Sunday, March 9, 2008



Quoting New York Times, The Philippine Daily Inquirer made a report entitled, End to The Good Times in U.S. as Recession Looms, but Lou Dobbs of said that the U.S. economy is heading for a stagflation crisis as a result of the U.S. government’s policy of dollar depreciation and that the only solution is for the American people to restore a proper constitutional system of government. I agree.

U.S. policymakers seems to create recession unavoidable. With the help of stock and hedge funds manipulators, rigging the price of future contracts thus creating a mirage of uncertainty. Wall Street economists predicting a possible upturn but doing a dismal job of boom and bust.

Even the Opec officials in their recent meeting are wondering that despite the world’s oil over supply, the United States of America continue to plunge into recession which affects the whole world’s economy. The U.S. stock exchange seem to condition the minds of the world on the speculative high oil price index despite the Opec’s report of supply abundance and price stability. U.S.A. is even sitting on top of 200 billion barrel oil field in North Dakota called Bakken Formation.

Nowadays we learn more about the hidden secrets of Corporate America, thanks to the American patriots and the internet. Before lowly Americans have to work, work, work for the money to have a good life. Everyone can have a credit card, buy anything, live like a rich man as long as you can maintain your credit standing. This way, the American people has been busy so they can pay their dues and don’t mind its political system.

But history seems repeated by a clique of oligarchs who controls the U.S. banking system, it’s military industrial complex and it’s politics.

Every time this “group” wants to create more money and control nation states, it can only be justified by staging a global war just like the first and second world war.

How does the trick go? We have to remember that America is a war economy. If there’s a recession, the “clique” within its government will stage a war to unite the American people.

If one will analyze the two global wars, the American people were forced to fight a war not of their liking. The American people are good, brave and peace loving but when provoked they will fight to death. But voluminous documents showed that they were duped to fight such “wars” because of patriotism and love for America.

But Americans nowadays are aware of the manipulative scheme of a “government” within its government. This was the reason why the Pentagon is having a difficult time recruiting young people into their armed forces and reserve force.

With the sale and proliferation of nuclear armaments, the world powers could inflict a mutually assured destruction among nations.

All kinds of war tricks are in the offing, either economic, biological, techonology, space and the most fatal – the nuke war. Here comes Armageddon.

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