Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Threat Mongering by Erick San Juan

Just recently the United States has warned its citizens of continuing threats due to terrorists and insurgents in Mindanao, citing the terror activities of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in the region.

“The Department of State warns US citizens of the risks of travel to the Philippines, in particular to the Sulu archipelago, the island of Mindanao, and the southern Sulu Sea area,” the US State Department said in its latest travel warning.

And just before this, the Global Terrorism Index ranked our country to No. 9, where the threat of terrorism and the presence of terrorist groups are still prevalent.

Many will ask (especially this writer), the fact that the US military is ever present (for quite some time now) in the southern part of the country, why the hell that such terrorists are still causing havoc in Mindanao? And after the government and the MILF (almost) in the final stage of granting the so-called ‘agreement’, why deal with them if they (MILF) can’t even help in stopping Islamic terrorism in Mindanao? That could be the least that they can do to assure the whole country of a peaceful Mindanao in the process.

To make matters worse, the Manilakbayan (Mindanao People’s Journey) also made a statement recently that the US government is keeping more “boots on the ground” in Mindanao, where there is only a pocket terrorist threat.

The Manilakbayan said US President Barrack Obama ordered an additional 1,500 troops to augment the remaining 1,400 American troops in Iraq supposedly to fight the Islamic State (ISIS). And according to Fr.Christopher Ablon, the group’s spokesperson, there are about 6,000 US troops, or double the Iraq deployment, are stationed in Camp Navarro in Zamboanga City.

This is possible due to the enforcement of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) via the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) and its relative, the (questionable) Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). “Agreements” that allow American troops (whose number no one knows), to ‘visit’ their virtual military bases here on rotational basis.

That is why I find it very relevant this message I got from my friend Erik Espina, columnist of Manila Bulletin and GNN TV host when he said, “the West, in the guise of saving Syria is dividing a country to capture for itself the oil-rich producing areas.

The Philippines is another Syrian solution to decapitate Southern Mindanao from the rest of the country.”

Translation – balkanization, a possible scenario which I have been warning the government through my writings and daily radio program that we should be wary in dealing with the West when it comes to ‘helping” us solve the insurgency/terrorism problem in the South.

By helping our brothers in the south through livelihood, schools, education, health programs, infrastructure, etc., what they are not saying is what’s in it for them?

“… it is not true either that America is giving us almost everything for nothing; on the contrary it is we who have given, and are giving, and will continue to give America almost everything for nothing… (Senator Claro M. Recto in his May 12, 1952 speech).

According to Mike Whitney of Counter Punch, quoting Nafeez Ahmed, the author of How the West Created the Islamic State said that since 2003, Anglo-American power has secretly and openly coordinated direct and indirect support for Islamist terrorist groups linked to Al Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa. This reported ill-conceived patchwork geostrategy is a legacy of the persistent influence of neoconservative ideology, motivated by longstanding but often contradictory ambitions to dominate regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel and in pursuit of these, re-draw the map of the Middle East. So thus the world.

The fight against ISIS is merely a pretext for regime change", Whitney said. Because of what the Bush Jr's administration did to Iraq, America can't once again move in the Middle East and be seen as the real aggressor. It needs proxy as operators thus creating several outfits like IS, ISIS, ISIL, etc who were mostly Al Qaeda warriors recruited worldwide by military contractors and disguised them as Islamist.

If they are really Muslims, why are they killing fellow Muslims? Using another old script of the feud between Sunni and Shiite. This a master piece of the divide and rule agenda.

The other day, the world was surprised when US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel whom I met at the Shangrila Security Dialogue last year in Singapore resigned(translation-FIRED) when he said that there's now a ROGUE NEW WORLD ORDER. Pundits believe that this is Sec. Hagel's way of 'good riddance' that he's out of job than having a conscience bothering him.

There are still good Americans out there who cannot swallow the dictates of the 'globalists' controlling governments. May their tribe increase!

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