Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Real Intention

The Real Intention
By Erick San Juan

There was too much rhetoric and doublespeak from the leaders that met in the past summits and forum, may it be on the economic, political or military issues. From someone who has been keen in analyzing the global geopolitics, this could all lead to something confrontational rather than the desired goal of the region’s stability and development.

Our country in particular was visited by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for what she emphasized as commemoration of our long-time friendship with the US through the Mutual Defense Treaty’s 60th anniversary by signing another agreement, the "Manila Declaration".

The “Declaration” was signed by Sec. Clinton and our Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert Del Rosario last November 16 and has set forth a shared vision for strategic, political, economic and people-to-people cooperation plus the so-called “partnership for growth”. But why only now? The RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty was signed in August 1951 and obviously the celebration was three months delayed.

Then, the news of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Australia also to celebrate the 60th anniversary of US and Australia alliance. Just a coincidence?

The confluence of events that the world is witnessing is quite scary as we connect the dots. We are now closer to the actual confrontation, the fact that 'Uncle Sam' is solidifying the circle around China.

To cite the 'globalresearch.ca', "In an effort to counterbalance China’s growing military prowess, the U.S. is working to station naval and Marine forces in the Asia-Pacific region."

The most controversial move, as far as the Chinese are concerned, is the decision to base some of the U.S. Navy’s most modern combat ships, littoral combat ships, in Singapore, which possesses strategic importance for shipping.

The US Department of Defense is still negotiating with Singapore officials to station littoral combat ships at the seven year old Changi Naval Base. The vessels can handle missions ranging from anti-piracy to submarine tracking to special operations.

In addition to the naval plans, the U.S. is preparing to permanently base anywhere from 250 to 2,500 Marines in northern Australia. The decision will allow the U.S. to more quickly deploy front-line military forces in the region in the event of a crisis. The U.S. has already deployed anti-missile systems in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. (Stop NATO website and articles: http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com)

And as for the Philippines, the 'Big Brother' is always in full support of our military’s modernization and actually gave us the World War2 second refurbished, refitted Coast Guard cutter and a request for the third one is not far behind.

PNoy’s administration should be very careful in making decisions when it comes to taking sides in this grand design of the big powers in placing their pawns in the game of war.

The design made by past American defense secretaries made us the only strategic nation that is very crucial in this imaginary circle around China. And the latest article that we got from the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) states, "that the US has covertly used the Philippine Trench to conceal the US nuclear submarine fleet. The Trench which lies within the RP’s territorial waters in the Pacific, is one of the only sea trenches in the world deep enough to conceal submarines from detection. Soon, the US military presence in the Philippines will shift from counter-insurgency to confrontation with China.

The Philippine Deep or the Mindanao Trench will be beneficial to the American plan of setting the arena for a possible conflict. As what some pundits say – 'We are on the eve of a world war." God forbid!

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