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9/11: The Anti-War Version

The earth is gifted with people who give the other side of the truth. Some believe that their agenda is sometimes the necessary “evil” to balance the law of global control. I will cite the revelation of Col. Donn De Grande-Pre at the Alex Jones Show as an example.

The trigger for the 9/11 activity was the imminent unstoppable worldwide financial collapse which can only be prevented temporarily by a major war, perhaps to become World War III. To bring it off one more time, martial law will probably be imposed in the United States, says Col. Donn De Grande, a ret. U.S. army at the radio talk show of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones, A popular radio host said that “we’ve seen Gen. Eberhart says that’s the next step. Gen. Tommy Franks said that’s the next step. Are those chilling statements?

Col. De Grand-Pre the guest of Jones show wrote his 1st book, the Serpents Sting, where in he exposed a coming coup d’ etat in the U.S. The book was written in the year 2000. He added that, “We are in a world of hurt.” He added that the coup was supposed to be called the administrative coup that came off September 11th. It’s an intensification of the elite in a coup against the American people.

Alex Jones commented that these “elite” groups are federalizing everything, militarizing everything, and are engaging in the classic take over.

Col. De Grand-Pre said that the American people can only stop it through a classic counter-coup where the military steps in and under the aegis of the military itself, disengaging or disemboweling.

The civilian hierarchy, the taking over, the re-running and the re-organizing of the federal government.

Alex Jones was wary that there are so many CFR (Council for Foreign Relations) minion in the Pentagon and many high level officers are in the globalist team.

De Grand reacted that the most important thing to consider is how many of them are sincere in their beliefs as enunciated by the CFR. He believes that there are several sleepers (translation-patriots) and he knows some of them personally who are 3 and 4 star generals. They are members of the CFR but “their heart belongs to Jesus.” Some of them are marines, and I’m counting on them to do the right thing.

De Grand concluded that he doesn’t believe that the scenarios given will happen in exactly that fashion. You’ll never know when coup & counter-coup could happen or who are involved. This is a plus factor for any planners of a counter-coup d’ etat.

Alex Jones queried as to how many people in the Pentagon knew that an element of a global system, a crime syndicate, carried out 9/11. Jones reiterated that it accelerated the division from within.

Col. Donn De Grand-Pre used to work in many of the levels of the U.S. military. Few years back, he put out a report in a meeting, a 72 hour deliberation with a group of military civilian U.S. pilots which he chaired. It concluded that the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved in the September 11th twin tower tragedy in 2001 had no control over their aircrafts. They get into how the military industrial complex clearly was in control of the whole operation. He stated that 70% of the higher ranking military officers, field grade officers, etc and even enlisted personnels were aware of the evil schemes of the so called “elites”. He added that the neocons that are now in power especially in the defense department were good in bluffing and always gets away with it. Both Jones and De Grand believe that, the neocons wrap their un-American agenda in a flag and the general public buys it so the military has to sit there and take it. But those days are coming to an end and the military aren’t going to take it any longer.

Alex Jones said that so many American people now know who the real terrorists are. From watching the globalist activities, they have a plan. A lot of things they planned haven’t gone according to schedule and it seems they don’t know what to do right now.

According to De Grand, the Pentagon patriots hate former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and military personnels reportedly almost got him in Baghdad when they fired the salvo. One night, of weaponry and they scared Wolfowitz and Richard Perle who many people believed are crazy and madmen. Perle has been telling everyone how we are going to have World War III. Perle bragged on how they are going to nuke everyone. De Grand believes that Perle is a complete lunatic.

When talking about U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, De Grand said that he’s a coward and that he’s using the U.S. Naval observatory bunkers as his safe house.

Some points to consider according to Al Jones were given by several callers like John of New York, who was from the Air Force, expert with radar operation and was assigned at the air defense command. He said that the airlines turned around at Erie, Pennsylvania and were off-course for approximately one hour, at the wrong altitude, at the wrong speed, without radio contact and it is absolutely insane for anybody to believe that it could happen unless people were told to stay down.

Payne Stewart in 18 minutes had five F-16’s around him in the middle of no where, in the most sensitive air corridor in the world, the eastern coast which included Washington D.C. and New York, with the four planes all over the map. They know that there’s hijacking and VP Dick Cheney was in control.

