Monday, December 26, 2011

The Program is On!

The Program is On! by Erick San Juan

"A good neighbor is better than a far-off brother." – Old Chinese Saying

China has renewed what it has been doing for some years now – its peaceful rise to power and applying soft power to it's Asian neighbors in the area where it's rival power (the US) in the region is not doing. Like the old Chinese saying, Beijing wants to project the good neighbor image and makes the rest of the Asian neighborhood happy, being the recipient of a neighbor’s good deeds.

Not until the past weeks, where there were series of military exercises and particularly, the display of naval power by both Beijing and Washington in and around the disputed areas of the South China Sea. This time, such events are making the Asian neighborhood and the rest of the world nervous.

As if waiting for a big event that can trigger a regional conflict, the world is in the wait and see mode and hoping that somehow things will be resolved for the better. Well not here in our own backyard, where we are witnessing a possible war president-in-the-making.

After kowtowing to a perceived master at the last Asian Summit, the next move of President Aquino is to acquire a squadron or 12 F-16 fighter jets from the United States. In the midst of calamity after calamity where hundreds of Filipino lives were involved, in a time of great suffering among our fellowmen in the south, the palace occupant is thinking of war.

We will be expecting more rains in the future because of the La Nina phenomenon and the acquisition of equipments that will be valuable to rescue precious lives should be the top priority of the present administration.

Instead of preparing for war over the Spratlys, which will not benefit us and will only push us further to become the magnet of the far-off brother’s enemies in the region. And, for someone who has been following the confluence of events here and around the world, this writer can’t help but notice the absence of the US troops in Sendong rescue (search and retrieval) and relief operations. This is something ominous that in case of war, Malacanang needs to make a request first before Washington act. Where is the so-called automatic response and extended hands of support from a brother?

What we have been witnessing for the recent months is the prodding of Uncle Sam for the nation-states in Asia to keep on purchasing military equipments in spite of the fact that we Filipinos need other much important purchases that will help us economically. Methinks that if we will continue this buying spree, we will end up broke and need to borrow again and again to pay for a war that we don’t need. Where is the sense of priority of our nation’s leaders? Harder times are coming. Will such provocation push us to a regional conflict or worse, cripple us more in the process?

The program is on, whether we like it or not, it could be delayed, but can we stop it? That’s all but the fact remain, the proxy war is inevitable. And sadly, not one person in the government could see this coming and make efforts to prevent it. Instead, we could be the witting tools in the game of war of the giants. A very perilous new year coming!

God forbid!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Who Will Defend This Nation?
By Erick San Juan
Three articles ago (my articles can be read at, we wrote about the possible shift of our military from counter-insurgency to confrontation with China. Based on several articles that we got from different sources like the EIR, the US military presence here will greatly influence our military’s thrust.
This only shows that we don’t own and control the country’s defense goal and only follows the dictate of a perceived master’s plan.
From the interview of Global Times reporter Yu Jincui to Fan Gaoyue, a senior colonel in the People's Liberation Army and research fellow at the PLA Academy of Military Science, clearly stated that -
"Air Sea Battle" (ASB) is a US strategic plan that envisions China as the main opponent. In a recent press conference, Spokesman of China's Ministry of National Defense Geng Yansheng stated that the plan is nothing new and is the result of a cold war mentality. Why has the US developed such a plan? How should China respond?
According to the 2010 US Quadrennial Defense Review, the ASB concept is intended to defeat adversaries across the range of military operations, including adversaries equipped with sophisticated anti-access and area denial capabilities. The concept will address how air and naval forces will integrate capabilities across all operational domains to counter growing challenges to the US.
Although there is no official statement that the plan mainly targets China, the intention is obvious. Confronted by a rising China, the US is panicky. It worries China may replace it as the biggest economy and challenge its global leadership.
We never get tired reminding our leaders to always be wary in dealing with our foreign friends, this administration must not repeat history of kowtowing to the whims of the big brother and dragged the whole nation to a war in the process.
The US Air Sea Battle (ASB) plan will not be implemented without the big help of its allies. It was reported over the weekend that the US Navy said it would station several new coastal combat ships in Singapore and perhaps in the Philippines in coming years, moves likely to fuel China's fears of being encircled and pressured in the South China Sea dispute.
Regional defense analysts said the ships were small, but agreed the symbolism of the moves, which come after Washington announced it was increasing its engagement in Asia, would upset Beijing. (Reuters)
The fact that President Noynoy supported President Obama at the last East Asia Summit can we therefore conclude that PNoy could be the next war president? After all, he even ordered the newly appointed Armed Forces chief-of-staff Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa to prepare for war amid the country’s present rift with China in relation to its claims over some portions of Spratlys Islands.
In his speech during the AFP change of command at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, President Aquino said that in the past, the military’s only concern are internal threats such as the New People’s Army and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) but with the emerging external challenges, the new AFP chief should also be ready to respond against external aggression.
“Whereas before, the focus of the AFP is on internal threats such as the NPA and the MILF, but nowadays we have to be prepared against external challenges, especially because there are those claiming our own territories,” Aquino said.
Although he did not refer to any country, Aquino was obviously referring to China which has traded accusations with the Philippines of encroaching into their respective territorial claims. (Virgilio J. Bugaoisan, The Daily Tribune 12/13/2011)
The signs are here and so does the signs of an impending war through a regional conflict courtesy of an ally. All by design.
In this holiday season of peace and hope, let us all pray harder that true lasting peace may come to the world.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's Get Our Act Together by Erick San Juan

As we witness the events unfolding for the past weeks, there seem to be no changes at all on the way things are going towards a possible conflict between Beijing and Washington. To wit from the Global Times, President Hu Jintao's speech Tuesday to the Chinese Navy representatives caught the attention of foreign media. It focused on two lines, that China must "accelerate the transformation of its navy" and "make extended preparations for military combat."

The instructions Hu gave to the Navy are hardly different to what any country's leader or commander-in-chief may give to his military. That is the routine requirement for any military force, especially those of a developing country.

Any country should look at this from a normal perspective, otherwise they may overinterpret China's military moves.

And then on the following day, December 7, China and the United States held their annual defense consultative talks (DCT) as planned in Beijing, despite recent frictions including the US arms sales to Taiwan.

It is important to note that in September, Washington announced the $5.85 billion arms sale to Taiwan and the upgrades of its 145 fighter jets. The arms sale was a decision made by the US State Department and not what others would think was done by the Pentagon. Why is this so? Another angel and demon operation?

"The fact that the American delegation which include officials from the US State Department shows that Washington too does not merely consider the DCT to be military talks.", said Yuan Peng, director of the American Studies Center at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations. "Nobody wants a conflict, and the US cannot afford a conflict with China now.", Peng added.

The Defense Consultative Talks which was established in 1997, is the highest-level bilateral dialogue between the two militaries. (China Daily)

It is very clear that cold war or not, the rest of the Asia Pacific is on the look out for a possible scenario that will trigger an attack on China or the US that will start the war.

As these events are unfolding, we can’t help asking ourselves, what are we doing as a nation in the middle of two conflicting elephants?

At the Global News Network-Destiny channel talk show of Mentong Laurel last Friday night, me and retired navy Commodore Rex Robles discussed the possibility of a world war and dicussed our readiness to such situation. There were hanging questions (due of lack of time) left unanswered for the mean time. Is the present administration ready for such eventuality? Do we have people who have expertise in geopolitics and foreign policy that can address problems that may arise when such event happens?

Yes, this administration seems juggling among none issues that had to be left to some cabinet members expertise to resolve. Our government should be ready economically and strategically in the field of geopolitics. Time is of the essence here and mere 'kowtowing' to a perceived 'master' is a no-no. We are facing an impending global conflict. We should think out of the box and think the unthinkable. We have to get our acts together and come up with concrete strategies that will help the country in the process. If we will just rely and put our fate to the 'big brother', we will be shortchanged again and find ourselves in the losing end.

For a change, this present administration should not make the same mistake committed by our past leaders, where they let the country be dragged to a war that we never wanted.

