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Why Do We Repeat History? By Erick San Juan

Why Do We Repeat History? By Erick San Juan

"If TRUTH be the key to FREEDOM, then TRUE history must be the key.", my friend Elias Crisostomo commented.  It has been repeatedly said that: 'Those who do not know history are bound to repeat it.' (George Santayana) And true enough, this country has been going round and round the vicious cycle, unable to go beyond and above the turbulence of economic, political, social, religious and other aspects of national life.

Social diagnosis would reveal that too few of our citizens know our history, if at all, the distorted version of our history.  Among the many are the politicians and government officials who were hired on the basis of recommendations rather than qualifications.  And speaking of qualifications, knowledge of history of the very country and people that we are to serve is an imperative; otherwise, one wouldn't know what to do, the appropriate methods and approaches that would suit the need of the constituents and the country as a whole.

Unfortunately for us, the commonly prescribed books of Philippine history are not only biased, slanted and maligned but likewise short-cut to serve the requirements and interests of the past colonizers who continue to be present despite their physical absence but through their local agents known as the oligarchs. Through the existing textbooks of history,  education becomes the giant brainwashing machine of foreign interest.

History books that highlight the defeats  which we celebrate nationally rather than the triumphs of those who died in defense of our land, people and dignity.  History materials that contain nothing more than the What, the When, the Where and the Who. They describe the events but not the reason why the event happened.  They talk of the who’s who, but only the names and excluded the description of the character, the motives, the interest and the attitudes of the personalities.

While character assassination is common in some local books, a plenty can be found in books of foreign authors, mostly American authors who viewed the Filipinos with contempt and discrimination.  The use of “little brown brother” connotes, at the very least, a demeaning of the greatness of our race even long before America became a nation. Nonetheless, this imperial language was treated with passing grace by the majority of the Filipinos unmindful of the insults lodged against our people and country.  This was made possible by the American model of education that shaped the mind and molded our character, especially our scholars and even military officials trained in the US. In the language of Stanley Karnow, an American journalist cum historian, author of IN OUR IMAGE: America’s Empire in the Philippines, and to quote: “most of the Filipinos I met spoke Americanized English, they knew more about the United States than they knew about the Philippines, as if they were some kind of lost American tribe that had somehow become detached from the U.S. mainland and floated across the Pacific”.

With this scenario, therefore, would it be logical to conclude that the reason why we cannot progress nor evolve as a nation is because we remain ignorant of the past, the true story of our history?  Shall we not examine repeatedly and try to derive deeper meaning in the old adage: “Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan”.  While we are aware of the immediate past, we must likewise look into the remote past because that is where the comparison and the secret of our greatness can be found. “Ang kahapong lumipas ay ugat ng walang katiyakang bukas”. (Quotes given to me by Elias)

However, if in the present we would distill the lessons from the past and make of them as inputs in charting our future, then, I am almost certain that we could attain our destiny as a great nation; greatness, not in terms of economics alone, but great in terms of moral, cultural, and human aspects of life. Yet, this cannot be done, nor it can happen, if we just do lip service. This journey to greatness requires unity of purpose and unity of action.

The polarization of our society is triggered by our myopic perception, devoid of view-point and stand-point. To arrest therefore this endemic character, Elias hereby proposed as early as of 1985, to re-write our history from our own perspective.  A historical convention that would reconstruct the bits and pieces of our historical footnotes obscured and obliterated by writers and authors to sway the Filipino psyche away from his true identity. Let alone an official version of Philippine history crafted by the genius of our illustrious nationalist scholars.

Idealistic young Filipinos and the more mature patriotic citizens developed through time a reservation, if not hatred, to the Americans.  Yet, somehow, many realized that not all Americans, particularly some authors and writers, deserved a suspicious look and a cold treatment. There are, as a matter of fact, disappointed and even criticized negative writings about the Philippines and the Filipinos. They themselves abhor the misconception, the discrimination, the 2nd grade treatment, and even foreign policies of the American government affecting the Philippines.

I am one with Mr. Bobit S. Avila of Philippine Star who, in his recent article, mentioned about a book entitled: Imperial Cruise written by James Bradley, an American.  I have not read the book yet, but Bobit seems to lead us to what the author exposed about some truths about how the Americans treated us during and after they set foot on our archipelago as well as the motives and the policies as far as colonization is concerned. Another American author by the name of Stanley Karnow, gave us a glimpse of the past in his book IN OUR IMAGE: Americas Empire in the Philippines. To add another, is an antique writer of humorous stories which romanticized America’s rural past. This man is Samuel Langhorne Clemens--better known as “Mark Twain”, who, by his conviction is more Filipino than an American.  He wrote his thesis, a landmark in anti-imperialist writing, “To The Person Sitting in Darkness”, published in North American Review in 1901.  Twain wrote: “Shall we?"  That is, shall we go on conferring our civilization upon the people that sit in darkness, or shall we give these poor things a rest? His  writings reveal a fierce anti-imperialist, likened to Teodoro A. Agoncillo or Renato Constantino.

Twain wrote in favor of Aguinaldo and the infant republic taken from the Filipino people. He was against the tricks of Funston in trying to capture General Emilio Aguinaldo, as well as the atrocities committed by the American soldiers in the Philippines.  He reacted to the cable of President Theodore Roosevelt to Gen. Leonard Wood, (who later became Governor and a bane to Manuel L. Quezon) and congratulated Funston for winning a battle with Moros in Mindanao, saying that the campaign lodged by Funston was a “brilliant feat which upheld the honor of the American flag”.

Twain wrote: “. . . with 600 engaged on each side, we lost 15 men killed outright and we had 32 wounded—counting nose and elbow.  The enemy numbered 600—including women and children—and we abolished them utterly, leaving not a baby alive to cry for its dead mother.  This is incomparably the greatest victory ever achieved by the Christian soldiers of the United States  . . . (Roosevelt) knew perfectly well that to pen 600 helpless and weaponless savages in a hole like rats in a trap and massacre them in detail during a stretch of a day and a half, from a safe position on the heights above, was no brilliant feat of arms even if Christian America, represented by its salaried soldiers, had shot them down with Bibles and the Golden Rule instead of bullets.  He knew that our uniformed assassins had not upheld the honor of the American flag, but have done as they have been doing continuously for eight years in the Philippines – that is to say, they had dishonored it”.

Moreover, he wrote that the American flag must be changed – its white stripes painted black and the stars replaced by the skull and crossbones.  Reading Mark Twain is to discover that America is not-- never benevolent at all.

By the way, this ignoble acts of the American soldiers were not in history books nor read and taught in school. What we have read were the acts of benevolence, their superiority of values and political as well as military power, their friendship . . .  minus the betrayal.  Another instance that was omitted in our textbook was the Balangiga  massacre; the harassment they did to the villagers, that in retaliation, the local massacred no less than 51 American soldiers.  And in the ensuing counter-retaliation, they erased the village population and took the bell of the church—now in their custody at Ft. Wyoming, USA.

During World War II, we lost more one million lives in a war that is not ours; but because of their (American) presence, we were dragged to become second-class heroes of the USAFFE.  Many of our HUKBALAHAP guerillas were likewise betrayed by the Americans. Up to now, many were not given the benefits what's due them. Yet, hardly you will find accounts of these tales in our history books, if at all, in loose articles and monographs.

So, with all these omissions and obscurantism, Filipinos of today continue to revere the Americans; continue to trust and depend upon, however, short of understanding.  Truly to be anti-American is be classified as Communists. To be patriotic is to be an insurgent.

Most Filipinos are not really anti-elite nor Anti-American or racist, but we have to put everything in the right perspective to correct our distorted  history always beholden to the victors.

We also have to be wary that wars and conflicts stage managed by the evil geniuses have destroyed historical artifacts, relics, manuscripts, old maps and books, thus, destroying the culture and ideology of a nation and replace them with their mind conditioning agenda. The so called 'Animal Farm' where  nation-states were taken over by the globalists through proxy and fronted by their puppets in the government,military and the church.

Let's get our act together to achieve a new unified Philippines  in the offing. Merry Christmas to all!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Drums of War by Erick San Juan

Drums of War by Erick San Juan

In the midst of celebration this yuletide season, the drums of war had started beating under the baton of the globalists or the neoconservatives or neocons (for short) as how Paul Craig Roberts in his article ‘On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse’ put it : “The neoconservatives, a small group of warmongers strongly allied with the military/industrial complex and Israel, gave us Granada and the Contras affair in Nicaragua. President Ronald Reagan fired them, and they were prosecuted, but subsequently pardoned by Reagan’s successor, President  George H.W. Bush.

Neoconservatives remain very influential in the Obama regime. As examples, Obama appointed neoconservative Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor. Obama appointed neoconservative Samantha Power as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Obama appointed neoconservative Victoria Nuland as Assistant Secretary of State. Nuland’s office, working with the CIA and Washington-financed NGOs, organized the U.S. coup in Ukraine.

To advance their agenda, neoconservatives propagandize the populations of the U.S. and Washington’s vassal states. The 'presstitutes' deliver the neoconservatives’ lies to the unsuspecting public: Russia has invaded and annexed Ukrainian provinces; Putin intends to reconstitute the Soviet Empire; Russia is a gangster state without democracy; Russia is a threat to the Baltics, Poland, and all of Europe, necessitating a U.S./NATO military buildup on Russia’s borders. China, a Russian ally, must be militarily contained with new U.S. naval and air bases surrounding China and controlling Chinese sea lanes.

