Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No Visa, A Refund Is A Must

The sad experience of Bernardino L. Flores Jr. of Tarlac City (Letters to the Editor, December 24, 2007, Page 12, PDI) before a consular empress at the US Embassy should be a bitter reminder to our people that diplomacy is missing in that piece of property at Roxas Boulevard.

Flores was made to pay for his visa application and even for the Delbros courier service after he and his wife were interviewed and told that their non-immigrant visa applications were approved.

The US consul even told the visa would be delivered by Delbros quickly, something which made the Floreses practically jump with joy. In common lingo, it was a done deal.

But lo and behold! The Delbros courier brought the couple the sad news as their applications were denied. Only because the other applicant, a relative of the Floreses, had the same contact person in the US.

US consular officials have been condemned so many times for their being boorish, arrogant and gothic in their behavior towards Filipinos. They act haughtily, not thinking that of all the US missions, it is only in the Philippines where thousands of applicants for visas pay through the nose to get that little piece of paper to legitimize their flight to the US. In fact, the consular section makes money, and they will continue to make money by collecting from Filipinos who would be told that their applications are approved, only to be told later that a hitch forced them to reject the application.

Some US staffs in the consular section are a nightmare, a contemptuous lot who still believe that they are overlords here and may as well reject applicants on the basis of their looks.

The US Embassy should reimburse the Floreses and all other Filipinos whom they have mistreated and abused by collecting visa fees for applications that are eventually rejected. In any country, collecting cash for service not rendered is called unjust enrichment.

With the visa fees, denied applicants are suckered to pay without reimbursement, it maintains an embassy which succeeds in getting more revenues, to help support its local operation. It should be a two way relationship. No visa, a refund is a must.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Caught With His Pants Down

By Dr. Erick San Juan

The series of articles run by the International Herald Tribune on the grave faux pas committed by the Bush administration in insisting that it was correct in pursuing its policy of isolating Iran for its supposed nuclear weapons development program in the face of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) which showed Tehran had abandoned the program is proof that the Republican clique in Washington simply wants war.

This should awaken Filipinos about the danger posed not by Iran but by the Bush administration, which believes that its warmaking machine would make the world safe for everyone.

Bush has been caught lying just as the US was proven to have lied when it claimed that Libya was developing nuclear weapons. Libya simply abandoned the program years before Washington said Gaddafi was continuing it.

From May 2005 onwards, Bush had been saber-rattling and demanding all forms of sanctions against Iran, which has uranium deposits and has been using nuclear fuel for energy generation and was supposed to be creating the weapons for attacking its neighbors and the rest of the world.

With the NIE showing the program had been discontinued in 2003, it leaves Bush as a leader who has little need for reason and sober intelligence assessment when he crafts US policy.
Shorn of the usual gobbledygook, the US rhetoric about their assessment of Iran as still "correct" is simply an equivocation.

Bush has been caught with his pants down, yet he has not apologized for his misdeed. With him in charge, one must always worry about war.

The World Will Never Be At Peace

By Dr. Erick San Juan

The recent revelation of the declassified National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) which confirmed the halt of Iranian nuclear weapons development as early as 2003 has dashed the warmongering rhetoric of US President George Bush and should teach Washington that the world will never be safe as long as the hawks continue to hold sway at the White House.
For one, it proved Bush's critics right and further diminished the worth of US policy in inveigling the entire world to join a campaign of hate and aggression against Iran.

Second, it made Bush look silly and the caboodle of US officials boosting his tirades as nothing but nattering nabobs of nuclear blackmail.

Third, it shattered the myth of Washington basing its policies and demeanor on good old intelligence and exposed the incredible vice of Bush and company on creating a reality of their own, a solipsism that is dangerous to world peace and the lives of Iranians, Americans and all other peoples on earth.

We are outraged by the insistence of US officials that their May 2005 assessment that Iran was on the verge of creating a nuclear weapon was correct in all essentials, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence that Bush and company had lied.

This is akin to the amentic proclivity of Bush to insist that the executed Saddam Hussein was guilty of harboring Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda when facts showed that Hussein hated Osama and fundamentalism so much that he would hunt them down the way honey badgers hunt down cobras.

Alas, the world will never be at peace if Washington will continue to insist in its version of reality and wrong policies, in utter disregard of its own intelligence.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ugly Americans, No More!

By Dr. Erick San Juan

The recent report about the declassified National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) of the US on Iran carried in the December 5, 2007 issue of the International Herald Tribune should open the latchdoor to a flurry of criticisms on the very basis for the dangerous warmongering policy pursued by US President George Bush.

This report has shown Bush's threats against Iran to be without any concrete basis. The NIE has concluded that Iran had not developed its nuclear weapons system since 2003 even if it continues work on uranium enrichment.

An unkind cut on Bush's saber-rattling, the report dashes to smithereens the current administration's visceral hatred of Iran, which apparently has pursued work on the peaceful use of nuclear energy from 1985 to 2003, 18 full years of a secret endeavor that has succeeded in arming Tehran with the weapon to produce cheaper electricity and use nuclear power for other purposes, from medical to agricultural applications.

One does not help but heave a sigh of relief at the NIE's conclusion. It also pushes many to believe that Bush has not come clean on his decisions, relying on his fundamentalist beliefs to throw thousands of servicemen into wars he could not leave without losing a lot of taxpayer's money.

The NIE also blasts the previous assessments made by the White House, from the willy-nilly conclusion that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction and that its leadership had harbored the Al Qaida and Osama bin Laden, whose family had been a partner of the Bush family in cornering large construction projects in Saudi Arabia.

What the NIE says contradicts Bush's very article of faith. It also vindicates the fears of many US officials that their President has been pushing the country to the brink of war against the planet, imagining enemies where there are none. Hail to the American Patriots in the U.S. government!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

No Need for U.S. Bases. Really?

