Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Real Intention

The Real Intention
By Erick San Juan

There was too much rhetoric and doublespeak from the leaders that met in the past summits and forum, may it be on the economic, political or military issues. From someone who has been keen in analyzing the global geopolitics, this could all lead to something confrontational rather than the desired goal of the region’s stability and development.

Our country in particular was visited by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for what she emphasized as commemoration of our long-time friendship with the US through the Mutual Defense Treaty’s 60th anniversary by signing another agreement, the "Manila Declaration".

The “Declaration” was signed by Sec. Clinton and our Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert Del Rosario last November 16 and has set forth a shared vision for strategic, political, economic and people-to-people cooperation plus the so-called “partnership for growth”. But why only now? The RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty was signed in August 1951 and obviously the celebration was three months delayed.

Then, the news of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Australia also to celebrate the 60th anniversary of US and Australia alliance. Just a coincidence?

The confluence of events that the world is witnessing is quite scary as we connect the dots. We are now closer to the actual confrontation, the fact that 'Uncle Sam' is solidifying the circle around China.

To cite the 'globalresearch.ca', "In an effort to counterbalance China’s growing military prowess, the U.S. is working to station naval and Marine forces in the Asia-Pacific region."

The most controversial move, as far as the Chinese are concerned, is the decision to base some of the U.S. Navy’s most modern combat ships, littoral combat ships, in Singapore, which possesses strategic importance for shipping.

The US Department of Defense is still negotiating with Singapore officials to station littoral combat ships at the seven year old Changi Naval Base. The vessels can handle missions ranging from anti-piracy to submarine tracking to special operations.

In addition to the naval plans, the U.S. is preparing to permanently base anywhere from 250 to 2,500 Marines in northern Australia. The decision will allow the U.S. to more quickly deploy front-line military forces in the region in the event of a crisis. The U.S. has already deployed anti-missile systems in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. (Stop NATO website and articles: http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com)

And as for the Philippines, the 'Big Brother' is always in full support of our military’s modernization and actually gave us the World War2 second refurbished, refitted Coast Guard cutter and a request for the third one is not far behind.

PNoy’s administration should be very careful in making decisions when it comes to taking sides in this grand design of the big powers in placing their pawns in the game of war.

The design made by past American defense secretaries made us the only strategic nation that is very crucial in this imaginary circle around China. And the latest article that we got from the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) states, "that the US has covertly used the Philippine Trench to conceal the US nuclear submarine fleet. The Trench which lies within the RP’s territorial waters in the Pacific, is one of the only sea trenches in the world deep enough to conceal submarines from detection. Soon, the US military presence in the Philippines will shift from counter-insurgency to confrontation with China.

The Philippine Deep or the Mindanao Trench will be beneficial to the American plan of setting the arena for a possible conflict. As what some pundits say – 'We are on the eve of a world war." God forbid!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where Do We Side? by Erick San Juan

This past week has been quite a handful for President Noynoy as he tackled domestic issues and at the same time had to leave the country for a gathering of world leaders at the East Asia-Asean Summit in Bali, Indonesia. Before that, the conference in Hawaii (APEC) and the meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton here. But at end of the day, that nagging question remains – who benefits?

When US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared in Honolulu earlier that the 21st century will be "America's Pacific century". It is quite clear that in order to implement this is to have a strong leverage in the region. Who will follow their “agenda” is the big question mark. Obviously Sec. Clinton’s visit here was to make sure that the present administration will adhere to Uncle Sam’s plan. Diplomats such as the Secretary of State and the US Ambassador, with their too goody words projecting to the Filipino people and to the world that they will always be on our side are mere rhetoric because reality check and the country’s past experiences – it was the opposite. Remember the Wikileaks report that then US ambassador Kristie Kenney sent through the cable criticizing President Noynoy for being a weak leader? What about the double speak of Secretary Clinton during the meeting with PNoy and she said, " The US does not take any position on any territorial claim." But, Clinton told a forum with young students that Washington is "very strongly against any nation using coercion or intimidation instead of using the law to try to resolve these issues." (Manila Standard 11/17/11)

As what the Daily Tribune observed in its editorial (11/21/11) – “The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit visit of Noynoy in Bali, Indonesia turned out to be only a personal expression of support for the United States military buildup in the region, the announcement of which was timed for the Summit. In sum, that was the only marked achievement of Noynoy in the event which cost the government more than P6 million to undertake. It is not even necessary and may in turn have alienated the Philippines further from its Asean counterparts.”

PNoy has been calling all the claimants to the South China Sea to meet and make a united stand against China for an effort to resolve the issue of their claims to the area. A move that every claimant knows to aggravate the disputes further from resolving. As for China, it reiterated its stand that the issue should be resolved directly between related sovereign countries "through friendly consultation and negotiation."

In a different perspective, that of the big brother’s, such move by PNoy is a welcome act in spite of past bad experiences we had with the US.

