Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Prelude to the New World Order by Erick San Juan

 Prelude to the New World Order by Erick San Juan

Everyday, we have been digesting fear-from hunger, epidemics, calamities and war. It is just like the people of the world never learned from history which we openly repeat or is it history repeating itself?

The editorial of Business Mirror dated October 6,2014 entitled 'Is PHL, a pawn of the US?',cited the following historical facts. It started with a regional rivalry named "The Great Game". It was a war game that Russia and Great Britain played in Central Asia which is now being played between China and US in South East Asia.

It started through intrigues, espionage and shifting alliances. A rivalry which could result into an open warfare between two superpowers and their proxies.

It cautioned us to walk a 'careful line' in our relation with China as regards to the U.S. Just like the advice of former Press secretary Hector Villanueva, a popular columnist of the Manila Bulletin, that the Philippine government should not expect too much from the Americans to operate in our interests and they usually have to protect first their interests.

It added that China and the US are playing a chess game in the region. It concluded that the Philippines could only be a pawn and pawns can be sacrificed any time.

That's another mind-opener. For conspiracy theorists, there's another mind boggling scenario that Tom Olago 'painted' at the prophecynewswatch.com last October 28,2014.

Olago cited Russian president Vladimir Putin as an example. Putin is allegedly viewed with a lot of mistrust and suspicion by the west. He is perceived as a threat to freedom in the west and the rest of the free world.

What was strange is the notion that both east and west are actually working towards the same end-goals using largely similar means.

The psy-op of a 'new cold war' is reportedly a convenient smokescreen, diverting the world's attention to the fact that Putin and his allies are actually working in tandem with the west towards one major mutual goal, the establishment of a 'New World Order', a system of political and economic global governance and control of humanity.

Alex Newman in his article at the New American.com said that Putin, a former KGB boss, is following precisely the strategies toward world order outlined openly by the same western establishment he stands against. His vision is allegedly the imposition of a new 'multi-polar' world order, the same order sought by the globalist powerbrokers like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, etc.

The main objective  of the globalists new world order is to divide the world and nations into regions ruled by supranational institutions like the European Union relating orders to one another. These regional operation will become integrated and coordinated through a ruling body like the United Nations. I have written about it in the past.                          

It will be harmonized through the communities of economies, with integrated industries, technology, education,  science, etc.

Regional integration  include international legal courts, banking system and financial policing, peace keeping and law enforcement. It will all be a prelude to a global governance under a world body like the United Nations.

The alleged strategy to  achieve the said regional control by destroying nation-states, exploit them, create wars to accelerate the quest for global government through sudden transformation in national attitudes sufficient for the purpose through sudden, nasty and traumatic shocks. The aftermath of which will be managed and controlled by a global government through the so called 'New World Order'.

Putin's " Eurasian Economic Union", Xi Jinping's "Silk Road" ,the Asian Integration, the Greater Israel, CELAC,etc. are part and parcel of the regional integration before achieving a real world government.

Pundits suggested that another world war  is in the offing that will accelerate the move toward a global government. The nuclear stockpiling by superpowers is a clear indicator that most of them are setting the stage for such a  global revolution.

Olago got it right, the writing is on the wall.

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