Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our Leaders Should Learn from History!

Every time the U.S. Wall Street is on the verge of collapse, a global war follows. According to Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, the greatest threat facing America today is not terrorism, or foreign economic competition or illegal immigration but the disastrous fiscal policies of its own government, allegedly marked by shameless deficit spending and Federal Reserve currency devaluation. He added that congress spends more than it can tax or borrow, and the Fed (meaning the Federal Reserve) continues to devalue its currency. Day by day, American people’s dollar is being devalued. The Fed’s inflationary policies hurt the senior citizen’s and the unemployed. Most of them rely on their pensions and social security which destroys their buying power.

So if corporate America fails, the military industrial complex acts to save America. The problem is, they transfer the blame to other nation states, parroting the hoax of terrorism without blaming some of their “operators” and “contractors” in creating state sponsored terrorists like Bin Laden, Ramzi Yousef, etc.

Allies or former allies who the “establishment” believe shift their loyalty to their perceived enemy, suffers the consequences. Look what happened to Marcos, Shah of Iran, Noriega of Panama, Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam, Saddam Hussein, Somoza, Etc. who are known Amboy’s or American Boys but were ousted by their colonial masters.

We’ll dissect one example which is very relevant to the Philippine situation today, the Nicaraguan Scenario.

In 1972 to 1974, Somoza Debayle was installed to power in Nicaragua through the help of the U.S. government. U.S. marines were sent to Nicaragua to back up Somoza’s contingent in implementing Martial Law.

The late President Ferdinand Marcos did the same thing in 1972 with the backing of the U.S.

But after several years of Somoza’s presidency, he became a nationalist and started defying the secret orders of “Washington”.

The U.S. felt bad about Somoza’s change of heart and economic sanctions were felt by the Nicaraguans. Nicaragua experienced an economic slowdown, and corruption became endemic, Somoza’s military became his sole protector.

During that time, the assassination of Joaquin Chamorro, the editor of the Anti-Somoza Newspaper, La Prenza agitated the restive Nicaraguans. A déjà vu of the Ninoy Aquino assassination at the tarmac and the political killings during PGMA’s. Chamorro’s death emboldened the Sandinista National Liberation Front to fight the government, with the help of its confused citizenry. Nicaragua became ripe for anarchy and eventually plunged into a civil war.

The Sandinista government won and took over the government in 1979 after Somoza fled to Miami, then Paraguay. It implemented several reforms, social programs, etc. but when the Sandinista gave the Nicaraguans the chance to decide their own future, it got the ire of the U.S. government. The Reagan – Bush Administration started funding and arming the contra war, to undermine the Sandinista regime.

Somoza was a West Point graduate, a very Pro-American & Anti-Communist like the late President Ramon Magsaysay and Marcos. Magsaysay’s predicament was his promise to the communists “Hukbalahap”, to give them livelihood and rehabilitation but the U.S. promise of support for the project in the amount of U.S. $1 Million was never delivered by then Col. Ed Landsdale. That was the start of the rift between Magsaysay and Landsdale.

The GMA administration should be wary of this pattern of history, especially now that President Gloria Arroyo is perceived to be using her China card.

Political observers were amazed when the U.S. and the United Nations have warned the Arroyo government about human rights atrocities and the political killings of the left and some media practitioners.

United Nations fact finding team knew for a fact that there is a clique within the government who’s head was a known anarchist in the past, a rabid anti-communist who created a militia of former communists and cafgu’s who’s doing the carnage. The perception is that such operation has the blessing of Malacañang. Despite the order of PGMA to stop and investigate the killings, extermination continues.

Political Pundits assessment is that the American and the Philippine governments are both Anti-Communists. But why is the U.S. establishment serious in investigating the alleged human rights violations, thus making the leaders of the progressive left like Congressman Satur Ocampo look like a hero in the mold of Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua.

With a divided military will history repeat itself? Or will our leaders repeat it?


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