John added the fighter jets stationed in Virginia near Washington D.C. could have intercepted the planes in 15 minutes and preempted the tragedy.

Al Jones was curious why public officials were told not to go to New York on that date of September 11, why did the Bush family protected the Bin Laden family, what about the reported insider trading in time for the 9/11? etc.

De Grand exposed in his books that the chairman of the joint chiefs himself agreed that there’s no hijackers. There were no cell phone calls. Everybody aboard that aircraft, pilots and crews, were unconscious within 8 to 18 minutes after take-off, they’re all knocked out for unknown reason and then remote control takes place and the rest was history. These planes were being piloted by remote control, probably an AWAC’s aircraft taking over those planes or unmanned drones and flying them at 5 and 8 G-Force that no pilot could withstand. It was allegedly an old but modified technology and tested since 1944. The planes were allegedly modified with some type of giant belly attachments.

In the open forum, De Grand said that the second aircraft that hit the World Trade Center did have a control device on the belly of the 757. The aircraft was unmanned and went in and blew up as a diversion. This was a side show. They had bombs in the buildings like the way how to collapse old buildings.

The one that hit Pentagon was a cruise missile and it could be a global hawk and not a commercial aircraft. That was what the eyewitnesses said and evidences showed. It’s an area under renovation which was hit by the missile. It was a diversionary hit for strategic reasons.

Alex Jones added that the Pentagon was the most surveilled area in the world but there’s no video of the incident.

The United Airlines flight 93 with totally unconscious people on board and no hijackers, was shot down in Pennsylvania by the air guard flying the F-16’s. The adjutant general of the state of North Dakota gave the order to take it out according to De Grand.

Angel Jones suggested that the diversionary blast at the Pentagon was designed so no one would get suspicious and think it was a military coup.

According to De Grand, the F-16’s came off base in Langley to intercept over Pennsylvania. The F-16 pilots were old friends of De Grand from the Air National Guard and from his home state of North Dakota. The F-16’s were part of the 119 fighter group and called the “Happy Hooligans”. They are probably the best interceptors that U.S. Air Force has. The crew didn’t even know where they’re going and then told to engage the VA 93 with two side winder missiles.

Jones commented that it’s all made up theatre for the public and we buy it like a bunch of saps.

The chicken hawks could be serving the real rulers of the world, the thirteen families or whatever they are and been dutifully pushing the agenda for the world government.

De Grand added that these guys only understand one ingredient and that is force. And can only be challenge by military tribunals.

Jones reacted that the tribunals created by the chicken hawks were defied by the military like in Guantanamo.

Gen. Rick Bachus, the head of Gitmo, Guantanamo bay resigned and said, “I’m not going to torture innocent people”. It was never released in the newspapers.

The independent inquiry into the September 11th World Trade Center attack and the Portugal based investigative journalists warned the American public that its government’s official version of the events did not stand up to scrutiny.

A lot of Americans are now waking up. More and more mainstream media have addressed it. Thanks to computer and web technology, the world have read and seen the other side of the truth. And most of all thank you, American patriots for attempting to save the world from the evil schemes of the “elite”.


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The U.S. Senate last Friday reportedly doubled the reward on Osama Bin Laden in the amount of $50 million. Is the U.S. government for real? But Washington base SITE INTELLIGENCE GROUP confirmed that the video tape of Osama Bin Laden which was presented in the news world wide was an old file. According to AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE, Osama was last heard in an audiotape posted on the internet last July, 2006.

Haji Mansour Dadullah, a brother of slain Taliban leader said that Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden is alive, active and well (Reuters, 6/7/07). Mansur said that he was sent a letter of condolence by Bin Laden regarding the martyrdom of his brother, Mullah Dadullah, who was killed by U.S. led forces. When interviewed by Al Jazeera, Mansur reported that Bin Laden was just avoiding media exposure for his safety and its part of Osama’s military strategy. Another spin of Mansur was that he allegedly urged Osama not to meet anyone and stay in hiding and continue to give directives to keep the Al Qaeda active in Afghanistan and in the world.

It seems that scenario builders need better script writers. We have to remind them that the former top spy of the U.S., the patriotic former CIA chief, George Tenet, in a Congressional hearing stated that it was not Bin Laden who’s doing terrorism worldwide but several groups of jihadists. Tenet was fired for telling the truth.

