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EMP: China's First Strike Policy by Erick San Juan

EMP: China's First Strike Policy by Erick San Juan

Ferdie Pasion, a political activist and patriot alerted me that if the US really wants to bring down China, all the US has to do is transfer ALL its factories back to the US and also to the Philippines. He added that it is the US that has been making China strong to justify big US military spending. "If the US will just withdraw all US factories in China, China will collapse. But the US loves China and will not withdraw! Or could it be a mutual understanding?"

"If it is true that America considers China as a ‘threat’, why are the Americans still doing business there? Although it is also possible that America and China are not enemies, it is all for a show, the truth is, it is the US that is making China stronger by giving them the technology they needed in various fields of development. While America is weakening the Philippines by pushing the Bangsamoro Basic Law and by supporting the MILF. If America wants to contain China, it must strengthen and not weaken the Philippines.", Pasion concluded.

A realization that came about from the AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Gregorio Catapang, “Filipino and American soldiers may be engaged in joint military exercises but in case the Philippines gets involved in a real war, it's on its own.” - ANC, The World Tonight, April 23, 2015

According to Gen. Catapang, the AFP should strengthen its capabilities because when the time comes that the country will be attacked, we will rely on our own strength. He is aware that the MDT, Mutual Defense Treaty and the EDCA are not the solution in the SCS (WPS) territorial disputes.

Although we heard from the past US Ambassadors and from Pres. Barack Obama himself when he visited the country a year ago that, “Our commitment to defend the Philippines is ironclad and the United States will keep that commitment, because allies never stand alone,” Obama told Philippine and US troops at a packed military gymnasium at Fort Bonifacio. (

We have to get our act together if it’s the only thing left to get this country back on its feet despite the fact that the present administration is already perceived on its lame duck mode. We have to be wary as the drums of war is getting louder and the military technology has leveled up, while we still purchase museum-grade military hardware from Uncle Sam.

From F. Michael Maloof, senior staff writer for national security affairs for WND and G2Bulletin, is a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense. In his article , China reveals 'ace' against U.S. military (published at, 1/30/2014) - Members of the Chinese military are looking to use an electromagnetic pulse as part of a “one-two punch” to knock out – literally within seconds – all defensive electronics not only in Taiwan but also on U.S. warships that could defend the island.

This revelation comes in an article by Lou Xiaoqing who said, the People’s Liberation Army sees an EMP weapon as the primary means of incapacitating Taiwan and disabling American defenders nearby.

Given that such a strategy was made public in an article entitled “Electromagnetic pulse bombs are Chinese ace,” it is seen as reflecting the official Chinese government position.

Xaoqing said that if the Chinese were to use a high-altitude nuclear device which would create the destructive EMP impact on Taiwan’s electronics, it would explode at an altitude of 18 miles to avoid damaging civilian and military equipment on the Chinese mainland, which might happen if the bomb exploded at a higher altitude. HEMP is the nightmare of many defense contractors worldwide.

“China is attracted to the fight against the U.S. military after the effective range, using them as a means of surprise attack or an intimidation factor,” Xaoqing said. “The United States will abandon the use of aircraft carrier battle groups to defend Taiwan.”

Xaoqing said that the Chinese military has calculated that the U.S. military is too fragmented and, coupled with the downturn in the economy, would be less likely to come to Taiwan’s assistance, forcing Taiwan to defend itself.

Contrary to popular belief, the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act does not require the United States to intervene militarily if the Chinese mainland attacks Taiwan. Instead, it has adopted what is called a policy of “strategic ambiguity” in which the U.S. will neither confirm nor deny that it would intervene on Taiwan’s behalf.

The legislation, however, does require the U.S. to “provide Taiwan with arms of a defensive character” and “to maintain the capacity of the United States to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion that would jeopardize the security, or the social or economic system, of the people of Taiwan.”

We have written and discussed in details the uses of EMP in the field of weather modification, but in this said article, China has leveled up and might use EMP as military weapon.

