Wednesday, April 1, 2009



By Erick San Juan

Commission on Human Rights is after the perpetrators of vigilantism and human rights atrocities. CHR Chairperson Leila de Lima's focus of attention is at the alleged audacious violations of human rights. She wants to uncover the truth about the unabated killings and executions of suspected criminals, petty drug pushers, perennial law and order violators, etc. It was believed that the "Davao Death Squad" who was behind the so called "dark justice" operation by sowing fear to criminals, first, giving them a warning and then executing them if they continue their mischiefs. The DDS could be right and wrong in what they’re doing especially the summary executions of what some believe are poor people who are forced to commit crimes to live and survive. Some Davaoenos will allegedly be happy to see such kind of executions when they can see "BIG FISH" among the drug financiers, shabu operators, smugglers, etc. jailed or killed.

The Philippines could be the next Mexico where the drug cartels control politicians, some of them are now politicians themselves. Law enforcers and the judiciary are "soft touched" by the drug mafia and allied syndicates using their laughing money as bait. The whole system is easily corrupted mainly due to our low economics of employment especially in the government service.

The situation is really going from bad to worse. The drug cartels are now so powerful and well organized that a narco-politician could be our next president in 2010. Their puppets can even hire the best and the most influential lawyers that money can buy. They can easily put in their payroll top notch public relations practitioners and media men to mind condition the public that their "puppet" is an honorable man who can lie looking at you in the eye.

Yes, crime syndicate apprehension is a police matter but the situation right now is considered a national security threat. The "human wrong" must be corrected and addressed as soon as possible or else we will wake up one day to embrace a NEW UNDERWORLD ORDER.

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totojef said...

It's about time we turn George Soro's name into a household name; expose him out of the British Foreign Office shadows and give him a face. Let's make him a Billboard Chart star so people will get to know more about the talent behind all drug scams emanating from London and into the entire planet. He richly deserves the recognition, along with his filipino oligarchs, having done superb work in keeping us in the muck we're in. Is it any wonder why his session partner tony blair's in town? Wow pare, batung-bato na ako sa dalawang 'to. Bad trip talaga!