Monday, September 1, 2014

Is The Money Collapse Inevitable? By Erick San Juan

 Is The Money Collapse Inevitable? By Erick San Juan

I received a white paper from a banker friend of mine narrating why almost 50 well known international bankers died suspiciously.  The paper suspected that the global financial system is heading towards a major crash in the near future. These bank executives and  financial directors could be buckling under the pressure of what they see coming. They are possibly silenced because of what they know.

My banker friend believed that it could be a combination of the two. Despite the recruitment process going on, many experts politely decline.  The list of top level banking and financial executives dying under suspicious circumstances has been growing rapidly in recent months. The paper added that whether these are genuine deaths or something more sinister, one thing is certain-the banking industry is becoming one of the most dangerous business to be involved in right now with an extremely high death per employee ratio.

The causes of death by the bankers seem quite odd, including a banker shooting himself 8 times with a nail gun and another crushed to death by his own luxury SUV. In the Philippine setting, we had the collapse of Urban Bank that led to the suicide of one of it's executive. But it was really an act of killing oneself.

Top bankers from JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, etc either died of suicide, sudden death, freak accident, drowning, killed by murder for hire and drinking anti-freeze in an effort to allegedly get high.

What went wrong?  Who's behind the death of these bank executives? Are the banksters looking for scapegoats to their greed or there's really a currency and financial collapse coming?  Many are predicting that the global economic crisis is inevitable. It is estimated to come within 2015.  In US alone, more than 25 cities are now bankrupt. Germany, Switzerland and other nation states are in the process or have pulled out their gold out of the United States. Even Fort Knox has lesser stockpile of gold reserves this time that even its security component is now smaller and was recalled to duty by the US government. It was even rumored to have tungsten instead of other precious metals.

The worst, business elites like Warren Buffett, George Soros and numerous billionaires are dumping US stocks as fast as they can sell them. The BRICS(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are moving quickly towards creating a new central bank to replace the US dollar as an international currency.

According to Patriot Survival Plan.Org with the ongoing financial and currency collapse, expect that its not only money that will be scarce but food and water. This was the reason why the 'reptilian' cabal  are desperate in accelerating their efforts in line with their agenda to create several massive scenarios to grab natural resources and other oil rich nation-states, fund and train mercenaries, take over banks like FBME Bank in Cyprus accused of laundering money where wealthy Russians hold their vast fortunes. Simon Black of Sovereign Man.Com confirmed that FBME Bank  was taken over at gunpoint while a Hong Kong bank caught red-handed laundering funds for a Mexican drug cartel last year was only given a slap on the wrist by the US government.

Pundits believe that these 'banksters' are committing high treason. When they don't like you, they will do everything to make your life difficult and if you're a state leader and don't want to cooperate with them, it will lead to your downfall like what happened to the late President Ferdinand Marcos and other leaders like Morsi of Egypt and his globalists created Muslim Brotherhood. Just like in the James Bond movie, "The Quantum of Solace".

But the well planned economic and political terrorism seem to backfire. Nation states like the BRICS are dumping US treasuries, interest rates soar, inflation kicked in. Simon Black reiterated that the US government will be even more closer to default.

The economic warfare resulted the opposite to what was intended. It overstretched and accumulated more than $17.6 trillion in debt. "It is just like waging an economic war without any ammunition." Black concluded.

The Domino effect has evolved into a nightmare when Jim Willie of Hat Trick. Com stated that Germany is working toward leaving the European Union, cutting out of NATO and will join the BRICS nations. The German flip will surely alter the geopolitical balance and reportedly isolate the United States. The alleged German integration with Russia and China will be meshed in with crisis response in a natural progression weave. Willie's grapevine scoop came from London Paul and said that the Germans will do what they must to continue, survive and thrive. Meaning, get out of the US-UK-EU quicksand.

As the saying goes, "These are interesting times indeed!"

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