Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Global Revolution by Erick San Juan

Everyday since the globalists invented the 'war on terror' and the man-made diseases like the HIV-AIDS, flu virus, avian flu,  H1N1, the Ebola,etc which are all stage managed crisis, we are bombarded 24/7 by many believe as 'fearmongering' spin. The CNN and the western media seem to be part of the scare bogey showing the ongoing regional wars in the middle east with ISIS, a known state sponsored terror group (who wants to install a Islamic caliphate but killing Muslims) as the main operator. Most of them are not even Arabs nor Muslims.

Just like in the movies, the Ebola virus contamination was like the movie, Contagion, The Zombie and the 24/7 TV series 'Walking Dead'. The Ebola scare is not yet a pandemic but we're told that there's no cure. Sounds familiar!

Even the World Bank President Jim Kim talked about the seriousness and the slow response of the world community to the alleged lethal Ebola virus.

Even our own DOH(Department of Health) was propped to propagate the awareness regarding Ebola and the need for vaccines. We were told by the representative of the WHO that there's no cure for Ebola. So what is the vaccine for? There's even a clamor from the WHO to recruit volunteer health workers to be deployed in Ebola devastated nations like Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

Why expose our 'kababayan' to the disease? Despite the protective gears given to foreign health workers few died.   Aren't you wondering why is this happening? Why such weaponized viruses allegedly made in special labs are emerging all at the same time?

And worst is coming soon according to Tyler Durden's New Normal. He said that if Ebola will be a pandemic in America, the State of Public Health Emergency will allow bureaucrats to detain and force-vaccinate people without due process.

Last week, the global financial executives through the IMF had a meeting in Washington DC. But what was told to the media was not about the global economic problem nor solution to it. They talked about the ISIS and Ebola plus the focus on China as the world's no.1 economy today. Is this a deja vu of 'Et tu Brutus' ?

Remember how these same cabal said that Soviet Union will soon be the no.1 economy in the world and after several years collapsed in November 1989?

By reading the articles of some economic columnists like Ben D. Kritz of Manila Times in his recent article-"Hints of Trouble for Asia's Bustling Economy" and my fellow Rotarian Den Somera of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, wrote an article, "Scarier Days Ahead", you can smell rat in what's really going on in the world.

Even our friend, Boo Chanco of the Philippine Star said that despite the hype that China is now no.1, others insist that it will be sometime before China actually overtakes the US in raw terms, not adjusted for purchasing power. China is still more than $6.5 trillion lower than the US and isn't likely to overtake for quite some time.

Daniele Scalea, editor in chief of Geopolitica Journal wrote that there's a great challenge going on and the US attempt to maintain world power and the present relationship between Russia and China is an imposing competitors to the US.

He added that the US strategy after the fall of Soviet Union was to prevent rivals from growing strong by strengthening the US military power in key locations adjacent to the energy resources of the Middle East. Beth Day Romulo of the Philippine Panorama October 12,2014 confirmed that the plan of the US to shrink  the military are now unlikely to happen because America is fighting so many fronts.

Giulietto Chiesa cautioned that America's desire to control global resources creates a situation that gets increasingly dangerous with time.

Scalea explained that the establishment of the Greater Middle East Project by the Bush Jr. administration was to impose America's influence throughout the Middle East  and maintain economic and political domination by controlling the borders in the region, which is central to Europe, Eurasia, Russia, East Asia and Africa. The US policy is reportedly to neutralize any threat from Russia.

Political analyst Francois Marshall claimed that the attack in Afghanistan was not in the interest of counter-terrorism but for the purpose of establishing military bases in the former Soviet satellite states to limit the influence of Russia.

Political activist Ginette Skandrani cautions that with China and Russia regaining strength in the world market, it is questioned whether the US attempt to dominate through globalization and TPP will neutralize Russia and China's growth. Or are we on a course of conflict or a mutually assured destruction!

As what Robert Kaplan of Stratfor  predicted that the world is now in a super chaos mode. Anarchy and chaos are everywhere as told and a global revolution is in the offing. Scary indeed....

I would like to congratulate a good friend, Don Pepe Rodriguez, former director of Instituto Cervantes who recently launched his book, Front Pages of Philippine History at the Raffles hotel. "Felicitacion!"

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