Friday, December 11, 2009

Lapse in Governance and Accountability!

Lapse in Governance and Accountability!
By Erick San Juan

As I write this piece, the joint congressional operation with all the antics of who’s who when it comes to expertise in analyzing the constitutionality of the imposition of martial law by the President and the grandstanding of some hopefuls for next year’s election is still heating up on the floors of the House of Representatives.
Not only in the halls of congress that “experts” are trying to find answers to the legality of the martial law imposition but all of us are experiencing so many “examinations” by so called political analysts appearing in the media to share their expertise in the subject matter since the day of the massacre.
The panel from the executive branch was bombarded by questions sans the secretary who should be around when we needed vital answers on why they said massacre was not prevented. Which reminds us of how the Vice-Governor of North Cotabato, Manny PiƱol (one of the most respected and reliable officials when it comes to Mindanao situation) warned the government of an impending clash between the Ampatuans and the Mangudadatus in relation to next year’s election. The warning was given by the Vice-Governor in August 28, 2009 when the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security and the Committee on Peace, Unification and Reconciliation conducted a joint public hearing on the peace process in Zamboanga City. But did anybody pay attention, especially the concerned departments of the government? Our country could have prevented the sacrifice of precious lives and the shame that reflected to the world community of our country as the most dangerous place for journalists!
And, why only now that government officials are on their feet conducting investigation on the kind of lifestyle the Ampatuans have for the past two decades in the country’s second poorest province? Its obvious that there’s a lapse in responsibility here by people who supposed to be doing their job. But what if the said clan is one of the favored few by the administration?
Or everything was part of a bigger scenario scripted by a certified megalomaniac? For whatever reason this may be, the effects were spreading like a forest fire. As what our friend, Billy Esposo, wrote in his column, As I Wreck This Chair – “Glaringly, the US, which supported Marcos martial law, did not condemn GMA’s Proclamation 1959. Yet, when GMA issued Proclamation 1017 (imposing a state of emergency) on February 24, 2006 – the US immediately asked her to recall it and she complied. US Ambassador Kristie Kenney could only say that the US will watch this situation very carefully. That implies US acceptance albeit with reservations. One wonders if the US is a partner in this plot owing to its Mindanao agenda.”
The “agenda” is a continuing process for the 'scriptwriters' for quite some time now until they achieve their goal – balkanization of Mindanao for all the riches it holds.
Time and again I have written as a precaution for the sake of our country’s survival as a sovereign nation to take heed of the impending partition of the south and in the process the whole country.
The continuing peace talks in Kuala Lumpur which was attended by acting DND Secretary Norberto Gonzales (instead of being present at the congressional hearing on day 1) and the GRP panel could be part of the “script” which Chairman Nur Misuari himself was not in favor of holding it in Malaysia and the Malaysian government as one of the mediators. And according to some of the panelists, the MOA-AD is still part of the “talks” but with another name, and most likely next week is the signing of that “peace pact”.
Are we entering a phase in history where the government itself will give way to rape our country’s wealth and sovereignty for the contentment of a few collaborators in the name of greed and power? I hope and pray that a lapse in governance will not happen here as we gradually rise from the seemingly endless hardships both natural and man made calamities. CRISISMAS!

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