After the massive bombing of Tora-Bora, the concrete mountain safehouse of Bin Laden, several newspaper clippings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. made several press releases of Osama Bin “dead”.

Another spin was an allegedly intelligence leak coming from French DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) dated September 21 given to a regional French newspaper, L’est Republican and published last September 23, 2006, claiming that Osama died from typhoid. The secret report was reportedly presented to former President Jacques Chirac, who was furious that such secret report managed to get into the hands of the media.

The French report said that even the Saudi Arabian security services were convinced that Bin Laden was dead. The Saudi intelligence received a memo advising that the Al Qaeda leader had fallen ill on August 23, 2006. His condition left a number of internal organs partially paralyzed. On September 4, 2006, the Saudi Secret Service got the information that Osama died.

After the float a lot of denials occurred. There was even an amusing video of Bin Laden wearing pink while threatening the U.S. government which surprised the Muslim world. Mujahideens usually wear white or black. Another photo of Bin Laden wearing a ring in his right finger when in truth he’s left handed.

If Bin Laden is still alive, how come the CIA disbanded its terrorist tracking unit known as the Alec Station that hunted Osama for so many years?

Most of its operators and analysts were reassigned to other offices within the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center, according to New York Times. Michael Scheuer, former CIA Senior Official used to head the Bin Laden unit. Steve Watson of Infowars claimed that Osama was a protected CIA asset with codename “Tim Osman”.

The world is skeptical as to the Bin Laden and Al Qaeda myth. We have to remember that Osama was a great propagandist like Abu Sayyaf’s Abu Sabaya. But when Sabaya was killed, his myth became a close book. You cannot stop this kind of people from talking, if they’re still alive.

Will the real “El Cid” come out in the open? Or is the Osama being kept alive in media, a part of the fear and war mongering to have a continuity of the “project”?

Just asking.


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According to the Newsweek issue dated June 4, 2007, entitled Secret War with Washington, U.S. President George Bush, Jr. expects a bloody summer in Iraq due to a growing covert war between the United States of America and Iran. Tehran purportedly supports Iraq insurgent thru a super secret unit called Department 9000 which is allegedly part of elite Quds force of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards corps. This elite unit reportedly supports a clandestine liaison between Shiite insurgents and IRGC, the Iran’s main internal security arm.

President Bush approved a secret order authorizing the CIA to harass but not to overthrow the Iranian regime.

Is the Bush Administration serious in Iran’s regime change? Is it just saber rattling and could be part of psy ops to neutralize the unity and expansionism of the Shiites in the Middle East?

Why register your punches? In a successful intrusion, the element of surprise is a must like what the U.S. did to Libya, Which effectively neutralized Khaddafi.

Could this be the chicken hawks war policy to prolong the battle like what they did to Saddam Hussein and Iraq? Or is it a way to drag other nation states to support Iran’s fight against the American establishment?

The Newsweek deliberate leak could also be an exposé by patriots in the U.S. media, a déjà vu of Pulitzer Prize awardee and veteran writer-reporter Jack Anderson’s exposing former president Richard Nixon’s lies about the U.S. tilt in the India-Pakistan war.

Dr. Erick San Juan, DLitt.

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Our Leaders Should Learn from History!

Every time the U.S. Wall Street is on the verge of collapse, a global war follows. According to Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, the greatest threat facing America today is not terrorism, or foreign economic competition or illegal immigration but the disastrous fiscal policies of its own government, allegedly marked by shameless deficit spending and Federal Reserve currency devaluation. He added that congress spends more than it can tax or borrow, and the Fed (meaning the Federal Reserve) continues to devalue its currency. Day by day, American people’s dollar is being devalued. The Fed’s inflationary policies hurt the senior citizen’s and the unemployed. Most of them rely on their pensions and social security which destroys their buying power.

So if corporate America fails, the military industrial complex acts to save America. The problem is, they transfer the blame to other nation states, parroting the hoax of terrorism without blaming some of their “operators” and “contractors” in creating state sponsored terrorists like Bin Laden, Ramzi Yousef, etc.

