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EMP: China's First Strike Policy by Erick San Juan

EMP: China's First Strike Policy by Erick San Juan

Ferdie Pasion, a political activist and patriot alerted me that if the US really wants to bring down China, all the US has to do is transfer ALL its factories back to the US and also to the Philippines. He added that it is the US that has been making China strong to justify big US military spending. "If the US will just withdraw all US factories in China, China will collapse. But the US loves China and will not withdraw! Or could it be a mutual understanding?"

"If it is true that America considers China as a ‘threat’, why are the Americans still doing business there? Although it is also possible that America and China are not enemies, it is all for a show, the truth is, it is the US that is making China stronger by giving them the technology they needed in various fields of development. While America is weakening the Philippines by pushing the Bangsamoro Basic Law and by supporting the MILF. If America wants to contain China, it must strengthen and not weaken the Philippines.", Pasion concluded.

A realization that came about from the AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Gregorio Catapang, “Filipino and American soldiers may be engaged in joint military exercises but in case the Philippines gets involved in a real war, it's on its own.” - ANC, The World Tonight, April 23, 2015

According to Gen. Catapang, the AFP should strengthen its capabilities because when the time comes that the country will be attacked, we will rely on our own strength. He is aware that the MDT, Mutual Defense Treaty and the EDCA are not the solution in the SCS (WPS) territorial disputes.

Although we heard from the past US Ambassadors and from Pres. Barack Obama himself when he visited the country a year ago that, “Our commitment to defend the Philippines is ironclad and the United States will keep that commitment, because allies never stand alone,” Obama told Philippine and US troops at a packed military gymnasium at Fort Bonifacio. (

We have to get our act together if it’s the only thing left to get this country back on its feet despite the fact that the present administration is already perceived on its lame duck mode. We have to be wary as the drums of war is getting louder and the military technology has leveled up, while we still purchase museum-grade military hardware from Uncle Sam.

From F. Michael Maloof, senior staff writer for national security affairs for WND and G2Bulletin, is a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense. In his article , China reveals 'ace' against U.S. military (published at, 1/30/2014) - Members of the Chinese military are looking to use an electromagnetic pulse as part of a “one-two punch” to knock out – literally within seconds – all defensive electronics not only in Taiwan but also on U.S. warships that could defend the island.

This revelation comes in an article by Lou Xiaoqing who said, the People’s Liberation Army sees an EMP weapon as the primary means of incapacitating Taiwan and disabling American defenders nearby.

Given that such a strategy was made public in an article entitled “Electromagnetic pulse bombs are Chinese ace,” it is seen as reflecting the official Chinese government position.

Xaoqing said that if the Chinese were to use a high-altitude nuclear device which would create the destructive EMP impact on Taiwan’s electronics, it would explode at an altitude of 18 miles to avoid damaging civilian and military equipment on the Chinese mainland, which might happen if the bomb exploded at a higher altitude. HEMP is the nightmare of many defense contractors worldwide.

“China is attracted to the fight against the U.S. military after the effective range, using them as a means of surprise attack or an intimidation factor,” Xaoqing said. “The United States will abandon the use of aircraft carrier battle groups to defend Taiwan.”

Xaoqing said that the Chinese military has calculated that the U.S. military is too fragmented and, coupled with the downturn in the economy, would be less likely to come to Taiwan’s assistance, forcing Taiwan to defend itself.

Contrary to popular belief, the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act does not require the United States to intervene militarily if the Chinese mainland attacks Taiwan. Instead, it has adopted what is called a policy of “strategic ambiguity” in which the U.S. will neither confirm nor deny that it would intervene on Taiwan’s behalf.

The legislation, however, does require the U.S. to “provide Taiwan with arms of a defensive character” and “to maintain the capacity of the United States to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion that would jeopardize the security, or the social or economic system, of the people of Taiwan.”

We have written and discussed in details the uses of EMP in the field of weather modification, but in this said article, China has leveled up and might use EMP as military weapon.

Is the great Uncle Sam prepared for this?

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