Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Clock is Running Out by Erick San Juan

The Clock is Running Out by Erick San Juan

Cal Thomas of made a scary essay of what's going in and out of the USA. He said that some Americans refuse to watch the news on TV nor read the newspapers these days especially that the headlines are depressing and no one seems to be in charge.

The stock market is erratic, rises and falls, the Ebola virus is widely disseminated 24/7 for unknown reason, now infecting many people including American nationals, while the Obama administration pretends there isn't anything at all to worry about.

The ISIS who are known to be Muslims which Thomas believe is something to worry about because it's activity is very brutal and UN-Islamic killing not only Christians but Muslims too. The worst, they are state sponsored warriors recruited from all parts of the world as part of several military contractors operation.
Drudge report exposed that hackers are plotting big banking hit. I still remember that hackers worldwide have their usual annual international convention in Las Vegas.

The emerging chaos is so depressing that the world according to Thomas appears to be falling apart and America resembles 'Humpty Dumpty' after the fall, with no leader to put it back together. He recalled that the US used to lead the world in wealth, might, technology and innovation. What went wrong? He added that today, China just eclipsed the USA as the world's biggest economy.

This list of national dysfunction he mentioned doesn't even begin to address the US government's intrusion into the people's privacy, police actions using military weapons and threats.

Even the commented that the big banks are now manipulating the price of gold and silver. Something huge is happening. There has never been a divergence like this in the history of metal trading. It confirmed the rumor that something massive is going on behind the scenes.

It reported that the ISIS/ISIL hoax is an excuse to destroy and attack Syria plus the Neocons are flirting with World War III.

The Fed allegedly has 50 times more of overprinted dollar than 100 Years ago. The dollar is not even backed by any precious metal. Half of all American households receive a monthly government check while the other half supports them. Meaning the Americans support the other half mainly seniors and unemployed. This is reportedly the tipping point and an end time wrong prescription.

The government is perceived to be broke and will allegedly 'rob Peter to pay Paul, but Peter is out of money.' The situation could lead to anarchy, martial law and FEMA camps in the process.

Real estate is collapsing like a virus not only in America but in the world. Many who used to be homeowners are now mere renters. The entire stock market is ready to crash. Thanks God that a planned crash last October 20 was aborted because experts are aware of the crisis by design.

The worst assessment was  reported by the Wall Street Floyd Brown justified that the US empire is crashing down and the alleged culprit is President Barack Obama. He said that Obama brought the US to the edge of ruin. It's no longer a conspiracy theory to wonder out loud if Obama wants America to fall. The president's decision is allegedly becoming more irresponsible. His administration could possibly be preparing for it's grand exit and with all intentions of taking everyone down with it.

Just like any leader that I know, most of them are beholden to their political financiers and these 'reptilians' are the known manipulators working behind the scene controlling presidents and leaders. They dictate the policy of a nation and if a leader defy their order, the authority to rule is taken back immediately either by assassination, destabilization or force resignation.

This is the reason that the world is in turmoil. The clock is running out especially for corrupt leaders who taught that they can get away with their crimes.                

Be vigilant!

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