The neoconservatives and President Obama have made it completely clear that the U.S. will not accept Russia and China as sovereign countries with economic and foreign policies independent of the interests of Washington. Russia and China are acceptable only as vassal states, like the UK, Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

"Clearly, the neoconservative formula is a formula for the final war.”

And this final war is designed to take place sooner than we thought. Although some peace loving people tried to delay it, but unfortunately the program is on. And the targets – Russia and China.

Since the crisis in Ukraine, Russia has suffered sanctions imposed by the US-led demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has projected Putin’s image as the modern day Hitler. As NATO advances its forces to Eastern Europe and the US Congress approved H. R. Resolution No. 758, there seems to be no stopping the war drums from getting louder and louder.

Even 91-year-old geopolitical expert, Henry Kissinger, one of the old-timers of American diplomacy and foreign policy in his interview published in German Der Spiegel in early November stated his views on Russia. The former State Secretary talked about war and peace, Ukraine and Crimea, the mistakes on the side of the United States and Europe as they implemented their policy towards Moscow.

Mr. Kissinger was never a friend of Russia despite that he was branded in the past by CDL (Christian Defense League) as a former KGB agent code named BOR.To the contrary, he always did his best to weaken the USSR and then Russia in belief that the policy met the interests of the USA. It makes his opinion carry even more weight. Kissinger is sure that Washington and Brussels are responsible for the escalation of the situation in Ukraine. As he puts it, “Europe and America did not understand the impact of these events, starting with the negotiations about Ukraine's economic relations with the European Union and culminating in the demonstrations in Kiev. All these, and their impact, should have been the subject of a dialogue with Russia.” He adds that, “Ukraine has always had a special significance for Russia. It was a mistake not to realize that”.

According to Kissinger, America can avoid a conflict with Russia, “We have to remember that Russia is an important part of the international system, and therefore useful in solving all sorts of other crises, for example in the agreement on nuclear proliferation with Iran or over Syria. This has to have preference over a tactical escalation in a specific case”. Kissinger finds senseless the Ukraine’s attempts to punish Russia by dragging NATO into the civil war raging in the east of the country. The old timer warns that a new Cold War would be a tragedy. Three weeks had passed after the interview saw light when the US House of Representatives made the world move one step closer to the tragedy, the foreign policy veteran warned about. On December 4 the representatives approved the resolution N 758. It passed with 411-10 votes.

The resolution slams Russia for unleashing a military aggression against Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova and calls for military and intelligence aid to Ukraine. The document calls on North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies and United States partners in Europe and other nations around the world “to suspend all military cooperation with Russia, including prohibiting the sale to the Russian Government of lethal and non-lethal military equipment”. The US House of Representatives wants Ukraine and EU to curb interaction with Russia and expand sanctions. Moreover, it calls on Ukraine and the European Union to reject Russian energy supplies. The representatives directly threaten the Russian Federation and accuse it of violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). Finally, the House suggests that the US take a decisive action to intensify the information war with Russia. It “calls on the President and the United States Department of State to develop a strategy for multilateral coordination to produce or otherwise procure and distribute news and information in the Russian language to countries with significant Russian-speaking populations.”

Speaking in the St. George Hall of the Kremlin before representatives of both houses of parliament and other dignitaries in his annual address to the Federal Assembly on Dec. 4, Putin passionately appealed to the Russian people to defend Russia’s existence, just as they had done in the Great Patriotic War against Hitler. Concerning the sanctions, he stressed that even without the Ukraine crisis, the United States and its allies would have found some other pretext to curb Russia’s growing capacities. “The policy of containment was not invented yesterday,” he said. “It has been carried out against our country for many years, always, for decades, if not centuries. In short, whenever someone thinks that Russia has become too strong or independent, these tools are quickly put into use.”

A day after Putin’s speech, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Russian news agency TASS: “We watched the Russian President’s statement with great interest. Russia is our good neighbor and a comprehensive strategic partner. The level of trust and cooperation between our countries is very high.” She added, “We respect the road taken by the Russian nation, including its domestic and foreign policies. China is determined to keep building up the strategic partnership with Russia.”

One day later, President Xi Jinping said, at a two-day conference of the People’s Liberation Army, that the production of sophisticated military equipment must be accelerated. (Source: Merkel, Obama Join Neo-Cons As Danger of World War Rises by Helga Zepp-LaRouche)

Indeed we are living in very exciting times of a possible world war in the offing as we face our own bully in the region. Let us all pray harder and may the Lord bring PEACE to all.

Monday, December 8, 2014

EDCA: Whose MBA?

EDCA: Whose MBA?
By Erick San Juan

"It is a military basing agreement.". This is the statement that the petitioners, as well as the oppositions to the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (Edca) had strongly emphasized in their arguments on what EDCA is all about.

After two days on the oral arguments at the Supreme Court and a day (December 1) at the Senate hearing with Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, head of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, for and against EDCA were heard.

The Supreme Court gave both camps 20 days to file their respective memoranda while Sen. Santiago said she would ask her colleagues to adopt a resolution that will express the view that the agreement needs concurrence. She said the Senate is left with the option to express its sense on the EDCA since the Palace has considered the agreement enforced even without Senate concurrence. She added that the Senate resolution will be able to manifest before the Supreme Court on what are the attitudes of the Senate as a collective chamber and it will also convey to the President the sense of commitment of various senators to the EDCA. (From various sources)

For whatever its worth, the Supreme Court and the Senate are doing their jobs in order to find a solution to this ever controversial ‘agreement’. Although we have to be wary because in these exciting times wherein a regional conflict might end up in a “global revolution” (a.k.a. global war), in the process, our country and its citizenry will be used again as Uncle Sam’s cannon fodder.

It is not an assurance that the supposed ‘agreed locations’ for US troops and material and other military hardware in our territory will serve as a deterrent especially against China. As I have written in many of my articles and have discussed on my daily radio program, the US military presence here with its increased troops in rotational basis will serve as a ‘lightning rod’ and a magnet that will attract US enemies. Remember that we are located strategically and that is very much convenient for the American troops in case of a crisis. But what about us? What's in it for us?

The point raised by Dean Merlin Magallona is a point to ponder by those who will decide on the constitutionality of EDCA. Dean Magallona said that the argument of the Department of Foreign Affairs that the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with the United States is an implementing agreement of the Visiting Forces Agreement, which is also the implementing agreement of the Mutual Defense Treaty is an “absurdity”.

“An Implementing treaty of an implementing treaty of an implementing treaty is an absurdity,” said Merlin Magallona, former dean of the University of the Philippines’ College of Law, at the Senate hearing on EDCA.

He also argued that there is a clear “discontinuity” between EDCA and MDT, particularly after the expiration in 1991 of the Military Bases Agreement between the two countries. (

The mere fact that the VFA through the MDT has already put the whole country in the crosshairs, do we have to add another agreement and this time around will actually put the whole archipelago as Uncle Sam’s military base? And the worst thing is, in spite of these agreements, we were never treated as an ally nor a real friend in this part of the region compared to Japan and South Korea. Even Acting Solicitor General Florin Hilbay said that there is no guarantee (via EDCA) that the US will help the Philippines if ever the territorial disputes will escalate into a shooting war.

As I always say, we are not anti-American and not all Americans are bad. There are only some (under the influence of the globalists) who are greedy and always think of themselves and treat their allies as slaves.

Yes, there was a vacuum when the US bases left Clark and Subic but who's fault? We rejected the bases in disguise without an assurance that nobody can bully us or at least we really have an MBA(May Backer Ako) who can protect us in case of threat and aggression.

Now  we are being bullied by China and we still believe that big brother will help us. We seem so helpless.

What if China and the US elites are conniving to create a situation? Especially now that US owed China not only $1trillion but trillions of dollar. Despite the lost of pro-Beijing group in the recent Taiwan elections. In spite of China's former army Gen. Liu Jingsong warning that China would not be afraid to use force to resolve the Taiwan issue, both Taiwan and the Philippines should be wary of the global financial crisis coming where these giants will surely look for new enemies to unite their angry nationals.

The pattern of 'painting in the west and fighting in the east'  is in the offing. Be vigilant!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

China: Which is Which? By Erick San Juan

China: Which is Which? By Erick San Juan

In the recent meetings of world leaders in various summits, one can easily notice how China finds its way in trying to dominate the summit with its soft power, specifically at the APEC.

Taken from the report of Helga Zepp-LaRouche of the Executive Intelligence Review: “President Obama’s economic strategy, which had just caused a resounding electoral defeat for the Democrats in the mid-term elections, had actually been that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which excludes China, would dominate the APEC summit, and the Chinese version, the Free Trade Agreement for Asia and the Pacific (FTAAP), which would be open to all, would not even be discussed at the summit, and neither would the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) or the New Silk Road. Instead it was the inclusive FTAAP—which even the by-no-means pro-Chinese Peterson Institute in the United States had referred to as the superior model—that turned out to be much more attractive to the APEC states.