By Dr. Erick San Juan

With the recent expose by a think-tank group based in Thailand that the U.S. has several new bases in the Philippines, it reminds me of what the Angel & Demon operation is all about.
In my own reading, the Americans badly need permanent bases in the Philippines if they had their way, but foreign bases are not allowed under our 1987 Constitution. For all intent and purposes, U.S. defense planners know how strategically the Philippines is located. Besides, the Philippines is endowed with abundant natural resources. And for one which is very important, majority of the Filipino people are friendly to the Americans. There are also “anti-Americans”, who are actually nationalists who understand the “scheming” op of the U.S. military industrial complex.
While there are no more US bases in the Philippines today, the two countries have skirted the abrogation of the RP-US Defense Treaty of 1951, considering it is allegedly for the benefit of both countries in maintaining regional security in Southeast Asia and North Asia. Under this treaty, the US will help defend the Philippines against external aggression.
By its body language, the US considers that Philippines a vital part of its so-called forward defense strategy. It cannot afford to lose the Philippines all because of the country's strategic location as I have expounded earlier. You may have noticed in the past that every time there is a political upheaval in the Philippines such as coup attempts, the US is always there to pronounce its support one way or the other provided it is for the interest of the US as the bottom line. American interest is always above and foremost.
In the global war against terror the US has legally used its presence of its troops in the Philippines to conduct joint training with the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The Americans have to bring with them their warships, including nuclear-powered vessels and warplanes into the country during the training exercise. The only problem is the U.S. Defense establishment abuse the good relationship by coming in with these nukes without our knowledge. It could endanger us to any external threat and we could be target by U.S. enemies.
Indeed US Ambassador Kristie Kenney was not absolutely right when she said that there are no US bases in the country. The all-year round joint training between American and Filipino forces has enabled US troops to be always present in the Philippines and let their local operators handle their monitoring system. We are not that naïve to observe the circumvention of our Constitution.
Whether we like it or not, Uncle Sam's finger is always dipped into our political system because the Americans have to protect their interest in our beloved country. Such is the reality of geo-politics. Since America is a super power what can we do? We Filipinos are so divided, gullible to manipulation and blackmail.
During the December 1989 coup by the RAM-SFP-YOU, the rebel soldiers led by now Sen. Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan almost toppled Cory Aquino's government until a pair of US Phantom jetfighters made a "persuasion flight" over Metro Manila to show America's "support" to President Cory at that time. The entire coup plot tumbled like match sticks. Of course the "persuasion flight" was only part of the whole scenario. Troops loyal to President Aquino led by then Defense Secretary Fidel V. Ramos and AFP chief of staff Gen. Renato S. de Villa significantly made the big difference in a well-executed counter attack to neutralize the RAM-SFP-YOU forces.
But to dig deeper, there is that inner sanctum going on my mind about America's double-edge role in Philippine politics. They can't lose either way. Had the RAM-SFP-YOU won, the US would probably support it because any government always looks up to the US for support – militarily and economically.The putchists felt betrayed by the alleged double cross.
With all this power play in our country ever since it acquired “independence”, even during the time of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the first Philippine president, America's role in our political system has been there because US interest is at stake.
In the just-ended Manila Peninsula caper where government forces overpowered the outnumbered Magdalo rebel soldiers led by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Army Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim, there seems to be some suspicion of support by the US despite denials by Ambassador Kenney.
Consider what transpired during and after the failed Manila Pen rebellion. Pundits have been asking why PFC Alvin Celestino who has a pending case was able to get a working visa from the US Embassy that easy without any hassle. Is it not the duty of the US Embassy to verify the background of Celestino? With its foolproof and vast information at hand, it is next to impossible not to know the background of Celestino. But Celestno was "fortunate" to possess a US visa. But unfortunately, Celestino was arrested by authorities when he tried to board a plane bound for the US last week. Did US authorities tipped Philippine government about the impending travel of Celestino to the United States and escape from being prosecuted in the Philippines? That's another sham example of geo-politics.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Look at what the fear mongerers have done to the nation. Right after the Glorietta blast, the globalist stooges parroted the theory that it was the terrorists that bombed the Glorietta 2 which put the government in a bad light. The worst, the administration’s national “security” adviser has been giving a lot of information or disinformation of terror groups who could have possibly done it. An executive of a prestigious TV channel who disguised herself as a terrorist expert, has been doing the same fear mongering through interviews with international TV networks without consulting our law enforcers.

It’s sad, “wala tuloy maniwala sa gobyerno at sa PNP”, despite the credibility of the top brass of the PNP, the NBI and foreign intelligence findings that the blast was an accident. The problem compounded when the Ayala’s hired independent experts and its results debunked the law enforcers’ report that the blast was caused by methane leakage.

Methinks that it is now high time for the government to chop these anarchists from within.


