Sunday, October 4, 2009


By Erick San Juan

As in the past, no stock market will make money in this wipe-out, as told by the “Wall Street Underground” in 2001. What we’re seeing now is not a cyclical economic slowdown that a stimulus from the Federal Reserve will resolve. It could lead to the greatest economic wipe out which include your real estate, jobs, savings, and your business or everything you own. Understand what’s happening to your country and the world. Countries like the Philippines have invested their mutual funds (both public & private) abroad which they thought will yield high interests for their invested funds. Out of the blue, nations wealth invested have been sucked into the Wall Street stock market black hole and in just a matter of time gone like a bubble burst. Thanks to the so called international investment advisers of our leaders, they were duped into entering hi-tech international “Ponzi” operation to get rich quick. The domino effect spared no one especially in the U.S.

The Americans invested heavily in new technologies, high-tech weaponry by its mil-industrial complex, space explorations; secretly, with the weather engineering and HAARP, trillions of dollars were spent without an assurance of (R.O.I.) return of investment. So many funds were injected to so many projects like oil and gas explorations, putting miles of fiber optic cables across the ocean and in trenches worldwide but most of the projects will never make enough money to pay the investors back. Internet companies are also losing money. Trillions of dollars has already vaporized despite the damage control of the globalists through their control of central bankers who keeps on over printing valueless money.

The “Wall Street Underground” reality check said that the stock market and the entire U.S. economy is a house of cards that is coming down. “WSU” added that America has seen this pattern over and over again, a design for the last 200 years. But the Americans and the world never learned. Stock market wipe outs happen over and over again. It happened 3 times in the late 1800’s, twice before the 1929 crash, in the 70’s and had a tremble in 1987.

We should be vigilant, know what’s coming (good or bad) and know what to do about it. As the saying goes, “greatest opportunities always come along at the time of the greatest social and economic upheavals.”

So many people are being gypped to believe a product which is actually a “lemon” but due to good PR work and a little help from friendly media make us buy, invest and feel secured. The brain-washing these days has been very effective.

Most “top guns” who prosper nowadays were not just the conservative big businessmen but scalawags and carpet baggers like Celso de Los Angeles and Bernard Madoff.

What is worrisome is that the financial media downplays or even ignores the crisis, even painting a rosy picture of the economy despite the reports and assessments coming from the Foreign Chamber experts and from IMF-WB-BIS. No one will tell you how bad it is and how fast it is spreading. Most of us are casualty because of greed.

Let’s prepare for the coming depression! Emailed information coming from the U.S. and Europe predicts a horrible October, more wars, bank holidays, the plunging dollar will be destroyed! And a possible global financial collapse. Time for vigilance!!

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