What China is offering with its various economic initiatives—the New Silk Road; the Maritime Silk Road; the Silk Road Development Fund, for which it has put up $40 billion in capital; $20 billion more in loans at low interest rates, which China extended during the subsequent ASEAN conference in Myanmar for projects of the Maritime Silk Road; and above all, the increased economic integration of the BRICS countries, and their cooperation in high-technology areas such as nuclear energy and aerospace—all this has far outstripped the U.S. policy, which offers nothing more than to be the “partner” that forces increased military spending for geostrategic alliances, and a policy in the interests of the banks.”

This may look so good knowing that China is at very close second to the United States when it comes to economics but there is another view why is this so.

In a private conversation with Francesco Sisci, Robert Mundell said that “political economy is politics with numbers; that is, if there are numbers without politics, this is just been counting. The point of the AIIB and the new fund for the Silk Road is to transform China's huge cash reserves into real credit, and this is the practical challenge awaiting China in the next weeks and months.  And the "soft power" China is rightly hankering after starts only with success in making its credit (as opposed to "money") available in Asia.”

Reality check dictates that China had to find another way to deal with its domestic economic problems even if its projecting a sound economy to the rest of the world. From the article ‘Is China building a mortgage bomb?’ by William Pesek (Bloomberg), he cited that “the first Chinese interest-rate cut in more than two years is a stark recognition that the world’s second-biggest economy is in trouble.

After years of piling even more public debt onto the national balance sheet, it makes sense to have the People’s Bank of China take the lead in propping up gross domestic product. Yet while today’s benchmark rate cut should help stabilize growth, the move also adds to worries about looser credit that could pose risks to the global economy. The case in point: mortgages.
Earlier this year, Chinese officials took several stealthy steps aimed at stabilizing the property sector and bolstering GDP growth. The China Banking Regulatory Commission loosened lending policies. Even before cutting the one-year lending rate to 5.6 percent and the one-year deposit rate to 2.75 percent today, the central bank had cut payment ratios and mortgage rates, while prodding loan officers to ease up on their reluctance to approve borrowers without local household registrations. Pilot programs for mortgage-backed securities and real-estate investment trusts got more support. Incentives were rolled out to encourage high-end buyers to upgrade properties.

There’s good news and bad in all this. The good: It marks progress for President Xi Jinping’s efforts to recalibrate China’s growth engines. In highly developed economies like the U.S., the quest for homeownership feeds myriad growth ecosystems and offers the masses ways to leverage their equity for other financial pursuits. And China’s debt problems are in the public sphere, not among consumers. The bad: If ramped-up mortgage borrowing isn’t accompanied by bold and steady progress in modernizing the economy, China will merely be creating another giant asset bubble.”

Like in the US bubble after bubble has started to blow and the only way to deal with it is to create an outside enemy or to continue with its global war on terror (a.k.a. perpetual war) among sovereign states and in the process finding minerals (like oil and gas) when militarization completed its task and had to remain in the ‘occupied’ country via peace-keeping operations. It’s actually a win-win solution through its so-called military modernization among its allies, arms race will fuel their ailing economy via the military industrial complex.

Meetings of the world’s leaders through summits may be tricky. Most of the times by using a lot of rhetoric and if one will not be wary, they can be taken easily for a ride and will end up as part of a scheme and actually be shortchanged in the process.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Threat Mongering by Erick San Juan

Just recently the United States has warned its citizens of continuing threats due to terrorists and insurgents in Mindanao, citing the terror activities of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in the region.

“The Department of State warns US citizens of the risks of travel to the Philippines, in particular to the Sulu archipelago, the island of Mindanao, and the southern Sulu Sea area,” the US State Department said in its latest travel warning.

And just before this, the Global Terrorism Index ranked our country to No. 9, where the threat of terrorism and the presence of terrorist groups are still prevalent.

Many will ask (especially this writer), the fact that the US military is ever present (for quite some time now) in the southern part of the country, why the hell that such terrorists are still causing havoc in Mindanao? And after the government and the MILF (almost) in the final stage of granting the so-called ‘agreement’, why deal with them if they (MILF) can’t even help in stopping Islamic terrorism in Mindanao? That could be the least that they can do to assure the whole country of a peaceful Mindanao in the process.

To make matters worse, the Manilakbayan (Mindanao People’s Journey) also made a statement recently that the US government is keeping more “boots on the ground” in Mindanao, where there is only a pocket terrorist threat.

The Manilakbayan said US President Barrack Obama ordered an additional 1,500 troops to augment the remaining 1,400 American troops in Iraq supposedly to fight the Islamic State (ISIS). And according to Fr.Christopher Ablon, the group’s spokesperson, there are about 6,000 US troops, or double the Iraq deployment, are stationed in Camp Navarro in Zamboanga City.

This is possible due to the enforcement of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) via the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) and its relative, the (questionable) Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). “Agreements” that allow American troops (whose number no one knows), to ‘visit’ their virtual military bases here on rotational basis.

That is why I find it very relevant this message I got from my friend Erik Espina, columnist of Manila Bulletin and GNN TV host when he said, “the West, in the guise of saving Syria is dividing a country to capture for itself the oil-rich producing areas.

The Philippines is another Syrian solution to decapitate Southern Mindanao from the rest of the country.”

Translation – balkanization, a possible scenario which I have been warning the government through my writings and daily radio program that we should be wary in dealing with the West when it comes to ‘helping” us solve the insurgency/terrorism problem in the South.

By helping our brothers in the south through livelihood, schools, education, health programs, infrastructure, etc., what they are not saying is what’s in it for them?

“… it is not true either that America is giving us almost everything for nothing; on the contrary it is we who have given, and are giving, and will continue to give America almost everything for nothing… (Senator Claro M. Recto in his May 12, 1952 speech).

According to Mike Whitney of Counter Punch, quoting Nafeez Ahmed, the author of How the West Created the Islamic State said that since 2003, Anglo-American power has secretly and openly coordinated direct and indirect support for Islamist terrorist groups linked to Al Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa. This reported ill-conceived patchwork geostrategy is a legacy of the persistent influence of neoconservative ideology, motivated by longstanding but often contradictory ambitions to dominate regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel and in pursuit of these, re-draw the map of the Middle East. So thus the world.

The fight against ISIS is merely a pretext for regime change", Whitney said. Because of what the Bush Jr's administration did to Iraq, America can't once again move in the Middle East and be seen as the real aggressor. It needs proxy as operators thus creating several outfits like IS, ISIS, ISIL, etc who were mostly Al Qaeda warriors recruited worldwide by military contractors and disguised them as Islamist.

If they are really Muslims, why are they killing fellow Muslims? Using another old script of the feud between Sunni and Shiite. This a master piece of the divide and rule agenda.

The other day, the world was surprised when US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel whom I met at the Shangrila Security Dialogue last year in Singapore resigned(translation-FIRED) when he said that there's now a ROGUE NEW WORLD ORDER. Pundits believe that this is Sec. Hagel's way of 'good riddance' that he's out of job than having a conscience bothering him.

There are still good Americans out there who cannot swallow the dictates of the 'globalists' controlling governments. May their tribe increase!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

EDCA: Too Late the Remedies? By Erick San Juan

This quotation should remind us, especially the people in important positions who will decide the fate of this country when it comes to its security vis-à-vis its sovereignty.

"When the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which then might have effected a cure. There is nothing new in the story. It is as old as the sibylline books. It falls into that long, dismal catalogue of the fruitlessness of experience and the confirmed unteachability of mankind. Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong – these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history." (Winston Churchill)

After the Supreme Court heard the first oral arguments (November 18, 2014) on petitions against the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the United States, it is clear that what Senator Miriam Santiago pointed out in early May (after a few days that the EDCA was signed in April 18, 2014) about the constitutionality of the said agreement is still the basic argument that violates the law of the land.

The following are the constitutional provisions that were violated because of the EDCA:

Article 7, Sec. 21 “No treaty or international agreement shall be valid and effective unless concurred in by at least two-thirds of all the members of the Senate.”

Article 18, Sec. 25 “After the expiration in 1991 of the Agreement between the Republic of the Philippines and the United States of American concerning Military Bases, foreign military bases, troops, or facilities, shall not be allowed in the Philippines except under a treaty duly concurred in by the Senate and, when the Congress so requires, ratified by a majority of the votes cast by the people in a national referendum held for that purpose, and recognized as a treaty by the other contracting State.”

Article II, Section 8 of the Constitution prohibiting nuclear weapons in the country.

Unfortunately, during the oral arguments, Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno offered arguments to dismiss petitioners' claim that EDCA requires Senate ratification. Next, she dismissed as "speculative" declarations made by petitioners that EDCA violates territorial integrity and sovereignty and that it is meant only to advance US interests and not the Philippines'.

And when anti-EDCA counsel Rachel Pastores argued that EDCA poses threats to national sovereignty and integrity, Sereno started talking about the incursions in the West Philippine Sea as the "single biggest threat" to the country's security.

The Chief Justice wrapped up to say that expanded US military presence in the country – along with the prepositioning of their ships and other defense assets – may be needed to defend the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). (

I have written several articles on this issue – the presence of Uncle Sam’s military troops and military equipment actually serve as a magnet to all its enemies (not only China) instead of protection against its enemies. The mere fact that during the Scarborough Shoal standoff, the US government did not take any stand or had shown any support for the Philippines. Unlike on the issue of the disputed territories between China and Japan, when China started “bullying” Japan, the US supported the Japanese through its air and naval forces.

The nagging question remains, if push comes to shove (by China), will the Americans give its all out military support to the Philippines (as what we deserve as an ally) in the contested area in the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea?