S-208, Manila Bank Bldg.,

6772 Ayala Ave., Makati City.

Tel. 8170706

George Soros – Mr. Lucifer

By Dr. Vera Butler, Australia
Analyzed by Dr. Erick San Juan
I receive an email from abroad, an article about George Soros which was written by Dr. Vera Butler of Australia. I met George Soros in New York in the early 2000. He looked haggard but the New Yorkers call him a messianic billionaire who established his “philanthropic” Open Society Foundation and his Quantum Fund which operates worldwide.
According to Dr. Butler, a war is being waged against Russia. It is neither ideological nor political. It is allegedly a new kind of war, new and unusual for us. Butler call it “informational psychological” or “civilizatory” or the “third world war”. It will be a war on destruction and not a cold war as it used to be.
Today, Russia’s society, it’s people are divided, yet the feeling of the “strange” war enters the consciousness of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and odds as it may sound, it even begins to lay a unifying role. This scenario sounds familiar nowadays even in the Philippines. The pardon of excon former President Erap Estrada has a semblance of appeasement and unification but the undercurrent continues.
Butler said that there’s no point in quarreling among each other if the invisible enemy is capable of grabbing them all and drown them in the same bog. Russia’s various hostile political groupings suddenly are asking the same war on Russia? There are some questions unanswered. What does he wants from us? How will this war end? Who inside our community are the clandestine allies of this enemy? How do we distinguish stupidity from treason?
It becomes apparent that there is a growing unease and confusion among the Russia’s inhabitants. Even among the non-religious people who disdain pathos. Butler added that a war between good and evil is going on in Russia. What about the Philippines? It’s perceived as a political fight between or among evils.
Butler said that this undefined enemy inflicts defeat upon us, our living space is being literally cut from under our and our children’s feet, but we don’t know either the weapon of the enemy, or his plans of attack. Those in charge keep quiet and don’t let us know of their defensive plans. Apparently, they are not ready for this kind of a new war. Everybody must turn to be a sleuth to understand what’s going on.
As they put it-there’s nothing to fear, you’ll soon all get used to it. The philosophers bought by the scoundrels, the professors & poets, such gangsters, will usurp and hold power over a large part of humanity for long. They will not be able to handle it. The instincts of life and love will prove stronger.
These manipulators are reportedly extraordinary, the creators and carriers of a philosophy and logic that is alien to us. Their viruses penetrate our own thoughts and actions and we have to cleanse all the time. They have studied us at length and marked their charts accordingly.
Butler zeroed in on George Soros. Soros allegedly focused on the U.S.S.R. under Gorbachev and had created an entire network of organizations, and sustain a big group of travelers and cooperators. He’s also known as a sustainer, teacher, strategic investor, financial genius and “critic” of capitalism. He said that Soros has truly an amazing capability for changing his image and subvert the poor chaser of pennies - short of comparing Soros to Lucifer’s scheming activities. He is a speculator on the world stock exchanges and critic of finance capital all in one bottle.

As a genius of post modernism, Soros created his own myth of a man who metamorphosed from rags to riches. His biography is full of romantic details and white spots, a Hungarian Jew who miraculously evaded extermination in Nazi camps. He fled in 1947 and worked as a railway porter, a dishwasher in a bar and suddenly entered the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Then, he became a close associate of the Rothschild bankers. Because of his hard work, saving his money, he became a global financial wizard with huge quantities of money of unknown origin and hidden from the tax men on the secretive island of Curacao.
Soros expertise according to Butler is how to plan and execute pirate-style attacks on national currencies, shatters their exchange rates on the world money markets. His first big hit was directed against European currencies, of friends and allies in the U.S.A. In 1992, a “Black Wednesday” was hatched in England and the English pound fell by 12%. The British economy was badly hit, but Soros fee amounted to U.S. $1 billion.
Soros allegedly lent a hand in bankrupting other nations like Argentina by destroying its production system. In 1997, Soros operation moved to Asia to allegedly stop the economic growth of the “Asian Tigers”. The currencies of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand crashed. Indonesia was thrown into complete chaos. Taiwan was also badly hit.
The currency speculators broke their teeth on China’s Yuan. The Chinese reportedly outplayed the speculators and even brought about Soros financial collapse there. He was barred from entering China. This was due of no traitors inside China’s financial system which is controlled by its politburo. Spies supplied Soros with confidential information. This is a remarkable exception in our times, when treason and prostitution have become the most prestigious occupations in the civilized world.

Mr. Soros reportedly is not a banker whose chief purpose is profit. He heads a task force of the shadowy imperialist inspired world government which conducts financial wars, where money is not the purpose, but weapon.
This is a way by the globalists of taming and punishing recalcitrants under the New World Order. These wars are justified by the ideology of globalization and more attractive private concepts.
Soros pushes the idea of an “open society”, but this idea is meaningless, but Butler believes that people are receptive for beautiful phrases. Soros allegedly manipulated Russia’s dissident Sakharov and Raisa Gorbachev and established a cultural foundation named “Cultural Initiative”, that entangled the Russian in a cob web of “universal human values”. Because of Soros’ friendship with the Gorbachev’s he continued his activities in U.S.S.R. Due to his links with the CIA and the Mossad, it had caused his expulsion from the Soviet’s satellites like Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Soros entire “humanitarian” activity was uncovered and aimed at the destruction of U.S.S.R.
Soros became the middleman between Soviets oligarch’s political intrigues. He was also active on the Russian securities market which was an important frontline in his silent war against Russia and its strategic sectors of U.S.S.R’s economy, especially its oil and natural gas. The control of these sectors is not merely an economic operation but the political enslavement of U.S.S.R.
The “open society” for Soros is the ideology of breaking and entering the minds of the citizenry, the removal of all kinds of protective shields. If they swallow the hook, everything will fall in place.
Soros has also founded and manages funds promoting the legislation of drug use, known as “The Politics and Narcotics.” A very important means of domination not to mention profits as a pleasant side line. What happened to Russia is also happening worldwide. Giving young people access to narcotics, ravaged by nation wide misery means nothing else than genocide, the culling of an entire generation.
According to Butler, those in the payroll of Soros worldwide are involved in subversive activities and to everything conducive to weakening and decentralizing governments. Soros financed The Hague Court (meaning the International Court of Justice) who tried Slobodan Milosevic.
Soros has also a hand in supplying free books to libraries and schools worldwide but of course, under his strict ideological censorship, a globalist strategy of mind control, which will teach the children to tolerate everything that was considered evil by each nation’s culture.
According to Repost, Soros covertly funded “peace movement” in the U.S.A., radio commentators, investigative journalist and a lot of alternative media worldwide, meaning he wants a control of both worlds.
Dr. Butler concluded that Soros is an active and skillful evil force, sent and set to destroy a nation while helping his followers to survive. There are times when evil can become an eye opener, when its derisive laughter can waken us up and help regain our strength. He said we should not miss this opportunity.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


