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Drums of War by Erick San Juan

Drums of War by Erick San Juan

In the midst of celebration this yuletide season, the drums of war had started beating under the baton of the globalists or the neoconservatives or neocons (for short) as how Paul Craig Roberts in his article ‘On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse’ put it : “The neoconservatives, a small group of warmongers strongly allied with the military/industrial complex and Israel, gave us Granada and the Contras affair in Nicaragua. President Ronald Reagan fired them, and they were prosecuted, but subsequently pardoned by Reagan’s successor, President  George H.W. Bush.

Neoconservatives remain very influential in the Obama regime. As examples, Obama appointed neoconservative Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor. Obama appointed neoconservative Samantha Power as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Obama appointed neoconservative Victoria Nuland as Assistant Secretary of State. Nuland’s office, working with the CIA and Washington-financed NGOs, organized the U.S. coup in Ukraine.

To advance their agenda, neoconservatives propagandize the populations of the U.S. and Washington’s vassal states. The 'presstitutes' deliver the neoconservatives’ lies to the unsuspecting public: Russia has invaded and annexed Ukrainian provinces; Putin intends to reconstitute the Soviet Empire; Russia is a gangster state without democracy; Russia is a threat to the Baltics, Poland, and all of Europe, necessitating a U.S./NATO military buildup on Russia’s borders. China, a Russian ally, must be militarily contained with new U.S. naval and air bases surrounding China and controlling Chinese sea lanes.

The neoconservatives and President Obama have made it completely clear that the U.S. will not accept Russia and China as sovereign countries with economic and foreign policies independent of the interests of Washington. Russia and China are acceptable only as vassal states, like the UK, Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

"Clearly, the neoconservative formula is a formula for the final war.”

And this final war is designed to take place sooner than we thought. Although some peace loving people tried to delay it, but unfortunately the program is on. And the targets – Russia and China.

Since the crisis in Ukraine, Russia has suffered sanctions imposed by the US-led demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has projected Putin’s image as the modern day Hitler. As NATO advances its forces to Eastern Europe and the US Congress approved H. R. Resolution No. 758, there seems to be no stopping the war drums from getting louder and louder.

Even 91-year-old geopolitical expert, Henry Kissinger, one of the old-timers of American diplomacy and foreign policy in his interview published in German Der Spiegel in early November stated his views on Russia. The former State Secretary talked about war and peace, Ukraine and Crimea, the mistakes on the side of the United States and Europe as they implemented their policy towards Moscow.

Mr. Kissinger was never a friend of Russia despite that he was branded in the past by CDL (Christian Defense League) as a former KGB agent code named BOR.To the contrary, he always did his best to weaken the USSR and then Russia in belief that the policy met the interests of the USA. It makes his opinion carry even more weight. Kissinger is sure that Washington and Brussels are responsible for the escalation of the situation in Ukraine. As he puts it, “Europe and America did not understand the impact of these events, starting with the negotiations about Ukraine's economic relations with the European Union and culminating in the demonstrations in Kiev. All these, and their impact, should have been the subject of a dialogue with Russia.” He adds that, “Ukraine has always had a special significance for Russia. It was a mistake not to realize that”.

According to Kissinger, America can avoid a conflict with Russia, “We have to remember that Russia is an important part of the international system, and therefore useful in solving all sorts of other crises, for example in the agreement on nuclear proliferation with Iran or over Syria. This has to have preference over a tactical escalation in a specific case”. Kissinger finds senseless the Ukraine’s attempts to punish Russia by dragging NATO into the civil war raging in the east of the country. The old timer warns that a new Cold War would be a tragedy. Three weeks had passed after the interview saw light when the US House of Representatives made the world move one step closer to the tragedy, the foreign policy veteran warned about. On December 4 the representatives approved the resolution N 758. It passed with 411-10 votes.

The resolution slams Russia for unleashing a military aggression against Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova and calls for military and intelligence aid to Ukraine. The document calls on North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies and United States partners in Europe and other nations around the world “to suspend all military cooperation with Russia, including prohibiting the sale to the Russian Government of lethal and non-lethal military equipment”. The US House of Representatives wants Ukraine and EU to curb interaction with Russia and expand sanctions. Moreover, it calls on Ukraine and the European Union to reject Russian energy supplies. The representatives directly threaten the Russian Federation and accuse it of violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). Finally, the House suggests that the US take a decisive action to intensify the information war with Russia. It “calls on the President and the United States Department of State to develop a strategy for multilateral coordination to produce or otherwise procure and distribute news and information in the Russian language to countries with significant Russian-speaking populations.”

Speaking in the St. George Hall of the Kremlin before representatives of both houses of parliament and other dignitaries in his annual address to the Federal Assembly on Dec. 4, Putin passionately appealed to the Russian people to defend Russia’s existence, just as they had done in the Great Patriotic War against Hitler. Concerning the sanctions, he stressed that even without the Ukraine crisis, the United States and its allies would have found some other pretext to curb Russia’s growing capacities. “The policy of containment was not invented yesterday,” he said. “It has been carried out against our country for many years, always, for decades, if not centuries. In short, whenever someone thinks that Russia has become too strong or independent, these tools are quickly put into use.”

A day after Putin’s speech, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Russian news agency TASS: “We watched the Russian President’s statement with great interest. Russia is our good neighbor and a comprehensive strategic partner. The level of trust and cooperation between our countries is very high.” She added, “We respect the road taken by the Russian nation, including its domestic and foreign policies. China is determined to keep building up the strategic partnership with Russia.”

One day later, President Xi Jinping said, at a two-day conference of the People’s Liberation Army, that the production of sophisticated military equipment must be accelerated. (Source: Merkel, Obama Join Neo-Cons As Danger of World War Rises by Helga Zepp-LaRouche)

Indeed we are living in very exciting times of a possible world war in the offing as we face our own bully in the region. Let us all pray harder and may the Lord bring PEACE to all.

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