Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Went Wrong? By Erick San Juan

Why are American netizens fighting the American government? One example is a publication by John Kaminski of In his article entitled: 'Making War on the World is a War Against Ourselves', he said that many ordinary people have no idea about what's really going on. He asked if peaceful co-existence is impossible or are human beings, predators who must dominate and exploit neighbors in order to survive and prosper?

Kaminski believe that one thing is certain,'Americans' have to pretend that they're reasonable  people, provoking revolutions and lying to their citizens at home as to why they're doing it."How else could the U.S. fund homicidal maniac rebels known as ISIL and then send American jets to bomb them?", asked Kaminski.

Sound familiar! It was exposed by Fox News at You Tube recently in their interview with former State Secretary Hillary Clinton that they (meaning the US government) permitted the creation of Al Qaeda and other Mujahideens to fight as proxy.

Kaminski was saddened by the Americans seemingly unable to grasp the fact that their prosperity is based on the sale of weaponry and the creation of political realities that necessitate the use of these weapons in order to maintain their financial viability as they rob other countries of their valuables. He added that the American people are also unable to grasp that these wars don't benefit American citizens but only the behind the scenes financiers who invent them.

According to Kaminski, "Throughout its history , USA careened from one war to another, to the point where US troops are now stationed in 150 countries around the world and armored vehicles patrolling its major cities. America's infrastructure is disintegrating, it's people can't find jobs and judging by its huge purchase of hollow point bullets, the US government plans on shooting a lot of people soon."

Methinks, it remained to be seen. But when I was in the US recently, I found out that many Americans don't want to join the military anymore despite the usual benefits given to them.  Many returned after a war mission with trauma, injured or got cancer due to depleted uranium. This was the alleged reason why the Pentagon is now recruiting warriors through private contractors like the Blackwater, etc. It's also being rumored that these contractors were behind in creating 'state sponsored terrorists' like Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf's and now the dreaded ISIS group.

Kaminski explained that before the US ever began its world wars of the 20th century, it had ravaged the underdeveloped parts of the Western hemisphere and East Asia, capturing Spain's possessions around the world and supplanting Great Britain as the empire on which the sun never set.

He added that the Americans have no clue about this history or about the century that followed where 'wheeler-dealers' took control of the American war machine, produce weapons and carnage unequaled in the annals of human history.

He stated that throughout the past century and fast forward today, there has been a seamless progression of constant wars with virtually no period of peace that we can see in either our recent history or our calculable future.

Despite the support of strategic thinkers from the East West Center or the Shangrila Dialogue in neutralizing and understanding global conflicts, it seems that wars are inevitable due to some greedy super elites controlling the military-industrial complex and politicians manipulating and inventing events to create global conflicts.  They even manage to change the war lingo of world war into 'global revolution'.

He queried if we will ever stop fighting and making war on people whose resources we want to 'steal' before everyone is dead. It has been the sorry signature of all the empires of recorded history.

"They spin catastrophes these days faster than you can process them. The latest Israeli slaughter in Gaza was quickly erased from the news cycle by the neocon coup in Ukraine, the shootdown of the Malaysian jet and now the sudden creation of a new bunch of rebels IS in order to renew the attack on Syria, all crafted to a background beat of one false move that could spark World War 3, if the Russians take the bait, which apparently they will not. Or at least they haven't yet.", Kaminski disclosed.

Kaminski stated that all too often, we ask ourselves what we really know about a certain crisis, we are forced to shrug our shoulders and wonder what is real. "The same is true of the 911 tragedy, for 13 years, the US  has blamed mysterious Muslim terrorists for airliner attacks on New York City that NEVER happened, but which enabled America to begin its state sponsored wars on the world. Fake news, perverted ideas. False reports, fictional quotes, planted witnesses, posturing politicians, bogus pretenses, urban legends, malicious propaganda will confirm who runs the world?"

Kaminski concluded that  there's a worldwide cabal of financial manipulators working behind the scene. But most Americans surely don't know. They still think that Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush will be an interesting debate as they are merely the poseurs of the day posturing on how to steal your money.

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