Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Global Warming Myth

Global Warming Myth
By Erick San Juan

"Truth shall set us free!", but if this so-called “truth” by the climate change alarmists is being supported by lies and not based on real scientific studies, it will become gospel truth through repetition alone. This is where the corporate media comes in, constantly bombarding the public with lies, thus creating fear and panic. We can’t blame those who are truly misguided and not seeking for truth, just being contented with what the media feeds them everyday.
That is why we are trying our very best through print and broadcast media to propagate the other side of what the alarmists are saying as “truth”.
The recently concluded Climate Change Summit in Denmark, for some was a failure; it did not end with the goal of reaching a consensus for countries to pay for the so-called carbon credits by setting up an international body to do this job. US President Barack Obama proposed instead a multilateral body and countries will monitor their own carbon emission and submit to the United Nations. Rich countries will fund this body and developing nations can avail this “fund” to help curb carbon emissions.
This sounds good but the problem is that the same financial and lending institutions will handle this so-called fund – like the IMF and the World Bank. This is what I called poor countries taken on a roller coaster ride by the financial oligarchs a.k.a. globalists.
But what was the basis of all this “chubibo” or merry-go-round where all poor citizens of this planet are like a herd of cattle being taken to the slaughter house? At this point, I highly recommend the video of Mr. John Coleman, a scientist-prolific writer, entitled John Coleman Slams Global Warming that can be viewed on 'you tube' about how the climate change/global warming is being hyped and sensationalized by the corporate media to achieve a world government by the same elite group of globalists (and what others call reptilians). Mr. Coleman also exposed what IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is all about – a group of mostly “political scientists” rather than real scientists and how they manipulated the data to justify that the world should be concern of the existence of a man made global warming.
Actually, if we will analyze the true data since the beginning of science way back some hundreds of years ago, there is nothing wrong with our climate for the climate is always changing. Climate fluctuations from cold to hot weathers are all normal. Our planet has survived these billions of years ago until this time. The hype that Al Gore produced in his video is actually based on lies and manufactured data. I agree with Mr. Coleman that everything will be fine from now until after twenty years and beyond that no warming will affect dramatically the earth’s population like the melting icebergs and ice caps.
Sadly, the massaged data being propagated by the likes of Al Gore and so-called 'environmentalists' put so much emphasis on global warming which is for me is a total myth. Like blaming the hurricane Katrina for death of hundreds of people of New Orleans to global warming was really an offense to the intellect of us who understands the real situation. Like what Mr. Coleman cited, that the casualties of the hurricane Katrina must be blamed to the government for building poor or inferior dikes and pumps that were not properly built in a city below sea level that gave way during the pouring of massive rains brought by Katrina. It reminds me of the same predicament in some major cities in Metro Manila when Ondoy came with its massive rains that brought a lot of flooded areas because of human error particularly the politicians who were supposed to earn big bucks out of privatizing dams. Floods remained on the streets even after Ondoy left because of the clogged waterways and the poor management of the Laguna Lake by local officials. As I have said in my previous articles, most of the disasters are made by man driven by greed and selfishness.
Like the Copenhagen Summit, world leaders discussed how to combat global warming in the middle of a cold winter in that region where participants were freezing. How could there’ll be a global warming when China and South America just went through with the worst winter in fifty years like in the US . Alaska also experienced their worst cold spell in two decades. That is why some Russian and Canadian scientists are actually predicting a little ice age coming.
Amidst all these, we read in the papers that our local politicians and 2010 hopefools are riding the global warming bandwagon and actually suggesting that we avail the “fund” for the carbon credits fiasco. Have we not learned our lessons of the recent H1N1 lies and we have noticed that in this cold season of the year, big pharma riding the swine flu hype were very quiet.
Lest we forget that we are given intelligence by the Almighty to be vigilant and analytical, we will always be taken for a ride by the local and global oligarchs who are actually herding us towards a one world government.
Happy New Year to all.....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When the Tail is Smarter Than the Dog

When the Tail is Smarter Than the Dog
By Erick San Juan

"A rapid series of criminal events in a short period of time looks very much like a conspiracy”.

This is a part of that press statement released last December 11 of what appears to be a “sharp” observation of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago last Friday after a series of “crimes” occurred in Mindanao before the impending lifting of Martial Law or Presidential Proclamation 1959 in Maguindanao. Senator Santiago enumerated the following - abduction of 75 people in Agusan del Sur, beheading of a kidnap victim in Basilan, kidnapping of a Basilan college vice-president, and abduction of a military and police convoy in Ampatuan town, are reasons enough that one may lead to the idea that there’s a hidden hand orchestrating these events.

My last week’s article clearly stated that these scenarios were being orchestrated by a few people who are close to Mrs. Arroyo and could be playing as 'angels and demons' that might lead to Mrs. Arroyo’s downfall if she will allow these to continue. There's also a possible clash among these same 'people'. when they themselves could no longer handle the situation and may lead to their own destruction.

