Sunday, December 7, 2008



by Erick San Juan

Here we go again!!!

The recent carnage allegedly pulled by Pakistanis and their Indian cohorts in the business capital of Mumbai could very well be part of a well oiled plan to create havoc and more divisions among two brother Asian nations - India and Pakistan. No doubt, the unfortunate incident can kindle more fire and complicate their efforts at nurturing peace in that area, given that the issue of Kashmir , a very nice resort straddling on their common borders has yet to set aside.

But who do you think stands to benefit from that dastardly act, where hundreds were slain and hundreds more got injured and with businesses affected? This adventurism sowed terror not only to Indian big businesses, but also among expatriates. Mumbai is the business center of India .

It is a pity that a synagogue, in the heart of Mumbai's financial district was badly shaken by the terrorist attack. However, it could also be a plot using the siege of the Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue as collateral damage to anger not only the Indian Jews, but the global Jewish communities as well.

Strategic analyst friends of mine are wondering why it happened only now? Prior to this, anti-semitism never existed throughout India’s colorful history. Different religious congregations co-existed in India for so long.

As reported, the "soldiers of fortune" who disguised themselves as Pakistani terrorists were good in symbolisms, according to H.D.S. Greenway of Boston Globe. The Mumbai attack, as hyped, was the equivalent of striking New York with Hollywood thrown in. A thorough background check must be done as to the real identity of the culprits and whoever trained them for that mission, a move considered as an imperative if we are to link or connect the dots.

To do this, India and Pakistan need to set aside the blame-game. They should analyze carefully if possible and without any intervention from other nations to get to the bottom of the problem. Both of them need to learn how nation-states wage wars that are masterminded by a "third force". These intricacies will surely be fanned and could trigger not only word wars but could likely evolve into real shooting wars. Both governments should offer cooperation and no finger pointing at the moment.

Both Pakistan and India need to learn from the experiences of warring nations in the region i.e., the Iran-Iraq War, the Iraq-Kuwait War, etc.

Look at the aftermath of each war? Again, who benefits from such wars? Who sells the arms and the equipment used in killing the enemies? Who corners the contracts in the ensuing reconstruction phase? What do they say about the likes of Bechtel and Halliburton? Who are their beneficial owners?

And here is the danger. Incoming U.S. President Barack Obama could be lured into stomping his feet, if only to avert the escalation of wars. Perhaps, he could, over a portable US military base set up in the conflicted boundary or, he could ask the United Nations to send over a peacekeeping contingent.

Then, people will start asking: When will the world ever learn????

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