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Posted by: roland on 11 February 2007

If our leaders will not be careful and will be naive to follow the dictum of their colonial masters, methinks that we are now on the verge of something else?

Despite the successful control by the GMA administration in using its carrot and stick operation in handling the needs of the traditional politicians (TRAPOS), vested, interest groups, the hierarchy of the AFP & the PNP, the crack is slowly being seen & felt.

In the past, the GMA clique survives despite intrigues from within because, when there’s an external threat, they unite to fight the perceived enemy. The GMA administration has been very successful in putting so many DPA’s in each political camps, especially Erap’s. This pattern of infiltration was effectively done in the past, especially during the time of Cory Aquino. Marcos loyalist “key” people were the ones leaking strategic information to the “kamag-anak, inc.”

Many strategic analysts believe that if there’s any clandestine activities that would move and attempt to topple this government could be bloody. There will be no repeat of EDSA 1 & 2 bloodless turnover.

Enemies of this administration knew for a fact that PGMA will fight it out even if not to the end. Most of them believe that she created several cliques in her organization that could counter-balance any adventurism or ambition to take over her leadership. Just like any of our leaders in the past, the nightmare of stepping down from power is a no-no.

“Iyong na perwisyo o nasaktan mo” could retaliate. That’s the prize of leadership.

“Sa iyo ang corona pati tinik kasama”. Even former President Fidel Ramos talked about this exit scenario recently.

We have to remember that EDSA 1& 2 were successful due to the infighting from within. External forces attempted several times but failed like what happened to the several attempted coups during the time of Cory Aquino.

The problem this time is that PGMA is fighting, both internal & external forces. To cite one example:

The most dangerous & the most ambitious among the cliques are those who pretends to be friends & advisers of the President. One of the coteries operates like the left. If the left has the national democratic front as its umbrella organization, they have an ultra rightist “kuno”, NGO. The communist party of the Philippines (CPP) is countered by their right wing party. The New People’s Army (NPA) versus their military arm the (A6LM), which is actually the former light-a-fire movement. According to the text messages coming from contacts in our intelligence agencies, the recruitment of our AFP officers and men is done through its non government organization. The odd “couple” operates this way, the religious guru is allegedly “the thinker” while the partner is the reported “operator”.

In other fronts, the government is buying time to agree to disagree with, the peace pact with the MILF whose claim for its ancestral domain was the biggest stumbling block in the talks. The CPP-NPA-NDF has been buying arms from all sources despite their heavy losses of killing of their leaders reportedly by the militia.

Most of the leaders of the left & the progressive movements have been saying that the day of reckoning is coming soon and the situation is very ripe for something else.

The corruption, hunger, unemployment, etc. adds to the boiling social volcano despite the relentless economic success of the government.

The situation is compounded by foreign interventionists who believe that PGMA is not a truthful ally and could lean its loyalty to mainland China. That was the main reason why the ASEAN Summit was almost cancelled despite the denial of destabilization saying that there’s a super typhoon coming to postpone the summit. Just like what happened last December, reports of terrorism emanates from the alliance of foreign governments who don’t want a stronger alliance between China and the ASEAN.

The citizenry should learn how to read between the lines and help the government in neutralizing those man-made calamities in the offing! Or else we could go the South American way.


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