Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eventual Shooting War by Erick San Juan

People of the world beware! I don't want to be an alarmist but in my group's analysis of the current global situation, we are in for something that we will all regret soon. All the ingredients and prescriptions for chaos are already part of our lives. We seem to accept what's happening to our society and the world as the new trend and a way of life in this changing world. The ongoing and mounting recession could lead to civil unrest worldwide. The domino effect of this global economic stagflation could repeat the pattern of events before the first and second world war. The saber-rattling this time could also lead to a shooting war, a shorter war where nukes will be inflicted to the world by superpowers destroying not only the living but the earth.

Nobody in his right mind wants war. But, if the global elites will fail to control some of their allies who seem to show their superiority and world control, we are all in for trouble. All the ingredients for disaster are being assessed by different think-tank groups worldwide. Recently, the United Nations released the information that the world population is now 7 billion people and a Filipino child completed it. The world is now over populated with a high percentage of the so called "useless eaters". To add more injury to the global problem, there are more calamities occurring worldwide like earthquakes, floods, snow storms,etc. making the world food supply scarce. The worst is the fight for the control of the dwindling oil and gas supply.

The "painting in the west and fighting in the east" scenario by the Pentagon has change it's gear when US defense secretary Leon Panetta made a statement in Tokyo recently (Wall Street Journal 10/25/11) and said,"The winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan clears the way for the U.S. to shift it's focus to Asia and in particularly to China, where the part of the world that likely matters most in the long run." He added that the "U.S. now is at a turning point that will allow a strategic re-balancing toward Asia." He explained that despite the belt-tightening, the U.S. forces in Asia won't be cut to check China's military build up. It was a clear message to Beijing, whose military build up and maritime assertiveness in the South China Sea has alarmed America and it's regional allies.

The blame game approach compounded when the Philippine navy and the South Korean authorities detained fishing boats from China. Beijing urged both Philippine and South Korean governments to unconditionally return the Chinese dinghies as soon as possible 'cause it harmed the "lawful rights and interests of their fishermen". China's foreign ministry spokesperson, Jiang Yu, in a Beijing conference (October 20) said, "The Philippine naval vessel entered the waters off Liyue Bank of Spratleys, called the Nansha islands." But the Philippine authority claimed that the Chinese boats got entangled with their ship near the Recto Bank, owned by the Philippines. (PhilStar 10/22/11)

The situation turned uglier when the US and the Philippine military had their Philblex joint military exercises recently near the Spratlys. The US and the Philippine government announced that the exercises were not aimed at China but the Chinese military reacted and said that these events have been promoting hawkish responses within China. Global Times(10/25/11) said that Beijing wants peace which is vital for it's own economic development but some of it's neighbors have been exploiting China's mild diplomatic stance. Small countries are allegedly being used by the west as an "opportunistic strategy" to push them to the wall and fight, that a 'counter-attack' is likely. If these countries won't change their ways with China, they will need to prepare for the 'sound of cannons'.

I would like to reiterate that with the word war emanating from their proxies, it could lead to a shooting war. We should prepare for the worst. We could be the collateral damage. We have to watch out for the pretext and learn from history where our forefathers were once cannon-fodders by these warring elites. Even our second world war veterans are up to now were not given what's due them. The Aquino government should wake up. May your conscience bother you.

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