God save the Philippines and let's have happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cold War to World War? by Erick San Juan

"If China's core interests, such as its sovereignty, national security, and unity are intruded on, a military conflict will be unavoidable." This was the statement by Maj. Gen. Luo Yuan, the Deputy Secretary General of the China Society of Military Science, after Pres. Obama’s announcement of the new military basing operations in Australia. (People's Daily, Nov. 17)

This statement came about after the so-called summit that was supposed to create an atmosphere of cooperation and finding peaceful solutions to some issues especially the disputed area in the South China Sea. Just like what I wrote in my last article ( the event was more confrontational rather than what it has projected to the world.

The planned permanent military basing by US in Australia was another irritant to US-China relations, to note: A remark by Defense Ministry spokesman, Geng Yansheng, was China's strongest reaction yet to the announcement by President Barack Obama in November of the US plan to strengthen military ties with Australia and to eventually station 2,500 Marines on Australia's remote northern coast. To Quote-

"We believe this is all a manifestation of a Cold War mentality," Mr. Geng said at a monthly press briefing, according to text of his remarks posted on the Defense Ministry's website. "We hope relevant parties do more things that are beneficial for the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region, rather than the opposite." (Source: The Wall Street Journal-Asia online 12/1/11)

The Cold War was the most important political and diplomatic issue of the later half of the 20th Century. The main Cold War enemies were the United States and the Soviet Union. The Cold war got it's name because both sides were afraid of fighting each other directly. In such a "hot war," nuclear weapons might destroy everything. So, instead, they fought each other indirectly. They played havoc with conflicts in different parts of the world. They also used words as weapons. They threatened and denounced each other. Or, they tried to make each other look foolish. (Source:

If this “cold war mentality” will continue, could it be that the real “shooting war” is not far behind?

The blame game worsened when last October, US lawmaker Michael Turner, who chairs the House Armed Services Committee focusing on strategic weapons and other security programs voiced concern about an extensive tunnel complex designed to house China's nuclear missiles.( "The tunnels would allow China to launch a nuclear counter-attack if it was hit by a nuclear strike.", said Mark Schneider, senior analyst at the National Institute for Public Policy. It was corroborated by Richard Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center. He said that the tunnel complex could allow the Chinese army to conceal its weapons. The plot thickens when CNN TV last December 1, featured some Georgetown University students in Washington DC who have blown the lid off one of China's best kept military secrets that it's nuclear arsenal could be up to 40 times bigger than thought. According to London Telegraph, Philip Karber and Nick Yarosh of Georgetown University said that China could have as many as 3,000 nuclear warheads,far more than the current estimates of between 80 to 400.

ATS quoted China's army general, Chi Haotian, the vice-chairman of China's Central Military Commission when he said," We have made a tremendous effort to construct 'The Great Wall Project', to build up, along our coastal and land frontiers as well as around large and medium-sized cities , a solid underground 'great wall' that can withstand a nuclear war." With the events unfolding gearing towards a global war, the rest of the world especially nations in Asia Pacific, should find a way to avert another world war. Unfortunately, our country’s leadership did not see this coming and lacked the expertise in the field of geopolitics when it gave its support to Uncle Sam at the East Asia Summit.

Actually, such action virtually dragged us into supporting a possible regional conflict that might trigger another world war. Again, we will be part of a war that we never wanted. We hope that this week's US-Sino annual defense talks will produce positive results and adhere to peaceful resolutions on major defense and military issues.

Anyway, the Filipinos will never postpone Christmas festivities come what may. Happy Holidays to all!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Real Intention

The Real Intention
By Erick San Juan

There was too much rhetoric and doublespeak from the leaders that met in the past summits and forum, may it be on the economic, political or military issues. From someone who has been keen in analyzing the global geopolitics, this could all lead to something confrontational rather than the desired goal of the region’s stability and development.

Our country in particular was visited by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for what she emphasized as commemoration of our long-time friendship with the US through the Mutual Defense Treaty’s 60th anniversary by signing another agreement, the "Manila Declaration".

The “Declaration” was signed by Sec. Clinton and our Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert Del Rosario last November 16 and has set forth a shared vision for strategic, political, economic and people-to-people cooperation plus the so-called “partnership for growth”. But why only now? The RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty was signed in August 1951 and obviously the celebration was three months delayed.

Then, the news of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Australia also to celebrate the 60th anniversary of US and Australia alliance. Just a coincidence?

The confluence of events that the world is witnessing is quite scary as we connect the dots. We are now closer to the actual confrontation, the fact that 'Uncle Sam' is solidifying the circle around China.

To cite the '', "In an effort to counterbalance China’s growing military prowess, the U.S. is working to station naval and Marine forces in the Asia-Pacific region."

The most controversial move, as far as the Chinese are concerned, is the decision to base some of the U.S. Navy’s most modern combat ships, littoral combat ships, in Singapore, which possesses strategic importance for shipping.

The US Department of Defense is still negotiating with Singapore officials to station littoral combat ships at the seven year old Changi Naval Base. The vessels can handle missions ranging from anti-piracy to submarine tracking to special operations.

In addition to the naval plans, the U.S. is preparing to permanently base anywhere from 250 to 2,500 Marines in northern Australia. The decision will allow the U.S. to more quickly deploy front-line military forces in the region in the event of a crisis. The U.S. has already deployed anti-missile systems in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. (Stop NATO website and articles:

And as for the Philippines, the 'Big Brother' is always in full support of our military’s modernization and actually gave us the World War2 second refurbished, refitted Coast Guard cutter and a request for the third one is not far behind.

PNoy’s administration should be very careful in making decisions when it comes to taking sides in this grand design of the big powers in placing their pawns in the game of war.

The design made by past American defense secretaries made us the only strategic nation that is very crucial in this imaginary circle around China. And the latest article that we got from the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) states, "that the US has covertly used the Philippine Trench to conceal the US nuclear submarine fleet. The Trench which lies within the RP’s territorial waters in the Pacific, is one of the only sea trenches in the world deep enough to conceal submarines from detection. Soon, the US military presence in the Philippines will shift from counter-insurgency to confrontation with China.

The Philippine Deep or the Mindanao Trench will be beneficial to the American plan of setting the arena for a possible conflict. As what some pundits say – 'We are on the eve of a world war." God forbid!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where Do We Side? by Erick San Juan

This past week has been quite a handful for President Noynoy as he tackled domestic issues and at the same time had to leave the country for a gathering of world leaders at the East Asia-Asean Summit in Bali, Indonesia. Before that, the conference in Hawaii (APEC) and the meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton here. But at end of the day, that nagging question remains – who benefits?

When US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared in Honolulu earlier that the 21st century will be "America's Pacific century". It is quite clear that in order to implement this is to have a strong leverage in the region. Who will follow their “agenda” is the big question mark. Obviously Sec. Clinton’s visit here was to make sure that the present administration will adhere to Uncle Sam’s plan. Diplomats such as the Secretary of State and the US Ambassador, with their too goody words projecting to the Filipino people and to the world that they will always be on our side are mere rhetoric because reality check and the country’s past experiences – it was the opposite. Remember the Wikileaks report that then US ambassador Kristie Kenney sent through the cable criticizing President Noynoy for being a weak leader? What about the double speak of Secretary Clinton during the meeting with PNoy and she said, " The US does not take any position on any territorial claim." But, Clinton told a forum with young students that Washington is "very strongly against any nation using coercion or intimidation instead of using the law to try to resolve these issues." (Manila Standard 11/17/11)

As what the Daily Tribune observed in its editorial (11/21/11) – “The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit visit of Noynoy in Bali, Indonesia turned out to be only a personal expression of support for the United States military buildup in the region, the announcement of which was timed for the Summit. In sum, that was the only marked achievement of Noynoy in the event which cost the government more than P6 million to undertake. It is not even necessary and may in turn have alienated the Philippines further from its Asean counterparts.”

PNoy has been calling all the claimants to the South China Sea to meet and make a united stand against China for an effort to resolve the issue of their claims to the area. A move that every claimant knows to aggravate the disputes further from resolving. As for China, it reiterated its stand that the issue should be resolved directly between related sovereign countries "through friendly consultation and negotiation."

In a different perspective, that of the big brother’s, such move by PNoy is a welcome act in spite of past bad experiences we had with the US.