Is the great Uncle Sam prepared for this?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weather Engineering, For Real! By Erick San Juan

 "Rains and winds, and whatsoever occurs by local impulse alone, can be caused by demons. It is a dogma of faith that the demons can produce winds, storms, and rains of fire from heaven." (Summa, St. Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274)

In the very early years when there was still war waging between science and religion especially in the field of meteorology, heavenly phenomena were explained in different theories, one came from St. Thomas Aquinas. On second thought, he could be right if we are going to base it on what is happening with today’s weather and climate situation.

Weather conditions in different parts of the globe are amazing and happening in extreme conditions, may it be hot or cold or winter and summer. Conditions that they said happened for the first time. Strong weather disturbances and even earthquakes are being felt at their strongest. Many believed that these things occur due to climate change and global warming.
Beliefs that being fed through mainstream media and via the internet. Being backed up by organizations and groups like the one created at the United Nations where annual meetings seemed to be always missing the crucial element of such huge change on weather and/or climate conditions.

The element is the use of HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) by evil geniuses tampering with Mother Nature and thereby creating chaos and havoc around the world killing thousands. This could be the work of demons as the case may be as theorized by St. Thomas Aquinas.

“I am fascinated by the fact that George Orwell’s predictions in the 1949 novel “Nineteen Eighty Four” include a somewhat different picture. He said “Teams of experts are indefatigably at work. Some are concerned simply with planning the logistics of future wars; others explore even remoter possibilities such as focusing the sun’s rays through lenses suspended thousands of kilometers away in space, or producing artificial earthquakes and tidal waves [i.e., tsunamis] by tapping the heat at the earth’s centre.”  (From Theupliftingcrane's Blog)

The internet is full of information on what is HAARP all about, the pros and cons, from various sectors. One such news that came out in the middle of last year was the supposed plans of closing down the HAARP facility in Alaska.

“As we found out last month, all the bogus stories about HAARP closing down were more fake than a politician kissing a baby during election season."

"When I found the 25 million dollar budget from the US Navy for the Fiscal Year of 2015 — that sealed the deal on whether or not the facility is still in operation.

Today (February 26 2015), I decided to do a search on plasma experiments authorized for FY2015 and FY2016 by the United States Government.

While searching for budgets, I stumbled upon this NEW February 2015 release from the American Geophysical Union regarding new experiments done at HAARP.

Yes, new experiment results from HAARP, submitted January 2015.  This means that all the stories about H.A.A.R.P. being closed down in 2014 were false.

Now move forward to 2015, we have the budget for this year from the US Navy, and we have experiment results coming in from 2014 into 2015 – proving the facility did NOT shut down in 2013, and did not shut down in 2014.

Big media outlets made false reports last year saying HAARP was closed — big names such as livescience, RT, and even NBC news jumping on the false information bandwagon.
After reading these nonsense stories about shutdown, I must point out how the disinformation started."

"(Literally this was a made up story in 2013 — at first saying that HAARP was being closed due to 'dirty diesel generators'.  This disinformation was debunked in 2013 by myself.    This happened again in 2014 saying HAARP was being dismantled for parts – both false reports from a HAARP denier website called the ARRL).

Obviously the ARRL is full of the old stuff, and the people who repeated the false shutdown story now must correct themselves." (Source: Michael Janitch, Geophysical Union, February 26, 2015)

A deliberate floater of some sort creating a fake report could be a pretext to another scenario, making people believe in the process that the HAARP facility was already dismantled.

In May 2014, it was reported at that - The Air Force is said to be getting ready to wave their last good-bye to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), the Anchorage Daily News reports. Unlike last year’s rumors about the project’s demise, this time it appears to be for real.

"We're moving on to other ways ( of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” David Walker has recently told the House’s Appropriations Subcommittee as leaked on YouTube. Walker is an Air Force official tasked with overseeing much of the branch's science and technology research efforts.

After 21 years of experiments, the controversial HAARP project is no longer “an area that we have any need for in the future,” he said.

