorietta blast, the globalist stooges parroted the theory that it was the terrorists that bombed the Glorietta 2 which put the government in a bad light. The worst, the administration’s national “security” adviser has been giving a lot of information or disinformation of terror groups who could have possibly done it. An executive of a prestigious TV channel who disguised herself as a terrorist expert, has been doing the same fear mongering through interviews with international TV networks without consulting our law enforcers.

It’s sad, “wala tuloy maniwala sa gobyerno at sa PNP”, despite the credibility of the top brass of the PNP, the NBI and foreign intelligence findings that the blast was an accident. The problem compounded when the Ayala’s hired independent experts and its results debunked the law enforcers’ report that the blast was caused by methane leakage.

Methinks that it is now high time for the government to chop these anarchists from within.


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George Soros – Mr. Lucifer

By Dr. Vera Butler, Australia
Analyzed by Dr. Erick San Juan
I receive an email from abroad, an article about George Soros which was written by Dr. Vera Butler of Australia. I met George Soros in New York in the early 2000. He looked haggard but the New Yorkers call him a messianic billionaire who established his “philanthropic” Open Society Foundation and his Quantum Fund which operates worldwide.
According to Dr. Butler, a war is being waged against Russia. It is neither ideological nor political. It is allegedly a new kind of war, new and unusual for us. Butler call it “informational psychological” or “civilizatory” or the “third world war”. It will be a war on destruction and not a cold war as it used to be.
Today, Russia’s society, it’s people are divided, yet the feeling of the “strange” war enters the consciousness of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and odds as it may sound, it even begins to lay a unifying role. This scenario sounds familiar nowadays even in the Philippines. The pardon of excon former President Erap Estrada has a semblance of appeasement and unification but the undercurrent continues.
Butler said that there’s no point in quarreling among each other if the invisible enemy is capable of grabbing them all and drown them in the same bog. Russia’s various hostile political groupings suddenly are asking the same war on Russia? There are some questions unanswered. What does he wants from us? How will this war end? Who inside our community are the clandestine allies of this enemy? How do we distinguish stupidity from treason?
It becomes apparent that there is a growing unease and confusion among the Russia’s inhabitants. Even among the non-religious people who disdain pathos. Butler added that a war between good and evil is going on in Russia. What about the Philippines? It’s perceived as a political fight between or among evils.
Butler said that this undefined enemy inflicts defeat upon us, our living space is being literally cut from under our and our children’s feet, but we don’t know either the weapon of the enemy, or his plans of attack. Those in charge keep quiet and don’t let us know of their defensive plans. Apparently, they are not ready for this kind of a new war. Everybody must turn to be a sleuth to understand what’s going on.
As they put it-there’s nothing to fear, you’ll soon all get used to it. The philosophers bought by the scoundrels, the professors & poets, such gangsters, will usurp and hold power over a large part of humanity for long. They will not be able to handle it. The instincts of life and love will prove stronger.
These manipulators are reportedly extraordinary, the creators and carriers of a philosophy and logic that is alien to us. Their viruses penetrate our own thoughts and actions and we have to cleanse all the time. They have studied us at length and marked their charts accordingly.
Butler zeroed in on George Soros. Soros allegedly focused on the U.S.S.R. under Gorbachev and had created an entire network of organizations, and sustain a big group of travelers and cooperators. He’s also known as a sustainer, teacher, strategic investor, financial genius and “critic” of capitalism. He said that Soros has truly an amazing capability for changing his image and subvert the poor chaser of pennies - short of comparing Soros to Lucifer’s scheming activities. He is a speculator on the world stock exchanges and critic of finance capital all in one bottle.

As a genius of post modernism, Soros created his own myth of a man who metamorphosed from rags to riches. His biography is full of romantic details and white spots, a Hungarian Jew who miraculously evaded extermination in Nazi camps. He fled in 1947 and worked as a railway porter, a dishwasher in a bar and suddenly entered the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Then, he became a close associate of the Rothschild bankers. Because of his hard work, saving his money, he became a global financial wizard with huge quantities of money of unknown origin and hidden from the tax men on the secretive island of Curacao.
Soros expertise according to Butler is how to plan and execute pirate-style attacks on national currencies, shatters their exchange rates on the world money markets. His first big hit was directed against European currencies, of friends and allies in the U.S.A. In 1992, a “Black Wednesday” was hatched in England and the English pound fell by 12%. The British economy was badly hit, but Soros fee amounted to U.S. $1 billion.
Soros allegedly lent a hand in bankrupting other nations like Argentina by destroying its production system. In 1997, Soros operation moved to Asia to allegedly stop the economic growth of the “Asian Tigers”. The currencies of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand crashed. Indonesia was thrown into complete chaos. Taiwan was also badly hit.
The currency speculators broke their teeth on China’s Yuan. The Chinese reportedly outplayed the speculators and even brought about Soros financial collapse there. He was barred from entering China. This was due of no traitors inside China’s financial system which is controlled by its politburo. Spies supplied Soros with confidential information. This is a remarkable exception in our times, when treason and prostitution have become the most prestigious occupations in the civilized world.

Mr. Soros reportedly is not a banker whose chief purpose is profit. He heads a task force of the shadowy imperialist inspired world government which conducts financial wars, where money is not the purpose, but weapon.
This is a way by the globalists of taming and punishing recalcitrants under the New World Order. These wars are justified by the ideology of globalization and more attractive private concepts.
Soros pushes the idea of an “open society”, but this idea is meaningless, but Butler believes that people are receptive for beautiful phrases. Soros allegedly manipulated Russia’s dissident Sakharov and Raisa Gorbachev and established a cultural foundation named “Cultural Initiative”, that entangled the Russian in a cob web of “universal human values”. Because of Soros’ friendship with the Gorbachev’s he continued his activities in U.S.S.R. Due to his links with the CIA and the Mossad, it had caused his expulsion from the Soviet’s satellites like Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Soros entire “humanitarian” activity was uncovered and aimed at the destruction of U.S.S.R.
Soros became the middleman between Soviets oligarch’s political intrigues. He was also active on the Russian securities market which was an important frontline in his silent war against Russia and its strategic sectors of U.S.S.R’s economy, especially its oil and natural gas. The control of these sectors is not merely an economic operation but the political enslavement of U.S.S.R.
The “open society” for Soros is the ideology of breaking and entering the minds of the citizenry, the removal of all kinds of protective shields. If they swallow the hook, everything will fall in place.
Soros has also founded and manages funds promoting the legislation of drug use, known as “The Politics and Narcotics.” A very important means of domination not to mention profits as a pleasant side line. What happened to Russia is also happening worldwide. Giving young people access to narcotics, ravaged by nation wide misery means nothing else than genocide, the culling of an entire generation.
According to Butler, those in the payroll of Soros worldwide are involved in subversive activities and to everything conducive to weakening and decentralizing governments. Soros financed The Hague Court (meaning the International Court of Justice) who tried Slobodan Milosevic.
Soros has also a hand in supplying free books to libraries and schools worldwide but of course, under his strict ideological censorship, a globalist strategy of mind control, which will teach the children to tolerate everything that was considered evil by each nation’s culture.
According to Repost, Soros covertly funded “peace movement” in the U.S.A., radio commentators, investigative journalist and a lot of alternative media worldwide, meaning he wants a control of both worlds.
Dr. Butler concluded that Soros is an active and skillful evil force, sent and set to destroy a nation while helping his followers to survive. There are times when evil can become an eye opener, when its derisive laughter can waken us up and help regain our strength. He said we should not miss this opportunity.