Allies or former allies who the “establishment” believe shift their loyalty to their perceived enemy, suffers the consequences. Look what happened to Marcos, Shah of Iran, Noriega of Panama, Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam, Saddam Hussein, Somoza, Etc. who are known Amboy’s or American Boys but were ousted by their colonial masters.

We’ll dissect one example which is very relevant to the Philippine situation today, the Nicaraguan Scenario.

In 1972 to 1974, Somoza Debayle was installed to power in Nicaragua through the help of the U.S. government. U.S. marines were sent to Nicaragua to back up Somoza’s contingent in implementing Martial Law.

The late President Ferdinand Marcos did the same thing in 1972 with the backing of the U.S.

But after several years of Somoza’s presidency, he became a nationalist and started defying the secret orders of “Washington”.

The U.S. felt bad about Somoza’s change of heart and economic sanctions were felt by the Nicaraguans. Nicaragua experienced an economic slowdown, and corruption became endemic, Somoza’s military became his sole protector.

During that time, the assassination of Joaquin Chamorro, the editor of the Anti-Somoza Newspaper, La Prenza agitated the restive Nicaraguans. A déjà vu of the Ninoy Aquino assassination at the tarmac and the political killings during PGMA’s. Chamorro’s death emboldened the Sandinista National Liberation Front to fight the government, with the help of its confused citizenry. Nicaragua became ripe for anarchy and eventually plunged into a civil war.

The Sandinista government won and took over the government in 1979 after Somoza fled to Miami, then Paraguay. It implemented several reforms, social programs, etc. but when the Sandinista gave the Nicaraguans the chance to decide their own future, it got the ire of the U.S. government. The Reagan – Bush Administration started funding and arming the contra war, to undermine the Sandinista regime.

Somoza was a West Point graduate, a very Pro-American & Anti-Communist like the late President Ramon Magsaysay and Marcos. Magsaysay’s predicament was his promise to the communists “Hukbalahap”, to give them livelihood and rehabilitation but the U.S. promise of support for the project in the amount of U.S. $1 Million was never delivered by then Col. Ed Landsdale. That was the start of the rift between Magsaysay and Landsdale.

The GMA administration should be wary of this pattern of history, especially now that President Gloria Arroyo is perceived to be using her China card.

Political observers were amazed when the U.S. and the United Nations have warned the Arroyo government about human rights atrocities and the political killings of the left and some media practitioners.

United Nations fact finding team knew for a fact that there is a clique within the government who’s head was a known anarchist in the past, a rabid anti-communist who created a militia of former communists and cafgu’s who’s doing the carnage. The perception is that such operation has the blessing of Malacañang. Despite the order of PGMA to stop and investigate the killings, extermination continues.

Political Pundits assessment is that the American and the Philippine governments are both Anti-Communists. But why is the U.S. establishment serious in investigating the alleged human rights violations, thus making the leaders of the progressive left like Congressman Satur Ocampo look like a hero in the mold of Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua.

With a divided military will history repeat itself? Or will our leaders repeat it?


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An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore: The Other Side of the Truth

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore made a documentary film and a report about global warming entitled, An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. It featured the evolution of the ecology and a book about global warming by scientists and ecologists. He became an instant environmentalist using a one sided script of global warming, giving lectures worldwide. He pointed out that so many minds have to be altered to convince the people of the danger and produce a solution as to the world’s possible extinction.

Gore showed several convincing statistics on how humans over used the worlds energy. The arctic is melting, CO2 is higher, the earth’s ozone layer is now depleting, etc. etc. Natural calamities and weather conditions have become erratic, diseases modify and virus mutates in the process. But Gore is giving us only a part of the truth. I hope that he’s not a prophet of doom for the globalist fear mongering agenda.

Gore said that global warming is a moral issue. I agree. But we have to remind him to look who’s talking. Has he forgotten the moral issue that the U.S.A. has been proposing through its several think tank and lobby groups, agreements and international policies which his government defies like the Kyoto Protocol?

What about its drug companies which patriotic Americans, book authors and writers has exposed? For example, the modified virus which mutates like SARS, flu virus, etc., which in turn would earn more money for drug companies since they would sell more medicines needed for the virus and of course these medicines would be expensive. What about the so called maintenance medicines especially for the senior citizens? These medicines make them addicted to it for the rest of their lives.

