Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ukraine and the Alarming Nuclear Issue by Erick San Juan

Ukraine and the Alarming Nuclear Issue by Erick San Juan

While the world leaders are talking peace and economic development at the APEC( Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) hosted by the Beijing government in China, there is an alarming report by Townhall.com's Night Watch about a possible full scale war going on in Eastern Ukraine.

It was reportedly confirmed by Andriy Purhin, the deputy prime minister of the Donetsk People's Republic. He said that they are now being attacked but they are defending. Purhin added that the ceasefire was not being observed on 75% of the demarcation line and fighting in places where they weren't fighting before.

What went wrong? There is a strong radicalization of the political situation in Ukraine. In last October parliamentary elections, open source reported that the real opposition is barred to participate. Numerous ultranationalist warlords claimed parliamentary seats. The situation allegedly lead not only to the degradation of brewing political situation but also escalated tensions in Europe.

Brussels obsession on policy matters will seriously detract the European Union from developing better relations with its Asian partners and organizations. Neither Europe nor Asia can afford this state of affairs in this present condition.

According to Los Angeles Times (Nov.5,2014), Russia's Foreign Ministry announced that it will respect the will of separatist voters in eastern Ukraine who elected leaders for their proclaimed independent republics in defiance of international warnings that their actions were illegal.

The current government in Ukraine is extremely heterogeneous. It is believed that its leadership is controlled by the US, as well as fanatical leaders who are known as well-armed radical nationalists.

The oligarchs in Ukraine reportedly protect their interests by their own private armies and only nominally is under the control of Kiev. Each leader will allegedly not hesitate to use force in the struggle for power.

Just like our Muslim political warlords in the south, the temptation to gain advantage over opponents is shown by their possession of weapons of mass destruction for they are accustomed to use force to control.

Nuclear threat is being asserted by the Ukrainian leaders. Obviously, the cynical nuclear expression by the Ukrainian political leaders is not only directed against Russia but also addressed indirectly to the world community especially the European Union in order to allegedly force it not to weaken the political nor the financial and material support to Kiev which is getting more immersed in deep crisis.

It is known among nation-states possessing weapons of mass destruction that it radicalizes the political situation in those regions. Ukraine in its present state is no exception.

The political and military leadership of Ukraine is haunted by the fact that since the Soviet Union, it was the warehouse of thousands of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles kept in several strategic military complexes. It's nuclear power plants, nuclear research center and its uranium reserve, the largest in Europe could still spell danger not only to Europe but also to the world.

Night Watch believe that the security situation appears to be deteriorating and fighting will increase. Its time for the United Nation to handle the Ukraine situation with utmost care before all hell break loose.

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