So the statement by CJ Sereno that it is premature to challenge EDCA’s legality based on speculations and past experience, remember – “When the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which then might have effected a cure.”

Are we going to wait for another “Nicole” and “Jennifer” and the possibility of a regional conflict from a simple miscalculation and stupidity by simply kowtowing to a perceived master?

I don't want to be misunderstood. America is a known friend and ally. But we and our government should wake up to the reality that we should protect our nation's interest before it's too late.

I envy the Okinawan people. When I attended the East West Center conference in Okinawa few months back, I have seen the big difference. Its their attitude, discipline and patriotism. Despite their anti-US bases stand, a so called 'house rule' is followed by both parties. You cannot see any US military personnel in their streets, shopping centers, etc except a few at the airport travelling out of Okinawa. You cannot see any bar or night clubs near the US base. Strict discipline is followed.

Respect begets respect. "Walang tutulong sa atin kundi tayo mismo!"          

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ukraine and the Alarming Nuclear Issue by Erick San Juan

Ukraine and the Alarming Nuclear Issue by Erick San Juan

While the world leaders are talking peace and economic development at the APEC( Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) hosted by the Beijing government in China, there is an alarming report by's Night Watch about a possible full scale war going on in Eastern Ukraine.

It was reportedly confirmed by Andriy Purhin, the deputy prime minister of the Donetsk People's Republic. He said that they are now being attacked but they are defending. Purhin added that the ceasefire was not being observed on 75% of the demarcation line and fighting in places where they weren't fighting before.

What went wrong? There is a strong radicalization of the political situation in Ukraine. In last October parliamentary elections, open source reported that the real opposition is barred to participate. Numerous ultranationalist warlords claimed parliamentary seats. The situation allegedly lead not only to the degradation of brewing political situation but also escalated tensions in Europe.

Brussels obsession on policy matters will seriously detract the European Union from developing better relations with its Asian partners and organizations. Neither Europe nor Asia can afford this state of affairs in this present condition.

According to Los Angeles Times (Nov.5,2014), Russia's Foreign Ministry announced that it will respect the will of separatist voters in eastern Ukraine who elected leaders for their proclaimed independent republics in defiance of international warnings that their actions were illegal.

The current government in Ukraine is extremely heterogeneous. It is believed that its leadership is controlled by the US, as well as fanatical leaders who are known as well-armed radical nationalists.

The oligarchs in Ukraine reportedly protect their interests by their own private armies and only nominally is under the control of Kiev. Each leader will allegedly not hesitate to use force in the struggle for power.

Just like our Muslim political warlords in the south, the temptation to gain advantage over opponents is shown by their possession of weapons of mass destruction for they are accustomed to use force to control.

Nuclear threat is being asserted by the Ukrainian leaders. Obviously, the cynical nuclear expression by the Ukrainian political leaders is not only directed against Russia but also addressed indirectly to the world community especially the European Union in order to allegedly force it not to weaken the political nor the financial and material support to Kiev which is getting more immersed in deep crisis.

It is known among nation-states possessing weapons of mass destruction that it radicalizes the political situation in those regions. Ukraine in its present state is no exception.

The political and military leadership of Ukraine is haunted by the fact that since the Soviet Union, it was the warehouse of thousands of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles kept in several strategic military complexes. It's nuclear power plants, nuclear research center and its uranium reserve, the largest in Europe could still spell danger not only to Europe but also to the world.

Night Watch believe that the security situation appears to be deteriorating and fighting will increase. Its time for the United Nation to handle the Ukraine situation with utmost care before all hell break loose.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Prelude to the New World Order by Erick San Juan

 Prelude to the New World Order by Erick San Juan

Everyday, we have been digesting fear-from hunger, epidemics, calamities and war. It is just like the people of the world never learned from history which we openly repeat or is it history repeating itself?

The editorial of Business Mirror dated October 6,2014 entitled 'Is PHL, a pawn of the US?',cited the following historical facts. It started with a regional rivalry named "The Great Game". It was a war game that Russia and Great Britain played in Central Asia which is now being played between China and US in South East Asia.

It started through intrigues, espionage and shifting alliances. A rivalry which could result into an open warfare between two superpowers and their proxies.

It cautioned us to walk a 'careful line' in our relation with China as regards to the U.S. Just like the advice of former Press secretary Hector Villanueva, a popular columnist of the Manila Bulletin, that the Philippine government should not expect too much from the Americans to operate in our interests and they usually have to protect first their interests.

It added that China and the US are playing a chess game in the region. It concluded that the Philippines could only be a pawn and pawns can be sacrificed any time.

That's another mind-opener. For conspiracy theorists, there's another mind boggling scenario that Tom Olago 'painted' at the last October 28,2014.

Olago cited Russian president Vladimir Putin as an example. Putin is allegedly viewed with a lot of mistrust and suspicion by the west. He is perceived as a threat to freedom in the west and the rest of the free world.

What was strange is the notion that both east and west are actually working towards the same end-goals using largely similar means.

The psy-op of a 'new cold war' is reportedly a convenient smokescreen, diverting the world's attention to the fact that Putin and his allies are actually working in tandem with the west towards one major mutual goal, the establishment of a 'New World Order', a system of political and economic global governance and control of humanity.

Alex Newman in his article at the New said that Putin, a former KGB boss, is following precisely the strategies toward world order outlined openly by the same western establishment he stands against. His vision is allegedly the imposition of a new 'multi-polar' world order, the same order sought by the globalist powerbrokers like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, etc.

The main objective  of the globalists new world order is to divide the world and nations into regions ruled by supranational institutions like the European Union relating orders to one another. These regional operation will become integrated and coordinated through a ruling body like the United Nations. I have written about it in the past.                          

It will be harmonized through the communities of economies, with integrated industries, technology, education,  science, etc.

Regional integration  include international legal courts, banking system and financial policing, peace keeping and law enforcement. It will all be a prelude to a global governance under a world body like the United Nations.

The alleged strategy to  achieve the said regional control by destroying nation-states, exploit them, create wars to accelerate the quest for global government through sudden transformation in national attitudes sufficient for the purpose through sudden, nasty and traumatic shocks. The aftermath of which will be managed and controlled by a global government through the so called 'New World Order'.

Putin's " Eurasian Economic Union", Xi Jinping's "Silk Road" ,the Asian Integration, the Greater Israel, CELAC,etc. are part and parcel of the regional integration before achieving a real world government.

Pundits suggested that another world war  is in the offing that will accelerate the move toward a global government. The nuclear stockpiling by superpowers is a clear indicator that most of them are setting the stage for such a  global revolution.

Olago got it right, the writing is on the wall.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Economics of War and Peace by Erick San Juan

"Business as usual in unusual times" was the punch line and the theme of the business forum hosted by the Manila Times at the Dusit Hotel in Makati City the other day.

The forum was a success with the former President Fidel Ramos as the main speaker.  To name a few popular personalities like Rodger Baker, vice president for East Asia  and Pacific of the Stratfor Global Intelligence, former Secretary Bobby Romulo of AIG Insurance Inc., NEDA Sec. Arsenio Balisacan  and Wang Yang, head of commercial affairs of China Embassy in the Philippines as other resource speakers.

The forum aimed to lead in intelligent brainstorming on how to do business in both China and the Philippines thus avoiding frictions between the two nations, crafting mutually business relations and assist both government leaders reconcile their differences.

Instead of political bickerings with economics in mind, saber rattlings can be averted and it will be a good prescription for peace and prosperity.

Rodger Baker of Stratfor and Richard Cant of Dezan Shira &Associates explained how they help in identifying opportunities, make strategic decisions, manage risk and how to establish operations in the region.

The input in this forum could be a wake up call to 'hawks' and 'chicken hawks' here and in China that peace is still achievable through regular dialogue and economic bilateral agreements.

The forum could be of help to President BS Aquino III, in time for his trip to China next month to attend the APEC international conference in addressing sensitive issues like the joint exploration of gas and oil in the contested areas in the South China Sea.

The perceived hindrance is the 'big brother'. Will the American government permit it? Despite the knowledge of the world that we are treated like a territory of the US, the Filipinos  nowadays have awakened to the issue that most of our leaders have been known to be 'stooges' of Uncle Sam.

We are treated not as a co-equal and always shortchanged because of our colonial mentality plus most of our leaders are allegedly blackmailed to follow orders.

We never contested our treaties with the US. We signed the MDT(Mutual Defense Treaty) with the US on August 1951 in Washington DC. Despite the agreement that both US and the Philippines support each other especially if there's an external aggression, it's only the Philippine congress who ratified the treaty, not the US. Making the treaty a one sided agreement.

What was not told was how the Philippine senate was gypped to vote against the extension of the bases. The truth of the matter, an expert volcanologist, Dr. Kelvin Rodolfo, accurately predicted the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo years before it happened and saved the nuclear armaments and the US military arsenals stored at Clark and Subic base.

The worst, the Senate won in ousting the Americans without asking them to leave some of their weaponry to secure us and gave our AFP military capability to fight and protect our nation.

When the volcano stabilized, the need for basing right was revived and initiated by some pro-American legislators. In the guise that we are defenseless against external attacks, the Visiting Forces Agreement was approved by then President Joseph Estrada, one of the signatories in the ouster of the US bases.

