Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Erick San Juan Whistleblower (Swine Flu Scam)

- Ellen Tordesillas

Blackwater in R.P.?

Blackwater in R.P.?
by Erick San Juan

In spite of the fact that the Blackwater was branded as "persona non grata" in Iraq, some of its contractor/personnels will remain in Iraq until September, 2009. It's Filipino recruits according to fresh report were commissioned to secure the oil and gas reserves in Malampaya and soon at the Exxon,s oil exploration in the Sulu seas.

This week,with the U.S. troops turnover of the urban security to their Iraqi counterparts and with the Iraqi police, the militia and the remnants of the Blackwater will be redeployed in Afghanistan and partly, some of its Filipino manpower to be on duty in the "Philippine seas" to protect and secure the Malampaya oil and gas reserves. Though, we're not so sure if the Philippine government has an OK about the said redeployment especially now that our territorial water boundaries has been modified as per agreement with the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas).
If this is confirmed, the Filipino families of these security personnels should be thankful to Romy Redelicia and his associates in giving our so called "soldiers of fortune" a new lifeline to earn a living. The government agencies concerned should make the necessary and proper arrangements with our armed forces and also with the country claimants in the Spratleys to ensure that no mistaken identity nor misencounter could happen which could provoke a shooting war among stakeholders in the area. Redelicia's operation used to have a license to operate but under a new management of Xe, it's still unknown.

Blackwater is a private military company founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark. In October, 2007, the company was renamed Blackwater Worldwide with several contractors under its umbrella. Due to several controversies, reported human rights violations in Iraq and compounding damage suits, even coming from its recruits, the company last February 13, 2009 changed its name into Xe Worldwide. Its original headquarter is still the same, which is strategically located at Moyock, North Carolina, USA. J. Cofer Black, the US government's top counter terror expert and a former director of CIA's Counter Terrorist Center who used to visit the Philippines is one of the top honcho of Blackwater. Black in 2002 to 2004 has a rank of an ambassador-at-large. The state of the art private training facility is located at Erik Prince 6,000 acres of the Great Dismal Swamp on the North Carolina/Virginia border. Erik Prince, its founder and Gary Jackson, its president are both former US Navy Seal.

To cover the bad reputation and put gradual closure to several indictments, the Blackwater changes not only its name to Xe Worldwide but also its top officials. Joseph Yorio was named as its new president replacing Gary Jackson while Danielle Esposito was named the new chief operating officer and executive vice president.

Xe Worldwide is the largest of the US Department of State's private security contractors. Xe's security and maritime units are reportedly deployed at the Malampaya. Greystone, Ltd., a private security service which is registered in Barbados has the authority to employ third world country nationals for offshore security work through its affiliate, Satelles Solutions, Inc. Both are Xe's conduit and sub contractors allegedly authorized to recruit Filipinos. Greystone was rumored to operate at SBMA and at Clark. (Source: Wikipedia)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



By Erick San Juan

I was requested by my radio listeners to write about last week’s collision course between USS John S. McCain, a destroyer with an underwater sonar array towed and a Chinese (PROC) submarine off the coast of the Subic Bay in Zambales. There were several versions of the encounter, coming from CNN saying it’s near the Philippines while the Pentagon said it’s off Subic Bay and the Chinese media reported that it’s near the Scarborough Shoal.

Lt. Col. Edgard Arevalo, Navy’s spokesman is partly right when he said that the mishap occurred in international waters and outside the country’s jurisdiction. This is true by following the recently concluded Philippine baseline law. The new questionable law saved us from humility?

What went wrong was when Defense Assistant Secretary Alberto Valezuela made his own analysis of the incident, where it happened closer to China. He said that it was 125 nautical miles off Subic, near the Scarborough Shoal, which is 123 nautical miles from Subic.

I’m inclined to believe the analysis of our friend, Malaya columnist Ellen Tordesillas when she said, “From the three versions of the location of the collision, it can be concluded that it is in the Philippine territory. This can be likened to two quarreling bullies bringing their fight into the front yard of a third party, the Philippines.”

I don’t want to elaborate more on the baseline law, the UNCLOS (United Nations Commission on the Law of the Sea) treaty which our government was a signatory.