Sen. Santiago also named CIA, in collaboration with the military here with the possible support of the Secretaries of Defense and of the DILG as head of the Philippine National Police as conspirators that could allegedly benefit from martial rule.

As of this writing, martial law was lifted but the state of emergency is still in place in the provinces of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat and the City of Cotabato .

The ‘plan’ may be delayed but as I read the recent event of the 31 prisoners who escaped from the provincial jail that were said to be members of the Abu Sayyaf Group and some MILF, the AGENDA is still ON. As my title put it, “Why does a dog wag it's tail? Because a dog is smarter than it's tail. What if the tail is smarter than the dog, that could be wagging the dog. "The tail wagging the dog" is an expression referring to a situation in which something of greater significance is being driven by something lesser. And the fact that “tail” is part of the “dog” – sadly, that future bleak scenario will occur within the government unless the President will do something to put an end to this. This is also the prognosis of some of our colleagues like Gemma Cruz Araneta and Erik Espina of the Manila Bulletin.

Lastly, the ball now is with the Supreme Court to hear the petitions regarding the constitutionality of the Martial Law imposition. I would like to share here what the former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban wrote: “They are playing with fire, and unless prudently restrained, they may one day wittingly or unwittingly burn down the country. History will never forget, much less forgive, this Court if it allows such misadventure and refuses to strike down abuse at its inception. Worse, our people will surely condemn the misuse of legal 'hocus pocus' (like the moot and academic theory) to justify this trifling with constitutional sanctities.”
Again, my fervent appeal for vigilance and a lot of prayers for our country this holiday season and through the coming year!
Merry Christmas and God bless the Philippines!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lapse in Governance and Accountability!

Lapse in Governance and Accountability!
By Erick San Juan

As I write this piece, the joint congressional operation with all the antics of who’s who when it comes to expertise in analyzing the constitutionality of the imposition of martial law by the President and the grandstanding of some hopefuls for next year’s election is still heating up on the floors of the House of Representatives.
Not only in the halls of congress that “experts” are trying to find answers to the legality of the martial law imposition but all of us are experiencing so many “examinations” by so called political analysts appearing in the media to share their expertise in the subject matter since the day of the massacre.
The panel from the executive branch was bombarded by questions sans the secretary who should be around when we needed vital answers on why they said massacre was not prevented. Which reminds us of how the Vice-Governor of North Cotabato, Manny Piñol (one of the most respected and reliable officials when it comes to Mindanao situation) warned the government of an impending clash between the Ampatuans and the Mangudadatus in relation to next year’s election. The warning was given by the Vice-Governor in August 28, 2009 when the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security and the Committee on Peace, Unification and Reconciliation conducted a joint public hearing on the peace process in Zamboanga City. But did anybody pay attention, especially the concerned departments of the government? Our country could have prevented the sacrifice of precious lives and the shame that reflected to the world community of our country as the most dangerous place for journalists!
And, why only now that government officials are on their feet conducting investigation on the kind of lifestyle the Ampatuans have for the past two decades in the country’s second poorest province? Its obvious that there’s a lapse in responsibility here by people who supposed to be doing their job. But what if the said clan is one of the favored few by the administration?
Or everything was part of a bigger scenario scripted by a certified megalomaniac? For whatever reason this may be, the effects were spreading like a forest fire. As what our friend, Billy Esposo, wrote in his column, As I Wreck This Chair – “Glaringly, the US, which supported Marcos martial law, did not condemn GMA’s Proclamation 1959. Yet, when GMA issued Proclamation 1017 (imposing a state of emergency) on February 24, 2006 – the US immediately asked her to recall it and she complied. US Ambassador Kristie Kenney could only say that the US will watch this situation very carefully. That implies US acceptance albeit with reservations. One wonders if the US is a partner in this plot owing to its Mindanao agenda.”
The “agenda” is a continuing process for the 'scriptwriters' for quite some time now until they achieve their goal – balkanization of Mindanao for all the riches it holds.
Time and again I have written as a precaution for the sake of our country’s survival as a sovereign nation to take heed of the impending partition of the south and in the process the whole country.
The continuing peace talks in Kuala Lumpur which was attended by acting DND Secretary Norberto Gonzales (instead of being present at the congressional hearing on day 1) and the GRP panel could be part of the “script” which Chairman Nur Misuari himself was not in favor of holding it in Malaysia and the Malaysian government as one of the mediators. And according to some of the panelists, the MOA-AD is still part of the “talks” but with another name, and most likely next week is the signing of that “peace pact”.
Are we entering a phase in history where the government itself will give way to rape our country’s wealth and sovereignty for the contentment of a few collaborators in the name of greed and power? I hope and pray that a lapse in governance will not happen here as we gradually rise from the seemingly endless hardships both natural and man made calamities. CRISISMAS!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Copenhagen Summit : On The Road to the Dark Age

Copenhagen Summit : On The Road to the Dark Age

by Erick San Juan

This coming week, December 7-18, 2009 in Copenhagen , Denmark, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) the successor to the Kyoto Protocol and will be attended by 20,000 delegates from 193 nations, approximately 65 heads of government (including the Philippine President).

