Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"The Writing is on the Wall"

"The Writing is on the Wall"
By Erick San Juan

Recently, the Russian Ministry of Defence has written to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, as well as to President Medvedev, that President Hu Jintao of China has now agreed “in principle” that the only way to counter America’s military eruption and aggression is through “direct and immediate military action.” This explosive news has not appeared on the “Western” media! Earlier, Major General Zhao Zhangzhong of the Chinese National Defence University was quoted by a Chinese channel, NDTV, as having said that, if Iran was attacked “China would not hesitate to protect Iran, even with a Third World War.” (Source: How far is World War III? By Mujahid Kamran, posted on truther on December 22, 2011)

Is the report mentioned here that happened two months ago could be the reason why the US and its allies had second thought of attacking Iran? Although the events unfolding after this supposed “declaration” seems to be that Washington’s war plan is still on.

The program is still on, yes, it can be delayed. But the fact that Uncle Sam has made his presence in the Asia-Pacific region (again?) and called on its allies, we are very much on the edge of a possible global conflict, whether we like it or not.

SC and the VFA

Whether the regional conflict will start in the Middle East or in the Pacific region, our country is definitely in the cross hairs. Why is this so?

Simply put, as US President Barack Obama continued what former President George 'Dubya' Bush,jr. has started, despite the cut in its defense budget, so does President Benigno Aquino III following the footsteps of Gloria Arroyo. They are both perceived as loyal slaves, kowtowing to an elite master. Dragging us all into a war that we never dreamt of participating.

So what else is new?

Even in this so-called review of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), there’s nothing new about it, just plain and simple “chubibo” from the very start of this administration. Translation – a repeat performance (copied from the previous administration) with a different casting.

The mere fact that we are already being taken for a ride by Uncle Sam, are we still going to allow our own government deceive us into believing that all is well with the US troops staying (indefinitely) here and everywhere? What the American policy makers did was the transformation of our country into a huge military base! They are everywhere, anywhere, anytime. So the provision in the VFA of a “temporary” stay of the US troops, is a big BULL....! Need we say more?

To elaborate more, here is a portion of the article written by Mike Billington from the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) :

“Now, Aquino and Obama are implementing the basing policy through outright dictatorial means, attempting to castrate the Supreme Court while preventing the issue from even being discussed in the Congress (which is largely controlled by the President, especially the House). The entire nation is caught up in the melodrama of an impeachment trial now going on in the Senate, and there is virtually no discussion of the illegality of the blatant move to establish the U.S. bases.”

There is one problem – the deployment of foreign military bases in the Philippines is explicitly forbidden in the Philippine Constitution.

To solve that pesky impediment, Obama has called upon his faithful puppet currently occupying the Philippine Presidency, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, to impose a virtual dictatorship upon the nation, by destroying the Supreme Court – the only institution which could stop the effort to rip up the Constitution and turn the Philippines into a military base, and canon fodder, in the intended war on China.”

The impeachment telenovela is muddling the real issue, while the nation is glued to its daily antic, our country is inching its way to the sacrificial table.

The present leadership must take heed for the “writing is on the wall".

May God help us all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Clandestine Operations in the Offing

More Clandestine Operations in the Offing
By Erick San Juan

According to President Barack Obama, the “tide of war is receding”….

Is it? Or is it because the Pentagon is now focused on a more covert kind of war in the offing?

In his article - Special Ops Now Defines the Pentagon's Expanding Wars by Danny Schechter (blogger and filmmaker) states that “William H. McRaven is an admiral in Obama’s Navy. He was a member of Seal Team 3, and oversaw the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

He’s the consummate Special Ops warrior and wants more special ops forces, more drones and, most significantly, more “autonomy” (read, power) to position “his” troops in more places. He is now lobbying to expand his “freedom” by building a bigger arsenal of undercover operatives under his command.

The admiral's proposal, the Times notes, “would also allow the Special Operations forces to expand their presence in regions where they have not operated in large numbers for the past decade, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America.”

McRaven argues that “thickening the Special Operations deployments in these other regions would allow the United States to be ready to respond more rapidly to a broader range of threats.”

Special operations forces have already been deployed in over 75 countries, ranging from the Dominican Republic and Peru to the Philippines, Yemen, Somalia and central Asia.

The Philippines is not new to this Special Ops (as our country was mentioned in the news report ). We have the Joint Special Operations Task Force- Philippines (JSOTF-P), a unit that has been indefinitely embedded in southern Mindanao since 2002.