What worries me is the loose lips statement of Valenzuela that there’s nothing to be concerned about because the incident occurred inside the country’s 200 mile exclusive economic zone but outside the country’s 12 nautical mile territorial waters. Then he made a rejoinder of concern that we must be sure that no foreign vessels enter our territorial waters without authority. We cannot prohibit them from passing through in economic zones.

Col. Edward Arevalo exposed the double talk of Valenzuela when he said that there was no request for the U.S. for its warship to enter the Philippine waters and that there was no RP-US military exercise that would justify its entry there.

This Valenzuela seems to be more American than a Filipino Government official when he made an "alibi" that the U.S. ship actually came from military exercise between the U.S. and the Philippines and passed by Subic to refuel and for other logistic needs before sailing out of the Philippine territorial waters. This was confirmed by Ellen’s article (Malaya, June 17, 2009).

Some of our government functionaries have forgotten Mutual Respect 101. With high technology being used by the U.S. and China warships, it is just one press of the button away to tell our authorities ahead of time that they will pass the “free zone” areas near the Philippines. Where’s the courtesy? What are sonar radars and control tower for? In such times of crisis, a lot of common sense is needed. Hence, we’re not prepared for a disaster like “Pearl Harbor” in the offing!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Return of the Jedi

The Return of the Jedi

By Erick San Juan

U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates after attending the Annual Asian Defense Conference in Singapore went to the Philippines the next day to meet his counterpart, Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro at Camp Aguinaldo. They talked about the RP-US relation on counter-terrorism and how the joint military exercises benefit both nations especially, the humanitarian and disaster assistance given by the US government through the US armed forces.

Several newspapers reported that Gates talked about US government's confidence in the Philippine defense leadership and the reaffirmation of their mutual security concerns,The good secretary said that his government is satisfied and comfortable with the Visiting Forces Agreement. (Translation - Just like telling our legislators to stop the resolution questioning the legality of the VFA.)

What's quite intriguing is the clear double talk by Secretary Gates when he stated in an interview that the US government would not interfere in the South China Sea. The US according to Gates takes no position on the security challenges concerning conflicting claims in the Spratleys.

The Mutual Defense Treaty is now 60 years old but up to now, nobody dared to update this supposed two way agreement which is favorable only to the interest of USA.

Even US President Barack Obama in his recent trip to the Middle East promised several concessions to the Middle East while Gates gave us lip service on US defense spending that will allegedly benefit us. It's like handing out some lollipops to leak but not to chew.

In one of the Al Jazeera news channel documentary recently about the new military base in Guam, the people of Guam are up in arms as to the permanent stay of a bigger US forces in their territorial water. The US troops from Japan and Korea as reported are now slowly being transferred there due to the resistance coming from the Japanese and the Koreans. The people of Guam are worried that their island could be an easy target of a possible nuclear attack in the future.

A military analyst friend of mine told me that there's a big probability that the American defense establishment needs not only the VFA but the US forces will return back to the Philippines soon. The North Korean bogey and the war on terrorism could be part of the scenario to justify the redeployment of its forces in South East Asia.

Neat huh!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't Be Cynical,Be Vigilant

Don't Be Cynical,Be Vigilant

by Erick San Juan

There's a saying that politics is local. But the truth of the matter the predicament of the populace is almost the same elsewhere in the world. In an article sent to me by my American blogger friend, Ron Carlson, he cited an essay written by Marc Stevens entitled "Still Love Governments?". Marc was amazed that despite all the mischiefs committed by officials of governments,the people still cling to the idea that governments are necessary to protect life,liberty and property. He pointed out that governments not only no duty to protect anyone, but also do a disasterous job at whatever they bother doing.

It seems that Marc is so cynical nor trust his government. He said that despite overwhelming evidence that government is not only unnecessary,corrupt and a cancer on the world,it's victims continue to revere them. He reiterated that governments are nothing more than gangs of killers,thieves and liars.

Marc cited U.S. laws passed by the U.S. Congress which legitimized and authorized government agencies to allegedly conduct chemical and biological warfare experiments on civilian populations. He commented that one don't even need to inform or give notice to the people or get their consent. Even local civilian officials are seldom notified.