By Erick San Juan
The public is fed a constant diet of events which induce fear, anger, or excitement. What we read and see on TV and in the movies could be part of the mind conditioning or control. The scenario had been continuously repeated although it’s more widely used today according to David Icke’s “Where Have All The Children Gone?”
It is allegedly a vital part of the global mind control programs designed to create a race of mindless zombies and an endless flow of mind controlled slaves. Icke studied the research done by expert’s investigators on mind control like Fritz Springmeir and Cisco Wheeler.
The control of the human mind and emotions is the very foundation of the control of the human race, control a person’s mind and you control them. The question is not how many are mind controlled but how few are not.
Every time you allow a newspaper, news program or manipulating advertisements to affect your perceptions and decisions, you are being mind controlled. There is now an emergence of vast network of mind control centers and operations. The most popular are the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London and the Stanford Institute in the USA. The reported aim of the organization is the control of humanity via the eternal manipulation of the mind. It is disguised as an outfit to study the minds and it’s neurotic behavior and how to stimulate and control it. The Tavistock group believed that there was a “psychopathological tenth” of the population who were genetically stupid and they have to be controlled, to allegedly protect the civilized society. A necessary step reportedly to prevent their increase in numbers, especially in the backward colonial countries and the third world. The alibi is, it could threaten the civilize world. This group believes that there was ten percent of the global population whose genetic superiority and psychological training made them suitable to occupy the seats of power. The other 80% between these two extremes could be useful servants of the genetic elite if their neurosis could be controlled. They train psychiatrists to pose as advisers to business, military, political and educational management.
Their “job” was and is to shape the way the people think and therefore control the “direction” of the world.
In each country, these groups targeted people for mind manipulation to ensure their unquestioning service to the globalist’s agenda many of these people reportedly became the leaders of the third world countries which on the surface were winning their “independence.” In truth, they continued to be controlled by the same “people” or “group” as before.
The late Dr. Fred Wills, the Foreign Minister of Guyana, summed up the situation brilliantly when he said the United Nations was the world’s largest, continuously-run, brain washing program for leaders of developing countries. The same applies to the leaders of the industrialized countries, who also have their minds played with before they are allowed to enter the positions of political and economic power.
The Tavistock’s plan is to have psychiatrists at every level of society hiding behind other job descriptions like facilitators, group leaders, etc.
The brain-washing was enhanced by pharmacological methods with the use of dangerous drugs. This could be the reason why terrorists groups are known to be drug dependents and pushers like the Philippines’ ASG (Abu Sayyaf group), which is also known to the intelligence and their communities as the “Abu Shabu.”
Tavistock created “terrorists” groups according to Icke, are used to create conflict and turmoil in countries where the “Brotherhood” want to change the government or justify the imposition of “peace-keeping troops.”
Drug users became robots in the process. By creating trouble, like in the Philippines, Abu Sayyafs became nuisance and became the bad elements of society, thus, Muslims against Muslims ensued, Muslims fighting Christians who are both Filipinos fighting each other.
Such conflict and other conflicts in all parts of the world lead to demands that something must be done and that “something” is the centralization of power. It’s a design to use its enormous international network of program, the collective psyche to accept a world government.
The creation of NGOs or Non-Government Organizations are networks which will handle the over-all operations as part of the United Nations reformation. NGOs operate across national borders and they are not subjected to any control by governments.
After the Second World War, the globalists' emphasis changed from control of territories to control of minds and finances. Winston Churchill told an audience at Harvard University on September 6, 1943 that the empires of the future would be the empires of the mind.
Look at what’s happening to military school? According to Icke, the training methods in the military is nothing more than becoming a school for mind control. The “yes sir” mentality is pure mind control and subordination to the will of another. Have you seen the movie: “Manchurian Candidate?” Soldiers are not encouraged to think and question, only to do as they are told.
In his book, Icke said that the Roman Catholic church is the epitome of hypocrisy and deeply sick. The Jesuit order is an important vehicle for the manipulation of the global conspirators. The Jesuit hierarchy does not even believe in Christianity.
The New World Order knows no party lines. It doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat or a republican. Both of you have the same boss.
The book says that former Panamanian President Manuel Noriega was a paid CIA operative. He worked for unit of the US government as an illegal drug trader in Central America. He was also a conduit in the Iran – Contra arms deal of Lt. Col. Oliver North, which was actually an illegal drugs trafficking operations with the Iranians.
It also says that former US President Bill Clinton is a cocaine addict.
The Bill Clinton – George Bush connection is their love of human hunting, mind controlled men, women and children. (Was this the reason why in the same incident of hunting, Dick Cheney hit his close friend who he possibly thought as his target?) You run, we hunt game.
The Brotherhood know that to take over the world by open force, eventually, they must have a mind controlled army which would not be affected by what they do to their fellow countrymen and even their own families. Even suicide bombers, kamikaze operations are part of the mind controlled operations. When the slaves outlive their usefulness or their programming begins to breakdown, they are murdered.
There is an internal war going on inside the establishment. The patriots have the intention of exposing the truth and correct the evils of the leaders.
Whenever you see governments using the guise of “national security” to deny justice and information, what they really mean is the security of their own criminal behavior.
If you want to control the game, you have to control all sides and this structure allows that to happen.
The Brotherhood or the so called “globalist” controls the “fors” and the “againsts” in politics, banking, business, media, etc. They have agents planted in all walks of life.

Monday, October 15, 2007


By Dr. Erick San Juan, D.Litt.

