Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Caught With His Pants Down

By Dr. Erick San Juan

The series of articles run by the International Herald Tribune on the grave faux pas committed by the Bush administration in insisting that it was correct in pursuing its policy of isolating Iran for its supposed nuclear weapons development program in the face of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) which showed Tehran had abandoned the program is proof that the Republican clique in Washington simply wants war.

This should awaken Filipinos about the danger posed not by Iran but by the Bush administration, which believes that its warmaking machine would make the world safe for everyone.

Bush has been caught lying just as the US was proven to have lied when it claimed that Libya was developing nuclear weapons. Libya simply abandoned the program years before Washington said Gaddafi was continuing it.

From May 2005 onwards, Bush had been saber-rattling and demanding all forms of sanctions against Iran, which has uranium deposits and has been using nuclear fuel for energy generation and was supposed to be creating the weapons for attacking its neighbors and the rest of the world.

With the NIE showing the program had been discontinued in 2003, it leaves Bush as a leader who has little need for reason and sober intelligence assessment when he crafts US policy.
Shorn of the usual gobbledygook, the US rhetoric about their assessment of Iran as still "correct" is simply an equivocation.

Bush has been caught with his pants down, yet he has not apologized for his misdeed. With him in charge, one must always worry about war.

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