It seems that the demonic minds of some geniuses have mastered the art of weather engineering and can do such manipulation with expertise and leaving no trace.
Like what happened recently in Belarus - An “apocalyptical” storm swept through several regions in Belarus, including the capital. But it was in the city of Soligorsk where clouds as black as ink obscured the sun light, while strong winds ushered in a sand storm.
Soligorsk residents, about 120 kilometers from the capital Minsk, were both scared and excited by the weather phenomenon that hit Belarus on Monday. At around 17:00 local time, darkness descended on the city with over 100,000 residents opting to stay indoors.
The epic storm was created by a cold front on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border that later reached the Carpathian Mountains in an event that is quite rare for this time of the year. Meteorologists called the natural phenomenon a “haboob,” which means an intense red dust storm in Arabic.

Such weather phenomenon like what happened in Belarus can be associated to the capabilities that only HAARP can do.

There are really weird things happening everywhere. In the Philippines, despite intense draught, a super typhoon almost hit us during the lenten season. Last week, a blazing sinkhole in Northwest China terrified the locals. My friend from Singapore told me that we really have to be wary of freak weather. She said that the phenomena is not natural.

 Beware of new technologies for war!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Warning Signs, Prelude to World War

Warning Signs, Prelude to World War
By Erick San Juan

Having air and sea military exercises with other allied countries is not new especially if it’s a regular event based on agreements. But given the growing tensions among nations with common interest in certain territories, make the military exercise as a way of provocation or a threat to other neighboring territories.

Our own annual joint military exercises with the United States (later on joined by Australia) dubbed as 'Balikatan' started with the passage of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), since then the annual military exercise is considered as a regular exercise.

Considering the tensions in the contested areas in the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea with China, every year’s Balikatan is perceived as a pretext to a possible conflict that might lead to a shooting war. And it’s not just a regular conflict but a bigger one, considering the involvement of both the US and Australia that make the whole region nervous.

A pundit told me that the structures being built by China's military in South China Sea/West Philippine Sea is not in preparation for a possible attack in the Philippines but China's first line of defense just in case US make their move against mainland China. He added that China need not attack the Philippines from South China Sea bases because the Chinese slippers have been here for so long and basically control all walks of life of the Filipinos including our economy, local communities, politicians, law enforcers including the underworld. The pro-Beijing operatives learned from the Japanese invaders before and after the 2nd world war.

Same is true on the other side of the globe, in Europe the military drills dubbed 'Exercise Joint Warrior' include around 50 warships and submarines, 70 aircrafts and a total 13,000 military personnel.

Participating countries are NATO member states including the US, Germany, France and Turkey, as troops are prepared to respond to attacks and detect enemy vessels, underwater or aircraft in the skies.

Prior to the launch of the drills, the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the war games were not a response to any single country.

The MoD said in a statement: "There will be significant naval and aerial activity off the west and east coast of Scotland, including amphibious landings on the west coast."

This comes after a Russian submarine reportedly ventured close to Scottish waters in recent weeks. Since the Ukraine crisis, there are growing concern that Russia has increased incursions by submarines and warplanes to test European and North American defenses since relations between Moscow and the West began to deteriorate.

The West accused Russia of having a hand in the crisis in eastern Ukraine, an allegation strongly rejected by Kremlin.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon accused President Putin of "subverting democracy" with his actions in eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

The 'Exercise Joint Warrior', which is held twice a year, is planned to continue until April 24. (By Rebecca Perring)

It has been over a year since the Ukranian crisis broke out and until this day a threat towards a broader conflict is looming among the NATO-member countries and Russia. The threat is real and the signs are clear leading to a possible world war.

Another interesting study by Michael Raska and Richard A. Bitzinger in the RSIS cited that last February 2013, the current Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, and first Deputy Defence Minister, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, published an article in the Russian newspaper Military-Industrial Courier projecting the conceptual contours of future conflicts: the so-called "hybrid wars" or "non-linear wars."

Underscoring Gerasimov’s concepts of “hybrid wars” are three mutually-reinforcing principles. First and foremost, it is the idea of the “permanency of conflict,” which blurs the boundaries between wartime and peacetime, space and time, as well as actors involved. In essence, ascertaining whether a state of war exists becomes increasingly difficult, particularly for the one under an attack. According to Gerasimov, 21st century conflicts in Africa and the Middle East show that prosperous and stable regimes can, within a short period of time – perhaps even in the space of a few days – transform into arenas of intense conflicts. These events may not reflect an official state of war, but their social, economic, and political implications for individual countries and their societies are comparable with the consequences of real wars.”