The JSOTF-P's stationing in Mindanao "is a prototype of the new kind of overseas basing that the US has introduced as part of its ongoing effort to realign its global basing structure," from a study made by Focus on the Global South.

Through the global war on terror (GWOT), it is much easier for Uncle Sam to justify these Special Ops to be stationed indefinitely in a country that is geostrategically located for their special covert operations.

Just recently, a news report from The Nation online cited that “The Pentagon used the Kashmir earthquake of 2005 to send operatives from the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) into Pakistan, reveals a new book.

"The JSOC has proven to be the most lethal weapon in the President’s arsenal.", as written by D.B Grady and Marc Ambinder in their just-published eBook The Command: Deep Inside the President’s Secret Army. President Obama and the Pentagon leadership have increasingly made Navy Seals from the JSOC their military tool of choice.

Furthermore – The authors of 'The Command' say that the US intelligence community “took advantage of the chaos to spread resources of its own” into Pakistan. Using valid US passports and posing as construction and aid workers, dozens of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives and contractors flooded in without the requisite background checks from Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency.”

The covert operation that was staged in Pakistan is similar to what had occurred particularly in Mindanao and we were ahead by three years. Unlike in Pakistan, the situation here is different, through the Visiting Forces Agreement, the JSOC established without much hassle the JSOTF-P. The main reason for the indefinite stay of the special ops in the south is for anti-insurgency. Translation - that is why we never solve the insurgency problem in Mindanao because if we do, the JSOTF-P will no longer be needed.

The mere fact that the ‘JSOC would allow the United States to be ready to respond more rapidly to a broader range of threats’ their presence here is more beneficial to them than to our country. That is why all this talk about helping us modernize our armed forces (with WWII vintage junk military equipments) and patrolling our air and sea territories are all “chubibo”. We are being taken for a ride here and worst, we have to pay for that ride. What a big bull....!

Our so-called leaders must open their eyes to such deception by some officials of Uncle Sam. Remember that we are strategically located both in the Asia-Pacific region and near the Indian Ocean. So, if there will be any eventualities in the Middle East and Asia, like the threat of conflict in Iran, we are very much in the cross hairs. Why? It’s the presence of the JSOTF-P, st....!

Finally, for us and for all the countries with JSOC in their midst, whether we like it or not, “A commitment to more special forces is a commitment to more imperial intervention, and specialized units operating above the law and beyond the law. It’s more secrecy in government with a constant danger of abuse. It promises more secrecy and manipulation,” from Danny Schechter.

Is the ongoing political turbulence which could be sinister be the quid pro quo, believed by many as part of the exchange deal like the Marcos martial rule? Lets be vigilant!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the Cross Hairs

In the Cross Hairs
By Erick San Juan
The presence of the so called smaller military base in the country may it be real or virtual, the bottom line here is – we are in the cross hairs of Uncle Sam’s frenemies (friends and/or enemies). Any eventualities will put us in grave danger if our leaders will not be wary.
I have written several articles before as a warning of a possible conflict in the region courtesy of a leadership that continues to kowtow to a perceived master. Here we go again, as Washington tries to make ends meet and at the same time wanted to remain a superpower in the Asia-Pacific region, saw the opportunity of increasing its military presence here via the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).
Actually, the US doesn’t need a new base because they have been using the strategic parts of our country in our military camps as their portable bases with the blessing from our leaders. If before they had the Subic Bay and the Clark Airfield, now through the VFA, they are everywhere and thanks to 'Balikatan', they can have their exercises everywhere, anywhere too. That is why, we also have a virtual sovereignty because the whole country was turned into Uncle Sam’s military base.
“For the Philippine government to give more than what we have already acceded to the US within the Visiting Forces Agreement would be counter-productive and a step towards infringing the sovereignty of our country,” San Juan Cong. JV Ejercito said.
That is the sad part, when we have given everything as a loyal friend and ally and yet we are treated as beggars and not as such. We never learn.
FMF and PHL Military Modernization
Foreign Military Financing (FMF) is a critical foreign policy tool for promoting U.S. interests around the world by ensuring that coalition partners and friendly foreign governments are equipped and trained to work toward common security goals and share burdens in joint missions. (Source: US State Dept.)
Sounds good.
By increasing demand for U.S. systems, FMF also contributes to a strong U.S. defense industrial base, an important element of U.S. national defense strategy that reduces cost for Department of Defense acquisitions and secures more jobs for American workers. (Ibid)
Stating the facts here, do we have to be grateful to the American government? The rhetoric and doublespeak of Andrew Shapiro, the assistant secretary for political-military affairs, when he said.  “We continue to provide foreign military financing... it’s a challenging budget environment in Washington, however the Philippines is a priority.”  Correction, we are not in the priority list!  The mere fact that Shapiro said in Washington DC that the Philippine wish list to obtain a squadron of F-16 to improve it's defense capability was not discussed.(PhilStar Feb.11,2012)
FMF provides grants for the acquisition of U.S. defense equipment, services and training, which promotes U.S. national security by contributing to regional and global stability, etc….. (Ibid) So it’s a big 'BS' to say that we are buying these so called military (junk) hardwares to modernize and secure our territory. It is very clear it’s for Washington’s benefits more than our country’s. Translation – we are fueling the American economy and giving them jobs while our country is suffering from hunger and depriving the poor from the much needed social services.
Imagine, we bought the “junk” stripped of its important features: sensors, communications and electronics equipment, and close-in weapons system for P450 million pesos. And now as if begging them to return the features, they have to think about it for reconsideration? Bull----!
If PNoy will not use his 'coconut' and continue to impress his master and be a slave forever,  please do it alone and don't drag the whole nation. For eventually we will not be in the cross hairs anymore, we will be in the middle of the crossfire!
Please wake up!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's Get Our Act Together! by Erick San Juan