October 6, 2007
The Brotherhood which originated from the Round Table to the Skull & Bones Society, etc. wanted a global war again as a massive problem - reaction – solution to destroy the global status quo (borrowing the line of David Icke’s Global Babylon) so allowing them to rebuild the post world wars in their image in which perfection is a continuing process. It has worked brilliantly as told. After the First World War, power was in far fewer hands than it was before – the British and the American governments were controlled by the “round table” leadership. After the Second World War, the power was leveled to other power blocks members of the brotherhood especially secret fraternities and the “blood line” families.
According to Icke, the people who actually fought this war were the innocent pawns in a game they did not understand. Millions of men have died.
The wars were created as P-R-S (problem,reaction,solution) and the same technique repeated and used to bring the U.S. into several conflicts as have been planned.
Woodrow Wilson in his campaign for Presidency had told the American people that he would not allow America to get involved in a European War. Although he knew that it was part of the Brotherhood agenda, he had to keep it to himself or else he would have been ejected.
In 1916, Lusitania, the American passenger ship was sunk; this was then used as an excuse to enter the war. In the same way that the assassination of Ferdinand was Germany’s excuse and in 1941, the attack allegedly by the (set-up, provoked) Japanese on Pearl Harbor was used by President FDR(Roosevelt) to enter the Second World War.
What will be the provocation to enter the Third World War which could lead to MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)?
According to Norman Dodd, the director for research of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, “there’s no other means known to man more effective than war if you want to alter the lives of the entire people (meaning the world).
David Icke said that the Brotherhood made it sure that through the Carnegie Endowment they will be able to control the U.S. State Department and its diplomacy. They control the education allegedly through the Rockefeller Foundation. Instead of educating young people, they are indoctrinated and their thinking reshaped into the mold or image of the Brotherhood.
The Brotherhood’s first stage to create a world government was through the League of Nations, then the United Nations with one health department, the WHO; one education department, the UNESCO, one court at the Hague, the ICJ; one world police, the U.N. Peace Keeping Force and one armed force, the NATO. The League of Nations collapsed during the 1st Word War and the U.N. was created in 1945. Icke,s believe fascism, communism and democracy are different kinds of cartel, but controlled, ultimately by the same people. Communism was allegedly created by Wall Street and by secret societies in London to generate enormous fear and conflict which was used to get great effect to advance the “agenda”. It was planned long before it became public.
Wars were used to further manipulate global events and justify enormous arms spending with the very armament and air craft companies owned by the globalists. (p. 240 of Biggest Secrets by David Icke).
One example was the military industrial complex deliberately leaked to their media contractors that a certain nation already acquired sophisticated armaments like the news release last week that Taiwan had acquired nuke missiles which could provoke an open war with mainland China who’s dead serious in getting back its believed territory.
The calibrated move by the Bush administration not to cheer Taiwan’s National Day (10/10/07) was a masterpiece by the chicken hawks to let China feel that America is not intervening in the saber rattling between the two sister nations in disguise that its distancing itself from Taiwan. The truth of the matter is that in Taiwan’s national parade last October 10, all sophisticated planes, arms and military hardwares that were shown in Taipeh parade ground like F-16, mirage, Chinook, Awac, Apache, Blackhawk, patriot missiles. M3 tanks, missiles to reach Shanghai, etc are all supplied by the USA.
The China –Taiwan feud could drag us to another war not of our liking like the U.S. – Japanese war due to our leaders’ wrong policy decisions, miscalculations, mishandling of diplomacy, misdealing with big players and other tricks which we never learned. People repeating history.


By Dr. Erick San Juan, D.Litt.

September 29, 2007
I met Cathy O’brian a few years back when she came to the Philippines with Mark Phillips, they were the first two people I knew who became slaves to the globalists brain washing. They gave me a copy of their book, “The Trance Formation of America”. They exposed Project Monarch. MK ultra mind control operation to control the people of the world.
As Cathy’s experiences confirmed, the attempt to complete the take over of the world is not a theory, it is a reality. It includes a plan for a military coup of the United States. She said that she was able to observe the planning of the New World Order Project, “Education 2000”. This project is also known as “America 2000” & “Global 2000”. It was designed to increase children’s learning capacity while destroying their ability to critically think for themselves. Our children are being mind controlled everyday at school and most of the teachers don’t even know they are doing it, because they have been conditioned by the system.
According to Cathy O’Brien –
  1. Saddam Hussein & Bush shared oil “kick backs” totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.
  2. Former U.S. State Sec. & former U.S. Ambassador to U.N. Madeline Albright was a “Brotherhood Initiate”.
  3. The Star of David is actually the seal of Solomon.
  4. Brotherhood Initiates are inhuman. They don’t have the emotions that we feel.
  5. Those chosen for programming are very intelligent people because people with low intellect & creativity have been found to be almost impossible to program to the level required.
  6. When thousands of programmed people around the world began to recover their memories of abuse. The authorities retaliated with an organization called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to discredit their stories.
According to David Icke,the Statue of Liberty in New York is a brotherhood symbol which says – “we control this country; we are telling you so, but you are stupid to see it”. It was given to New York by French Freemasons. The statue is actually not holding the torch of Liberty, but the torch of illuminated ones.
What a coincidence! After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in ’63, the brotherhood put a lighted torch, the eternal flame which burning up to now on his grave in Arlington cemetery. When Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered in the Pont de L’Alma tunnel in Paris, the “shrine” to her was a large gold symbol of the “eternal” flame held by the two statues of liberty. The lighted torch in the Olympic Games has the same meaning. Game sites were chosen & decided years before, in line with what is most appropriate to the brotherhood agenda & its symbolism. The centenary Olympic Games would have been held in its original home of Greece, but it was held in Atlanta instead because of symbolism Atlanta, the Greek goddess & huntress, a great athlete that no man could beat. Everyone she defeated had to suffer death. Could the Beijing Olympics suffer the same fate? Why will a Filipino be the chosen torch bearer in 2008? What’s the agenda?