With this constant irritation on China, Beijing launched its soft power approach (again) and met with the Asean leaders with a commitment of economic support. Over the weekend with the leaders of Japan and South Korea, China pledged to work on a free trade agreement (FTA) that will serve as a counterbalance to the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Citing the events at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Hawaii, Obama had voiced frustration at China's trade practices and he pushed for a new Asia-Pacific trade deal with some of Beijing's neighbors.

The moves are seen as an attempt to reassert U.S. leadership in the face of China's rising influence around the Pacific Rim and reassure allies such as South Korea and Japan that it would remain a strong counterweight. (Reuters 11/18/11)

But obviously, this move by China will add another irritant on the part of Obama’s economic set up in the region.

The rest of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region should be wary for both US and China's agenda. China is determined to hold on to its claim to the whole South China Sea and a move that is counter to its goal could lead to a possible regional conflict.

Summits and conferences will always be part and parcel in maintaining global peace and economic stability no matter who will benefit most in the process. The most important thing is – as a sovereign country, our leaders must be sensitive enough to put forward what is due us and stand by it with conviction and sincerity. He should first unite the nation. Where do we side?

Monday, November 14, 2011

APEC and EAS-Whose Interest? by Erick San Juan

It's nice to see and hear nations especially 'factions' among big powers like the U.S. and China having a dialogue with each other during the meeting of world leaders at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Coooperation) in Hawaii recently. This economic conference of nation-states in the Pacific rim is believed by pundits to be all talks, rhetorics and plan but failed to achieve anything since it's birth in 1989.

Despite the call of China's President Hu Jintao that it is important for China and the U.S. to increase their cooperation and U.S. President Barack Obama saying that cooperation between the two countries is vital to their prosperity, both leaders met not to settle things right, not to agree but seems to disagree. In short, there's no meeting of minds.

One example is the "Trans-Pacific Partnership", The U.S. plan to have free trade among member states but the would be economic partnership became a political issue especially when an alliance of nation-states allegedly 'dictated' by the U.S. continue to pressure China to tow the line and stop it's protectionist policy.

China doesn't want to be cowed and accused the U.S. and it's allies of manipulating the rules to their advantage especially in the issue of tariff, trade restrictions,protectionism and currency manipulation.

The U.S.talked about economic integration and liberalization but demands for regulating patents and intellectual property rights. President Barack Obama insisted that China's undervalued currency keep China exports cheaper and the U.S. exports to China more expensive. (Mla. Bulletin, Nov. 14,2011) The two world leaders finished their speeches without addressing their respective concerns.
Nation-states will meet again this week at the 6th East Asia Summit in Bali, Indonesia. It's composed of 18 Asian nations and India with the United States and Russia as new members. EAS promotes dialogue, cooperation primarily on security-related issues.(Agence France Presse)

According to Pradumna B. Rana of the RSIS, both U.S. and Russia will present both opportunities and challlenges. Rana said that Russia is relatively a peripheral player in the region and it's financial linkages with the rest of EAS countries, although increasing, is still limited.

According to Russian TV through our local Destiny channel, Russia focuses it's attention in taking part in the multilateral regional organizations like the EAS, Apec, Shanghai Initiative, ARF(Asean Regional Forum), DSA( Dialogue on Cooperation in Asia), CICA(Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia), etc. Kremlin will allegedly take an active role to ensure collective partnership in protecting the interests of all country members and strengthen the stability of the region.

Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented that their government adhere to integrate into the political and economic developments in the region but on the regional security and cooperation, Russia will urge the U.S. and restrict Washington in dictating in the region.

The world should be vigilant with this new regional architecture evolving. A checkmate in the offing!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is The World War III Inevitable? by Erick San Juan

The world is on the brink of another world war. The signature is already there to see. The war clock is on, it's ticking. The 'masterminds' seem to believe that their long range plan of controlling the world will be perfected this time. But the internet which they created became a useful tool not only to the elite but to the world. In seconds, the information coming from a secluded part of the earth can be farmed out worldwide with ease. This is the reason that sooner or later, this fantastic invention will be destroyed by their creator in disguise that the cyber war destroyed the system by implanting their viruses into it.

Though, the globalists want to delay the full destruction of their "Frankenstein" but according to Anthony Wile of the, they can't wait any longer. The elites allegedly need to act fast before a popular consensus forms against them. They cannot stop the massive global networking where the globalists were exposed. They will shut down the internet as soon as possible.

Today, November 9 in America could be the D-day where in a test program will be implemented reportedly by FEMA to make an emergency shutting down of all telecommunication lines, power lines and the internet. Without alarming the people that a strong solar flare, a big asteroid named Yu55 or X1 Elenin, a huge meteor could hit the earth anytime now. This could be the pretext to justify the internet's total closure. I have been reminding my radio listeners and readerships to learn from the past mistakes of world leaders . How can one forget a popular quote from a very prominent globalist like David Rockefeller when he said, "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." It's very clear that he's talking about an order out of chaos. What will be the intention this time to justify such disorder?

During the first world war, it was justified by the sinking of 'Lusitania' where a lot of Americans were killed. The czars of Russia were overthrown which gave birth to communism and weaken many religions. According to Zen Gardner( the British and the German empires were used to foment this war.

During the second world war, the pretext was the bombing of the Pearl Harbor by the Japanese where American soldiers were the collateral damage which sparked a global armed conflict among nations. It was allegedly fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the fascists and the political zionists. The war was designed according to Gardner to destroy Nazism and strengthen Zionism which gave birth to the State of Israel in Palestine in 1948. Gardner added that international communism became strong enough to balance Christendom. At the Potsdam conference in 1945, a large portion of Europe was reportedly handed over to Soviet Russia while at the aftermath of the war with Japan, it helped to sweep the tide of communism into China.

The book of Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilization could be the 'bible' of the globalists in staging the third world war. All the ingredients in this book have been unfolding like a script produced and directed in Hollywood. This will not just be an economic or military-industrial war. It will involve the main religions of christianity, islam and zionism. It was allegedly designed to mutually destroy all of them in the process. The so called "war on terror" is the globalists tool for fear mongering, to allegedly keep all of us distracted, preoccupied and accept their projected reality. In this world where everything is now interconnected, it will be a domino that will crumble. World leaders and business elites are being pushed to the wall to mutually assure their destruction and the only solution is a world government with one financial system, one army and one religion of what? God forbid!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eventual Shooting War by Erick San Juan

People of the world beware! I don't want to be an alarmist but in my group's analysis of the current global situation, we are in for something that we will all regret soon. All the ingredients and prescriptions for chaos are already part of our lives. We seem to accept what's happening to our society and the world as the new trend and a way of life in this changing world. The ongoing and mounting recession could lead to civil unrest worldwide. The domino effect of this global economic stagflation could repeat the pattern of events before the first and second world war. The saber-rattling this time could also lead to a shooting war, a shorter war where nukes will be inflicted to the world by superpowers destroying not only the living but the earth.

Nobody in his right mind wants war. But, if the global elites will fail to control some of their allies who seem to show their superiority and world control, we are all in for trouble. All the ingredients for disaster are being assessed by different think-tank groups worldwide. Recently, the United Nations released the information that the world population is now 7 billion people and a Filipino child completed it. The world is now over populated with a high percentage of the so called "useless eaters". To add more injury to the global problem, there are more calamities occurring worldwide like earthquakes, floods, snow storms,etc. making the world food supply scarce. The worst is the fight for the control of the dwindling oil and gas supply.

The "painting in the west and fighting in the east" scenario by the Pentagon has change it's gear when US defense secretary Leon Panetta made a statement in Tokyo recently (Wall Street Journal 10/25/11) and said,"The winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan clears the way for the U.S. to shift it's focus to Asia and in particularly to China, where the part of the world that likely matters most in the long run." He added that the "U.S. now is at a turning point that will allow a strategic re-balancing toward Asia." He explained that despite the belt-tightening, the U.S. forces in Asia won't be cut to check China's military build up. It was a clear message to Beijing, whose military build up and maritime assertiveness in the South China Sea has alarmed America and it's regional allies.