Like what is happening in our region, the race towards an arms race is a clear indication that we are all at war, perhaps unnoticed by some leaders but the mere fact that country like ours is actually fueling the military-industrial-complex by buying museum-grade military hardware. Once it started, it will never stop as tensions keep growing every day.

We are on the verge of having a real war in the offing and the present administration’s only concern now is the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law as soon as possible.

Unsolicited advice to the PNoy administration, please stop purchasing second hand and war vintage materiels. Our need is immediate. If our allies are serious in supporting us which many doubt,  we have to acquire game changing firepower like portable but brand new missiles, stingers and fast speed boats or 'kumpit' to fight a 'Goliath'. Despite our Mutual Defense purchase agreement, we can request for a counter trade agreement due to budgetary constraint. If not lets all pray harder to avert a 'rape with consent' in the making.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just Like in the Movies by Erick San Juan

Just Like in the Movies by Erick San Juan

How ironic, the day PAGASA announced that it’s already summer, it was also the day that the reported super typhoon Maysak (Chedeng) was spotted heading towards the country. Vacations were cancelled especially to areas where Chedeng was headed.

Climate change? Global warming? Or possibly weather engineering or modification.

The latter seems to be the culprit like what happened in November 2013, when Yolanda hit the Visayas region. Same pattern?

This is not new especially to my regular radio listeners and readers of my blog ( about weather modification using the latest technology in communication through the radar.

As I have mentioned in my writings that we should be wary, here is why. Published in November 15, 2013 at - The U.S. military’s Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1) was ordered to set sail out of its berth in Hawaii on March 23, 2013 on what the United States Department of Defense (DoD) claims to be routine sea trials.  However in the light of recent events in the Philippines – typhoon Haiyan – microwave data from the devastated region gives evidence that the SBX-1 was ordered deployed by the U.S. government (Pres.Barack Obama) to the Pacific to complement other U.S. military controlled steerable phased array radar systems (HAARP) in Japan to 'wage war' against the Philippines using HAARP’s weather modification capabilities.  The SBX-1 was deployed for geopolitical purposes.  As a U.S. military controlled weapon of mass destruction – an act of war.

The SBX-1’s active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar is mounted on a Russian-built fifth generation CS-50 twin-hulled semi-submersible drilling rig designed to function in the type of adverse conditions often encountered in ocean operations.  The SBX-1 was built for 1 purpose – weather modification which was revealed in the U.S. Air Force report titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” (link is to pdf file on U.S. Air Force website).  The HAARP SBX-1 sea-based platform complies with a directive from the chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force to build upon weather modifying concepts, capabilities, and technologies that the United States can use to remain the dominant air and space force in the future. Presented on 17 June 1996, this report was produced in the Department of Defense School (environment of academic freedom) and in the interest of advancing weather modifying weaponry related to national defense and geopolitical purposes. The U.S. weather weapon of mass destruction system called HAARP has been fully operational since Hurricane Katrina – 30 years ahead of schedule.

A steerable US land-based X-Band Radar system (COBRA DANE phased array radar system) was already built in northern Japan by the United States military and has been operational since 2006 and a second COBRA DANE installation in central Japan came online just prior to super typhoon Haiyan – the strongest wind storm ever recorded – being formed at sea and steered into the Philippines using HAARP AMISR phased array radar beam triangulation.”
Using the US – made HAARP against the country seems to be impossible because we all know that the Big Brother is always on our side, helping us. But being one of its allies, we are also used as a laboratory and testing ground for their new inventions. Our people, our territory, especially our leaders, kowtowing to the perceived master, will give everything for the price of what? We were never given what is due us since time immemorial.

And Maysak (Chedeng) could be man-made and was deliberately tested in our country for several reasons by the globalists.

What’s behind the super typhoon anyway? Some pundits observed that too much preparation had been made and did the government  know ahead of time the possible attack by the globalists through weather engineering?

Or could the man-made islands built by China’s military in the South China Sea be the main target of the HAARP? Just asking.