By Dr. Erick San Juan, D.Litt.

September 22, 2007
It seems that our leaders are naïve or they have been corrupted to think about the welfare of the nation. Every time the globalists prepare for its war plan or scenario, documents and war games were studied and tested by their think-tank groups, scholars, analysts, foundations, etc. Game plans are well studied on how to manipulate each nation’s population to accept such wars.
In 1939, according to David Icke’s Biggest Secrets, Senator P. Nye of North Dakota said that he had seen a series of volumes called the Next War, which allegedly originated from London. This document written between the wars, said: “To persuade her (the United States) to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed. It will need a definite threat to America, a threat moreover, which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before the republic will again take arms in an external quarrel.”
(It sounds familiar, like the war on terror and Bin Laden. The script writers are just modifying the old scripts to suit its relevance. It is just an upgrade of the war plan and props on how to convince the people.)
In fear, there’s money just like war is money. After a war, the world was mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically devastated. This allowed the banks to make vast fortunes lending money to governments to rebuild the societies destroyed by a war which these same banks had funded. This massively increased the debt owed by nations to private banks and the control over those countries increased in proportion.
According to David Icke,parallel operation was done by its political civic “neutral” organizations as follows:
  • The United Nations is a trojan horse for world government and it sits atop a vast network of organizations which present themselves as serving the people when in fact, they are fronts for the most grotesque manipulation, not least in the developing world of Africa, Asia, South & central America. (All third world countries).
  • The WHO (World Health Organization), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anglo-American-Swiss pharmaceutical cartel with its interlocking leadership. The WHO, tells the world there is going to be an epidemic of something or other and its controllers, the pharmaceutical corporations, provide the vaccine. Another problem – reaction – solution and the vaccines are causing untold harm to the physical and spiritual well being of billions of people worldwide as part of depopulation & population control.
  • The UNEP – the U.N. Environment Programme uses the environment as an excuse to create international laws, take control of great swathes of land and steal land from developing countries under the heading of “debt for nature” swaps.
  • UNESCO – the science and culture operation, advances the “Agenda” across many areas of life.
  • The United Nations which was set up to stop war, as per propaganda, is actually going to war amd stop it as programmed.
  • The pyramid of power is actually the pyramid of manipulation. On top is the global elite. The base divided into-banking, business military, politics, education, media, religion, intelligence agencies, medicine and drug companies, illegal drug trade and organized crimes. The pyramid of power in which all institutions ultimately fuse into the same tiny elite. This allows the same agenda to be orchestrated through all areas of society. Now it is to connect the dots.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


By Dr. Erick San Juan, D.Litt.

According to Ethan B. Kapstein, a Paul Dubrule Professor of Sustainable Development at INSEAD in Fontainebleaue, France and a visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development in Washington D.C., most people think of slavery as a purely historical phenomenon. The truth and in fact, the practice thrives around the world today. Kapstein said that there’s a rise to a booming international traffic of human beings and with a covert connivance of some national governments. Most people that are being trafficked are deployed against their will. It’s much worst today than during the nineteenth century. He said that global slave trade is a product of the same political, technological and economic forces that have fueled globalization. The corrupt system offers too many incentives to criminals and outlaw states to market humans with or without sanctions.
Instead of the west leading the campaign to eliminate the practice, it discreetly contributes to the deepening criminalization of the overall world economy, sometimes operating in close association with corrupt officials around the world. Bilateral and multilateral agreements are violated thus defying the rule of law and circumventing it.
We will cite the U.S. as an example. The U.S. administration is so focused on its war on terror. Due to the clamor of the American people to bring home their soldiers back, so many of them are defiant in sending volunteers to fight in the Middle East especially in Iraq where the U.S. military is losing so many battles.
Covertly the “masterminds” within the Bush administration started recruiting warriors and workers from third world countries through its defense contractors.
Popular U.S. companies like Brown and Root (KBR), Bechtel, General Dynamics, Titan Corp., Critical Intervention Services and Parsons Project Iraq have been recruiting Filipino workers for various employments in Iraq through the internet (Phil. Star as reported by Mayen Jaymalin). It is an open secret that Black Water U.S.A. has been recruiting even enlisted personnels of our armed forces and the police force to work as body guards, security and enforcers in Iraq while others are legitimately recruited as “peace keeping” force through the government in coordination with the United Nations and the NATO.
The remuneration varies according to the workers expertise and capability. As incentive, some were allegedly promised citizenship in the U.S. if the recruit can complete its contract satisfactorily. As reported by Jaymalin, even our POEA and OWWA, local government units handling legitimate recruitment, said that “e-recruitment” has resulted in the flow of migrants from one country to another without passing through the usual system.
Recently, the illegal recruitment was exposed by an American medical professional, Rory Mayberry who has accused a Kuwait firm of recruiting 51 Filipinos for jobs in Dubai but was gypped and send to Iraq against their will to assist in building the U.S. Embassy complex in Iraq’s so called Green Zone. The worst part of Mayberry’s report was that the Filipinos are working at gunpoint under subhuman conditions.
Kapstein was right in his thesis that the modern global slave trade involves the use of deception and coercion to induce victims to cross borders in search of new jobs which is scarce in third world countries and if there’s any, it won’t rightly compensate a decent life for its citizenry. (Foreign Affairs, Nov. 2006)
These hapless victims are mostly recruited in poor countries where corrupt government functionaries are part of the conspiracy. The recruits were promised good jobs but most of the times the promise was meant to be broken. Upon arrival in the foreign land, they were stripped of their identity, travel documents were confiscated by their recruits and forced into the job.