Marc said that he could be paranoid but we have to consider all the programs conducted by governments that are "classified", where governments deny their existence for decades and you have to wait for 50 years before it could be declassified.

Such American cynicism reminded me of how the world "government" is implementing the same pattern of control in every member nation states. Mankind is now being ruled by a clique of super elites through fear mongering, disorder out of chaos and with state sponsored terrorism.

Look at how the globalists invented the myth of weapons of mass destruction being controlled by their perceived enemies who are actually their "assets" and "agents" in the past. If only the truth about Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong Il, etc. will be told, we will know why nations go to war.

Will the world engage in a global nuke war? Is the biological warfare through mutant diseases,just one of the phases of this perpetual war? Try to analyze the pattern of the unleashing of these man made mutating viruses.It started with high sounding diseases like SARS,then the Avian Flu Virus and now the Swine Flu Virus. Last year, the world became an unwitting victim of big pharmaceutical mafia that invented Tamiflu, the purported medicine that can cure the exaggerated "pandemic". Even Reuters report, Feb. 5,2009 confirmed a researched that showed that the mutating flu being propagandized by the World Health Organization was not the same as the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed millions of people. In 1918,it appeared to have been STREPTOCOCCUS PNEUMONIAE. The plot thickens when Tamiflu was exposed worldwide killing instead of curing patients. Recently, 5 million pieces of Tamiflu was given free to the WHO for global distribution. allegedly to fight another "hoax" of the Swine Flu Virus.

A group of lawyers are now monitoring possible infection outbreak not due to the fake pandemic but because of the vaccine and wrong medication that could lead to deaths instead of cure. Congress wake up! There's a need for a stricter LAW on MALPRACTICE or else it could be a "wag the dog" scenario like the movie, "28 Days Later".

Depopulation anyone?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Osama: Here We Go Again!

Osama: Here We Go Again!

by Erick San Juan

"Osama bin dead" for so many years is being reactivated again ala El Cid to create a hysteria in time for a global turbulence being programmed by a clique of evil genius. When will the people of the world be awakened to the sinister design of these ruthless so called "Reptilians"? Remember when bin Laden's imagery was used in a computer manipulated video showing him in a pink robe during the US presidential elections between Bush and Gore?. Many especially from the Muslim community were amazed to see a "mujahideen" wearing pink instead of the usual white or black robe. The other day,in time for the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama in Egypt where he addressed the Muslim world, a reported audio of Osama bin Laden was released by Al Jazeera news saying that President Obama was committing the same folly like Bush (former President George Bush,Jr.). He added that America should better be prepared for the consequences of the similarities. After the death of Bin Laden, the CIA unit headed by then Deputy Director Michael Scheuer monitoring Osama was dismantled, so thus, the other intelligence agencies. Even my colleagues from the Asia Media Forum who came from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and India confirmed Osama's death. They are in one that Osama was killed when his airconditioned underground safehouse in the mountain of Tora Bora was heavily bombed. Even the late Benazir Bhutto affirmed bin Laden's death. What's the significance of Osama's threat? It was timed when the American leader, President Obama is seeking a better relationship with the Muslims and at the same time rallying the Muslims against extremism. Even if President Obama is acting in good faith, the speech drew mixed reactions, others are still suspicious while many believe that it could be a double talk. The hardliners among them want to believe Obama but not it"s governments foreign policy. They are wary and vigilant everytime they're visited by American officials who they believe are just assets or agents of the so called "Reptilians" in the western governments.This Elite group reportedly manipulates all race,nations,religion and gradually pushing their agenda of world control by proxies.

An Islamic scholar once told me that Al Jazeera News who was neutral in the past could be playing footsies now with vested interest groups. Whose really behind the Al Jazeera? Is it the Qatar government? Who's in control?

I hope that the new "presence" of Bin Laden will not be the justification of a new terror plot in the offing. Rumor mill in the Middle East are watching the outcome of the Iran elections and a possible terror plot in Jerusalem where the main targets are the two religious sites namely the Dome of the Rock meaning the Muslim Golden Mosque and the Jews Wailing Wall.

God forbid!