The blame game approach compounded when the Philippine navy and the South Korean authorities detained fishing boats from China. Beijing urged both Philippine and South Korean governments to unconditionally return the Chinese dinghies as soon as possible 'cause it harmed the "lawful rights and interests of their fishermen". China's foreign ministry spokesperson, Jiang Yu, in a Beijing conference (October 20) said, "The Philippine naval vessel entered the waters off Liyue Bank of Spratleys, called the Nansha islands." But the Philippine authority claimed that the Chinese boats got entangled with their ship near the Recto Bank, owned by the Philippines. (PhilStar 10/22/11)

The situation turned uglier when the US and the Philippine military had their Philblex joint military exercises recently near the Spratlys. The US and the Philippine government announced that the exercises were not aimed at China but the Chinese military reacted and said that these events have been promoting hawkish responses within China. Global Times(10/25/11) said that Beijing wants peace which is vital for it's own economic development but some of it's neighbors have been exploiting China's mild diplomatic stance. Small countries are allegedly being used by the west as an "opportunistic strategy" to push them to the wall and fight, that a 'counter-attack' is likely. If these countries won't change their ways with China, they will need to prepare for the 'sound of cannons'.

I would like to reiterate that with the word war emanating from their proxies, it could lead to a shooting war. We should prepare for the worst. We could be the collateral damage. We have to watch out for the pretext and learn from history where our forefathers were once cannon-fodders by these warring elites. Even our second world war veterans are up to now were not given what's due them. The Aquino government should wake up. May your conscience bother you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Commander-in-Chief: What Went Wrong? by Erick San Juan

"It takes two to tango.", as the saying goes. As the commander-in-chief of the whole Armed Forces of the Philippines, PNoy showed a strange attitude during the AFP command conference last week. He reportedly faulted the officers and men of the special forces unit and put the blame on them for the death of several soldiers involved in the operation against criminal elements at Al Barka in Basilan. The legitimate military operation was done to serve the warrant of arrests for the group leaders who were responsible for the crimes against the people of Basilan and the beheading of our 10 marine soldiers in the past. According to Col. Alexander Macario(Task Force Basilan commander), they even cleared the entry of our military component with an MILF leader. But instead of assisting our hapless soldiers, they were killed and beheaded by these evil Abu Sayyaf's with the help of the MILF.

The MILF even arrogantly owned the responsibility for the slaughter and the wounding of our unfortunate soldiers. Instead of giving moral support to his soldiers, PNoy even scolded them in public and relieved two of it's officers, including Col. Antonio Parlade, the army spokesman. He committed for an 'all-out justice' and promised to move swiftly in fighting lawless elements. But out of the blue, he reiterated his call for the MILF to stay at the negotiating table and categorically absolved the MILF of the crime. The worst, at the Ciudad Fernandina forum at Club Filipino, retired Commodore Rex Robles commented that he was shocked when he heard PNoy saying that 'he will protect the areas that we control'. Robles added that the way the president speak is difficult to comprehend. "He seems to have given the MILF some of our territories." Robles concluded.

Some of PNoy's supporters are now his critics. Others said that the president has been breaking protocols and seems to be following the orders of his real 'boss'. Legal experts said that he's committing treasonous acts, firstly, when he met with the MILF leaders headed by Al Hajj Murad in Narita, Japan and today, wednesday, Malacanang admitted that his peace adviser, Marvic Leonen even gave the MILF P5 million pesos for the BMLMI (Bangsa Moro Leadership and Management Institute). The amount allegedly came from the presidential social fund. Sec. Ging Deles in another interview said that the BMLMI was created during the time of President Gloria Arroyo. Leonen even described the Al Barka incident as an 'isolated case'. Pundits said that it seems impossible to believe that the MILF leaders were 'soft touched' by P5 million pesos. "How cheap for a group claiming control of a big portion of Minsupala.", a coffee shop wag at the Hotel Intercon commented.

Where are PNoy's trusted lieutenants who should give him precious counselling during this time of crisis? Is the DILG code not enough to be implemented by barangay officials, the mayors, the governors who should oversee that law enforcement and it's implementation as part of the local governance and responsibility? How can the local government negotiate in a position of strength if they themselves are in cahoots or they could be possibly the puppet masters of these bandits? What happened to the humint (human intelligence) operation of the barangay tanods? Even Congressman Mujib Hataman of Basilan rightfully commented that the issue here is a correct governance.

The citizenry had seen the difference between PNoy and former President Joseph Estrada. Estrada during his watch ordered the Armed Forces to over run the MILF camps. It became successful because of the secret help of the US drones that simultaneously attacked the two main MILF camps namely Abu Bakr and Raja Muda and its 44 satellite camps. Without the knowledge of Estrada, our troops headed by Gens. Camiling and TP Salazar(now Nica chief) backed by artillery barrages and air strikes were assisted by the US drones.

When the late Defense secretary Angelo Reyes arrived from his 'consultation' from Washington DC during Erap's time, I was invited by then Defense undersecretary Mel Rosales to have breakfast with Reyes at the Camp Aguinaldo's officers clubhouse. Reyes told us that Pentagon wanted to neutralize the terrorists in Mindanao especially the Abu Sayyaf and the MILF. The US Department of Defense was allegedly worried about the MILF because of a nearby state supporting its cause. Secretary Reyes was astonished when he was told that if our government will not do it, they will move on their own. Reyes reported the briefing to Pres. Estrada and the president despite our meager resources, capability and ammunitions commanded Reyes to overrun the MILF. The rest was history.

What went wrong? Why is the US government now supporting the MILF? Is the war on terror being propagated by the US government plain hypocricy and double talk? This is a big joke and unbelievable. Reality check will affirm that the US government will definitely protect it's interests in the region and the weak leadership and mediocrity of our officials gave the foreign powers the impression that we dont have the capacity to manage the nation.

"Kano ang boss ko!"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Plot Thickens by Erick San Juan

The Carlos P. Romulo Foundation for Peace and Development, in collaboration with the Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS-Singapore) hosted the Forum on West Philippine Sea(SCS) at the Manila Polo Club last Sunday and Monday. The CPR Foundation is chaired by former Foreign Affairs Secretary Roberto R. Romulo. The first session was chaired by former Secretary of National Defense Gilberto Teodoro while the Monday session was moderated by former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Domingo L. Siazon,Jr.

The conference was well attended by diplomats, scholars, public figures, civil society, security and military officers. They engaged in the dialogue, discussed ideas and solutions in defining the South China Sea issue. Secretary Romulo hoped that over time, the forum can influence official thinking and policy with the goal of identifying common interests.

Last sunday's closed-door session had a heated issue of India advising China not to interfere in Kashmir and India will not intervene in the South China Sea issue. The group committed for a successful conflict resolutions which will lead to peace , prosperity and regional cooperation.

Former US Ambassador to the Philippines, Frank Wisner, now the international affairs advisor of Patton Boggs LLP and the vice-chairman of AIG, told the audience that he came not as a diplomat but as an American with a keen interest in the region. He explained that the United States of America is a Pacific power with the destiny to linked to the asian belt. Wisner said that America's security and economic well being depend heavily on Asia and this fact will grow in importance in the years ahead. He added that the USA have interests in the South China Sea and that full half of the world's merchant ships pass the SCS each year. South China Sea carries six times the freight of the Suez Canal, especially oil. The amount of traffic through SCS will double by2030. "This is the reason why many nations are keen in promoting peaceful resolutions in the overlapping claims, the need for a code of conduct, the right of free passage, freedom of navigation and the orderly exploitation of the resources of the South China Sea are matters of huge importance to all.", Wisner concluded.

I was amazed by the speech articulated by Dr. Fu-kuo Liu of the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University in Taiwan. He reiterated Taiwan's interest in the South China Sea. He asked everyone of us why only now that the South China Sea issue is being addressed when in fact that in 1947, a U-shaped line was drawn by the Republic of China according to the international legal norms and reflected by the international political reality after the World War 2. The area within the line was identified as historical water of ROC. It was allegedly agreed by Japan through the United Nations and the Taiwan government reportedly can validate this. Although Dr. Liu said that the Republic of China(Taiwan) did not make it clear on how this U-shaped line was based upon and what it really means from the start. The U-shaped line exists long before UNCLOS was concluded in 1982. He concluded that Taiwan's sovereignty over the area within the line remain unchanged.