We have so many laws and safety measure to stop such slave trade and illegal recruitment. As long as the nation is poor and has corrupt or weak governance, its citizenry becomes cynical and “beggars as the saying goes, are helpless and willing to risk their lives to survive”.

Monday, August 6, 2007


It seems that “GOEBBEL” is still alive. The great lie is repeated every time that a script on terrorism is fortified.
US President George Bush Jr. (July 24,2007) a week after the National Intelligence Estimate meeting where it warned that there’s a resurgent of Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network in Pakistan. Bush parroted that Al Qaeda in Iraq makes Iraq the central front in the war on terror. He reportedly quote or mentioned Al Qaeda 95 times without mentioning about Pakistan and it’s President Pervez Musharraf, (7/30/07, International Herald Tribune).
Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat from Illinois and a presidentiable said that the U.S. should shift its focus on the war in Iraq to a fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He added that if the Pakistani government failed to eradicate the terrorists, the U.S. should strike Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan especially if President Musharraf won’t act. “We will”, Osama said (8/3/07 IHT).
If I may recall, President Bush, Jr made a statement after the Tora Bora heavy bombing (many believed that Bin Laden died in his mountain air conditioned safe house) at the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan wherein he made specific claims that America is safer as a result of his military action. To quote – “The World is changing for the better because of American Leadership. America is safer today because we are leading the world. Afghanistan was once the home of Al Qaeda. Now terror camps are closed, democracy is rising and the American people are safer.”
The theater of the so called chicken hawks “Perpetual War” change when there’s no good target in such area. It projects a continuity of the stage managed scenario, plan of action shifts gear to face another “adversary”. Instead, a string of disaster followed due to the Bush Administration’s mishandling of it’s economy, questionable foreign relations and the “war without end”.
Anti- Americanism is getting stronger due to the mischiefs of a clique within their government.
Last week, at the CNN Special Report (World’s Untold Stories), an Iraqi refugee was interviewed and said that “he can’t go back to Iraq because there’s nothing there anymore. The Americans already siphoned everything except the air that you can inhale. Only if it can be sipped, it will also be gone.”
If there are ugly Americans, there are also good and patriotic Americans. Most of the time, you can’t read the other side of the truth in the U.S. newspapers, both domestic and international. The internet is the alternative source of information nowadays.
Tom Heneghan, 2004 presidential candidate, American Patriot and Federal Whistleblower said that the Al Qaeda is nothing more than an extension of the apparatus linked to the U.S. intelligence that was allowed by script, to remove itself as rogue breakaway entity of the U.S. government, allowed to de-compartmentalize from oversight and was run instead by GARY BEST, a rogue black ops specialist for scripted activity outside of the U.S. government, with it’s funding being orchestrated through the Pakistani secret police, an entity of the U.S. government itself.
Joseph John Hrevnack, a popular blogger said that the basic truth is that Al Qaeda does not exist and never has. Al Qaeda is a manufactured enemy who was created by the Bush administration in order to have an excuse to wage a war for the control of the world’s oil resources. If it really existed, there would have been an attack in our homeland. This proof of a negative is used by the Bush administration to justify themselves to the American public that they are doing their jobs. If you will try to analyze it, Al Qaeda is really nothing more than an artificially manufactured enemy. They are just capitalizing on peoples fears.
John Kaminski and Jeff Rense of believe that the so called “perfect enemy” which is the Al Qaeda network, is a fictional creation of the blood thirsty maniacs who have seized control of the United States of America and now threaten the health and well being of everyone in the world. John said that just like the 911, Al Qaeda is a hoax and part of the media manipulation. There’s now a shocking decline in the safety of the world. He added that there’s a dark future that awaits us if we do not regain control of our destinies and overcome the evil corporate forces that aim to enslave and destroy us. Both Kaminski and Rense suggest that we have to continue our fearless voyage into areas of thought and inquiry where most journalists fear to tread.
Need I say more?