Let's Get Our Act Together! by Erick San Juan

Americans are our friends. But, let us all be wary every time Uncle Sam’s top officials and representatives visit the country. . .

In May of last year, I wrote about the “visit” of US Senators Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and William Thad Cochran (R- Mississippi) to the country for a “possible return of the US naval base in Subic.” Of course, the US embassy here denied this and that the visit was “to see the economic progress in the Subic Freeport area that has been made over the years and to ask how the US can collaborate.”
And, could it be that the said visit of the two elder senators from the US Senate Appropriations committee was to test the water, so to speak of what could be the reaction of the populace?

It has been ten months since that visit (translation - ocular inspection) and there seems to be a follow-up on the matter now that the Pentagon is seeking to cut about $490 billion from projected defense spending over a decade.

"The Obama administration now intends to send about 4,500 US Marines stationed in Japan to Guam and to rotate an additional 4,000 through Australia, Subic Bay and perhaps a smaller base in the Philippines and Hawaii.", according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the plan hasn’t been announced. (Source: Manila Standard Today 2/4/2012)

Now that the cat is out of the bag, for some, this could be a new development but for us who is keenly observing the confluence of events, this is not new.

As I have said in my last guesting (last Friday night) over at Global News Network of Destiny Cable at the show of Mentong Laurel, US troops never left and they are using our military camps as portable bases via the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA). In this way, they are actually saving a lot of dollars because in reality the annual joint military exercises has benefitted them a lot more than our Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Actually that “smaller base” in the south has been there as the aftermath of Bush’s synthetic war on terror. And now, according to reports, Uncle Sam will send its marines and navy men in Subic Bay on rotation with its other allies.

Floating Base

Speaking of portable base, Washington has plans of deploying of what they call “floating base”, first in the Middle East this summer. According to news release from the New York Times online dated 1/27/2012 - The conversion of the Ponce, which had been scheduled for retirement, would be an interim step to providing the military with its first afloat staging base.

The Pentagon’s new budget proposals, unveiled Thursday, included money to turn a freighter hull into a full-time floating base that could be moved around the world for military operations or humanitarian missions.

Seriously? That familiar line again – for humanitarian missions?

Is there anything new?

Methinks that this upcoming floating base will visit our ports in no time at all once it sails and could possibly bring more headaches in this side of the Pacific than for humanitarian reasons.

This writer has been consistently warning this administration to be cautious in dealing with foreign friends and/or allies because historically we have been shortchanged by leaders who thinks more for what’s in it for them than for what the country will gain for such agreements. I hope, if not the President himself, maybe the people in his loop will guide his decisions when it comes to national security.

Let us not forget the warning of Sen. Miriam Santiago that we might be the “lightning rod” in the region if we will not be careful enough to realize that we are actually attracting more enemies of Uncle Sam in the process.

Let's get our act together!