To circumvent our constitution which prohibits the permanent basing rights of foreign troops, the VFA initiators played with words saying the presence of the US troops is on a rotational basis, plus the usual community assistance like medical, construction and civic actions.  

The problem lies with the  lopsided deal that just in case of foreign aggression, there is no assurance that the US will automatically act to support and fight for us.

I have seen how other nations handled the US bases in their homeland. A so called 'house rules' should be respected like what the US military is observing in the former Southcom. Thanks to the DND's constant monitoring and proper communication with it's counterpart.

What went wrong? The Nicole rape case and the Jeffrey Laude, a transvestite killed in Olongapo  by a drunk US Serviceman in a motel should be a lesson to our government.

Proper coordination must be made before hand especially with local government units to be strict and should not give permits to bars and restaurants acting as sex exchange if we want to be respected by these visitors.

DND Sec. Voltaire Gazmin claimed that abolishing the VFA as initiated by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago will hurt our security. Do we have a choice? Especially now that China is flexing it's muscle and bullying us?

I prefer the Manila Times agenda that adheres to 'politics begin and end in economics' and have peace.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Clock is Running Out by Erick San Juan

The Clock is Running Out by Erick San Juan

Cal Thomas of made a scary essay of what's going in and out of the USA. He said that some Americans refuse to watch the news on TV nor read the newspapers these days especially that the headlines are depressing and no one seems to be in charge.

The stock market is erratic, rises and falls, the Ebola virus is widely disseminated 24/7 for unknown reason, now infecting many people including American nationals, while the Obama administration pretends there isn't anything at all to worry about.

The ISIS who are known to be Muslims which Thomas believe is something to worry about because it's activity is very brutal and UN-Islamic killing not only Christians but Muslims too. The worst, they are state sponsored warriors recruited from all parts of the world as part of several military contractors operation.
Drudge report exposed that hackers are plotting big banking hit. I still remember that hackers worldwide have their usual annual international convention in Las Vegas.

The emerging chaos is so depressing that the world according to Thomas appears to be falling apart and America resembles 'Humpty Dumpty' after the fall, with no leader to put it back together. He recalled that the US used to lead the world in wealth, might, technology and innovation. What went wrong? He added that today, China just eclipsed the USA as the world's biggest economy.

This list of national dysfunction he mentioned doesn't even begin to address the US government's intrusion into the people's privacy, police actions using military weapons and threats.

Even the commented that the big banks are now manipulating the price of gold and silver. Something huge is happening. There has never been a divergence like this in the history of metal trading. It confirmed the rumor that something massive is going on behind the scenes.

It reported that the ISIS/ISIL hoax is an excuse to destroy and attack Syria plus the Neocons are flirting with World War III.

The Fed allegedly has 50 times more of overprinted dollar than 100 Years ago. The dollar is not even backed by any precious metal. Half of all American households receive a monthly government check while the other half supports them. Meaning the Americans support the other half mainly seniors and unemployed. This is reportedly the tipping point and an end time wrong prescription.

The government is perceived to be broke and will allegedly 'rob Peter to pay Paul, but Peter is out of money.' The situation could lead to anarchy, martial law and FEMA camps in the process.

Real estate is collapsing like a virus not only in America but in the world. Many who used to be homeowners are now mere renters. The entire stock market is ready to crash. Thanks God that a planned crash last October 20 was aborted because experts are aware of the crisis by design.

The worst assessment was  reported by the Wall Street Floyd Brown justified that the US empire is crashing down and the alleged culprit is President Barack Obama. He said that Obama brought the US to the edge of ruin. It's no longer a conspiracy theory to wonder out loud if Obama wants America to fall. The president's decision is allegedly becoming more irresponsible. His administration could possibly be preparing for it's grand exit and with all intentions of taking everyone down with it.

Just like any leader that I know, most of them are beholden to their political financiers and these 'reptilians' are the known manipulators working behind the scene controlling presidents and leaders. They dictate the policy of a nation and if a leader defy their order, the authority to rule is taken back immediately either by assassination, destabilization or force resignation.

This is the reason that the world is in turmoil. The clock is running out especially for corrupt leaders who taught that they can get away with their crimes.                

Be vigilant!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Global Revolution by Erick San Juan

Everyday since the globalists invented the 'war on terror' and the man-made diseases like the HIV-AIDS, flu virus, avian flu,  H1N1, the Ebola,etc which are all stage managed crisis, we are bombarded 24/7 by many believe as 'fearmongering' spin. The CNN and the western media seem to be part of the scare bogey showing the ongoing regional wars in the middle east with ISIS, a known state sponsored terror group (who wants to install a Islamic caliphate but killing Muslims) as the main operator. Most of them are not even Arabs nor Muslims.

Just like in the movies, the Ebola virus contamination was like the movie, Contagion, The Zombie and the 24/7 TV series 'Walking Dead'. The Ebola scare is not yet a pandemic but we're told that there's no cure. Sounds familiar!

Even the World Bank President Jim Kim talked about the seriousness and the slow response of the world community to the alleged lethal Ebola virus.

Even our own DOH(Department of Health) was propped to propagate the awareness regarding Ebola and the need for vaccines. We were told by the representative of the WHO that there's no cure for Ebola. So what is the vaccine for? There's even a clamor from the WHO to recruit volunteer health workers to be deployed in Ebola devastated nations like Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

Why expose our 'kababayan' to the disease? Despite the protective gears given to foreign health workers few died.   Aren't you wondering why is this happening? Why such weaponized viruses allegedly made in special labs are emerging all at the same time?

And worst is coming soon according to Tyler Durden's New Normal. He said that if Ebola will be a pandemic in America, the State of Public Health Emergency will allow bureaucrats to detain and force-vaccinate people without due process.

Last week, the global financial executives through the IMF had a meeting in Washington DC. But what was told to the media was not about the global economic problem nor solution to it. They talked about the ISIS and Ebola plus the focus on China as the world's no.1 economy today. Is this a deja vu of 'Et tu Brutus' ?

Remember how these same cabal said that Soviet Union will soon be the no.1 economy in the world and after several years collapsed in November 1989?

By reading the articles of some economic columnists like Ben D. Kritz of Manila Times in his recent article-"Hints of Trouble for Asia's Bustling Economy" and my fellow Rotarian Den Somera of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, wrote an article, "Scarier Days Ahead", you can smell rat in what's really going on in the world.

Even our friend, Boo Chanco of the Philippine Star said that despite the hype that China is now no.1, others insist that it will be sometime before China actually overtakes the US in raw terms, not adjusted for purchasing power. China is still more than $6.5 trillion lower than the US and isn't likely to overtake for quite some time.

Daniele Scalea, editor in chief of Geopolitica Journal wrote that there's a great challenge going on and the US attempt to maintain world power and the present relationship between Russia and China is an imposing competitors to the US.

He added that the US strategy after the fall of Soviet Union was to prevent rivals from growing strong by strengthening the US military power in key locations adjacent to the energy resources of the Middle East. Beth Day Romulo of the Philippine Panorama October 12,2014 confirmed that the plan of the US to shrink  the military are now unlikely to happen because America is fighting so many fronts.

Giulietto Chiesa cautioned that America's desire to control global resources creates a situation that gets increasingly dangerous with time.

Scalea explained that the establishment of the Greater Middle East Project by the Bush Jr. administration was to impose America's influence throughout the Middle East  and maintain economic and political domination by controlling the borders in the region, which is central to Europe, Eurasia, Russia, East Asia and Africa. The US policy is reportedly to neutralize any threat from Russia.

Political analyst Francois Marshall claimed that the attack in Afghanistan was not in the interest of counter-terrorism but for the purpose of establishing military bases in the former Soviet satellite states to limit the influence of Russia.

Political activist Ginette Skandrani cautions that with China and Russia regaining strength in the world market, it is questioned whether the US attempt to dominate through globalization and TPP will neutralize Russia and China's growth. Or are we on a course of conflict or a mutually assured destruction!

As what Robert Kaplan of Stratfor  predicted that the world is now in a super chaos mode. Anarchy and chaos are everywhere as told and a global revolution is in the offing. Scary indeed....

I would like to congratulate a good friend, Don Pepe Rodriguez, former director of Instituto Cervantes who recently launched his book, Front Pages of Philippine History at the Raffles hotel. "Felicitacion!"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Burn Out Umbrella Revolution by Erick San Juan

As the old saying goes- " Promises are made to be broken." I still recall the turnover of Hong Kong to China by the British with the battle cry of "One nation, two systems. What went wrong?

Suddenly, thousands of yuppies and students have taken over the main streets of Hong Kong demanding promised reforms, want free, fair and not dictated elections plus a universal suffrage to select government officials. It was part of the condition before the handing back of Hong Kong to China.                                        

At the early stage of mass actions, there were two popular analysts-columnists that confirmed that the Occupy Central or the so called Umbrella Revolution won't spread and doomed to fail, namely, Zachary Keck of the and Adam Minter of Bloomberg.                  

Keck said that the Occupy Central is doomed to fail and the Beijing and Hong Kong's SAR will not accept the protesters demands. Beijing views free and fair elections a threat to one-party rule of China including it's satellite Hong Kong. It deemed the Occupy Central as illegal and cannot compromise on issues that it views as threats to its survival.                    