Maybe Gore could also touch on the issue of depopulation, weather engineering and state sponsored terrorism. These issues can’t be kept a secret anymore from the American people, despite sanitized and “balanced” newspapers and TV networks report.

The world has now awakened to the schemes of the globalist agenda.

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According to Business Mirror dated February 2, 2007, Associated Press (AP) dispatch said that the U.S. is losing out on global tourism. It added that visiting the U.S.A. nowadays isn’t as popular as it used to be due to delays and difficulties in getting U.S. Visas, long lines at customs, etc.

Travel & tourism industry is being affected due to what the American travel executives believe is the fear of the unknown. Chicken hawks fear mongering and the myth of war on terrorism was believed to be the main cause of the dying tourism business which also affects international trade relations.

Due to this alleged wrong U.S. foreign policy, the perception of the American leadership is getting uglier in the global scene these days.

In the Philippines, despite the good P.R. of the ever smiling Amb. Kristie Kenney and its approachable spokesman Matthew Lussenhop, Filipinos are still cynical as to the American agenda. One area that should be corrected is the issuance of visa. Many Filipinos believe that if the U.S. government is giving a free entry visa to the Japanese whose a former enemy of the U.S., why not be fair to the Filipinos who has fought a war not of their liking.

We Filipinos don’t mind paying as long as we can get what’s due us. We are even willing to pay a surety bond if the consulate believes that an applicant could be an intending immigrant. The U.S. should inform Washington about this. If not, the U.S. could lose the Philippines because of this love-hate relationship.

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Anti-Terrorism Bill, A Must?

The U.S. Embassy lauded the Philippine Congress ratification of the anti-terrorism bill. (Philippine Star, February 21, 2007). The reported watered down version is called the Human Security Act which is more appropriate than the word “terror”. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made a politically correct statement when she said that “the deal is a potent weapon and armor to shield not only the people but our economy as well from this global scourge”. Intelligence observers are now happy that the U.S. state sponsored terrorist like Osama Bin Laden, Ramzi Yousef and others are now either “erased” or jailed. Thanks to the Counter-Terrorism Forum hosted by the Asia foundation and the UAAP moderated by Muslim leaders like Amina Rasul and human rights lawyer Nasser Marohomsalic last year, where these so called “operatives” who metamorphosed into several monsters were tackled. We should also learn how to dismantle our own Frankensteins to avoid the full destruction of our good intelligence DPA’s or assets. After a good project some of them were displaced and others became assets and operators of few scalawags in uniform. Book author Webster Griffin Tarpley’s 911 Synthetic Terrorism, Made in U.S.A., said, it will be naive for everyone to believe that it’s only misery, oppression and desperation that give rise to terrorist organizations which is spontaneously expressed through these underlying moods. Tarpley added that we live in an era in which political and social reality are incessantly manipulated by intelligence agencies worldwide whose cumulative effect is to over determine or sub determine observed reality. He said that governments should be careful in recruiting assets which could be prospective terrorist from the immiserated masses and forming them into clandestine organizations. There should be constant guidance from the outside, behind and above. They require expert controllers. There ought to be a policy of a strict compliance in command responsibility. Who will police the police?

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Posted by: roland on 11 February 2007

If our leaders will not be careful and will be naive to follow the dictum of their colonial masters, methinks that we are now on the verge of something else?

Despite the successful control by the GMA administration in using its carrot and stick operation in handling the needs of the traditional politicians (TRAPOS), vested, interest groups, the hierarchy of the AFP & the PNP, the crack is slowly being seen & felt.

In the past, the GMA clique survives despite intrigues from within because, when there’s an external threat, they unite to fight the perceived enemy. The GMA administration has been very successful in putting so many DPA’s in each political camps, especially Erap’s. This pattern of infiltration was effectively done in the past, especially during the time of Cory Aquino. Marcos loyalist “key” people were the ones leaking strategic information to the “kamag-anak, inc.”

Many strategic analysts believe that if there’s any clandestine activities that would move and attempt to topple this government could be bloody. There will be no repeat of EDSA 1 & 2 bloodless turnover.