There were a lot of speculations from the critical-thinking class especially when the 8 - hour blackout hit a large area of Mindanao last Black Saturday until Easter Sunday. What a coincidence.

The past week, during the Holy Week to be exact was a time for reflection, but what occurred was different. People were anxious about the possible devastation that typhoon Chedeng might bring to the country and most of us stayed indoors monitoring weather updates. But some thought that there was a rumor of a Black Saturday 'move' in the midst of the controversial peace deal via the Bangsa moro Basic Law with the MILF. The main reason according to political observers 1) Bangsamoro is the new nation being formed 2) BBL is the moro constitution. A clear 'salamization' of Mindanao.

A lot of people said that things are really different nowadays, falsehood now readily accepted as truth and super typhoon in summer? Well, that’s what I call evil geniuses tampering with the constitution and mother nature. Just like in the movies..

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tragic Pages of History by Erick San Juan

This month is my birth month and my baby sitter, Yaya Beata's, a comfort woman during the Japanese war time regime.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer's article dated 2/20/15 catched my curiosity. It said  that more than 2,000 people sued the  Asahi newspaper and demanded that it place international advertisements apologizing for its coverage of wartime sex slavery saying that it has stained Japan's reputation.

The move is allegedly the latest salvo in the battle over Japan's history, which pits an increasingly aggressive revisionist right wing against cowed mainstream media that accepted Japan's guilt over it's World War 2  atrocities.

The Asahi newspaper reports on 'comfortk women' was reportedly instrumental in forging global opinion that the Japanese government and it's military were involved in organizing a formalized system of sex slavery.(Agence France Presse)

Mainstream historians say, up to 200,000 women (possibly 'Beata' and others were not yet included in the list), many from Korea, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan served in the Japanese military brothels called 'comfort stations'.

AFP report added that most agree that these women were forced and the Japanese Imperial Army and it's wartime government were involved in their enslavement.

According to the report, Asahi newspaper has produced a series of articles between 1982 to 1997 with documented evidence coming from the late S. Ishida about how he participated in sending South Korean women in Japanese army brothels.

The Shinzo Abe administration has reportedly stepped up work on the revision of history. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the Asahi materials have caused significant damage to Japan's national interests due to unfounded insinuations that Tokyo contributed to the forced mobilization of women to 'comfort stations'. In a similar tone, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Y. Suga promised at the state level to strengthen advocacy on "restoring honor and credibility of the country", as well as the creation a correct view of history abroad.

Due to pressure, the management of Asahi newspaper was forced to make an apology and promised to release retraction of it's past publications on comfort women. As a result of large scale criticisms of the newspaper, it's president and editor were forced to leave their posts.

Japan's parliament called to push through the legislature a resolution directly denying the fact of coercion of women from Asian countries to sexual slavery and review the statement of former Chief Cabinet Secretary Y. Kono's admission of guilt and correct the distortions in school textbooks.

South Korea's criticism of Japan's policy does not weaken. Last March 10, South Korea issued a statement saying that,"Tokyo must have the courage to soberly assess the history to restore the confidence of it's neighboring countries and the international community."

Even US official warned Japan on harsh steps distorting historical events, particularly in preparation for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's speech on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2 in August.

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her last March visit to Japan stressed that Germany had found the strength to express deep remorse and apology for the past events and established peace and cooperation in Europe.

Observers believe that Japan's course to review the history, the denial of actions of it's army during the war that caused large civilian casualties in Asia was dictated by the desire of the Japanese nationalist leadership to push the process of preparing legislative basis in departing from the constitution of post-war pacifist principles and justify steps to strengthen it's military capabilities.

Kaname Harada , a once feared 'samurai of the sky', shooting down allied aircraft as a pilot of Japan's legendary Zero fighter plane during World War 2 warned Japan against ever going to war again. He said that nothing is terrifying as war. It is a warning that Mr. Harada fears his countrymen may soon no longer be able to hear. (Intl. New York Times, April 4,2015)

Japan is now systematically preparing for remilitarization but many Asian neighbors hope that Japan will not repeat the tragic pages of history.