Sunday, October 4, 2009


By Erick San Juan

While cleaning my library this weekend due to typhoon Ondoy’s fury that rainwater entered some of my book shelves, I happened to get the files of the Wall Street Underground, a group of stock market analysts in the U.S. who exposed the sting operations of power brokers and carpetbaggers, due to greed has siphoned the money of unsuspecting investors. It said that America, the world’s last standing super power will inevitably fall. Just like what happened to England who used to conquer 4/5 of the world under the Union Jack. But now the British government can barely keep in control Northern Ireland. The Roman Empire extended from Britain all the way to Egypt and North Africa, and the entire Mediterranean. Now it’s gone. The Italians are still arguing over Sicily, the Greeks, the Ottoman Empire, the Mongols and the great Genghis Khan who controlled half of the world through terror, Spain was feared by the entire world and known to be the ruler of the seas. They all declined.

All these great former empires had reportedly one thing in common – TECHNOLOGY changed wiped out the advantages they had enjoyed and stole most of their wealth. This time it’s the end of the American prosperity. But the problem of America is now the problem of the world. The world’s financial system is pegged with the US dollars. The overprinting of the US money and other nation states through the “banksters” and their central banks will lead to a financial holocaust. We never learned from history. Every time there’s Wall Street collapse, war follows. All the tricks in the book will be unleashed soon. God forbid!

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