With this constant irritation on China, Beijing launched its soft power approach (again) and met with the Asean leaders with a commitment of economic support. Over the weekend with the leaders of Japan and South Korea, China pledged to work on a free trade agreement (FTA) that will serve as a counterbalance to the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Citing the events at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Hawaii, Obama had voiced frustration at China's trade practices and he pushed for a new Asia-Pacific trade deal with some of Beijing's neighbors.

The moves are seen as an attempt to reassert U.S. leadership in the face of China's rising influence around the Pacific Rim and reassure allies such as South Korea and Japan that it would remain a strong counterweight. (Reuters 11/18/11)

But obviously, this move by China will add another irritant on the part of Obama’s economic set up in the region.

The rest of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region should be wary for both US and China's agenda. China is determined to hold on to its claim to the whole South China Sea and a move that is counter to its goal could lead to a possible regional conflict.

Summits and conferences will always be part and parcel in maintaining global peace and economic stability no matter who will benefit most in the process. The most important thing is – as a sovereign country, our leaders must be sensitive enough to put forward what is due us and stand by it with conviction and sincerity. He should first unite the nation. Where do we side?

Monday, November 14, 2011

APEC and EAS-Whose Interest? by Erick San Juan

It's nice to see and hear nations especially 'factions' among big powers like the U.S. and China having a dialogue with each other during the meeting of world leaders at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Coooperation) in Hawaii recently. This economic conference of nation-states in the Pacific rim is believed by pundits to be all talks, rhetorics and plan but failed to achieve anything since it's birth in 1989.

Despite the call of China's President Hu Jintao that it is important for China and the U.S. to increase their cooperation and U.S. President Barack Obama saying that cooperation between the two countries is vital to their prosperity, both leaders met not to settle things right, not to agree but seems to disagree. In short, there's no meeting of minds.

One example is the "Trans-Pacific Partnership", The U.S. plan to have free trade among member states but the would be economic partnership became a political issue especially when an alliance of nation-states allegedly 'dictated' by the U.S. continue to pressure China to tow the line and stop it's protectionist policy.

China doesn't want to be cowed and accused the U.S. and it's allies of manipulating the rules to their advantage especially in the issue of tariff, trade restrictions,protectionism and currency manipulation.

The U.S.talked about economic integration and liberalization but demands for regulating patents and intellectual property rights. President Barack Obama insisted that China's undervalued currency keep China exports cheaper and the U.S. exports to China more expensive. (Mla. Bulletin, Nov. 14,2011) The two world leaders finished their speeches without addressing their respective concerns.
Nation-states will meet again this week at the 6th East Asia Summit in Bali, Indonesia. It's composed of 18 Asian nations and India with the United States and Russia as new members. EAS promotes dialogue, cooperation primarily on security-related issues.(Agence France Presse)

According to Pradumna B. Rana of the RSIS, both U.S. and Russia will present both opportunities and challlenges. Rana said that Russia is relatively a peripheral player in the region and it's financial linkages with the rest of EAS countries, although increasing, is still limited.

According to Russian TV through our local Destiny channel, Russia focuses it's attention in taking part in the multilateral regional organizations like the EAS, Apec, Shanghai Initiative, ARF(Asean Regional Forum), DSA( Dialogue on Cooperation in Asia), CICA(Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia), etc. Kremlin will allegedly take an active role to ensure collective partnership in protecting the interests of all country members and strengthen the stability of the region.

Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented that their government adhere to integrate into the political and economic developments in the region but on the regional security and cooperation, Russia will urge the U.S. and restrict Washington in dictating in the region.

The world should be vigilant with this new regional architecture evolving. A checkmate in the offing!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is The World War III Inevitable? by Erick San Juan

The world is on the brink of another world war. The signature is already there to see. The war clock is on, it's ticking. The 'masterminds' seem to believe that their long range plan of controlling the world will be perfected this time. But the internet which they created became a useful tool not only to the elite but to the world. In seconds, the information coming from a secluded part of the earth can be farmed out worldwide with ease. This is the reason that sooner or later, this fantastic invention will be destroyed by their creator in disguise that the cyber war destroyed the system by implanting their viruses into it.

Though, the globalists want to delay the full destruction of their "Frankenstein" but according to Anthony Wile of the dailybell.com, they can't wait any longer. The elites allegedly need to act fast before a popular consensus forms against them. They cannot stop the massive global networking where the globalists were exposed. They will shut down the internet as soon as possible.

Today, November 9 in America could be the D-day where in a test program will be implemented reportedly by FEMA to make an emergency shutting down of all telecommunication lines, power lines and the internet. Without alarming the people that a strong solar flare, a big asteroid named Yu55 or X1 Elenin, a huge meteor could hit the earth anytime now. This could be the pretext to justify the internet's total closure. I have been reminding my radio listeners and readerships to learn from the past mistakes of world leaders . How can one forget a popular quote from a very prominent globalist like David Rockefeller when he said, "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." It's very clear that he's talking about an order out of chaos. What will be the intention this time to justify such disorder?

