Monday, October 15, 2007


By Dr. Erick San Juan, D.Litt.

October 6, 2007
The Brotherhood which originated from the Round Table to the Skull & Bones Society, etc. wanted a global war again as a massive problem - reaction – solution to destroy the global status quo (borrowing the line of David Icke’s Global Babylon) so allowing them to rebuild the post world wars in their image in which perfection is a continuing process. It has worked brilliantly as told. After the First World War, power was in far fewer hands than it was before – the British and the American governments were controlled by the “round table” leadership. After the Second World War, the power was leveled to other power blocks members of the brotherhood especially secret fraternities and the “blood line” families.
According to Icke, the people who actually fought this war were the innocent pawns in a game they did not understand. Millions of men have died.
The wars were created as P-R-S (problem,reaction,solution) and the same technique repeated and used to bring the U.S. into several conflicts as have been planned.
Woodrow Wilson in his campaign for Presidency had told the American people that he would not allow America to get involved in a European War. Although he knew that it was part of the Brotherhood agenda, he had to keep it to himself or else he would have been ejected.
In 1916, Lusitania, the American passenger ship was sunk; this was then used as an excuse to enter the war. In the same way that the assassination of Ferdinand was Germany’s excuse and in 1941, the attack allegedly by the (set-up, provoked) Japanese on Pearl Harbor was used by President FDR(Roosevelt) to enter the Second World War.
What will be the provocation to enter the Third World War which could lead to MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)?
According to Norman Dodd, the director for research of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, “there’s no other means known to man more effective than war if you want to alter the lives of the entire people (meaning the world).
David Icke said that the Brotherhood made it sure that through the Carnegie Endowment they will be able to control the U.S. State Department and its diplomacy. They control the education allegedly through the Rockefeller Foundation. Instead of educating young people, they are indoctrinated and their thinking reshaped into the mold or image of the Brotherhood.
The Brotherhood’s first stage to create a world government was through the League of Nations, then the United Nations with one health department, the WHO; one education department, the UNESCO, one court at the Hague, the ICJ; one world police, the U.N. Peace Keeping Force and one armed force, the NATO. The League of Nations collapsed during the 1st Word War and the U.N. was created in 1945. Icke,s believe fascism, communism and democracy are different kinds of cartel, but controlled, ultimately by the same people. Communism was allegedly created by Wall Street and by secret societies in London to generate enormous fear and conflict which was used to get great effect to advance the “agenda”. It was planned long before it became public.
Wars were used to further manipulate global events and justify enormous arms spending with the very armament and air craft companies owned by the globalists. (p. 240 of Biggest Secrets by David Icke).
One example was the military industrial complex deliberately leaked to their media contractors that a certain nation already acquired sophisticated armaments like the news release last week that Taiwan had acquired nuke missiles which could provoke an open war with mainland China who’s dead serious in getting back its believed territory.
The calibrated move by the Bush administration not to cheer Taiwan’s National Day (10/10/07) was a masterpiece by the chicken hawks to let China feel that America is not intervening in the saber rattling between the two sister nations in disguise that its distancing itself from Taiwan. The truth of the matter is that in Taiwan’s national parade last October 10, all sophisticated planes, arms and military hardwares that were shown in Taipeh parade ground like F-16, mirage, Chinook, Awac, Apache, Blackhawk, patriot missiles. M3 tanks, missiles to reach Shanghai, etc are all supplied by the USA.
The China –Taiwan feud could drag us to another war not of our liking like the U.S. – Japanese war due to our leaders’ wrong policy decisions, miscalculations, mishandling of diplomacy, misdealing with big players and other tricks which we never learned. People repeating history.

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