Is this the reason why the Taiwanese government through it's president, Ma Ying-Jeou made a fiery statement during it's national day(October 10,2011)? He said that the people of Taiwan have to defend it's sovereignty and they will install and deploy missiles in the South China Sea over concerns that rival claimants to the disputed islands are building up their arms. Taiwan's defense minister, Kao
Hua-chu through it's defense committee demand that it's coast guard units in Taiping and the Pratas islands, claimed by Taiwan be armed with Chaparral or Tien Chien 1 missiles. Taiping is the biggest island in the Spratlys.

The plot thickens!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mind Opener:Connecting the Dots by Erick San Juan

I was alarmed by the article of Amando Doronila at the Philippine Daily Inquirer Oct. 12,2011 entitled, "Is PNoy Worthy Heir to Edsa Legacy?" The president according to Doronila delivered a speech at the annual meeting of the World Bank and the IMF(International Monetary Fund) in Washington DC last September 21, the anniversary of Marcos martial rule. The main point of PNoy's speech was all about 'people power' allegedly driving the winds of political and social change. His mother catapulted into power through the so called peaceful revolution ousting a perceived corrupt dictator.

Doronila quoted PNoy saying, "We gathered here today at a time of rapid change around the entire world (referring to the Middle East and North Africa), where people took to the streets in droves, risking their livelihoods and even their lives to call for the removal of leaders who could no longer respond to their needs and aspirations."

PNoy concluded, "That after the euphoria fades, how does a government faced with a gargantuan task in sustaining the momentum, rebuild it's institutions from the ground up? How to harness the energy of the people power to provide jobs, food, education, health and other vital services, given the situation it inherited? Doronila reacted by saying-"not by laziness."

Methinks that the president is not lazy as perceived. He just need sincere, dedicated and can be trusted lieutenants to help him in his daily problem solving. His questions in that speech if addressed immediately by his administration is good enough as a starter. He should stick to his "Matuwid na Daan" (straight path), have the political will to ax dead meats, opportunists and corruptors inside his loop. They are destroying him from within. He should also watch out for 'Greeks bearing gifts'. People outside looking in are getting worried that despite the advocacy of the president to jail the corrupt officials of the previous administration, he is now fighting so many fronts, including possibly, some of his people who are now gradually being exposed as to their 'wheeling and dealing'. The infighting between the Balay and the Samar group is being discreetly agitated not only by some oppositor but also by vested interests from within, Look at the case of political secretary Ronald Llamas, The exposes' being leaked to the media are reportedly coming from another faction within PNoy's circle.

With the compounding problems and the 'gathering storm', the government should act fast. A new version of Hyatt 10 is in the offing. There is an approaching struggle that if taken for granted could involve all of us. In disguise as election fraud, even in the presidential elections of 2010, some vested interest groups could act outside the constitution. They will proclaim that the system is a lie and does not work. Even surveys lie like the politicians.

This nation has not been united for a very long time despite Edsa 'revolts'. Let's stand up and make this country what you want it to be. Let's all be responsible, be accountable and get involve in rebuilding this nation always being designed to fail! God bless the Philippines!

Occupy Wall Street: Where is it Leading to? by Erick San Juan

The OWS(Occupy Wall Street) campaign started in New York with a handfull of young protesters almost patterned to the Arab Spring people power in the Middle East and North Africa that toppled several perceived corrupt leaders. In a matter of days it's all over America creating mass actions in several states. The financial giants are freaking out and reports from ATS(above top secret) confirmed that they put their state police on their payroll to protect them. According to blogger, Salusa, what has happened is the result of the people waking up as to how they have been manipulated and used to support the lives of those who rule over them. The energy for change is sweeping the world and with the intent of the people. it will allegedly be like a tidal wave washing away everything in its path. The 'masterminds' of the Arab Spring were shock to see that the pattern of confluence of events they directed backfired and mass movements are rapidly gathering pace.

The young generations are fearless. The same mass actions also happened in the United Kingdom. Many of them believe that they cannot tolerate the deliberate fraud by their banksters and money masters mishandling their banking and financial system which is causing recession. These yuppies believe that it is now high time to dismantle the unholy alliance of corrupt politicians and the elite who run the government like hell. People get fear-mongered into believing that things are really bad. According to blogger, LiberLegit, the manipulators connect imaginary puzzle pieces and see "hypothetical" big picture to create a situation. Cobaltic 1978, another blogger said that the middle class is being eroded and will soon be part of the lower echelon of society if we will not get our acts together. He added that the illusion of your freedom and the reality of your slavery is about to come to roost. Let's be ready for that wake up call.

Even the famous coumnist and Nobel peace prize awardee, Paul Krugman of the International Herald Tribune (Oct. 11,2011 issue) said, "Who's really being un-American here? Not the protestors , who are simply trying to get their voices be heard. No, the real extremists here are the American oligarchs who want to suppress any criricism of the sources of their wealth.

So, what else is new? Some Americans are panicky that if the situation will not be averted immediately, it could force the Obama administration to declare a state of emergency, suspend the US congress and declare martial law. Either the 'patriot act' will be enforced to deal with the unruly populace. The worst scenario is a possible second revolution in America. A pundit warned that the American people should watch carefully the confluence of events and where it will lead them. The wildfire protests could have been engineered to enable the declaration of martial law.

Many Filipinos are wondering if these scenarios going on worldwide can happen here? Just like some of the skeptics, the pattern is there. Even the martial law of Marcos was predicated with several incidents and mass actions were engineered to justify the declaration of PD 1081. During that time some activists don't even know what they are protesting about or what's their plan if they succeed.

But the situation now is so different that the youth of today can think out of the box and with the help of new technologies like the cellphone and the internet, mobilization and networking is easy. Despite that the Filipinos are pliant like a bamboo, the problem is not cowardice or fear, but the hard fact that we don't really want to go to any bloody confrontation and if we can avoid it the better. Just like any human being, don't push anyone over the edge, don't screw the people, they will fight back at the proper time just like our revolutionaries in the past.

Even the illustrious former chief justice, Reynato Puno, during the 50th anniversary of the Philconsa at the Manila Hotel advised that we have to fight the cause of our flawed democracy if we are to defend our constitution. Political and economic fraud against the citizenry and the nation should be stopped before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

False Hope, False Alarm by Erick San Juan

False Hope, False Alarm by Erick San Juan

There were so many wild rumors emanating from coffee shop wags as to the real intention of President Noynoy's travel to China, U.S. and Japan. It started with his trip to China that coincided with Congresswoman Imelda Marcos open-secret trip to Beijing. There were speculation that it's all about the possible negotiation for the return of some Marcos accounts kept in China. When PNoy returned back to the Philippines, the only news that we got was that the anomalous transactions of the previous administration like the ZTE-NBN deal, Northrail, etc. will be revived with modification. Thanks to the Chinoy powerbrokers-carpetbaggers of the GMA government who are now rubbing elbows with PNoy and his loop.

Suddenly, Mrs. Marcos has been so quiet. But the rumor mill coming from some Marcos loyalists are boasting that this month of October will be a merry month not only for them but for all the Filipinos. The funds will allegedly be coming from the so called Asean-China Investment Fund, a private equity fund where it's unusual that the Swiss government will be involved together with the ADB(Asian Development Bank and the UOB(United Overseas Bank) are investors.

While in China, out of the blue, PNoy said that he has to go to the U.S. to meet with President Barack Obama and the big guns of Asia Society in New York and then he will visit Japan. My favorite Marcos loyalist friend said that there's a possibility that the American elites would like to get their piece of the action, reason why PNoy has to leave as soon as possible for the U.S. From America, instead of going straight to Japan, he returned back to Manila. In Japan, he got what he wants. According to news report- a new computer game for his favorite nephew, Josh and an audience with Emperor Akihito. But it got the ire of so many Filipinos when it was published in the newspapers that he gave US$ one million dollars to Japan's Tsunami victims when millions of Filipinos needs help too.Even Manila Standard columnist Jojo Robles made a hard-hitting observation that PNoy is insensitive and out of touch with the poor Filipinos. PNoy reportedly made a stupid act.

Even our oldies are up in arms as to the actuation of the president. Up to now many of our female senior citizens who were victimized during the second world war and became "comfort women" or "sex slaves" were not given justice by the Japanese government. The relatives of the so called "Jugun ianfu" or military sex slaves said that they are doubting the sincerity of the Japanese government in resolving these humanitarian problem which affected not only Filipino women but of many nations conquered by the Japanese during the war. What the surviving comfort women got up to now were unofficial apologies and meager financial awards where many of the surviving comfort women refused to accept.