Amidst the climategate scandal of e-mails that hackers have revealed in the e-mail communications of "scientists" of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of East Anglia University in Great Britain , the summit will go ahead as scheduled.

In October this year, President Gloria M. Arroyo signed into law Philippine Climate Change Act of 2009 that would enable the country to better respond to disasters spawned by climate change. This law which is also known as R.A. 9729, seeks to influence climate change policy into the formulation of government agenda by setting up a National Framework Strategy and Program on Climate Change along with the creation of the Climate Change Commission that will coordinate, monitor and evaluate the government's programs and actions to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. Like other countries riding the bandwagon of climate change, it seems that the globalists are succeeding in their effort for world governance in which depopulation is the centerpiece. Why do we say this? The following quotes from the movers of the global warming scare, will give light as to why we are caught riding the bandwagon on the road to the dark age.

The global warming alarm was initiated at the United Nations in the 1980s.The "original" goal was to use it to achieve global governance and fund it through a global carbon tax.

In 1991, Maurice Strong, a key developer of global warming scare and one of the original members of the Club of Rome came out with the report - “The First Global Revolution”, which stated : “It would seem that humans need a common motivation...either a real one or else one invented for the purpose....In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

In that same report – “The First Global Revolution”, the concept of global governance was promoted which asserted that current problems "are essentially global and cannot be solved through individual country initiatives [which] gives a greatly enhanced importance to the United Nations and other international systems."

Also, way back in 1974, Maurice Strong gave a speech at a college in Canada at which he said: “The ethic of abundant resources must give way to the ethics of scarcity and conservation” … “Economic growth is not the cure, it is the disease” He also said: “Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse."

“The world has cancer and the cancer is man.” – quote from A. Gregg as the opening to Chapter 1 of the “Second Report to the Club of Rome – Mankind at the Turning Point”, 1974.

Finally, “I hope [the Club of Rome] will continue for many years to come to spell out the unpalatable facts and to unsettle the conscience of the smug and apathetic.” – Prince Philip in his message to the Delegates, 20th Anniversary Conference of the Club of Rome (in “The First Global Revolution”). Prince Phillip has also made the statement: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” in the foreword to Fleur Cowles’ “If I Were an Animal” 1987.

It is now clear that the forerunners of the global warming myth mentioned above singled out humanity as the culprit and that economic growth through industrialization should take the backseat as climate change will transform into a weapon of mass taxation, as one writer put it.

To elaborate further our point here, the Chairman of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT) of the London School of Economics said, “It’s always been obvious that total emissions depend on the number of emitters as well as their individual emissions – the carbon tonnage can’t shoot down as we want, while the population keeps shooting up.” In other words, the cheapest way to combat climate change is through family planning method of contraception. This was also featured as the main problem – the population, in Al Gore’s video, An Inconvenient Truth, which is now being lambasted as a film of very convenient lies based on questionable data.

Six months before the Copenhagen summit, World Business Summit on Climate Change (WBSCC) was held and already came out with key decisions for the December meeting. It was attended by prominent world business leaders including Al Gore and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. The report by the WBSCC has been given to all the Copenhagen summit participants which is actually, has nothing to do about protecting the environment. Then what is the real agenda of this global sham?

“The Copenhagen Summit not only serves powerful corporate interests, which have a stake in the global multibillion dollar carbon trading scheme. It also serves to divert public attention from the devastation resulting from the "real crisis" underlying the process of economic globalization and a profit driven war without borders, which the Pentagon calls "the long war". (Michel Chossudovsky)

The multibillion dollar carbon trading scheme of the world’s financial oligarchs is the real agenda of this climate change fiasco. The large financial conglomerates, involved in derivative trade, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Barclay's, Citibank, Nomura, Société Générale, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are actively involved in carbon trading.( FACTBOX: Investment banks in carbon trading | Reuters, 14 September 2009).

A report from The Guardian also support this article, "the carbon market could become double the size of the vast oil market, according to the new breed of City players who trade greenhouse gas emissions through the EU's emissions trading scheme... The speed of that growth will depend on whether the Copenhagen summit gives a go-ahead for a low-carbon economy. But Ager says whatever happens, schemes such as the ETS will expand around the globe."

It is very real that this Copenhagen summit will lead us back to the dark age, where the tools of economic growth will be wiped out in the name of falsehood and greediness of the chosen few, who will feed on the unwilling victims’ fear of the 'unknown' – the "climate change". As panic grips humanity, no one will notice the global governance of the few as they lead us to that new world (dis)order. God forbid!