Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Global Warming Myth

Global Warming Myth
By Erick San Juan

"Truth shall set us free!", but if this so-called “truth” by the climate change alarmists is being supported by lies and not based on real scientific studies, it will become gospel truth through repetition alone. This is where the corporate media comes in, constantly bombarding the public with lies, thus creating fear and panic. We can’t blame those who are truly misguided and not seeking for truth, just being contented with what the media feeds them everyday.
That is why we are trying our very best through print and broadcast media to propagate the other side of what the alarmists are saying as “truth”.
The recently concluded Climate Change Summit in Denmark, for some was a failure; it did not end with the goal of reaching a consensus for countries to pay for the so-called carbon credits by setting up an international body to do this job. US President Barack Obama proposed instead a multilateral body and countries will monitor their own carbon emission and submit to the United Nations. Rich countries will fund this body and developing nations can avail this “fund” to help curb carbon emissions.
This sounds good but the problem is that the same financial and lending institutions will handle this so-called fund – like the IMF and the World Bank. This is what I called poor countries taken on a roller coaster ride by the financial oligarchs a.k.a. globalists.
But what was the basis of all this “chubibo” or merry-go-round where all poor citizens of this planet are like a herd of cattle being taken to the slaughter house? At this point, I highly recommend the video of Mr. John Coleman, a scientist-prolific writer, entitled John Coleman Slams Global Warming that can be viewed on 'you tube' about how the climate change/global warming is being hyped and sensationalized by the corporate media to achieve a world government by the same elite group of globalists (and what others call reptilians). Mr. Coleman also exposed what IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is all about – a group of mostly “political scientists” rather than real scientists and how they manipulated the data to justify that the world should be concern of the existence of a man made global warming.
Actually, if we will analyze the true data since the beginning of science way back some hundreds of years ago, there is nothing wrong with our climate for the climate is always changing. Climate fluctuations from cold to hot weathers are all normal. Our planet has survived these billions of years ago until this time. The hype that Al Gore produced in his video is actually based on lies and manufactured data. I agree with Mr. Coleman that everything will be fine from now until after twenty years and beyond that no warming will affect dramatically the earth’s population like the melting icebergs and ice caps.
Sadly, the massaged data being propagated by the likes of Al Gore and so-called 'environmentalists' put so much emphasis on global warming which is for me is a total myth. Like blaming the hurricane Katrina for death of hundreds of people of New Orleans to global warming was really an offense to the intellect of us who understands the real situation. Like what Mr. Coleman cited, that the casualties of the hurricane Katrina must be blamed to the government for building poor or inferior dikes and pumps that were not properly built in a city below sea level that gave way during the pouring of massive rains brought by Katrina. It reminds me of the same predicament in some major cities in Metro Manila when Ondoy came with its massive rains that brought a lot of flooded areas because of human error particularly the politicians who were supposed to earn big bucks out of privatizing dams. Floods remained on the streets even after Ondoy left because of the clogged waterways and the poor management of the Laguna Lake by local officials. As I have said in my previous articles, most of the disasters are made by man driven by greed and selfishness.
Like the Copenhagen Summit, world leaders discussed how to combat global warming in the middle of a cold winter in that region where participants were freezing. How could there’ll be a global warming when China and South America just went through with the worst winter in fifty years like in the US . Alaska also experienced their worst cold spell in two decades. That is why some Russian and Canadian scientists are actually predicting a little ice age coming.
Amidst all these, we read in the papers that our local politicians and 2010 hopefools are riding the global warming bandwagon and actually suggesting that we avail the “fund” for the carbon credits fiasco. Have we not learned our lessons of the recent H1N1 lies and we have noticed that in this cold season of the year, big pharma riding the swine flu hype were very quiet.
Lest we forget that we are given intelligence by the Almighty to be vigilant and analytical, we will always be taken for a ride by the local and global oligarchs who are actually herding us towards a one world government.
Happy New Year to all.....

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