Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who's The Real Boss? by Erick San Juan

Who's The Real Boss? by Erick San Juan

History always repeat itself as the saying goes, because many leaders repeat the mistakes of the past and never learned from them. Recently, the puppet masters who just modified their agenda, are the same ideologues using the principle of Karl Marx that "Religion is the opium of the people". They are manipulating the populace through an 'angel and demon' operation unsuspectingly controlling everyone and creating several 'frankenstein' in the process.

A good example is the recent meeting of President Noynoy with rebel leader Haj Murad Ibrahim of the MILF at the Ana Airport Hotel in Narita, Japan. Despite the knowledge of so many foreign diplomats on who's really behind the open-secret talk, officials in the loop of the president insist that it was the idea of PNoy. To refresh your memory on how the rebel groups like the MNLF, MILF and other Bangsa Moro groups metamorphosed, it started with the aborted "Oplan Merdeka" of the late President Ferdinand Marcos in collusion with his cousin, Tun Mustapha of Sabah and the Kiram's to take over Sabah. The plan was leaked by the late Don Chino Roces to the Aquino family through the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino( Conspiracies and Controversies, page 7).

The Kuala Lumpur government of then Tun Abdul Razak, the father of now Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak aborted the rebellion in Sabah and reportedly "secretly" financed a Jesuit spy master and strategist, the late Fr. Jose 'Derp" Blanco of the Ateneo. To destabilize Marcos, Blanco utilized covertly young combatants among the Jesuit hierarchy to secretly recruit radical professors at the University of the Philippines namely, Jose Ma. Sison aka Joma and Nur Misuari. Thus, the creation of the MNLF and the Communist Party of the Philippines. Nur recruited muslim activists and mujaheedin fighters while a faction of the PKP, the Soviet bloc of the communist organization was organized by Joma.

When Marcos was ousted by the Edsa 'U.S. inspired' uprising in 1986, then President Cory Aquino released the communists like Joma and was given permission to have a permanent vacation in Utrecht and created the National Democratic Front. According to the late patriot, Prof. Renato Constantino Sr., "It's amazing how these Jesuits operate. The NDF became the umbrella organization of the progressives without the approval of the Politburo of the Communist Party." We thought all the while that the local communist party, the New Peoples Army and supporters are the one supporting Joma and his group in Netherland. According to Prof. Constantino, "It's the Jesuits in Europe who's secretly funding their daily operation in Utrecht, through another Jesuit priest, Fr. Luis Jalandoni."

Another shocking experience by then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile and then PC-INP chief, Gen.Fidel Ramos was when President Cory told them to meet Nur Misuari in Zamboanga. Nur returned to the Philippines from the Middle East through the effort of then young Jesuit priest,Fr. Romeo Intengan, his partner Bert Gonzales and Butch Aquino of ATOM. Despite the "good intention" of the late president Cory Aquino to have peace in Mindanao, fighting ensued. It was former President Fidel Ramos who convinced Nur Misuari to forget the secessionist movement and have peace with his administration. Nur ascended as the governor of the newly created ARMM-Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.

During the time of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Intengan and Bert Gonzales were in the inner loop of GMA. Since day one of GMA, they already have a shadow government parallel to GMA's administration despite their closeness to her. Here's the catch. Out of the blue, President Noynoy pushed through with the secret meeting with Murad in Japan. Pundits believe that this is another Jesuit inspired plan, to create their own republic in the oil rich Minsupala like what this religious order 'tandem' did to another oil rich state, East Timor. East Timor used to be part of Indonesia. It is now headed by Jesuit priest, President Jose Ramos Horta and his buddy, now Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

Although, I don't believe that all the Jesuits are behind in this diabolical scheme, there are still good Jesuits like Fr. Bienvenido Nebres of the Ateneo University. The pattern is getting clearer now. The so called peace agreement despite the rhetorics is doomed to fail. Some socdems within the loop of the president is stabbing PNoy behind his front. Now, who's the real boss?


Anonymous said...

grabe ka should belong to the intelligence community of any armed forces of any country.
well, they are all under fr. Romeo Intengan , the philippine regional head who himself is under jesuit general hans kolvenbach, the jesuit general of the whole world.
jun de castro

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