During the first world war, it was justified by the sinking of 'Lusitania' where a lot of Americans were killed. The czars of Russia were overthrown which gave birth to communism and weaken many religions. According to Zen Gardner(infowars.com) the British and the German empires were used to foment this war.

During the second world war, the pretext was the bombing of the Pearl Harbor by the Japanese where American soldiers were the collateral damage which sparked a global armed conflict among nations. It was allegedly fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the fascists and the political zionists. The war was designed according to Gardner to destroy Nazism and strengthen Zionism which gave birth to the State of Israel in Palestine in 1948. Gardner added that international communism became strong enough to balance Christendom. At the Potsdam conference in 1945, a large portion of Europe was reportedly handed over to Soviet Russia while at the aftermath of the war with Japan, it helped to sweep the tide of communism into China.

The book of Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilization could be the 'bible' of the globalists in staging the third world war. All the ingredients in this book have been unfolding like a script produced and directed in Hollywood. This will not just be an economic or military-industrial war. It will involve the main religions of christianity, islam and zionism. It was allegedly designed to mutually destroy all of them in the process. The so called "war on terror" is the globalists tool for fear mongering, to allegedly keep all of us distracted, preoccupied and accept their projected reality. In this world where everything is now interconnected, it will be a domino that will crumble. World leaders and business elites are being pushed to the wall to mutually assure their destruction and the only solution is a world government with one financial system, one army and one religion of what? God forbid!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eventual Shooting War by Erick San Juan

People of the world beware! I don't want to be an alarmist but in my group's analysis of the current global situation, we are in for something that we will all regret soon. All the ingredients and prescriptions for chaos are already part of our lives. We seem to accept what's happening to our society and the world as the new trend and a way of life in this changing world. The ongoing and mounting recession could lead to civil unrest worldwide. The domino effect of this global economic stagflation could repeat the pattern of events before the first and second world war. The saber-rattling this time could also lead to a shooting war, a shorter war where nukes will be inflicted to the world by superpowers destroying not only the living but the earth.

Nobody in his right mind wants war. But, if the global elites will fail to control some of their allies who seem to show their superiority and world control, we are all in for trouble. All the ingredients for disaster are being assessed by different think-tank groups worldwide. Recently, the United Nations released the information that the world population is now 7 billion people and a Filipino child completed it. The world is now over populated with a high percentage of the so called "useless eaters". To add more injury to the global problem, there are more calamities occurring worldwide like earthquakes, floods, snow storms,etc. making the world food supply scarce. The worst is the fight for the control of the dwindling oil and gas supply.

The "painting in the west and fighting in the east" scenario by the Pentagon has change it's gear when US defense secretary Leon Panetta made a statement in Tokyo recently (Wall Street Journal 10/25/11) and said,"The winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan clears the way for the U.S. to shift it's focus to Asia and in particularly to China, where the part of the world that likely matters most in the long run." He added that the "U.S. now is at a turning point that will allow a strategic re-balancing toward Asia." He explained that despite the belt-tightening, the U.S. forces in Asia won't be cut to check China's military build up. It was a clear message to Beijing, whose military build up and maritime assertiveness in the South China Sea has alarmed America and it's regional allies.

The blame game approach compounded when the Philippine navy and the South Korean authorities detained fishing boats from China. Beijing urged both Philippine and South Korean governments to unconditionally return the Chinese dinghies as soon as possible 'cause it harmed the "lawful rights and interests of their fishermen". China's foreign ministry spokesperson, Jiang Yu, in a Beijing conference (October 20) said, "The Philippine naval vessel entered the waters off Liyue Bank of Spratleys, called the Nansha islands." But the Philippine authority claimed that the Chinese boats got entangled with their ship near the Recto Bank, owned by the Philippines. (PhilStar 10/22/11)

The situation turned uglier when the US and the Philippine military had their Philblex joint military exercises recently near the Spratlys. The US and the Philippine government announced that the exercises were not aimed at China but the Chinese military reacted and said that these events have been promoting hawkish responses within China. Global Times(10/25/11) said that Beijing wants peace which is vital for it's own economic development but some of it's neighbors have been exploiting China's mild diplomatic stance. Small countries are allegedly being used by the west as an "opportunistic strategy" to push them to the wall and fight, that a 'counter-attack' is likely. If these countries won't change their ways with China, they will need to prepare for the 'sound of cannons'.

I would like to reiterate that with the word war emanating from their proxies, it could lead to a shooting war. We should prepare for the worst. We could be the collateral damage. We have to watch out for the pretext and learn from history where our forefathers were once cannon-fodders by these warring elites. Even our second world war veterans are up to now were not given what's due them. The Aquino government should wake up. May your conscience bother you.