Enemies of this administration knew for a fact that PGMA will fight it out even if not to the end. Most of them believe that she created several cliques in her organization that could counter-balance any adventurism or ambition to take over her leadership. Just like any of our leaders in the past, the nightmare of stepping down from power is a no-no.

“Iyong na perwisyo o nasaktan mo” could retaliate. That’s the prize of leadership.

“Sa iyo ang corona pati tinik kasama”. Even former President Fidel Ramos talked about this exit scenario recently.

We have to remember that EDSA 1& 2 were successful due to the infighting from within. External forces attempted several times but failed like what happened to the several attempted coups during the time of Cory Aquino.

The problem this time is that PGMA is fighting, both internal & external forces. To cite one example:

The most dangerous & the most ambitious among the cliques are those who pretends to be friends & advisers of the President. One of the coteries operates like the left. If the left has the national democratic front as its umbrella organization, they have an ultra rightist “kuno”, NGO. The communist party of the Philippines (CPP) is countered by their right wing party. The New People’s Army (NPA) versus their military arm the (A6LM), which is actually the former light-a-fire movement. According to the text messages coming from contacts in our intelligence agencies, the recruitment of our AFP officers and men is done through its non government organization. The odd “couple” operates this way, the religious guru is allegedly “the thinker” while the partner is the reported “operator”.

In other fronts, the government is buying time to agree to disagree with, the peace pact with the MILF whose claim for its ancestral domain was the biggest stumbling block in the talks. The CPP-NPA-NDF has been buying arms from all sources despite their heavy losses of killing of their leaders reportedly by the militia.

Most of the leaders of the left & the progressive movements have been saying that the day of reckoning is coming soon and the situation is very ripe for something else.

The corruption, hunger, unemployment, etc. adds to the boiling social volcano despite the relentless economic success of the government.

The situation is compounded by foreign interventionists who believe that PGMA is not a truthful ally and could lean its loyalty to mainland China. That was the main reason why the ASEAN Summit was almost cancelled despite the denial of destabilization saying that there’s a super typhoon coming to postpone the summit. Just like what happened last December, reports of terrorism emanates from the alliance of foreign governments who don’t want a stronger alliance between China and the ASEAN.

The citizenry should learn how to read between the lines and help the government in neutralizing those man-made calamities in the offing! Or else we could go the South American way.


U.S. - R.P. Relation

How nice to see U.S. diplomats like the ever smiling Amb. Kristie Kinney and U.S. State Department Undersecretary Karen Hughes rubbing elbows, exchanging pleasantries and showing support to our Muslim brothers in the south. Even the Muslim communities in Mindanao are curious to the sudden all out support by the U.S. government. The silent majority there were even thankful for the U.S. military assistance, especially in neutralizing the Abu Sayyaf group which sowed fear and terror down south.

Amb. Rey Arcilla of Malaya asked, “Why was an “expected” phone call from U.S. President George W. Bush to Mrs. Gloria M. Arroyo so important?” Malaya 1/30/07

He suspected that the then visiting U.S. Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes who’s a close confidant of Bush must have promised that she will try her best to have the phone call to Arroyo made by Bush.

He added that, “why fish for congratulations for something we did well but which we had to do anyway?”

The truth of the matter was that U.S. President Bush did really call & congratulated PGMA while she was attending the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Methinks that such diplomacy is normal.

On the TV news, the reports in print media and radio, have been about the U.S. authorities have been congratulating our soldiers in killing top ASG leaders like Khadaffy Janjalani, Abu Solaiman and others in several encounters in Sulo.

Discussions of reward money coming from the U.S. government is being propagandized through the tri-media despite that up to now the reward that was supposed to be given to the group of former President Fidel Ramos was nowhere to be found in the discovery of the Ramzi Yousef plot. Not even a thank you letter to Gen. Sonny Razon of the PNP was never acknowledged.

If the Philippine Marines in Sulo are successful in the AFP anti-Abu Sayyaf campaign, why was its unit transferred to Basilan? The AFP camp at Bod Dato is now a U.S. military camp, according to a top AFP General, It’s ok if its part of any joint agreement between the U.S. and the Philippines.

Is it true that it’s now our military officers who have asked permission to enter the reported “U.S. camps?” In the past, foreign military officials and guests had to get a clearance from J2, AFP before they could operate such. Only in the Philippines.