The situation compounded when Typhoon Pedring hit Luzon and the president was bombarded by comments that he's nowhere to be found and tried to address the situation after the damage has been done. The finger pointing among government agencies worsened. Actually, the people are used to flooding but blaming Typhoon Pedring for making so many areas in Luzon like a water world is not justifiable. According to some local government officials, it was due to illegal logging and unprecedented release of water from several dams. According to PAGASA, the rainfall of typhoon Pedring was just 10% of Ondoy while that of Quiel was much SMALLER in volume. So who's the real culprit? According to activist Ferdie Pasion, most of our dams now are privatized. The dam operators DON'T want to release water before the typhoon arrives due to fear that the typhoon may not come or it will not be sufficient to replenish the water that were earlier released. Profit from electric generator is their priority vis-a-vis human safety and welfare.

My Opinyon publisher, Ray Junia, made a 'bulls eye' detail of what really transpired in PNoy's bothersome trips to China, US and Japan. In his latest analysis titled, 'Gullible's Travels', he said that the Americans and the Japanese are into something. Japan is behind the US in this regional maneuver with the Philippines as the battleground, the reason the secret meeting by PNoy with the MILF leaders was held in Japan. China could react to the bullying of US and Japan. It could call the bluff and we get pinned in the firefight. US could end up getting Mindanao, China getting the Spratly Islands and Japan getting it's share of our natural resources.

We never learned from our past mistakes...... Wake up!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's Wrong with the World?

What's Wrong with the World? by Erick San Juan

Leaders of the world seems to be repeating the mistakes of the past. All the danger signs are already in our midst. Global breaking point will possibly occur this coming October ( The allies in the past could disintegrate and be future enemies. Economic and financial analysts believe that there's only six weeks to save the euro but most of them believe that the dark clouds is on the horizon. All kinds of signs that the financial world will experience a nervous breakdown( Massive amounts of investors money reportedly is being pulled out of the stock market. The biggest stock market crashes tended to happen in the fall. The global market is allegedly on the verge of "Black October". European debt crisis continue to worsen and weird financial activities are being made all over the world.

Lyndon LaRouche of the Executive Intelligence Review commented that the international financial elite met last week in Washington DC for the annual meeting of the IMF-WB (International Monetary Fund-World Bank). EIR said that the group meet in an environment of utter panic and hysteria created by the death rattle of their global financial system and by their own criminal incompetence to deal with it.

LaRouche added that this is a 1923 style collapse on a global scale and the political leadership of America is acting like the 'dumb' Germans from that period. "They have not learned nothing from that lesson. Nearly everyone in leading positions today has flinched and backed off from the necessary measures. They are not prepared to defend civilization. The system is over.", LaRouche concluded.

Los Angeles Times report said that the west has apparently been under attack by an organized cabal of inter-generational banking families and corporate, business and military enablers for at least 200 to 300 years now. In the past 50 years, the pace has accelerated. These handful of wealthy central banking families reportedly want to impoverish the U.S. and render its citizens penniless.

Pundits believe that this is what they call "directed history", in which events including wars are planned to ensure maximum destruction of the culture as it is in order to further militarize, globalize and impoverish what remains. Modern nation state is now funded by central banks, governed mostly by private bankers and the super 'elite'. It's ultimate goal is formal global governance. The United Nations will be possibly modified to implement a world government. These super elites reportedly like to work within a "lawful" environment of their own creation and continually consolidate power. The pattern is very clear. Methinks, the globalists have perfected the art of war. Their citizenry having a good life, through the "living like a king, die like a rat" policy. When war is needed to create prosperity, jobs and economies collapse. Even the most smartest among the citizenry will be manipulated and forced to fight to save the republic. Everything is pre-determined like a program scenario.

Even China's elite and it's politburo are worried and concerned about the stability of the American and European banks because of their investments and exposures. It will be like a domino that everybody will be dragged and fall. It's now a reality that governments do not run their nation, it's the super elites who runs it. Blogger Glutimas Maximus said that millions of people will be wiped out soon and their savings gone. We can ignore this reality indefinitely but we can't ignore the consequences of this evil plan. It would absolutely be devastating.

Beware of the nuclear war in the offing!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Do We Really Have to Celebrate?

Do We Really Have to Celebrate?
by Erick San Juan

September 16, 1991 to 2011, marks the 20th year of the RP-US bases treaty rejection. Many people were thought to believe that today is the day to celebrate and be proud that the Americans were forced by the "Magnificent 12" namely Senators- Juan Ponce Enrile, Butch Aquino, Joseph Estrada, Tito Guingona, Sotero Laurel, Orly Mercado, Ernie Maceda, Nene Pimentel, Victor Ziga, Rene Saguisag and then Senate President Jovito Salonga to leave Clark Air Base and the Subic Naval Base.

There is a celebration today at the Club Filipino dubbed as "Kasarinlan Ipaglaban" organized by the Jose W. Diokno Foundation, Lorenzo Tanada Foundation, Constantino Foundation in cooperation with people's organization. Despite the make believe that our honorable senators were convinced allegedly by the overwhelming anti-bases demonstrations and anti-imperialist sentiments; activists consistent mass actions and struggle, these senators were a mixture of 'pro' and anti American.

Many of our activists up to now wondered why the American government accepted the verdict with ease. Was it providential that after the American military left the bases, the Mount Pinatubo exploded that its tremendous ash falls were felt worldwide? Or, was the timing perfect? What a coincidence that this week, a declassified U.S. State Department Memo said, the late President Ferdinand Marcos knew of nuclear weapons stockpiled in the American bases during his watch. It was released by a non-government research institute and library at the George Washington University called the "Archive". It's an online group who publishes declassified documents obtained through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. The 1969 memo was reportedly written by Robert McClintock, a US diplomat at the State Department addressed to the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

This information was also shared to me by the late President Marcos in one of my trips to his Makiki residence in Hawaii. He gave me photo copies of the project which was inspired by then Secretary Alex Melchor in cooperation with the US Department of Defense. One of the missiles installed was actually named 'BONGBONG' by the president with the approval of the Pentagon.

What was not completely told was the study on the possible eruption of Mount Pinatubo done by expert volcanologist, Dr. Kelvin Rodolfo. Although he's based in the US, he comes home once in a while. He made a research confirming that Mount Pinatubo was in a critical condition and will surely explode in a year or two which could irreparably damage the nuclear arsenals of the US in several secret fortresses nearby. It's sad that the information was shared only with the American government and we were all kept in the dark about it. Up to now the nuclear wastes of the American military have not been cleaned despite our government request.

What went wrong? After the Pinatubo explosion, both bases and the nearby towns were rehabilitated. Eight years later, on May 27, 1999 during the presidency of Joseph Estrada, (one of the "Magnificent 12"), a new basing right was signed named the "Visiting Forces Agreement". With the new agreement, pundits said that the people's victory was lost. What victory are we talking about? We are always hostage to the American dictates. We are at their mercy as long as we will not change our attitude, our colonial mentality and unite. How can we struggle in solidarity when we don't seem to understand that our enemy is from within? It's us!

Even our 'nationalists' are not all for 'real'. Some of them are even accepting US grants, scholarships, and jobs in the US local conduits like the PRRM, EMERGE,etc. Don't get me wrong, the Americans are good people per se but it's us who doesn't have self-respect and dis-united. Reason the carpetbaggers and opportunists among them manipulate some of our leaders who are gullible to their carrot and stick operation.

When are we going to learn and change our attitude for the better? God bless the Philippines!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Coalition Government in the Offing? By Erick San Juan

A Coalition Government in the Offing. Again? By Erick San Juan

Out of the blue, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has secretly offered President Benigno S. Aquino III, a "coalition government" that would allegedly lead to an instant ceasefire and a peace deal, with talks on political and economic reforms to follow later, said chief rebel negotiator, Luis Jalandoni (AFP-Sunday Bulletin, Sept. 4, 2011). Agence France Presse confirmed that a special Aquino envoy is pursuing "special track" talks with the rebels, suggesting it could proceed side by side with his group's formal talks with chief government negotiator, Alexander Padilla, Jalandoni added.

