Saturday, June 6, 2009

Osama: Here We Go Again!

Osama: Here We Go Again!

by Erick San Juan

"Osama bin dead" for so many years is being reactivated again ala El Cid to create a hysteria in time for a global turbulence being programmed by a clique of evil genius. When will the people of the world be awakened to the sinister design of these ruthless so called "Reptilians"? Remember when bin Laden's imagery was used in a computer manipulated video showing him in a pink robe during the US presidential elections between Bush and Gore?. Many especially from the Muslim community were amazed to see a "mujahideen" wearing pink instead of the usual white or black robe. The other day,in time for the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama in Egypt where he addressed the Muslim world, a reported audio of Osama bin Laden was released by Al Jazeera news saying that President Obama was committing the same folly like Bush (former President George Bush,Jr.). He added that America should better be prepared for the consequences of the similarities. After the death of Bin Laden, the CIA unit headed by then Deputy Director Michael Scheuer monitoring Osama was dismantled, so thus, the other intelligence agencies. Even my colleagues from the Asia Media Forum who came from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and India confirmed Osama's death. They are in one that Osama was killed when his airconditioned underground safehouse in the mountain of Tora Bora was heavily bombed. Even the late Benazir Bhutto affirmed bin Laden's death. What's the significance of Osama's threat? It was timed when the American leader, President Obama is seeking a better relationship with the Muslims and at the same time rallying the Muslims against extremism. Even if President Obama is acting in good faith, the speech drew mixed reactions, others are still suspicious while many believe that it could be a double talk. The hardliners among them want to believe Obama but not it"s governments foreign policy. They are wary and vigilant everytime they're visited by American officials who they believe are just assets or agents of the so called "Reptilians" in the western governments.This Elite group reportedly manipulates all race,nations,religion and gradually pushing their agenda of world control by proxies.

An Islamic scholar once told me that Al Jazeera News who was neutral in the past could be playing footsies now with vested interest groups. Whose really behind the Al Jazeera? Is it the Qatar government? Who's in control?

I hope that the new "presence" of Bin Laden will not be the justification of a new terror plot in the offing. Rumor mill in the Middle East are watching the outcome of the Iran elections and a possible terror plot in Jerusalem where the main targets are the two religious sites namely the Dome of the Rock meaning the Muslim Golden Mosque and the Jews Wailing Wall.

God forbid!

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