Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ampatuan Massacre-A Masterpiece Unfolding

by Erick San Juan

It has been a while since our country has been put in the international limelight, may it be for good or bad. A few scores of natural disasters and a couple of world recognition cannot put down the recent one, a man-made disaster that was brutally barbaric and has put us back in world’s attention.

The massacre in Maguindanao did not happen overnight, as what some of the evidences showed so far - it was planned. But it was out of tune when some government officials said that what had happened is an isolated case and just a war between the ruling families and political in nature. A very typical statement that lacks deep understanding and analysis of the nature and magnitude of the situation.

The key players, the Ampatuans and the Mangudadatus are the ruling clans of the turf or territories they had protected for more than 20 years now. The Ampatuan's had gone as far as killing a magnitude of 57 people in one day. Worse, more than 20 mediamen were brutally murdered too that earned a lot of sympathy from different organizations here and around the world. Again, who benefits? The warring clans? One clan is already the casualty and the other will be investigated as the prime suspect and now under the custody of the NBI.

A friend analyst told me that the Maguindanao case which actually happened in Ampatuan town is not different with what had happened in Mexico ’s warring clans which was about drugs, women and turf control. Although we can never set aside the possibility that foreign hand is working overtime to achieve their goals in the region which is very rich with natural resources. That same 'unseen' hand with their local legion have mastered the details and art like what they did before the Iraq-Kuwait war and the Afghan tribal war where "machismo" is manifested. Sometimes even without thinking about the repercussion of the MAD(mutually assured destruction). In our case, the ever looming shadow of the revival of the MOA-AD which can divide the Greater ARMM into several Bangsamoro Juridical Entity- turf control by MILF and MNLF and the Jesuit-controlled basic Christian communities.

Not far from realization, this analysis, as the turn of events led to people in power who are Jesuit-trained and very influential at that. Nightmarish as it can be that the incoming US ambassador is also Jesuit-trained from Massachusetts. Can we consider this as mere coincidence? Are we going to see another Ramos Horta-Guzmao control in East Timor, in Mindanao?

I'm not saying that all Jesuits are bad but history will tell that a clique within the religious order were trained to be combatant and espoused liberation theology. The silence of the rest is perceived as approval to the politically covert action of the few.

The "script" got out of control when the 'implementor' included in their massacre, unwitting mediamen. The reported end game was for the MILF thru the Mangudadatu's controlling not only Central Mindanao but the whole of Ampatuan's controlled ARMM where the MNLF's reign.

How about our newly appointed DND chief? Did we hear any comments and strong reactions at all coming from his office? Lest we forget that he was a never loyal follower of the war on terror who pushed for the Human Security Act of 2007 or the Anti-Terror Law. Why is it that the “unconstitutional” state of emergency was implemented in Maguindanao and not the anti-terror law or the HSA 2007? It is quite clear that what happened had sown terror and fear not only in that area but the whole country which incidentally put Metro Manila in heightened alert for a possible spillover. Thanks to the immediate instruction of PGMA to DILG Sec. Ronnie Puno and the clash of civilization there was temporarily neutralized.

To all my avid readers and followers of events unfolding, we said time and again that our country is being pushed to becoming another Yugoslavia,Iraq and possibly Nigeria, balkanized and looted in the end as we continue to suffer all its consequences. Unless we and our government will do something drastic to save our land from the hands of the greedy and cracky-megalomaniacs and its globalists masters. God bless the Philippines!

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