The reported proposal would have the rebels joining a "Council of National Unity" to advice Aquino on 'reforms' and put up 20 projects to make the country self-sufficient in food, steel and pharmaceuticals. Anyone who has read the said proposal will possibly be enticed and lured by the suggestion and the 'good' intention.

The AFP report added that Padilla reiterated that the Philippines had rejected a deal along these similar lines in 2005, but added, he could not comment on the new one. The CPP explained that the stalled talks with the government could resume with Norway's help, and suggested a limited deal that the communist party would swiftly end the decades long insurgency.

Why is this former Jesuit priest, Luis Jalandoni, seems so sure that this time the coalition government will prosper? The talk-talk-talk with the so called leaders of the insurgents has been for decades and had been a "talk-fight" for more than 20 years. With whom is the government dealing now, with the National Democratic Front or with the Communist Party?

It reminded me of my previous talks with some of the progressive leaders and nationalists in the past as to how did the Communist Party of the Philiipines and the New People's Army became part of the umbrella organization of the Jesuit inspired, National Democratic Front. A top honcho of the party was shocked to my query and told me that due to haste during that time of transition, there was really no approval from the Politburo in recognizing the NDF. It is like magic that the NDF was rapidly known worldwide. Is there a falling out between Jalandoni and Joma Sison this time? He has been so quiet for a long time. Or, is the NDF already burn out that it's funding is not really coming from the Philippine insurgents but from a religious order vying for the world control through liberation theology?

To internationalize the issue, the Norway government was requested to be a mediator. Norway is a credibly rich nation where socialism is considered a perfect model of society but we're not Norway and we're so divided. The government and the CPP meeting was allegedly brokered by Norway in February and Jalandoni floated that this peace talk could be a breakthrough where both sides 'agreed' to speed up the peace process.

Jalandoni with his wife, Coni, a former liberation theologist nun, upon arrival from abroad met with the progressive leaders at the National Council of Churches of the Philippines in Quezon city and talked about the 'good news' regarding the resumption of the peace talks and want to pressure the PNoy government to release the 13 NDFP consultants under Jasig.

Today and tomorrow, Jalandoni will reportedly meet with Padilla with the special envoy from Norway, dispatched to Manila to allegedly solve the obstacles. Jalandoni believes that the peace accord will be sealed on or before June, 2012.

Here we go again! Have we forgotten the mistakes of the late President Corazon Aquino? The said “coalition” government was hatched during her watch. During that period, Filipinos were basically divided into two colors. The RED, represented by the Marcos camp and the YELLOW by the Cory regime. During that time, the Armed Forces (AFP) was destroyed by the progressives in the media, exposing the graft and corruptions in the service, human rights violation, etc. The same issues can be found in our dailies today, exposing the graft and corruption within the AFP and the PNP like the Rabusa expose's, the helicopter deal, etc. where both institutions are being destroyed and weakened. Thus, the morality of our soldiers and law enforcers were affected. Politicians and former AFP and police officers turned politicians became witting and unwitting tool to expose their former comrades and enemies.

After the failed coup of then Col. Gringo Honasan in August, 1987, the NDF and the Cory government almost coalesced but was aborted by our patriots within the media and the armed forces. God forbid, that the evil-genius clique from the said religious congregation and it's agenda will not fly. Will it be a September to Remember or the August Moon of the Chinese calendar? PNoy should really be careful. Scary indeed!

Monday, August 29, 2011

False Alarm or Predicate Layed? by Erick San Juan

False Alarm or Predicate Layed? by Erick San Juan

At the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (A Graduate School of Nanyang Technological University) in Singapore recently, Associate professor Ahmed S. Hashim of International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research lectured on "Terrorism as an Instrument of Culture Warfare: the Meaning of Anders Breivik". Hashim said that the terrorist attack of July 23,2011 launched by a lone right-wing extremist in the peaceful capital city city of Oslo, Norway and at the summer camp for children in the island of Utoya, resulted to the death of 77 young people.

The whole of Europe and the world were shaken and wondered how such mass murder could have been executed with ease by a lone gunman. During the first few hours, the world was bombarded by the news spin coming from CNN, BBC,etc. that initially thought that the attacks have the 'signature' of Al Qaeda.

Hashim explained that 32-year old Anders Behring Breivik came from an upper middle class upbringing and used to be a resident of a middle class Oslo suburb of Skoyen. Many people were astonished how Breivik could commit such monstrous and evil acts especially in the world's re-known peaceful nation of Norway.

I myself had been there twice and find Norway not only a very peaceful state but with cheerful and hospitable people including Filipino migrants who entertained me even though it's my first time to meet them.

According to Hashim, Breivik looked like any 'normal' Norwegian, had never caught the attention of the government security services. Breivik was reportedly integrated into society and was careful enough to ensure that his 'abnormal' activities, preparations for the murderous rampage will not be monitored by the radarscope of the government's law-enforcement agencies.

What was not told in the lecture was how Breivik was pinpointed as the real culprit? Thanks to the vigilance of the Norwegian citizenry, Breivik was tipped-off and apprehended immediately by the authorities. Hashim expounded that during the police interrogation, he pretended to be insane and bizarrely demanded to be appointed to be the head of the Norwegian army and called for the abdication of King Harald V. It is just like a re-run of the movie, the "Knight and Day" which featured Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. In the movie, Cameron was injected with a 'truth serum' to tell everything while Breivik could have suffered brain manipulation like the MK Ultra or with the use of hallocinogenic injection.

Hashim gave a bird's eye view of the living condition in Norway. He said, for the past several decades, Norway has been a quiet, prosperous and generous welfare state, blessed with excellent schooling, high wages, and considerable social uniformity. It never suffered from problems associated with the integration and assimilation of newcomers. Both native Norwegians and the immigrants co-exist enjoying the largesse and services provided by a rich and generous state.

Hashim said that it is not clear what direct links,if any, Breivik had with established far-right populist groups. his links may only be ideological and that the decision to undertake his acts of political violence was solely his own. He concluded that law enforcement units have to take into consideration whether there might be collaboration between enemies such as Al Qaeda and the far right in Europe. He added that stranger things had happened, especially that Breivik has expressed admiration for the methods of Al Qaeda.

But some pundits are asking, if Breivik is a Christian nutcase, why did he kill white people who are mostly Christians? A political analyst even whispered that Breivik is not a 'Superman' to kill so many people at one time.

Mind boggling indeed!

Manchurian Candidates: Made in Hollywood by Erick San Juan

Manchurian Candidates: Made in Hollywood by Erick San Juan

Most nations worldwide, their intelligence services, the people and media were focused on the possible threat of Islamist violence which were shown daily on TV news and print media(Terrorism as an Instrument of Cultural Warfare by Ahmed S. Hashim). But it does not exist in Norway and their intelligence community have been updating their asssessments. Most of them believe that even right wing extremism will not pose any serious threat to their citizenry. But what went wrong?

Now, most European governments and law enforcement agencies are now haunted by a new 'specter' within the new extreme right populist movement committted to the use of violence. According to Hashim, counter-terrrorism officials have been warning of a new trend, the so callled "solo terrorist". A fighter trained by organizations like Al Qaeda, but then sent off to act on his own, with little or no further correspondence with the group. this tactic reduces the amount of 'chatter'-discussions on cell phones and over the internet where counter terrorism experts routinely pick up when a terrorist plot is in the offing.

"Breivik represents a new paradigm.", says Janne Kristiansen, head of Norway's domestic intelligence, the Police Security Service. "He's not a solo terrorist. He's a 'lone wolf' who has been very intent on staying under the radar of of the security services by leading a lawful life."

Sounds familiar! This same line of 'lone wolf' was also parroted by U.S. President Barack Obama the other week when he stated that a 'lone wolf' could attack the U.S. anytime. Is this part of the laying the predicate? It seems that the situation has a pattern of history. Most of them were seen in the movies, television series and manufactured in Hollywood. Remember the movie, Wag the Dog? It was shown first worldwide where the life of former US President Bill Clinton was depicted. The former president was almost indicted because of his sexcapade.

Before the 911 incident, a TV series,"The Lone Gunman", an episode of X Files aired by Fox on March 4,2001, in which the actual scenario for the 911 attacks was revealed using a Boieng 727,enroute to Boston. The plane was hijacked by a shadowy group of US government plotters intent on crashing into the World Trade Center and blame it on anti-US despot to drag the US into war and increase weapon sales. The plot was called, Scenario 12D, where the plane auto-pilot was commandeered from the ground. The show series was allllegedly cancelled in June,2001.

