Monday, July 27, 2009

Erick San Juan Whistleblower (July 23 radio show)

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totojef said...

Buti naman at may audio snippets ka na sa blog mo. Truth is, DZXQ am radio is causing us hearing problems. Sana you also get to be included in philippine stations radio online where listening to your show would be far appreciated. Home-based People like me have our computers turned on the entire waking hours. It should make for a huge benefit to have us tuned in to DZXQ online. while at work. Di ko alam why DZXQ's reception on the radio is horrible, wherever I happen to be. Nakatatlong lipat na ako ng tirahan,(South: pacita, laguna and better living prnque; now in pasig - lapit-lapit nyo na) di pa rin maliwanag ang dating ng radio station na sumpungin ang reception. Nakakafrustrate. I trust that something'll be done 'bout it. Meanwhile, I just have to stand by your blogs. Maraming salamat.