Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mind Opener:Connecting the Dots by Erick San Juan

I was alarmed by the article of Amando Doronila at the Philippine Daily Inquirer Oct. 12,2011 entitled, "Is PNoy Worthy Heir to Edsa Legacy?" The president according to Doronila delivered a speech at the annual meeting of the World Bank and the IMF(International Monetary Fund) in Washington DC last September 21, the anniversary of Marcos martial rule. The main point of PNoy's speech was all about 'people power' allegedly driving the winds of political and social change. His mother catapulted into power through the so called peaceful revolution ousting a perceived corrupt dictator.

Doronila quoted PNoy saying, "We gathered here today at a time of rapid change around the entire world (referring to the Middle East and North Africa), where people took to the streets in droves, risking their livelihoods and even their lives to call for the removal of leaders who could no longer respond to their needs and aspirations."

PNoy concluded, "That after the euphoria fades, how does a government faced with a gargantuan task in sustaining the momentum, rebuild it's institutions from the ground up? How to harness the energy of the people power to provide jobs, food, education, health and other vital services, given the situation it inherited? Doronila reacted by saying-"not by laziness."

Methinks that the president is not lazy as perceived. He just need sincere, dedicated and can be trusted lieutenants to help him in his daily problem solving. His questions in that speech if addressed immediately by his administration is good enough as a starter. He should stick to his "Matuwid na Daan" (straight path), have the political will to ax dead meats, opportunists and corruptors inside his loop. They are destroying him from within. He should also watch out for 'Greeks bearing gifts'. People outside looking in are getting worried that despite the advocacy of the president to jail the corrupt officials of the previous administration, he is now fighting so many fronts, including possibly, some of his people who are now gradually being exposed as to their 'wheeling and dealing'. The infighting between the Balay and the Samar group is being discreetly agitated not only by some oppositor but also by vested interests from within, Look at the case of political secretary Ronald Llamas, The exposes' being leaked to the media are reportedly coming from another faction within PNoy's circle.

With the compounding problems and the 'gathering storm', the government should act fast. A new version of Hyatt 10 is in the offing. There is an approaching struggle that if taken for granted could involve all of us. In disguise as election fraud, even in the presidential elections of 2010, some vested interest groups could act outside the constitution. They will proclaim that the system is a lie and does not work. Even surveys lie like the politicians.

This nation has not been united for a very long time despite Edsa 'revolts'. Let's stand up and make this country what you want it to be. Let's all be responsible, be accountable and get involve in rebuilding this nation always being designed to fail! God bless the Philippines!

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