The American people should follow the vigilance and the collective effort of the Norwegians. The 'lone wolf' scenario could be real, especially now that the anniversary of the 911 is getting nearer. This could be a pretext for something "big". Another movie with the same pattern of incident and the latest movie, the "Source Code", which was released last April, 2011 has almost identical scenario. A lone terrorist builds a nuke dirty bomb and plan to detonate it in Chicago killing two million people using a commuter train.

Even the reported computer files of Osama bin Laden in his Abbotabad safe house confirmed that the main target of attack by the Al Qaeda are the Chicago Water Tower, a US rail system and bridges as aspirational phase which could be another false flag operation to pressure the American people to fight 'unknown' enemies.

"Be wary of the invisible empire of the new world order.", author Geoffrey Wheatcroft said. It is an order out of chaos. "A strange new world the Americans find themselves in and one where they are finding it harder than ever to impose their will on anyone, anywhere." Need I say more?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Rush for Bilateral Agreements

The Rush for Bilateral Agreements by Erick San Juan

The US government has intensified it's bilateral negotiations with the countries in the region to strengthen it's influence in Southeast Asia and possibly obtain indirect control over the sea lanes in the Malacca Strait. In this regard, Washington has floated the idea of the need to redeploy troops and it's Seventh fleet in the region. Guam was supposed to be the place for the troops deployment. Many observers believe that the change of plan was due to China's sending it's first aircraft carrier to sea which US defense analyst sees as a challenge to the American military supremacy and interests.

To provide the rationale for plans in changing the policy, there were several pretext used as a way of supporting nation states in the region. Such as, damaged by calamities like the emergency situation in Japan as a result of repeated earthquakes, the effects of technological disaster of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and terrorism in some parts of the region. White house allegedly want a direct participation and implementation of security measures to ensure security in the region.It also intends to involve US combat units in "helping" the law enforcement units capability of the Asian allies.

But most Asean nations are wary that the deployment could aggravate the situation. which could lead to more terror threat on the Asian sea lanes especially at the Strait of Malacca where a 'Somali' type of pirate operation could ensue.Recently, the US government criticized the leadership of countries that are not effective enough in their fight against piracy in the strait. They are promoting the idea of the need to enhance substantive cooperation with the US forces. To provide impact on their foreign policy affecting the asia pacific region, the US initiates with the support of the US congress, new policies on the important issues of bilateral relations with the countries in the region.

As published in several newspapers last April this year, US senators, Daniel Inouye and Thad Cochran visited the Philippines. During the talk with the Philippine government officials, the American senators reportedly discussed the possibility of US troops returning to the former US bases at Clark Airbase in Pampanga and at Subic naval station in Olongapo. The US legislators raised the issue of refurbishing the installation before the withdrawal of the military personnels of the Seventh fleet from the Okinawa base in 2012. Last March,the US congress delegation headed by Rep. E. Olson negotiated with Thailand Ministry of Trade to provide American businesses access to key sectors of the Thai economy. US was reportedly interested in expanding its business interests in insurance,banking, telecommunication, mining and agricultural market. Congressman Olson reiterated that the issue should be resolved by introducing changes in the bilateral treaty of friendship and economic relations of 1966.

China is doing the same thing by dealing with the Asian bilaterally. But when China started deploying it's first aircraft carrier in the South China Seas, it sent jittery and anxiety to the Asean especially those nations like the Philippines and Vietnam who were once bullied by China.

This could be the complying reason why the US is in a rush to expand it's military presence in the sea lanes of South east asia particularly in the Malacca Strait. The mistrust of China's flexing it's muscle and the fear of President Hu Jin tao's 2004 "New Historic Missions" is unclear. According to Bonnie S. Glaser and Brittany Billingsley of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC," China's aircraft carriers could be a threat to US interests." (Source:Perry Diaz blog,August 12,2011)

Such expansions could lead to several negative consequences. It could engender the possible interference of big powers into the internal affairs of the Asean nations. It could also provoke local radicalism, provoke anti-american and anti-chinese sentiments in the process. The geopolitical situation could really provoke a global war if not abated. If the military establishments of these two contending powers will not be controlled by their political leaders, all hell will break loose.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who's The Real Boss? by Erick San Juan

Who's The Real Boss? by Erick San Juan

History always repeat itself as the saying goes, because many leaders repeat the mistakes of the past and never learned from them. Recently, the puppet masters who just modified their agenda, are the same ideologues using the principle of Karl Marx that "Religion is the opium of the people". They are manipulating the populace through an 'angel and demon' operation unsuspectingly controlling everyone and creating several 'frankenstein' in the process.

A good example is the recent meeting of President Noynoy with rebel leader Haj Murad Ibrahim of the MILF at the Ana Airport Hotel in Narita, Japan. Despite the knowledge of so many foreign diplomats on who's really behind the open-secret talk, officials in the loop of the president insist that it was the idea of PNoy. To refresh your memory on how the rebel groups like the MNLF, MILF and other Bangsa Moro groups metamorphosed, it started with the aborted "Oplan Merdeka" of the late President Ferdinand Marcos in collusion with his cousin, Tun Mustapha of Sabah and the Kiram's to take over Sabah. The plan was leaked by the late Don Chino Roces to the Aquino family through the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino( Conspiracies and Controversies, page 7).

The Kuala Lumpur government of then Tun Abdul Razak, the father of now Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak aborted the rebellion in Sabah and reportedly "secretly" financed a Jesuit spy master and strategist, the late Fr. Jose 'Derp" Blanco of the Ateneo. To destabilize Marcos, Blanco utilized covertly young combatants among the Jesuit hierarchy to secretly recruit radical professors at the University of the Philippines namely, Jose Ma. Sison aka Joma and Nur Misuari. Thus, the creation of the MNLF and the Communist Party of the Philippines. Nur recruited muslim activists and mujaheedin fighters while a faction of the PKP, the Soviet bloc of the communist organization was organized by Joma.

When Marcos was ousted by the Edsa 'U.S. inspired' uprising in 1986, then President Cory Aquino released the communists like Joma and was given permission to have a permanent vacation in Utrecht and created the National Democratic Front. According to the late patriot, Prof. Renato Constantino Sr., "It's amazing how these Jesuits operate. The NDF became the umbrella organization of the progressives without the approval of the Politburo of the Communist Party." We thought all the while that the local communist party, the New Peoples Army and supporters are the one supporting Joma and his group in Netherland. According to Prof. Constantino, "It's the Jesuits in Europe who's secretly funding their daily operation in Utrecht, through another Jesuit priest, Fr. Luis Jalandoni."

Another shocking experience by then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile and then PC-INP chief, Gen.Fidel Ramos was when President Cory told them to meet Nur Misuari in Zamboanga. Nur returned to the Philippines from the Middle East through the effort of then young Jesuit priest,Fr. Romeo Intengan, his partner Bert Gonzales and Butch Aquino of ATOM. Despite the "good intention" of the late president Cory Aquino to have peace in Mindanao, fighting ensued. It was former President Fidel Ramos who convinced Nur Misuari to forget the secessionist movement and have peace with his administration. Nur ascended as the governor of the newly created ARMM-Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.

During the time of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Intengan and Bert Gonzales were in the inner loop of GMA. Since day one of GMA, they already have a shadow government parallel to GMA's administration despite their closeness to her. Here's the catch. Out of the blue, President Noynoy pushed through with the secret meeting with Murad in Japan. Pundits believe that this is another Jesuit inspired plan, to create their own republic in the oil rich Minsupala like what this religious order 'tandem' did to another oil rich state, East Timor. East Timor used to be part of Indonesia. It is now headed by Jesuit priest, President Jose Ramos Horta and his buddy, now Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

Although, I don't believe that all the Jesuits are behind in this diabolical scheme, there are still good Jesuits like Fr. Bienvenido Nebres of the Ateneo University. The pattern is getting clearer now. The so called peace agreement despite the rhetorics is doomed to fail. Some socdems within the loop of the president is stabbing PNoy behind his front. Now, who's the real boss?