Thursday, May 7, 2009

U.S. Waning Dominance in the Asia Pacific Region

U.S. Waning Dominance in the Asia Pacific Region

By Erick San Juan

It seems that only the Philippines is not prepared for the waning dominance of U.S.A. in the Asia-Pacific and probably in the world. Nation States in the Asia Pacific region especially the allies of U.S.A. are concerned about the power ebbing especially now that a power shift is ongoing.

China is expanding its military power and the perceived unstable nuclear regimes like Pakistan, North Korea and Iran could dominate their neighbors which could reportedly have profound effects on security and trade (WSJ 5/6/09). The clearest challenge according to Pentagon will come from China with a military expenditure of approximately $150 billion in 2008. Terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the emerging threats like cyber war are reasons of worry for Australia because of the instability of its neighboring pacific island neighbor and China’s dominance.

Most of these nation states are retooling its defense by buying sophisticated weaponry like cruise missiles, new ships and submarines, upgrading its military forces and reviewing bilateral agreements among their neighbors in the region.

For sure our military and our government envy those nations that can afford to upgrade its defense. It’s sad that up to now despite that the Americans "never" actually left the Philippines, we’re not given better weaponry by the U.S. government and our government coffers are drained by the Balikatan exercises which benefits the American soldiers more than the Filipinos.

In this period of global instability, our government should find ways to reinforce our defense forces, update our bilateral agreements and commitments, correct wrong policies (or one sided policies) that destroy our credibility--- just like the Nicole-Smith issue and worse we might actually get into another war not of our own liking. We would suffer another war and in the end of the day, we will not get the proper benefits due us just like what has happened during the previous World War.

In the 90's I wrote about a white paper which came from a Taiwanese friend entitled "Unrestricted Warfare" by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. The thesis is more of a psy war op to agitate both the US and China. What is alarming is when the said analysis is now read in the internet with a modified version.

It seems that the "war freaks" never changed their pattern of psy war and aggression using proxies and making their battlefield everywhere. Prepare for the worst, expect the 'expected' this time.

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