Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Where is it Leading to? by Erick San Juan

The OWS(Occupy Wall Street) campaign started in New York with a handfull of young protesters almost patterned to the Arab Spring people power in the Middle East and North Africa that toppled several perceived corrupt leaders. In a matter of days it's all over America creating mass actions in several states. The financial giants are freaking out and reports from ATS(above top secret) confirmed that they put their state police on their payroll to protect them. According to blogger, Salusa, what has happened is the result of the people waking up as to how they have been manipulated and used to support the lives of those who rule over them. The energy for change is sweeping the world and with the intent of the people. it will allegedly be like a tidal wave washing away everything in its path. The 'masterminds' of the Arab Spring were shock to see that the pattern of confluence of events they directed backfired and mass movements are rapidly gathering pace.

The young generations are fearless. The same mass actions also happened in the United Kingdom. Many of them believe that they cannot tolerate the deliberate fraud by their banksters and money masters mishandling their banking and financial system which is causing recession. These yuppies believe that it is now high time to dismantle the unholy alliance of corrupt politicians and the elite who run the government like hell. People get fear-mongered into believing that things are really bad. According to blogger, LiberLegit, the manipulators connect imaginary puzzle pieces and see "hypothetical" big picture to create a situation. Cobaltic 1978, another blogger said that the middle class is being eroded and will soon be part of the lower echelon of society if we will not get our acts together. He added that the illusion of your freedom and the reality of your slavery is about to come to roost. Let's be ready for that wake up call.

Even the famous coumnist and Nobel peace prize awardee, Paul Krugman of the International Herald Tribune (Oct. 11,2011 issue) said, "Who's really being un-American here? Not the protestors , who are simply trying to get their voices be heard. No, the real extremists here are the American oligarchs who want to suppress any criricism of the sources of their wealth.

So, what else is new? Some Americans are panicky that if the situation will not be averted immediately, it could force the Obama administration to declare a state of emergency, suspend the US congress and declare martial law. Either the 'patriot act' will be enforced to deal with the unruly populace. The worst scenario is a possible second revolution in America. A pundit warned that the American people should watch carefully the confluence of events and where it will lead them. The wildfire protests could have been engineered to enable the declaration of martial law.

Many Filipinos are wondering if these scenarios going on worldwide can happen here? Just like some of the skeptics, the pattern is there. Even the martial law of Marcos was predicated with several incidents and mass actions were engineered to justify the declaration of PD 1081. During that time some activists don't even know what they are protesting about or what's their plan if they succeed.

But the situation now is so different that the youth of today can think out of the box and with the help of new technologies like the cellphone and the internet, mobilization and networking is easy. Despite that the Filipinos are pliant like a bamboo, the problem is not cowardice or fear, but the hard fact that we don't really want to go to any bloody confrontation and if we can avoid it the better. Just like any human being, don't push anyone over the edge, don't screw the people, they will fight back at the proper time just like our revolutionaries in the past.

Even the illustrious former chief justice, Reynato Puno, during the 50th anniversary of the Philconsa at the Manila Hotel advised that we have to fight the cause of our flawed democracy if we are to defend our constitution. Political and economic fraud against the citizenry and the nation should be stopped before it's too late.

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