Keck added that during the time of Deng Xiaoping, China liberalized politically and economically but Deng viewed it as necessary to bolster the party against threats both domestic and foreign. Economic modernization became the guiding principle of Deng's regime and he encouraged the Chinese to learn from the west economically but not the west's liberal political model. Keck believed that Deng was also ruthless like Mao in silencing his critics. A violent crackdown would have a significant economic repercussions on Hong Kong and China but just like what happened at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, they have to arrest the students and sent the protesters in jail.          

While Adam Minter opined that the Chinese government will never take chances and have to clamp down the protesters. The Chinese authorities postponed the inevitable by refusing to address the legitimate grievances and used proxy to counter the 'yellow ribbon' of protesters with the 'blue ribbon' of pro Beijing supporters. The Beijing authorities also clamped down social media, blocked Instagram and regulated mainstream news.                                            

According to Minter, relations between the mainland and Hong Kong Chinese have been tense and complicated for several years now. The divisions are deep and widening.                                              

The People's Daily, China's communist party mouthpiece even warned that 'if matters are not dealt with according to the law, Hong Kong will fall into chaos.' Qiushi, a forthnightly magazine of China's Communist Party said that blindly copying western style democracy can only bring disaster just like what's happening in the middle east.                                    

Reuters reported that China is also facing separatists unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang. Beijing is fearful that calls for democracy in Hong Kong could spread to the mainland.                                          

Sudhir Shetty, World Bank's chief economist-Asia commented that the World Bank was closely monitoring the protests in Hong Kong which could damage its economy as well as China's. Paralyzing major streets for more than a week could lead to a stand off and slow growth.

China has been very suspicious of the Americans. Tony Carlucci of Global Research  confirmed such when he exposed that the US now admits it is funding "Occupy Central" in Hong Kong. He cited the US admission of masterminding the so called "Arab Spring", training, funding and equipped both mob leaders and armed terrorists to destroy Arab leaders perceived as corrupt dictators. It is now reportedly admitted that the US State Department through a myriad of organizations and NGO's is behind the so called "Occupy Central" in Hong Kong. Even the Washington Post reported that Hong Kong protests erupt as China tighten screws on civil society which Beijing suspected of carrying out the work of foreign powers.                                

The programmed collapse of China has been projected since June 2002. Gordon G. Chang of New Jersey  even wrote a book- The Coming Collapse of China. But why did the west won the Soviet disintegration through the chopping of the Berlin wall in November 1989 which I witnessed and seem to fail in Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution?                      

Soviet's Gorbachev during that time collaborated with the west which easen the unification of East and West Berlin and the downfall of USSR. While China is dictated by a hardliner President Xi Jinping who in pundits assessment will not give in to any challenge to his rule.

That made the difference....

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Went Wrong? By Erick San Juan

Why are American netizens fighting the American government? One example is a publication by John Kaminski of In his article entitled: 'Making War on the World is a War Against Ourselves', he said that many ordinary people have no idea about what's really going on. He asked if peaceful co-existence is impossible or are human beings, predators who must dominate and exploit neighbors in order to survive and prosper?

Kaminski believe that one thing is certain,'Americans' have to pretend that they're reasonable  people, provoking revolutions and lying to their citizens at home as to why they're doing it."How else could the U.S. fund homicidal maniac rebels known as ISIL and then send American jets to bomb them?", asked Kaminski.

Sound familiar! It was exposed by Fox News at You Tube recently in their interview with former State Secretary Hillary Clinton that they (meaning the US government) permitted the creation of Al Qaeda and other Mujahideens to fight as proxy.

Kaminski was saddened by the Americans seemingly unable to grasp the fact that their prosperity is based on the sale of weaponry and the creation of political realities that necessitate the use of these weapons in order to maintain their financial viability as they rob other countries of their valuables. He added that the American people are also unable to grasp that these wars don't benefit American citizens but only the behind the scenes financiers who invent them.

According to Kaminski, "Throughout its history , USA careened from one war to another, to the point where US troops are now stationed in 150 countries around the world and armored vehicles patrolling its major cities. America's infrastructure is disintegrating, it's people can't find jobs and judging by its huge purchase of hollow point bullets, the US government plans on shooting a lot of people soon."

Methinks, it remained to be seen. But when I was in the US recently, I found out that many Americans don't want to join the military anymore despite the usual benefits given to them.  Many returned after a war mission with trauma, injured or got cancer due to depleted uranium. This was the alleged reason why the Pentagon is now recruiting warriors through private contractors like the Blackwater, etc. It's also being rumored that these contractors were behind in creating 'state sponsored terrorists' like Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf's and now the dreaded ISIS group.

Kaminski explained that before the US ever began its world wars of the 20th century, it had ravaged the underdeveloped parts of the Western hemisphere and East Asia, capturing Spain's possessions around the world and supplanting Great Britain as the empire on which the sun never set.

He added that the Americans have no clue about this history or about the century that followed where 'wheeler-dealers' took control of the American war machine, produce weapons and carnage unequaled in the annals of human history.

He stated that throughout the past century and fast forward today, there has been a seamless progression of constant wars with virtually no period of peace that we can see in either our recent history or our calculable future.

Despite the support of strategic thinkers from the East West Center or the Shangrila Dialogue in neutralizing and understanding global conflicts, it seems that wars are inevitable due to some greedy super elites controlling the military-industrial complex and politicians manipulating and inventing events to create global conflicts.  They even manage to change the war lingo of world war into 'global revolution'.

He queried if we will ever stop fighting and making war on people whose resources we want to 'steal' before everyone is dead. It has been the sorry signature of all the empires of recorded history.

"They spin catastrophes these days faster than you can process them. The latest Israeli slaughter in Gaza was quickly erased from the news cycle by the neocon coup in Ukraine, the shootdown of the Malaysian jet and now the sudden creation of a new bunch of rebels IS in order to renew the attack on Syria, all crafted to a background beat of one false move that could spark World War 3, if the Russians take the bait, which apparently they will not. Or at least they haven't yet.", Kaminski disclosed.

Kaminski stated that all too often, we ask ourselves what we really know about a certain crisis, we are forced to shrug our shoulders and wonder what is real. "The same is true of the 911 tragedy, for 13 years, the US  has blamed mysterious Muslim terrorists for airliner attacks on New York City that NEVER happened, but which enabled America to begin its state sponsored wars on the world. Fake news, perverted ideas. False reports, fictional quotes, planted witnesses, posturing politicians, bogus pretenses, urban legends, malicious propaganda will confirm who runs the world?"

Kaminski concluded that  there's a worldwide cabal of financial manipulators working behind the scene. But most Americans surely don't know. They still think that Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush will be an interesting debate as they are merely the poseurs of the day posturing on how to steal your money.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Marcoses Never Learned from History by Erick San Juan

Marcoses Never Learned from History by Erick San Juan

On the eve of the 42nd anniversary of Marcos Martial Law, I happened to browse the Facebook comment of former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan regarding the pros and cons of Marcos military rule and dictatorship. He said that it is best discussed and debated by those who lived through those years, either as spectator or as a protagonist.

"Those who have no idea what it was because they weren't born yet or too young to understand what it was then, are better off listening, reading, learning and weighing the information.",Alunan said.

The good secretary reiterated that he lived through the Marcos reign until the late president departed and was exiled in Hawaii. He said that former President Ferdinand Marcos 21 years of ruling the country slid from the second best economy in Asia to being the sick man of Asia. Marcos was allegedly booted out by the middle class(although in my book, Marcos was forced to leave the country by the western super elites when they felt that Marcos was shortchanging them in their gold recovery program), the country was reportedly suffering from 3 potent insurgencies, from Muslim secessionists, communist guerillas and the military rebels.

Our foreign debt ballooned and was overburdening the economy and eroding our capacity to pay it back.

He added that the exodus of unemployed began to increase steadily during his time with labor unrest in the urban and rural areas were at a boiling point. Protesters were being arrested and maltreated forcing many of them to go underground to join the rebel movements.

I myself joined the camp of Nilo Tayag's Kabataang Makabayan and during the battle of Mendiola where our group attacked the palace. I was caught and jailed at the Malacanang Park. I was released after several days by an officer with a good heart, then Col. Ramon Cannu of the Presidential security command. My father hid me in San Fernando, Pampanga and I worked and managed my uncle's business there.

As narrated by Sec. Alunan, disappearances and stories of torture became the new normal. Anyone could be arrested on mere suspicion or whim.

"When the late senator, Ninoy Aquino was murdered upon his return, the economy sank to its knees and interest rates rose to over 50%. The peso depreciated steeply several times. Political patronage in the form of logging concessions denuded our forests. Smuggling sank our revenue  collections. Crony capitalism snatched lucrative businesses away from political opponents and the old oligarchs. The wealth shared only among their circles."

"Impartial historians and academic circles in the world's capitals of learning have painstakingly chronicled the record of the Marcos dictatorship and it is as ugly as they come from the likes of Ceaucescu, Duvalier and Pinochet eras to name a few, possibly even worse. What is firmly  etched in the pages of scholarly papers on how the Philippines fared during the Marcos era must be the subject of public education and discourse. The government coffers were bled dry. Bribes and extortion were hitting the roof."

Alunan advised that our uninformed need to be taught how to research and comprehend because they are part of the country's social fabric and the Philippines can ill afford historical revisionism from those who were part of that abusive era and have not to this day, apologized to the people nor undertook any form of just restitution for their past sins to society and to the damage they wrought to the country's institutions.

