Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The U.S. Senate last Friday reportedly doubled the reward on Osama Bin Laden in the amount of $50 million. Is the U.S. government for real? But Washington base SITE INTELLIGENCE GROUP confirmed that the video tape of Osama Bin Laden which was presented in the news world wide was an old file. According to AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE, Osama was last heard in an audiotape posted on the internet last July, 2006.

Haji Mansour Dadullah, a brother of slain Taliban leader said that Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden is alive, active and well (Reuters, 6/7/07). Mansur said that he was sent a letter of condolence by Bin Laden regarding the martyrdom of his brother, Mullah Dadullah, who was killed by U.S. led forces. When interviewed by Al Jazeera, Mansur reported that Bin Laden was just avoiding media exposure for his safety and its part of Osama’s military strategy. Another spin of Mansur was that he allegedly urged Osama not to meet anyone and stay in hiding and continue to give directives to keep the Al Qaeda active in Afghanistan and in the world.

It seems that scenario builders need better script writers. We have to remind them that the former top spy of the U.S., the patriotic former CIA chief, George Tenet, in a Congressional hearing stated that it was not Bin Laden who’s doing terrorism worldwide but several groups of jihadists. Tenet was fired for telling the truth.

After the massive bombing of Tora-Bora, the concrete mountain safehouse of Bin Laden, several newspaper clippings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. made several press releases of Osama Bin “dead”.

Another spin was an allegedly intelligence leak coming from French DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) dated September 21 given to a regional French newspaper, L’est Republican and published last September 23, 2006, claiming that Osama died from typhoid. The secret report was reportedly presented to former President Jacques Chirac, who was furious that such secret report managed to get into the hands of the media.

The French report said that even the Saudi Arabian security services were convinced that Bin Laden was dead. The Saudi intelligence received a memo advising that the Al Qaeda leader had fallen ill on August 23, 2006. His condition left a number of internal organs partially paralyzed. On September 4, 2006, the Saudi Secret Service got the information that Osama died.

After the float a lot of denials occurred. There was even an amusing video of Bin Laden wearing pink while threatening the U.S. government which surprised the Muslim world. Mujahideens usually wear white or black. Another photo of Bin Laden wearing a ring in his right finger when in truth he’s left handed.

If Bin Laden is still alive, how come the CIA disbanded its terrorist tracking unit known as the Alec Station that hunted Osama for so many years?

Most of its operators and analysts were reassigned to other offices within the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center, according to New York Times. Michael Scheuer, former CIA Senior Official used to head the Bin Laden unit. Steve Watson of Infowars claimed that Osama was a protected CIA asset with codename “Tim Osman”.

The world is skeptical as to the Bin Laden and Al Qaeda myth. We have to remember that Osama was a great propagandist like Abu Sayyaf’s Abu Sabaya. But when Sabaya was killed, his myth became a close book. You cannot stop this kind of people from talking, if they’re still alive.

Will the real “El Cid” come out in the open? Or is the Osama being kept alive in media, a part of the fear and war mongering to have a continuity of the “project”?

Just asking.


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