Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Karmic Cycle by Erick San Juan

Karmic Cycle by Erick San Juan

When it rain it pours. The PNoy administration seems to be in a karmic cycle. The Mamasapano carnage happened during his mother’s birthday. China seems to warn the Philippines of a near confrontation coming. Timed with the commemoration of the Battle of Manila where Japan before World War2 warned the Philippine government that they will attack the country due to the Filipinos loyalty to the Americans then. The unabated oil price increase despite the oil price in the world market is going down. Added to these, prices of basic commodities are also going up, same is true with water and power rates. Plus the near shutdown of Malampaya will surely irritate everyone timed for the hot weather condition. The social discontent might reach its peak and could push the middle class and the critical mass into joining the clamor of some people’s organization to ask for the current leadership to step down.

What went wrong?

Is the US support to PNoy has already terminated? Looks like the Zamboanga security briefing to arrest Marwan according to some pundits was a sting operation. How come? Everybody knows that the peace deal with MILF was instigated by US and funded by Malaysia.

When the US drones simultaneously attacked the 46 camps of MILF during Erap’s time, Salamat realized that the US is a force to reckon with. He sent a letter to Washington DC in 2003 seeking help in forging an agreement. In Sept 2011, US Ambassador Kristie Kenney during that time secretly met with  Al Hajj Murad in Camp Darapanan in Maguindanao. Then the United States Institute for Peace and USAid made their presence felt in MinSuPala. Even foreign governments joined and supported the deal in disguise that a final peace plan be realized. Translation – they want to get the share of the big pie of GOD – gas, oil and deuterium plus rare earth minerals like uranium and palladium in Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (Minsupala) in exchange for their financial and other support.

The ‘puppet masters’ saw that the Bangsamoro deal will not fly because it was hastily done between the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) and the PNoy administration without the consent of our constitution and the entire nation especially the stakeholders in Mindanao. Just like the MOA-AD (Memorandum of Agreement on the Ancestral Domain), it will not surely pass the Supreme Court approval. The worst, according to a diplomat friend, could it be that the secret deal of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with China is being continued by the PNoy bright boys starting with the mining in Mindanao? These functionaries never learned from the mistakes of former leaders ousted or jailed for betraying their puppet master. “Kamalas ng mga Pinoy.”

In the midst of all these problems, it was compounded by the fear mongering of the first Filipino (a Pinay) infected by the  MERS-COV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – Corona Virus) arrived in the country together with all the more than two hundred passengers aboard that plane from the Middle East. It was allegedly designed by the not so bright "bulong" brigade of Pnoy as a wag the dog op that will surely will not fly. This could also irritate the Saudi Arabian government making them the source of contagion. The whole Filipino citizenry is being dragged down because of the wrongdoings of our corrupt leaders.

Now that ‘truth’ was heard by the Senate headed by Sen. Grace Poe in an executive session, the role of the US government in the Operation Exodus (another floater to allegedly pinpoint the blame to the American dictate and intervention instead of blaming the president) did occur but the lady senator was very careful in her statements and promised that they will disclose pertinent information as long as the country’s security will not be at risk.

We all have to be vigilant as our elected solons uncover the ‘mystery’ of what really happened on that fateful day where 44 SAF commandos were brutally killed.

The threat of coup and withdrawal of support by AFP and PNP, the National Transformation Council, the left, the 2.22.15 Coalition and the Church are one in calling for PNoy’s resignation and its getting louder as we approach the anniversary of the so-called People Power Revolution.

Will the karmic cycle of EDSA I could pave way to the original plan of a 'Rainbow Coalition' of sectors from left to right to manage the nation?

Or our country is headed towards the new Afghanistan in the offing?

It’s really sad that we only have two choices this time – a CHANGE or have a FAILED STATE.

“In historical events great men (so called) are but the labels that serve to give a mane to an event, and like labels, they have the last possible connection with the event itself. Every action of theirs, that seems to them an act of their own free will, is in an historical sense not free at all, but in bondage to the whole course of previous history, and predestined from all eternity.”   - Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi

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