Alunan also replied to the request of the Marcos family that he will be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani at the Fort. "If a president is booted out of office, ejected or overthrown by the people, supported by the crucial institutions of the government and society, that extinguishes his right to still be accorded the honors due him. Like a soldier that's discharged dishonorably, who forfeits all accrued and future benefits due him. To restore it means extinguishing the terrible wrongs committed  that merited his overthrow. That would be a mockery of justice and an unwarranted revision of history. We must be clear about what is right or wrong. And live up to our values if we are to be a society worthy of trust and respect."

With this clear explanation of Sec. Alunan, I am really sorry for what I did in helping this family return home. When I visited them in Hawaii, I pity them.'Sobra awa ko.'                                              The late president's entourage in returning home to Ilocos Norte from Hawaii via Guam was really scary. We were stoned and threatened of bodily harm and not one of the group dared to leave the chapels in Hawaii and Guam. I was the one who talked with the angry mob outside the chapel but in Guam, I had a fist fight with several youngsters who tried bullying us. The rest was history.

I didn't expect that the promises of Marcos ( which he tape recorded in his library in his Makiki residence) to the Filipino people and to those who helped them including the true Marcos loyalists duly documented by Ms. Rosette Yniguez-Lerias, will be in vain and denied by FM's family.

Recently, I was even told secretly by a close loyalist friend to be careful and Imelda wanted me 'silenced'. I was aghast, reason why I immediately informed the proper authorities about it. 'Di pa nga nakakabalik sa Malacanang, nagte-threat na. Much more kung sila na naka upo.' Anyway, lahat ng maling gawain may KARMA.'

I was tricked!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

911:The Other Side of the Truth by Erick San Juan

 911:The Other Side of the Truth by Erick San Juan

While scanning the TV channels after a days work, I had the chance to watch the National Geographic Channel featuring Inside 911 (September 11,2014 8pm). It is just like a way of conditioning our mind to make believe a scenario well directed and just like a movie, made in Hollywood. Most of the information were long time published by the main stream media.

With my compilation of data sent to me by Truth-seekers in the US since 2001, I will give you the simplified report sent by Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff of Veterans Today and John Kaminski of the

Kaminski said that the future of the United States of America depends on determining the true story of what happened on 9/11/2001. "If we continue to accept this false 'Arabs with box-cutters did it' story, the U.S. will remain a totalitarian police state with choreographed politicians, contrived wars and widespread slavery as its signature methodologies."

"On the other hand, if we begin to understand that this evil deed was done by people at the highest levels of the US government in concert with a 'foreign intelligence agency and wicked super elites' in America, then we will have a shot at regaining some kind of functional freedom for ourselves and a more honest sanity in our government."

"Well, the biggest lie that has been allowed to stand unchallenged for 13 years is the whopper that foreign terrorists, supposedly Arabs using false identities, knocked down two skyscrapers in America's biggest city."

"It is a fake story that represents the final nail in the coffin of the American republic and has caused the needless deaths of millions of people around the world."

"It is now high time to get to the bottom of the 911 cover-up.",as Kaminski appealed to the American public and netizens reading his blog.

The Veterans Today and the State of the Nation post made a summary report about the Twin Tower incident on September 11,2001. Gordon Duff of Veterans Today was even quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin confirming that 911 was an inside job which is allegedly too classified to publish.

While the State of the Nation blog posted reasons why 911 was the 'Ultimate Inside Job and False Flag Operation'. It stated the following sensible allegations like the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center did not come down as a result of passenger airplanes hitting them but rather they were controlled demolitions. Just like how building contractors demolish old buildings without destroying nearby elements and structures through an engineered collapse.

When I went there myself, I was really amazed how it happened that all the buildings encircling the injured area were not damaged nor deformed despite their proximity. Building #7 was never hit by an airplane nor the Pentagon which was in fact had a very purposefully aimed missile as demonstrated by the damaged entry and exit holes. Cell phone calls made from the passenger airliners were faked since reception was technologically impossible at that time and at that altitude. There were no black boxes because there were no commercial airliners involved. Aluminum airplanes could not have penetrated the steel structures of the World Trade Centers 1and 2 as the so called 'experts' claimed.

Expert investigators from different agencies wondered how a passport from an alleged hijacker survived the explosions and subsequent devastation intact enough to be used for identification when everything like the airliners, bodies. buildings is MIA?

The truthers believed that this is the 'Greatest Crime of the New Millennium'. The State of the Nation  blog thinks that it is high time that the truth about 911 crosses over into the mainstream. This is reportedly some of the inconvenient truth that will set America free. It must bleed into the mass consciousness of the people sooner or later.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sanctions and Deceptions: The Endgame by Erick San Juan

Sanctions and Deceptions: The Endgame by Erick San Juan

We are bombarded everyday by half truths, lies and statistics coming from the mainstream tri-media. Thanks to the internet that in seconds, you can get the real story from all parts of the globe to balance things right. Thanks also to the conscientious and patriotic American people and veterans, always giving us the other side of the truth.

Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister once said, "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth."

Peter Koenig,( an economist and a former World Bank staff) of Global Research 8/30/14 claimed that most of us who are seeking the truth are primarily attempting to undo the lies. Lies repeated many times, lies about Russian invasions proclaimed by Poroshenko of Ukraine, demonization directed against Putin, Malaysian Airlines downed by Russia, etc.

Koenig added that the western bought propaganda machines take full advantage of this hundreds of years old strategy of deception. There's hardly anyone in the mainstream media who presents a counter-weight or facts and not inventions for trickery.

Koenig commented that it is irrelevant whether Russia has troops and armory in East Ukraine. " It would be well justified for Russia to defend her countrymen from savage slaughter as many Ukrainians are originally Russians. But they don't, as Mr. Putin is too smart to spoil his diplomatic assets on a war that is already lost in Kiev."

"The truth of what the US-NATO killing machine, its vassal EU states and it's paid mercenaries are up to in Ukraine and that they won't let go regardless of what President Barack Obama mutters to tranquilize the world. The truth is in one way or another, Washington is committed to its financial and corporate elite to achieve FSD- Full Spectrum Dominance, meaning complete subjugation of the world to Washington's masters, the military-security industrial complex and the war financing monetary system- Federal Reserve-Wall Street- IMF, the latter being a mere extension of the US Treasury."

Koenig believed that the endgame is the encircling of Russia and China with more NATO bases, including Ukraine and Moldova, closing near to Moscow's doorsteps and foreseen by 2015 with 60% of the US naval fleet in the South China Sea.  He advised everyone not to be detracted by the day-to-day details and lies, by the fires that flare up here and there, killing thousands of people. "We should not be confused by 'who is doing what?' But rather focus on the Big Picture, the intentions behind the US-NATO killing machine, not so much by denying the obvious lies, but rather by describing actual facts and the long term strategy behind them."

Koenig warned not to be fooled by double talk. He cited Obama's cry wolf scenario literally shouting that Russia has invaded Ukraine but it's not in the cards for America to intervene now. Obama did the same thing in Syria when he said that it's not the right time while arming and bombing as a disguise, at the same time ISIS, created and funded in 2007 by the west under different names to further confuse the public.

He branded President Obama as Washington's warmonger-in-chief who encourages his EU puppets to intervene and send their troops to Ukraine and impose sanctions on Russia.

European observers  opined that the US and EU anti- Russian sanctions could provoke painful consequences. A policy that could result in multi- million dollar losses by the European businessmen while Washington is not particularly affected. The US have large reserves of natural resources, including oil and gas, will carry a minimal loss in case of an economic war with Russia. Through a proxy war, at the expense of others, the US is trying to reach their own geopolitical objectives by weakening the position of Russia in Europe. In Washington DC, pundits stated that politicians and their controlled media are promoting the idea that Europe must be prepared to damage its own economy to allegedly 'punish' Russia but says nothing about the sacrifices of the US.

With the continued pressure on its allies to slow down trade and economic cooperation with Moscow, Washington however does not waive the contract for the purchase of Russian rocket engines as reported in Al Jazeera news channel. Washington still depends on the goodwill of Russia in sharing the international space station. To counter sanctions by the west, Russia has reportedly the ability to stop the supply of oil and gas for the European community. It can swiftly do business to the east and other developing countries that are ready to use this window of opportunity. "Gas lever" is a weapon being used by Moscow to neutralize the NATO alliance. In case of gas crisis, any attempt of Europe to diversify gas supply will lead to the rise in price. Most nations in Europe consider the imposition of trade restriction against Russia as temporary and could be cancelled in time for winter. EU nations with a weak economy may face serious social tensions due to possible energy scarcity and high price.

Peter Koenig  concluded that the Europeans should see the 'big picture'."The people need to see it, the End Game - what is expected and the majority are not taking actions to prevent Full Spectrum Dominance from succeeding."

With this threat and counter-threat, the Europeans will be forced to conduct its own foreign policy to survive and to the best interest of each nation-states which could destroy the NATO alliance in the process.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Is The Money Collapse Inevitable? By Erick San Juan

 Is The Money Collapse Inevitable? By Erick San Juan

I received a white paper from a banker friend of mine narrating why almost 50 well known international bankers died suspiciously.  The paper suspected that the global financial system is heading towards a major crash in the near future. These bank executives and  financial directors could be buckling under the pressure of what they see coming. They are possibly silenced because of what they know.