By: Dr. Erick San Juan, D. Litt.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I was given a copy of the GEAB no. 16 special summer 2007 issue. It confirmed the analysis of my study group as to the truth about the so called housing bubble in the U.S.A. and the sub prime crises. It reported that there was an attempt to substitute a financial/stock bubble instead of the housing bubble, like what Greenspan did when he turned the internet bubble into a housing bubble in order to maintain U.S. growth which did not succeed. Even if Federal Reserve or (FED) Chairman Ben Bernanke “floods” the U.S. economy with liquidities, it will result in increasing U.S. inflation and fleeing from U.S. dollar and the U.S. dollar dominated assets. The report said that the U.S. consumer is exhausted, insolvent and there’s a disturbing report that there’s a fast growing consumer delinquency rates. (Moody’s report)
The FED will experience a central bank’s absolute nightmare – stagflation or more precisely “recessflation”, a combination of recession and inflation which could lead to deflation. The crisis agitated the financial markets and proves that the U.S. debt and U.S. treasury bonds no longer find buyers. Even U.S. Treasury bill is in trouble, it is not by fear of inflation but because nobody wants to buy them anymore. The rest of the world now determines U.S. rates. Systemic uncertainty is back on financial markets. Investors realize that they no longer have any guarantee on global systems trends.
The Bank for International Settlements, the world’s most prestigious financial body has warned that loose monetary policy has fueled dangerous credit bubble, leaving the global economy more vulnerable to another 1930’s – style slump which nobody foresaw.
The systemic collapse confirmed that the world order created after 1945 has come to an end. Even China and the European Union are being sucked into the systemic crisis.
The U.S. economy was reportedly presented with a “phantom” GDP with invented U.S. statistics. The 2007 very great depression is shaping.
Leap/E2020 anticipates that there will be a fallout of economic recession in the United States and China, enhanced trade conflicts which could lead to crisis after crisis and could affect nation states. Is this the reason why Paulson is in China to talk “turkey” with China’s financial managers?
Where is the world going? When America sneezes, everybody catches cold. GEAB no. 16 said that the Spring of 2007 is the start of the tipping point of the global systemic crisis. The U.S. economy went into recession. The bond market is in a worst situation. The paralysis of Washington’s political power grows. The U.S. is fighting so many global fronts. Iraq is a failure, a déjà vu of Vietnam. The oil war is on going with the price of oil which could reach into a shocking $150/barrel. A growing number of countries are converting their U.S. dollars into Euro or other currencies and gold market. The perception that the U.S. saber rattling against Iran could lead to a global war, a possible justification that could reverse the situation for war economies like the U.S.A. It just need a spark like Sarajevo in World War I or the Pearl Harbor bombing in World War II.
According to the CNN report last July 31, 2007, the global arms trade is a very lucrative business of the military industrial complex. It was $1.2 Trillion in 2006 and the U.S.A. is the no.1 exporter.
Jeffrey Steinberg of the Executive Intelligence Review (July 27, 2007) said that U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney’s finger is already on the trigger to start the oplan called, The Guns of August.
Oh no! Here we go again!
* * *
Former National Security Adviser Joe Almonte was the guest of popular TV host Ricky Carandang of ANC last week. He explained why the operation Big Bird was aborted. He blamed the group of then PCGG Chairman Jovito Salonga in bungling the project. If the mission pushed through, the Philippine government should have opened a Pandora’s Box and got a big chunk of the Marcos Swiss hidden wealth.
I recalled that Salonga even wrote a book about his government career but he never explained how he lost his attaché case in a Korean restaurant, in New York. Is he waiting for somebody else to expose the secret deal behind the reported mysterious attaché case?
Last night TV report said that Salonga was given the 2007 Ramon Magsaysay Award due allegedly to his exemplary integrity. I almost fell from my chair while watching the late TV news. Oh Lord!
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Friday, July 27, 2007

America’s Angel & Demon Ops

There are two schools of thoughts emanating in Washington D.C. on how to cope up with corporate America’s economic down plunge and how they should handle the military industrial complex scope of engagement especially in the Middle East.
Think tank groups have been giving several reports and strategic advices to the U.S. government on how to tackle or handle its foreign policy and suggested ways on how to unite a cynical and divided America.
According to Charles A. Kupchan, professor at the Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and Peter L. Trubowitz, assistant professor of government at the University of Texas, there’s a growing divisions at home about the nature of the U.S. engagement with the world which threatens to produce failed leadership abroad which could isolate America in the process. They said that the U.S. commitments overseas must be scaled back to a more politically sustainable level to the U.S. foreign policy and firm up its global leadership. (Foreign Affairs, July-August, 2007)
Both Kupchan and Turbowitz believe that the U.S. is in the midst of a polarized and bruising debate about the nature and scope of its engagement with the world.
Political pundits believe that since U.S.A.’s rise as a global power, it’s only now that the American people and its think tank and foundations are starting to scrutinize the costs and benefits of its foreign ambition.
Just like Kupchan and Turbowitz, the chicken hawks should heed their advice.
In 1943, Walter Lippman believed that it was the political solvency of the U.S. foreign policy that counts most and not the adequacy of the U.S. material resources (translation - armaments). Lippman warned that if the American people from within will be divided as to the conduct of its foreign relations, it will be dangerous to the republic especially if it’s unable to agree as to the true interest of its leadership. The country will be unable to prepare adequately for war.
Charles and Peter cited that in World War II and during the Cold War, the Americans were united in its cause. In their opinion, Lippman’s strategy is relevant again after 911 and the war in Iraq.
Both concluded that the U.S. bipartisan consensus on foreign policy has collapsed and continues to disintegrate.
What went wrong? This was the usual questions asked by the American people nowadays. Most speculate that it could be due to corruptions at the top level, controlling contracts especially military by the few, among others.
Both experts adviced that Washington should be sincere in dealing with nations. Everytime the U.S. use “carrots”, nation states questions the real motive or agenda of America.
Most of the American people believe that President George Bush, Jr. has been a polarizing President due to its policy of bullying and engaging into so many perceived unnecessary conflicts. Most of his controversial occupation are troubled.
Kupchan and Turbowitz said that Bush and his cohorts should learn from history. President Theodore Roosevelt’s imperialist adventure in the Philippines outstripped the U.S. appetite for foreign ambition. William Taft tried the “dollar diplomacy”, preferring to pursue Washington’s objectives abroad through what he called “peaceful and economic” means. During that time, the democrats reacted and viewed Taft’s strategy as a capitulation of the big business interests.
Woodrow Wilson embraced collective security and supported the creation of the League of Nations (U.N.) through a partnership that eased the costs of the U.S. engagement in the world. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s greatest achievement was World War II.
It’s very clear that friendship with America can be achieved better through its citizenry and not with its leaders whose interests is dictated by the elites.
As the saying goes, “there’s no permanent friendship but common interest”.
In the local scene, will Gen. Jun Esperon, AFP Chief of Staff leave a living legacy of a united military or a balkanized Mindanao? Just like the advice of former President Fidel V. Ramos to President GMA is that she should consult and reactivate LEDAC (Legislative & Executive Development. Advisory Council) especially during troubled times, Esperon needs a council of elders from the AGFO (Association of Generals and Flag Officers) and other military and strategic organizations to avert the implosion in the offing. He should be careful in getting the advice of our “foreign” friends which could lead to more trouble. Some of them are doing an “angel & demon operation” to divide and rule us. A potential successor like Major General Ferdinand Bocobo could be a better strategist who could help him. He’s an expert in foreign intelligence.

Dr. Erick San Juan, DLitt.

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