My banker friend believed that it could be a combination of the two. Despite the recruitment process going on, many experts politely decline.  The list of top level banking and financial executives dying under suspicious circumstances has been growing rapidly in recent months. The paper added that whether these are genuine deaths or something more sinister, one thing is certain-the banking industry is becoming one of the most dangerous business to be involved in right now with an extremely high death per employee ratio.

The causes of death by the bankers seem quite odd, including a banker shooting himself 8 times with a nail gun and another crushed to death by his own luxury SUV. In the Philippine setting, we had the collapse of Urban Bank that led to the suicide of one of it's executive. But it was really an act of killing oneself.

Top bankers from JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, etc either died of suicide, sudden death, freak accident, drowning, killed by murder for hire and drinking anti-freeze in an effort to allegedly get high.

What went wrong?  Who's behind the death of these bank executives? Are the banksters looking for scapegoats to their greed or there's really a currency and financial collapse coming?  Many are predicting that the global economic crisis is inevitable. It is estimated to come within 2015.  In US alone, more than 25 cities are now bankrupt. Germany, Switzerland and other nation states are in the process or have pulled out their gold out of the United States. Even Fort Knox has lesser stockpile of gold reserves this time that even its security component is now smaller and was recalled to duty by the US government. It was even rumored to have tungsten instead of other precious metals.

The worst, business elites like Warren Buffett, George Soros and numerous billionaires are dumping US stocks as fast as they can sell them. The BRICS(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are moving quickly towards creating a new central bank to replace the US dollar as an international currency.

According to Patriot Survival Plan.Org with the ongoing financial and currency collapse, expect that its not only money that will be scarce but food and water. This was the reason why the 'reptilian' cabal  are desperate in accelerating their efforts in line with their agenda to create several massive scenarios to grab natural resources and other oil rich nation-states, fund and train mercenaries, take over banks like FBME Bank in Cyprus accused of laundering money where wealthy Russians hold their vast fortunes. Simon Black of Sovereign Man.Com confirmed that FBME Bank  was taken over at gunpoint while a Hong Kong bank caught red-handed laundering funds for a Mexican drug cartel last year was only given a slap on the wrist by the US government.

Pundits believe that these 'banksters' are committing high treason. When they don't like you, they will do everything to make your life difficult and if you're a state leader and don't want to cooperate with them, it will lead to your downfall like what happened to the late President Ferdinand Marcos and other leaders like Morsi of Egypt and his globalists created Muslim Brotherhood. Just like in the James Bond movie, "The Quantum of Solace".

But the well planned economic and political terrorism seem to backfire. Nation states like the BRICS are dumping US treasuries, interest rates soar, inflation kicked in. Simon Black reiterated that the US government will be even more closer to default.

The economic warfare resulted the opposite to what was intended. It overstretched and accumulated more than $17.6 trillion in debt. "It is just like waging an economic war without any ammunition." Black concluded.

The Domino effect has evolved into a nightmare when Jim Willie of Hat Trick. Com stated that Germany is working toward leaving the European Union, cutting out of NATO and will join the BRICS nations. The German flip will surely alter the geopolitical balance and reportedly isolate the United States. The alleged German integration with Russia and China will be meshed in with crisis response in a natural progression weave. Willie's grapevine scoop came from London Paul and said that the Germans will do what they must to continue, survive and thrive. Meaning, get out of the US-UK-EU quicksand.

As the saying goes, "These are interesting times indeed!"

Monday, August 25, 2014

State Sponsored Terror Group by Erick San Juan

State Sponsored Terror Group by Erick San Juan

Many people in the world especially the Islamic nations were astounded as to where this terrorist group ISIS came from? Just like the Al Qaeda, ISIS( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) started as freedom fighters and metamorphosed into super warriors more mightier than the Al Qaeda and the Taliban combined. Most of it's components according to reports are not even born in the Middle East but Arab-Americans, Muslim-Europeans, British, Australians and according to former President Fidel Ramos, more than a hundred Filipino Muslim Jihadists who are members of the BIFF and the Abu Sayyaf's went to Syria to join and be trained by ISIS.

James Dorsey of the Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore Aug.14,2014 wrote that US President Barack Obama's decision to launch air strikes against Islamic State Jihadists in Iraq is fraught with pitfalls and could persuade IS to consolidate it's position in Syria, in the knowledge that Obama is likely to salvage the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today, August 12, 2014 believed that Israel is either committing suicide or insane. He cited former US Senate Counsel Jeff Gates, author of Guilt by Association saying that Zionist actions, no matter how crazy they look, are the product of elaborate strategic calculations. He wrote that the Zionists are master of game theory- a psychopatic technique for following utterly amoral mathematical self-interest in pursuing ones objectives.

Barrett argued that if Gates is right, the Zionists must be taking desperate measures because they are in a desperate situation. They are facing a demographic challenge, the Palestinians resistance in getting better at asymmetrical warfare and global public opinion is gradually and inexorably turning against them.

Michael Singh, the managing director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and a former senior director for the Middle East Affairs of the US National Security Council, in his article at the International New York Times, 8/20/14, said that President Obama surprised many recently when he diagnosed the crisis gripping Iraq as partly an economic one, noting that the Iraqi Sunnis were detached from the global economy and thus frustrated in achieving their aspirations.

Singh disclosed that while Iraq's chaos has many sources, Obama is nevertheless 'on to something' and it's not just Iraqi Sunnis, but the entire Middle East that is detached from the global economy. The economies of the Middle East are not only detached from the world's but from one another. Economies and politics are inextricably linked. And economic progress is the key to easing the chronic instability that threatens American interests in the region.

As I've been saying in the past that politics begins and ends in economics, Singh was partly right in his assessment. But he has not answered fully his query as to why Obama made a surprise order to attack the ISIS in Iraq.

According to James Dorsey of RSIS,"With tens of thousands of Yasidis trapped by the Jihadists on a mountain in Northern Iraq under dire circumstances and the security of the Iraqi Kurdistan, with Iraq's most stable region under threat, Obama had little choice but to take action. Growing Saudi-fueled sectarianism in the Middle East is likely to backfire on the US effort as many Sunnis will perceive the air strikes as an expression of a pro-Shiite policy. Sunnis believe that the US policy had brought Shiites to power in Iraq with the toppling of Sunni strongman, Saddam Hussein."(During the Babylonian festivities in the past hosted by Saddam, I found out that the hexagram symbol now being used by Israel in their flag was the former emblem of the Yasidis.)

Pundits believe that the air strike launched by Obama was well calculated, the way the American elite kicked out several of their 'Frankenstein' worldwide including Marcos, Saddam, Hosni Mubarak, recently Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and Iraq's former Prime Minister Al Maliki.

According to Mohamed Bin Ali of RSIS (June 30,2014) the plan was to create levels of conflict. "First is a sectarian one between Sunnis and the Shiite regime. The second level is ideologically motivated attacks. The third is the humanitarian level where there's a humanitarian crisis to justify intervention. Many are radicalized by what they see and who they come into contact within. Syria as an example is undergoing a political  conflict that serves as the newest hotspot attracting scores of foreign fighters like ISIS, ISIL, etc.".

Sounds familiar!  The pattern is getting clearer. That was how the Al Qaeda was created by Osama bin Laden, another state-sponsored  terrorist who was sacrificed after winning his war against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Even the popular  geopolitical analyst, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research (June 14, 2014) commented that there is an ongoing engineered destruction and political fragmentation of Iraq towards the creation of a US sponsored Islamist Caliphate.  He explained that the Al Qaeda affiliated entities have been used by US-NATO in numerous conflicts as 'intelligence assets' since the heyday of the Soviet-Afghan war. In Syria, the Al Nusrah and the ISIS rebels are the foot soldiers of the western military alliance which oversee and control the recruitment and training of paramilitary forces using different names and acronyms.

Chossudovsky concluded that the plan was to support both sides. The war on terror created the Al Qaeda terrorist entities as part of an intelligence operation, as well as rescuing governments which are the target of terrorist insurgency. This process is reportedly carried out under the banner of counter-terrorism. It creates the pretext to intervene.

ISIS is allegedly a 'Caliphate project' of creating a Sunni Islamist state. It is neither a project of the Sunni population of Iraq. It is a part of a US intelligence agenda. The Islamic Caliphate is allegedly supported covertly by the CIA in liaison with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Turkish intelligence. He confirmed that Israel also channeled support to Al Qaeda rebels in Syria as well as to the Kurdish separatists.

"The endgame is to destabilize sovereign nation states and to transform countries into open territories on behalf of the so called foreign investors.",Chossudovsky  stated. A Filipino Islamic scholar told me the other day that Muslims worldwide are watching  carefully the possible scenario of how the Zionists will take over the Golden mosque in Jerusalem and the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. They are also monitoring the ISIS no 'mercy strategy' in killing Muslims and the possible pretext in destroying the 'Dome of the Rock', the 'perceived hindrance' in building the Zionists third temple. He added that the Muslim world will fight back including Arab states allied to Israel. His nightmare is the possible intervention of the western allies. He's getting feedback from the US that the Zionist Americans controlling the US government wanted to help the Israelis in getting the Arab lands to fast-track the creation of a Greater Israel.

The scholar foresee that the beheading of the American freelance journalist James Foley could be the justification for the US government's all out intervention to assist Israel on the road to Armageddon.

God forbid!